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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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What is the predominant opinion on this board? I lean towards Ukraine, but at the same time I'll admit that it's tragic that this has to happen. On the one hand, you have the Soviets. On the other, you have the cultural marxist west. Ukraine sits right in the middle. And that's why this whole war was a Jewish orchestrated event. Western Jewry wants to stretch this war out as long as possible so that way they'll have to fight down to the last Ukrainian. While on the Eastern ZOG front you have Soviet-era fantasy, Russian imperialism and Eurasianism. And don't give me that bullshit about Azov using human shields. Those captured soldiers who admitted that are not an accurate source because they were beaten and tortured off-camera as corroborated by numerous people who survived Russian captivity. Russia is full of lying propagandists same like the west. Russia deliberately targeted Drama Theatres, maternity wards, daycares and kindergartens, art schools, hospitals and other civilian areas deliberately and killed infants. They kidnapped and deported Ukrainian civilians, they get what they deserve. 

>Kyiv - Russia defeated.
>Kherson - Russia wins without any real resistance.
>Kharkiv - Russia loses after 19 Spetsnaz shock troops get burned to death inside a school building while any that tried to escape was shot dead or captured (only 4 managed to escape). Due to Ukraine's ability to 
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You do realize racism has never left America? Notice how the US was behind ISIS and yet there was never as much of a public outcry over Syria or any other sandnigger country b/c we still live in that post-9/11 mindset, but now that it's happening to a white country there is international solidarity. We truly do live in a white man's world, don't we?
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Replies: >>3203
No, it's lvolv, not lviv.  Get your facts straight.  Nobody can understand or read or write your language anyway, no matter how many alphabets and spellings you try to use.  And it's not "ukrane" it's THE UKRAINE.
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Real quik offtopic, big news re: the other commies: china gearing to invade Taiwan.


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How do the few intersex people that exist view the whole autogynephilic transniggatry that has artificially enveloped the degenerate west?
I remember some of them in 2000s Germany suing universities for mandatory sex reassignment surgery during puberty done as part of normal procedure in the 1980s and winning in court, are they still around?
If they were supporting the general sexual insanity of the current times then I'd expect them to hold elevated positions in Slaaneshi communities due to their god-given natural "transgender" status priviledge, but that does not seem to be the case.
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Replies: >>867 >>891
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>the porn industry
Did they seize control of Thai brothels?
>>863 (OP) 
>few intersex people
You're talking about not even 0.5% of the current population. Lest I think.

They are not people. They are fucking mutants and abominations. As with trannies, sodomites, zoophiles and pedophiles, they deserve the mercy of a .308 round.
my assumption is that the vast majority of the cases of intersex/hermaphroditism lean towards just being micropeens/macroclits and various genetic disorders. Very few of these people want to draw attention to themselves, or associate with each other. If you look at the wikipedia table on the intersex wikipedia page, you'll see that 9/10 of these conditions are basically down-syndrome-lite. People born with recognizable or semi-functional genitalia of both sexes are statistically non-existent.
>>863 (OP) 
Intersex people are rare and most are close enough to normal men or women that the differences are not really noticeable without testing (Klinefelter syndrome patients, for instance, are just taller, slightly feminized men by outward appearance).
Also, the reason jews promote tranny shit is to fuck with normal White people--humiliate them, break up families, take their children, etc.  Intersex people don't present a lot of opportunities for that--the one place you can really do activism with them is to push for a ban on surgically mutilating their genitals at birth.  That's not something jews are going to get into, as it might remind people of certain other things.
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Autofill just doxxed me lol

They are 0.018% of the population. This graph I made in Paint shows how common they are. Gray is normal, black is intersex.

[Hide] (79KB, 719x798)

'MIRROR ONE:' https://pasted.cf/view/raw/c1d59e2f
'MIRROR TWO:' https://paste.paivola.fi/view/raw/9d0531bd
'UTF-8 ARCHIVED:' https://web.archive.org/web/20220708173725/https://fckthat.site/paste/view/raw/b4eb430b
'UTF-8 COMPRESSION:' https://rpa.st/download-archive/E4G6QSHV3E7V277OWR4KVLYVZA

UTF-8 copies of all the Russia-Ukraine war logs started back in 02/24/22.

