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“…Many of today's problems are a result of yesterday's solutions.” - Otamin

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help me /japan/, where do I commission an artist who is 
>not a stupid fucking niggerbrain retarded cunt mongrel dipshit trannui faggot
to draw my anime girls?
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>>546 (OP) 
3rd world countries in Asia; they typically do it for a bowl of rice, but you can bargain those jews down.
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I mean like on the interwebs and I mean be a bit more specific
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Find some Pixiv artist you like and check their Twitter. Japs love Twitter and usually do commissions through it. Bring back Aya 2hu or fuck off.
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>>546 (OP) 
Here. I'll do it for free.
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that sounds complicateds
>Bring back Aya 2hu or fuck off.
oh I am gonna share that's for pretty much guaranteed, but it's not gonna be a toehoe
my request is specific and it can only be handled by someone who's got the skills to pull it off, I'm gonna need to see a sample of your work, also why free, I'm no commie.
this fucking captcha is getting annoying brah
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trips btw
I don't have a buttcoin address. Just tell me your specific request and I'll see if it's worth doing.
Also captcha is ez modo.
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I'll let you know the details at some point in this thread, I need to finish a thing first
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Why does this read like you want to commission something that we're not going to like? It better be funny.
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>Why does this read like you want to commission something that we're not going to like?
some might like it some might not
it's not gonna be funny but damn if it's gonna be cute
if it's not 2hus establishing dominance over boatsluts your taste is trash
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Boat sluts a cute.
Still waiting.
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at some point means at some point, I need to get something done first, it'll take a while, are you in a hurry? because I ain't.
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It's the weekend so that's when I have the most time.
Take your time, I'll take mine anyway. 
I was just curious if this was still gonna happen at all.
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oh yeah it's happening it's just not very urgent, that's all.
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just wanted to say I'm still here and this is happening at some point in the future
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Is this still happening?
>>546 (OP) 
You can use AI to generate art these days, ojii-san (b00mer)
op never delivers
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