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the vote boat
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hope you voted
Why is Iowa so cute?
Is it her blonde hair?
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it's the massive qa boobers
(880.4KB, 1500x1875)
love this boat
i want to sex her
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Iowa a best
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If only the rest of the boats voted for the right candidate.
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warmly waiting for the court battles
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There's two scenarios that occur now: Court battles go in favor of Trump and the Left riot just like they have been rioting since the Floyd incident, or the court battles are thrown out and Alzheimer's man wins. I don't think you're going to gaslight the 70 million or so Americans who voted for Trump that a candidate who often couldn't pull in a dozen or so people at his rallies somehow had more votes than Obama in '08. 

I hope this incident shows people how fucked the system is, with the media, the politicians, big tech, industry, and academia all in on it. Maybe they will actually get off their ass and do something about it, rather than still trusting in "the Plan".
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Imagine harvesting her milk, and having it as your day-go drink.
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She is pure grill with gap moe, you fucking degenerate.
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There's nothing degenerate about loving your wife's breastmilk.
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new BURG
(1.2MB, 1254x1771)
>Not giving it to your daughter that'll you raise with your wife.
That's the real degeneracy.
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Man has needs.
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So does your daughter.
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big burgers = big boobers
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(651.6KB, 800x1008, 00:04)
What about all the other American boats?
(180.2KB, 850x1218)
What about the left over milk?
stop putting tomatoes on burgers they're shit for burgers they add nothing they only decrease the quality of the burger
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A tomato slice and crispy lettuce being added at the end creates an enjoyable contrast between the cool crispness and the hot juicy meat.
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the love boat
(1.4MB, 1300x1800)
The super love boat
(892.5KB, 706x1000)
Praise Iowa
(561.9KB, 1600x1200)
No tomato is shit for any sandwich they aren't crispy if you're eating crispy tomatoes with anything you should stop but on burgers they saturate the bun and add no flavor there's plenty of other cold veggies you could add that actually add flavor and yes crispiness without shitting the whole package up
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(47.7KB, 604x552)
(284.1KB, 600x364)
(215.1KB, 582x831)
I'm talking about the lettuce being crispy you dipshit.  If you're unfamiliar with crisp lettuce then you should stop ordering it at burger joints that cut trash-quality lettuce into shreds.
As for the tomatoes, they do add a flavor, it's a light sweetness.
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(2.8MB, 1504x2124)
I think adding red sauerkraut instead would make burger even more tasty
>3rd pic
I wish I never found the source of it
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(309.6KB, 2000x1275)
We're talking about tomatoes moron stop creating a new position then getting mad when I ignore it entirely and focus on the subject at hand - tomatoes are shit
If you really really need tomatoes the only way to go is heirloom y'know those ugly fuckin things that come in all sorts of colors but even then those aren't as good for burgers use those in other things
Yes anything but stupid shitty tomatoes

You can't even slap tomatoes! They'd burst all over the place!
Garbage vegetable.
>I wish I never found the source of it
It wasn't just a one-off pic?
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(475.6KB, 900x1200)
Why is she so smug?
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Because she knows she is the best
(387.8KB, 717x1012)
Let me ask you a question. Which tastes better: The burger, or the burger boat?
Answer: They both taste the same.
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really old bote
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(851.7KB, 2893x4092)
(467.6KB, 848x1200)
Lewd bote
really cute
(59.8KB, 750x719)
(44.1KB, 749x568)
(52.4KB, 750x631)
yuo got bote cat budy
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cute cat
(467.6KB, 848x1200)
forgot bote

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