Corruption, economics, geo-politics and warfare is all covered in these war logs.
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9/8/22 Part 1
Going For Broke: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Yia2VouLQ54/
In a compelling monologue, Tucker Carlson warned that “history changing events” including energy and food shortages are occurring all at once and society is rapidly collapsing while the masses try to ignore it. Carlson pointed out that “Europe is descending into poverty” because of spiralling energy costs and the inability of countries to provide their own power sources. “Energy is the key to a functioning society, and the elites don’t care,” Carlson pointed out, adding the caveat “or maybe they do care — and they’re making things worse on purpose.” “You can reach a place in your society where the people in charge and their lapdogs in the media become so completely disconnected from the concerns of actual people, become so totally uninterested in the lives of citizens, that society becomes very volatile, and we are fast approaching that point” the host further warned: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/watch-tucker-carlson-warns-elites-are-making-things-worse-purpose
'▲ 100% CORRECT:' Massive global shutdowns are
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Replies: >>3079
9/8/22 Part 2
The Council of Smolninskoye Municipal Formation (MF) in St Petersburg has decided to call on Russia’s State Duma deputies to bring charges of treason against Russian President Vladimir Putin in order to dismiss him from office for starting the Ukraine war. The texts also mentions the war is killing “young able-bodied” Russian citizens, the Russian economy is suffering, NATO is expanding eastwards and Ukraine is getting new weapons (although Putin called one of the goals of the invasion the “demilitarisation” of the country): https://euroweeklynews.com/2022/09/08/st-petersburg-municipal-deputies-call-for-russias-state-duma-to-accuse-putin-of-treason/
On Tuesday, Ukrainian forces made a sudden and forceful attack in southern Kharkiv oblast near the town of Balakliya. By all accounts, this attack caught Russia by complete surprise. Ukraine apparently managed to move enough force into the area that they had an advantage in both men and armor. Also they reportedly used NATO-style combined arms tactics, with armor, infantry, artillery, and air support all working in concert. When a core of resistance prevented Ukraine from immediately capturing Balakliya, they didn’t stop. They took Bairak to the sout
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Replies: >>3082
9/9/22 Part 1
Scientists Start Scaling Back Global Warming Hyperbole, Admit Modern Civilization Still Needs Fossil Fuel: https://clintel.org/world-climate-declaration/
Europe Wanted "Green" Energy And Less Fossil Fuel... Now They're Sacrificing Their Ancient Forests For Energy: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2022/09/07/world/europe/eu-logging-wood-pellets.html
Without Copper, There Will Be No Energy Transition... a looming copper shortage threatens to completely derail the clean energy transition, and by extension, climate pledges across the world: https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/energy-transition-could-be-derailed-looming-copper-shortage
German Diplomat Who Mocked Trump At UN Suddenly Silent As Former President's "Russian Energy" Warning Comes True: https://www.zerohedge
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Replies: >>3083
9/9/22 Part 2
Pentagon Quietly Deployed Deadliest Artillery Shells in US Inventory to Ukraine: https://sputniknews.com/20220908/pentagon-quietly-deployed-deadliest-artillery-shell-in-uss-inventory-to-ukraine-report-1100551504.html
On September 9, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue their offensive operations in the Kharkov region. They managed to break through Russian defences in several areas on the front lines and develop their bridgehead. On the evening of September 8, President Zelensky claimed Ukrainian control of the town of Balakleya, which became the main target of the first phase of the Ukrainian offensive: https://southfront.org/ukrainian-forces-develop-decisive-offensive-in-eastern-ukraine/
Dmitry Peskov, the press-secretary of the President of Russia, refused to comment on the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the occupied territories of Ukraine: https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2022/09/9
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Bumpin' for Moar UPDATES, Killcen!
In all the places...
Where you posting nowadays?
I can repost your UPDATES you know where, just to stick it to ((( JN ))) if you want!
That is if I ever see one of your recent UPDATES anywhere!
You know where I still sometimes am. It's probably exceedingly difficult for you to post there now, but we can fix that. I realize it's barely "WORTH IT" anymore, but...
language: brainfuck
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What do you think we should do with people liek this? 

