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Holy shit mateys i can FEEL the BTFO incoming, just a few more seats untill DUP gets BTFO
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>>2491 (OP) 
dup btfo

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I think part of the problem on one level in the Western states, and there are very serious problems causing demographic collapse and the misery of most, is that in every venue you have people that don’t want to work together showing up to basically just sabotage others.

And they’re different groups of people. 

Some of them are  unduly wealthy from the status quo because they participated in one of the state sanctioned scams to rent seek.

Some of them are paid shills working for government or corporation contractors to break up any sort of organization of people with various tactics.

Some of them are dumb and think they gain status by pushing what the news says gains them social credibility with violence and harassment.

Some of them are just not part of the group of people trying to organize and force their way in, demanding they be included, and then shit on absolutely everything because it’s not in their group’s interests.

And some are just there for other reasons like networking and socializing and have no intention of contributing to anything, they’re just there to take up space and be around people.

We’re told by the media and the government shills that in order to accomplish anything that you have to rally as many people as possible and get everyone working towards the same thing. They say you have to include every malicious actor trying to sabotage your group. But I think actually the opposite might be better. 
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It seems like a rational way to do this is to assemble a filter on people from the very beginning. 

Maybe you have a small group of three people and you delagate one to recruiting others in high traffic places or on a site of their own creation.

In order to get into the actual working group, you have to first pass the vetting process by the recruiter. That way all the people that shouldn't be included in the group never really gain access to it in the first place.

Then you don't have shills or obvious saboteurs  community breaking.

I guess this is just basic theory on organizing people. 

Does anyone know any good books on how to set up organizations?
>>2415 (OP) 
>In a company you can just fire those people, but when it comes to other organizations
Kicking someone out of a company is easy, just stop paying them.

>how do you kick out and exclude people that are trying to drag your organization down?
Also easy, just bully them until they leave. The hard part is still making the group palatable for everyone else. The toxicity has a tenancy to spiral out of control and damage everyone, especially when authority figures like mods join in.

But all the diversity and inclusion and anti-discrimination propaganda that has been pushed for the last few decades is to undermine exactly this tactic.

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How will this change Twitter?
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Okay /pol/, I want to create my own natsoc workers party but how do I do it alone at first and gain popularity? I've been thinking about handing out leaflets and putting up posters around the surrounding areas but how do I get a deputy Führer, and other men/women into positions like propaganda and security services? I intend to get into power and overthrow the current democratic system in order to become dictator but how would I go about doing such a thing peacefully and by voting? I also don't want to get V& for hatespeech or some other kike thoughtcrime so how could I avoid that? What do I need in order to start a party, a manifesto? or can I just claim right now that I am the leader of the natsoc workers party without any backlash? I am new to politics and being a politician but I really just want to turn the shithole of a society that I live in into a prosperous military nation of soldiers with national socialism as the only political choice. I plan to start the party as soon as I figure out what needs to be done, I also want to start an SS brigade of foreign volunteers, the good foreigners that will be the only ones allowed to stay in the country. 

Main concern is letting glowniggers into the party and them fucking it up for me somehow like a falseflag attack or  a mass shooting, I don't want any violence or glowniggatry in the natsoc party so how do I vet people? I hope some of you fags step up and join in on the natsoc fun times before something bad happens. I a
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>>1054 (OP) 

there is already a nazi party
Replies: >>2378
>nazi party 
But im not an amerimutt and there are none in europe that aren't just faggy gayops, I want to create my own so I can make sure it succeeds and I can turn my shithole into a superpower by 2030. Didnt the USA nazi party get BTFO anyways and never recovered?
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dude, im afraid you live in another planet, its too late for that
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>its too late
ITS NEVER TOO LATE, well unless we turn into weimar world where child prostitutes roam the streets and we have to spend billions on a loaf of bread. Right now with the cost of living crisis is the best time to become natsoc, its exactly what happened in germany during the 20s and predictably the freikorps of this generation will win, can you even make a paramilitary organization nowadays without getting shoa'd? If you can then i'll make one if you cant then ill just make a security company then act like one. anyways i'll be making a true NSDAP successor soon if i cant get a decent job somewhere, this dystopia we live in is turning me insane and there is no escape from it. the only way i see going forward is to try and do things peacefully and if that doesnt work only then do we resort to violence. 

