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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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新維吾爾族生活模擬器 (Xīn wéiwú'ěr zú shēnghuó mónǐ qì) is a life simulation PC game developed by the Chinese company 猩紅色組 (Xīng hóngsè zǔ). The game was released in China on the country's intranet, and it has been reported that the game is not available outside of China due to suppression and censorship by the Chinese government.

In the game, players take on the role of a Chinese Uyghur and experience their daily life, from waking up and having breakfast to going to work and taking care of their family. The game aims to showcase the culture and traditions of the Uyghur people, while also allowing players to experience a different way of life.

However, there is a secret mode that can be unlocked by changing a line in the .ini file to "[審查] 囚徒模式 = 201821208". This mode reveals a dark and disturbing side of the game, as the player character is detained by Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officers and sent to a prison camp. The player is then forced to participate in hard labor mini-games and is subjected to verbal abuse and mentally distressing dialog from other prisoners.

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>women bad
>ban women
>women should not allowed to have sex
>fascism: translation: we are all in this together
you do realize thats gay
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>>3400 (OP) 
Fascism comes from the latin ‘fasces’, which means ‘grouped together’. The symbol for classical fascism is an axe with many handles/wooden rods bundled together. 
The old english name for a bundle of wooden sticks is ‘faggot’
>>3400 (OP) 
>women bad
Correct. Those who protect women are idiots.

>ban women
Correct. Women are objects. Not people.

>women should not allowed to have sex
Men are the ones who decide when women can have sex. And women must never have sex before marriage.

Perfect and must be forced upon everyone else, as they are all animals of lower genes that have no saying in what superior people can or can't do.
fuck off fed. Go suck Joe Biden's dick! You probably aren't young enough to though. Go 41% faggot!
I recognise that URL cut bitch! 

What is your federal employee number? When the revolution happens, I want to make sure you are in the ground.
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>>3400 (OP) 
All women are terrorists.

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The first electric telegraph was invented (well, rather patented or proposed) by a Scot in 1753, way before Morse Code.

>The concept of a multi-wire electric telegraph was first proposed anonymously by a mysterious C. M. (thought to be Charles Morrison of Renfrew, Scotland) in the 17 February 1753 issue of The Scots Magazine. C. M. suggested using Leyden jars to charge twenty-six wires, one for each letter of the alphabet, with static electricity. The first working model based on this design was made by a Frenchman, Georges Louis Lesage, in 1774. Lesage’s electrostatic telegraph used twenty-six insulated wires and spanned across two adjacent rooms of his elegant mansion.

It was a static powered telegraph, unlike other less primitive electric telegraphs. It was abandoned after it was experimented with due to it being unreliable.

Radio waves were predicted to exist years before ((( Heinrich Hertz ))) ever proved its existence (read: James Clerk Maxwell), leading to the switch for wireless (aka Spark Gap transmitters).

When it comes to white people Anglo > anything else (even jews). We started the technological revolution that you're using to read this. If it weren't for Anglos, your ass would be living without electricity (see: Benjamin Franklin's kite experiments for instance).
10 months of the year are White History Month. Why do you think they had to give one to the niggers and the fags?
Replies: >>3688
It's not white to brag.

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Hypothetically, what would happen if you changed the laws of a country to advance the very least fit members to positions of decision making and wealth?

Because the laws of a country can be anything, you can make laws that say that people have to wear shoes on their hands, you could make laws to advance the least fit members of a civilization. 

So what would happen if you did that?

What if you made laws to cap the IQ of people in law enforcement and intelligence work?

What if you made economic laws to transfer the wealth to the least productive and psychopathic individuals by legalizing rackets for non-productive people that are so ethically wrong that only a psychopath would "invest" in them?

What would happen when you put idiots in charge of government and psychopathic leeches in charge of managing the economy's resources?

Do you think the idiots and psychopaths that profited and advanced because of warped laws like that would allow anyone to change things until everyone was dead when it means they would have to admit they were inferior people, lose their ability to boss people better than them around, and lose their ability to make a living? Or would they keep fucking everything up until everyone was dead, always attributing the problems they created to something else?

And what would happen to the smart and ethical people in a civilization like that where people that would otherwise be incapable of surviving are promoted to positions of power and wealth? They'd die out because of the laws, wouldn't they?
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As much as I hate to say it America is an Empire in the middle stages of collapse. Systemic corruption absolutely destroyed and gutted this once-great nation. It's really very sad. The only profits to be made in the USSA Today (Inc) are: endless wars, pornography, recycling mass consumed trash, fraud, politics that will not benefit normal people or productive workers, more fraud and garbage entertainment. Seriously the US hardly produces anything else today. And now they're in the process of killing the world wide web because free speech is no longer in the interest of these despotic oligarchs & politicos running/ruining our country.
It's simple, we: 
>create our own incentive structures that select for intelligence and skills
>learn important skills like machining and first aid or find allies who have these skills
>starve the ZOG beast by not supplying it with any more human capital or tax revenue
>don't get caught in the controlled demolition of the country
>>3296 (OP) 
> what would happen if you changed the laws of a country to advance the very least fit members to positions of decision making 
We already do this. Strong leaders who understand economics rake in millions as executives and entrepreneurs.

It's the leftovers who couldn't even get a $300K a year job managing a 100 person company who end up in politics.

Then everyone is shocked pikachu face when all these politicians are equally hopeless at running an entire country.
>>3296 (OP) 
Laws are powerless. As are law enforcers.
>>3296 (OP) 
Slow grinding systemic collapse as the organs of government rot and fall apart due to poor management. The people in power develop a sort of abstract cargo cult for the government, worshiping the “systems” that they don’t understand the function of, purely because ‘they are systems’. It’d be like Trigun or Fallout, where pseudoreligions form around the vestiges of the institutions and tools that were created before them, with all knowledge of their maintenance having been lost.