>Salvador Ramos
>some TikTok model
>no history of mental illness
>some incel creep who stalked, harassed and threatened women 
>shut-in who didnt know how to drive at 18
>animal abuser
>one day decides to advertise his psychopathy online by flaunting his guns and calling himself school shooter
>kills 19 children, 6 adults and injures 20 more in Uvalde, Texas
Why Lord does this shit happen?
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How are you going to have a family if you never have sex?
Replies: >>3112
>Family is only children made through sex
I see that simps are as dumb as women.

No wonder you cavemen only think about sex, as women do.

I laugh at the deaths of your women children.
Unironically have sex nazi
Replies: >>3117 >>3118
It is always ok to kill jews and leftards
Women and sex are not important.
The world does not revolve around women and sex.

Also, you will never have OUR money, while we keep moving away from women and from buying anything to impress women.

Whole industries will cease to exist because of me and others like me.
While we laugh at all of that.

And you, women, will be abandoned to die alone.
Especially those of you who get old and ugly, after 30 years old.

[Hide] (176KB, 1200x675)

Disney is run by child rapists who traffic children. For many, nothing new. But raise awareness to the masses about that nonetheless.
Disney is already paying shills to dismiss the news and call them "former" employees.
Anyone dismissing it is a Disney paid shill.
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There is no such thing as infinite money, so, yes. The mosnter is bleeding and it's ((( laws ))) will end with it's death.
That means that they are dead.
Replies: >>2366
They're not dead until the Fed (and thus jew central banks) are dead.  Until then they'll just get their funding from other sources.
Replies: >>3108
No fucking way
And that death will come soon.

[Hide] (117.9KB, 750x1000)
This thread is made in honor of the shitposters who were permabanned, range banned, shadow banned from cuck chan.

Survivors of censorship and deplatforming are all welcome
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Replies: >>3102
>Site operating normally out of a .ru address
Not anymore. They're now on .top protected by VanwaTech.
Replies: >>3072
Kiwifarms is the latest victim of deplatforming for making fun of transformers
They took .top down, meaning KiwiFarms is now fully exclusive to the Tor network, which is being DDoS-ed for months now.
Someone told me that even the NEETs were deplatformed.
[Hide] (214.6KB, 1068x738)
>>2977 (OP) 
made tg group for frens who are banned everywhere else,

feel free to enter but no niggerposting/bothering others with madness

it should be like a place for people to relax instead.

[Hide] (54.4KB, 474x712)
/revolution/ general, thread for detailing how we as the white men of the world will overthrow the governments of today and instill the national socialist movement of tomorrow! Main focus is on peaceful methods of getting into power and overthrowing the system, violent methods are welcome but not the glownigger type shit of being a mass shooting incel, if you want to shoot up some place do it at your local synagog or political establishment or fed building, killing random niggers or sandniggers wont do shit as they'd have more babies to replace them easily within the next 24 hour period.

We need to show the kikes who is the boss of this gym! We need to rid the world of this global weimar republic once and for all, if words don't work then and ONLY then should you resort to violence. talk about making your own groups, fundraising, helping the less fortunate in your communities, how to win votes with the average joe,etc.

We MUST secure a future for white men, women and children and we MUST do it NOW. There is no "i'll do it later" we need to act fast and furiously bring back national socialism from the grave and make our countries great again, im sure many of you and i know i would love to see a natsoc world in my lifetime, a world free of non-whites, kikes and other subhumans, clean energy, more guns in the hands of the people and food on every table.