But how do i create an armed resistance to the jewish menace with no prior experience in doing guerilla warfare? All we need to do is kill the ZOGbots then we can take over or get the ZOGbots on our side to coup de at. also one big problem i have with the violence approach is how do we get guns and ammo? I know you can make your own guns quite easy if you have the skills but no one ever talks about making the ammo for them. I was thinking about making homemade mac10s/stens which ever is easier and more effective i think the mac10s would be easily concealable whil
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Replies: >>2396

unfortunately not, but take the example of islam, they do guerrilla warfare without much technology

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Thread for the discussion of National Socialism, how it works, what it is, how we can improve upon it and how we can make it work in a modern pozzed soyciety.

The main purpose of this thread is to spread national socialism and what it is to the masses, we must fight to survive in these hard times. we must get normalfags to accept national socialism and to create a pure wholesome national socialist society. Please help eachother out in trying to overthrow the current capitalist-marxist system and bring about true natsoc 2.0 change.

Any advice on how to start a political movement or support and existing movement is greatly appreciated, we need more men and women fighting the good fight, we cannot do this alone, we must have brothers in arms.
What would my work hours be under national socialism?
Replies: >>2379
>work hours 
Minimal at best, you would need a day job to help enrich the nation and enable good productions/services. overall it would be 30-40 hours a week, 12 hour shifts are a nightmare and no one should have to put up with unsociable hours
Replies: >>2380
I suppose that's an improvement.

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Disney is run by child rapists who traffic children. For many, nothing new. But raise awareness to the masses about that nonetheless.
Disney is already paying shills to dismiss the news and call them "former" employees.
Anyone dismissing it is a Disney paid shill.
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>>1680 (OP) 
forgot avy
Damn. Butthurt sage.
There is no such thing as infinite money, so, yes. The mosnter is bleeding and it's ((( laws ))) will end with it's death.
That means that they are dead.
Replies: >>2366
They're not dead until the Fed (and thus jew central banks) are dead.  Until then they'll just get their funding from other sources.

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coach scam pill is missing presumed dead
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> release teh kraken
CIA niggers getting lazy reusing names.
>>2340 (OP) 

Anyone that is against MGTOW deserves to be killed.
Replies: >>2361
>>2340 (OP) 
Glad that grooming kike is dead
Good. Hopefully more ecelebs get wasted.
MGTOW is fucking gay

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Jewflix's financial results for Q1:

– lost 200 000 paid memberships (+700 000 from blocking Russia)
– they forecast to lose another 2 million memberships
– people who share accounts are to blame for this according to the letter
– Jewflix still has $8.6 billions in gross debt (from $14.6B in the previous quarter)
– 51.7% of their global workforce are women (mentioning this one for shitposting purposes)

Also jewflix's stock value plummeted after this letter was published:

Get woke, go broke.
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>>2337 (OP) 
People spend less during recessions. It's far from dead.
Replies: >>2344
People are massively boycotting it all over the world and it is dead now. 

Your propaganda is a failure.
Replies: >>2349

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Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag...
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Happy birthday Adolf!
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>>2335 (OP) 
At least she got the direction of the swastika right this time.
Anyway, happy birthday to my favorite dictator. Miss you, big guy.

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Spoiler File
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Russia vs the country formerly known as Ukraine part 3.
Last thread: >>1482 https://archive.ph/T4YsZ
Thread 1: https://archive.ph/mj3VE
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> ever being on faceberg
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zelenesky is a jew, ukraine is the george floyd of europe and azov trannies are shabbos goyim

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