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Replies: >>3530 >>3676
You are an even bigger pussy for not posting an archive of your source:
>>3528 (OP) 
All jews will be killed.

The White race is the superior race.
>>3528 (OP) 
Texas has been hispanic-majority for 20 years, yet it keeps getting more anti-immigration and anti-leftist. The most leftist part of the state is Austin, which is the whitest major city in the state. 

Remember: Texas used to be a swing state, and so did Florida.

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How can we spot the covert lefty/socialist types so that we can avoid them?
sister thread: >>>/liberty/12
Replies: >>3675
>>3604 (OP) 
Become fluent in their beliefs, tactics, and ideology. Once you understand and are more knowledgeable in leftism than the typical leftist is, it becomes trivially easy to sniff them out by how they act and talk and carry themselves. It can be as easy as things like how they phrase sentences and what words they like to use.

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Could we see another 9/11-scale false flag to get us involveed in another war?
>Hamas carries out a strike on Israeli territory using a GPS-guided 'Ayyash' rocket made out of some tubes rhat the zionists leftover for the rocket shell, a warhead from a sunken WW2 rea British naval ship and a fuel engine w/ pumps plus a stick of cobalt-60 (that bright blue looking stuff) that can have a range up to over 200 km so that it can hit anywhere in Israel. Although that's basically a pseudo-nuke since regulR dirty hombs are just radiological weapons like any other. If they ever were to get it, it would probably be from Iran or some private firm in Turkey.
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>>3666 (OP) 

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The video game Call of Duty is a government operation to recruit youngsters to the communist army of the USA.

Replies: >>3527 >>3661
>>3467 (OP) 
i wish there was a deadly disease that only affected government employees
They're trying to appeal to a generation raised by women, to get them to go to war. Good luck. They've never even been to a fucking library in their lives, thanks to their mommies. Then again, it's only simping, mangina manlets who join the military, because they can't exert male dominance in any real meaningful way.
>>3467 (OP) 
>joining federal army instead of state militia/defence force
Shiggy diggy doo

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Terrorism thread, thread for /Terror/ and -ism's. post manifestos, homemade weapons and other /Terror/ related things.

t. Agent Smith
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"We wuz honky angels"
Replies: >>3659
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>>2703 (OP) 
All you'll need is a 6" PVC sparkler bomb + a 5 gallon gas can with the petrol in it. I learned this from watching those Biker gang documentaries.

Also, I clearly do remember seeing a video several years back on how to make asparkler bomb the right way using PVC (basically a pipe bomb) however any and all information pertaining to exactly how these are made has since been scrubbed from the internet.
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If the only restriction, no shoes off, no unpacking luggage, no leaving my gun at home, all the fullsize  bottles of shampoo I want, to get getting on a plane was showing some perv my dick I'd do it.
> has since been scrubbed from the internet.
Browns deserve what they get

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This is a thread on the isolation & elimination of bad goyim under guise of "COVID-19". 
Its obviously a global matter of importance to the White race and especially those who are actively fighting or preparing to fight for the preservation of our people against ((( (((ZOG))) ))) mandated sterilization of Whites.

Portugal starts on Monday the simultaneous administration of vaccines against covid-19 and flu
<https://archive.ph/nzaS9 (directly jewgle translated)
>It is recalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced, on the 11th, that it considered the simultaneous administration of these two vaccines “acceptable”. This was the opinion that DGS had been waiting for to move the process forward. 
The Directorate-General for Health (DGS) informed, this Friday in a statement, that Portugal will start the simultaneous administration of vaccines against covid-19 and against flu, from Monday. 
>Vaccination against COVID-19 will be possible at the same time as the flu vaccine from Monday, October 18th. This measure aims to facilitate adherence to vaccination within the scope of vaccination campaigns against the flu and against COVID-19" , reads the note. 
>It is recalled that the World Health Organization (WHO) announced, on the 11th, that it considered the simultaneous administration of these two vaccines “acceptable” . This was the opinion that DGS had been waiting for to move the process forward. 
>For this reason, in a statement they explain that: "The available data analyzed by the Technical Commission on Vaccination against COVID-19 (CTVC), which include the results of the meeting of the World Health Organization expert group on vaccination, show that there is an acceptable safety profile after taking both vaccines" . 
>However, the DGS emphasizes that it is necessary to "maintain the efficacy of both vaccines", since there is, so far, "evidence of alteration in the immune response". 
>At the time of vaccination, “users must be informed about possible adverse reactions, and may choose to administer them on different days”.
>DGS and CTVC, together with Infarmed and INSA, are closely monitoring scientific knowledge, the epidemiological situation and pharmacovigilance assessments and the effectiveness of vaccines, and may change their recommendations if necessary” , says the statement.
>The administration of the third dose of the vaccine against covid-19 is underway in Portugal, with priority being given to the elderly aged 80 and over and users of homes and long-term care, and at this stage, people aged 65 and over.

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Will the soyim finally wake up one day? Any day? Ever?
Died Suddenly

40% rise in deaths for the normally healthy age groups during over the past two years? Cohencidence, or for no reason whatsoever?
All j-e-w-s and l-e-f-t-a-r-d-s will be k-i-l-l-e-d.

It is an argument. You are a born loser for being a l-e-f-t-a-r-d/j-e-w.
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you folks down at the bureau must be getting pretty desperate. ((( tax payer's dollars at work )))
We live in a fascist society, dumby.

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