Come along with me! And an adventure you will see, glorious reich and change will come to us but only if we act sooner
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Replies: >>2795 >>3046 + 1 earlier
It will be done, then.
You will all be killed.
>>2777 (OP) 

i didn't say anything about christianity you nigger
>>2777 (OP) 
blessed digits

what we need is to work on unifying Neo-Nazi movements in both Germany and the U.S. the point is for international and interorganizational unity. Hitler was a figurehead and something we hugely lack with the modern movement. Trump's thinly veiled white supremecy is the closest we've gotten to Hitler in a while due to how much he united these sorts of movements under a central leader. he however, is a huge fucking pozzed piece of shit and should function as a steppingstone to a proper Nazi leader. in short: search for proper unifying figureheads to prevent movements from merely being disorganized sects. they day that the Swastika rises over German government buildings is the day we've regained out momentum. 1488

[Hide] (100.7KB, 1024x1020)
[Hide] (2.1MB, 616x5370)
The blacks are conducting a reign of terror by committing massive amounts of violent crime around the globe.

We will not allow a country where people must live in fear of niggers.


I strongly suggest you view, learn and *share* the document available here:
http://naggers.likesyou.org/ or http://naggerz.likesyou.org/ (HTML format, website)(mirrors)(recommended)
https://files.catbox.moe/52salp.pdf (PDF format, 48 MB)(recommended)
https://files.catbox.moe/as5ux6.zip (DOC format, 102 MB)
(67 pages with infographics, lulz, and more)


The jews own the governments and media in the west.
Message too long. View the full text
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A scan of the PDF is showing as malicious and the naggers website is flagged for phishing. Nice try fuckwad.
Replies: >>3030

Well you're clearly a jew or nigger trying to stop people from getting information.

Virus scans are all clear.

and use virustotal.com
Replies: >>3031
[Hide] (70.3KB, 1461x568)
[Hide] (67.1KB, 1474x580)
that is exactly what i used. post the information here in the thread if it is so important for you to get it out.
Replies: >>3033 >>3039
probably false positive tbh
You should commit suicide.

[Hide] (26.3KB, 1071x241)

We are a network dedicated to hard work and striving for a future of the White Race.

Our goal is to create a network for those who are skilled in crafts such as Photoshop, programming, art, research, etc.
Projects will be worked on together. For example, a video will be made about racial disparities. If someone in the group already has a high knowledge on research studies they can attribute it, someone who is good with Photoshop can create the thumbnail, etc.
If you like to write articles about e.g. politics, health, history, DIY, or want to try it out, we have a Gab account where we will post them.

Our Social Media

Gab > https://gab.com/Folks_Network

Library > https://mega.nz/folder/fFkShK5Y#him03btFjD123doBGVDqAw/ https://mega.nz/folder/TUkH3A7B#1DM4f5vwh6O6m3yrK_SQA
This is one of our projects. It is over 2k books aimed at the white nationalist reader, with a spreadsheet for easy navigation

Message too long. View the full text
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>>26 (OP) 
Sounds pretty fucking gay
>>26 (OP) 
may i join?
i m very good in pro-blacks propaganda.
>>26 (OP) 
Isn't Gab owned by a kike?
[Hide] (27.2KB, 319x376)
Gab is a honeypot. 

You can literally just use onionshare for anonymous group chat and file sharing and ricochet refresh is probably the most secure IM program out there right now since it has no dedicated servers to log you.
>>26 (OP) 
Kill all federal agents and their families.

[Hide] (660KB, 1566x1064)

The world rejects you.
The world is uniting against you.
Get used to it.
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>make up imaginary trait for some group of people
>have imaginart drama with said group of people
>on a place where none of the group even read
isnt that what unironic retards do?
Replies: >>2891
So, you are that desperate? LOL!

All jews will be killed.
There is nothing that you can do about it.
Okay, but what's ESG?
Replies: >>2898 >>2964
It is jews printing money without any value and giving it to retards, calling it "investment", in exchange for obedience and using that to force the retards to spread failed leftard propaganda.
On the surface ESG looks like it strives for superhumanist ideals, but when you dig into the governance side of it you realize these are just corporatists obsessed with memeing techno feudalism into existence. The enviromental concerns always seem to end in extraterritoral control and the sustainability is just what you would expect. How do you keep the whole thing afloat. I don't like it.

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