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“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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There must be formed and renewed a union of the Celtic and Germanic peoples. This union must be spiritual and societal in nature, inviolable while sill maintaining the sanctity and sovereignty of each people. Unlike the ancient Etruscan and Hispanic faiths, ours was not fully extinguished by the millennia of tyranny, though it was gravely wounded. To end Romano-Abrahamic ambitions to see us destroyed, the culture of our ancestors must be restored to the public consciousness. This must not be construed as Pan-Europeanism, it is not. The Celts, Gauls, Germans, and Norse are all peoples free and separate, but only by their union in purpose can the very concept of freedom be saved. The swarthy legions of the Latins, Hispanics, Hellenics, Balkan Slavs, among others, have proven time and time again their eternal enfeeblement before the architects of that so wretched tyranny they call the Great Work, the world's end for which the ((( Legacy of Rome ))) strives so passionately.

More to follow
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Our history, hidden and ripped from us, was full of wonder and (for the era) a great civility and general hope for human prosperity. Our heartlands are the most fertile on Earth, hosting great man and great beast alike, and naturally, the greatest share of meaningful developments in history. Though the tyrant would claim otherwise, our peoples were not warring, barbaric tribes as one might imagine a caveman, but rather, growing societies with architecture (destroyed in the massacres), general order, and freedom. Divide et Impera has worked its foul magic on the peoples of Europe for far too long, and we must set aside our perceived (or manufactured) differences to ensure our survival against the greatest threat in our history, Romano-Abrahamism, the fusion of Abrahamic world-hatred with the bureaucratic monstrosity of the Romans, who have so proudly touted their disgusting history predicated upon fratricide, an embarrassment to any sane people.
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The situation, to many, will seem hopeless, but remember what the enemy has done to you and your loved ones, and the righteous fury they have instilled in you will rally you against any doubts. They have massacred our people, and razed centuries of our architecture and wealth in a fraction of the years it took to build it (Karl der Gross). They have eradicated our just faith, which celebrates the beauty of Creation, and family, and justice, only to replace it with a Gnostic abomination pieced together from Babylon, to Jerusalem, to Rome. All that we love, nature, children, ideals, etc. is an affront to those we face; mere fodder for the great silence of destruction, and their fantasy of nonexistence. Recall that our people have for millennia pulled a great part of their sustenance from the very claws of death, and as the truffle consumes the corpse of ages past, our people bring it out to sustain new life in perpetuity. If our ancestors did this, what can we not accomplish?
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