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“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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Freedom-loving Americans, how do you feel about the USA oppressing the freedom and the de facto independence of so many countries in the world?
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I will celebrate when your people are killed.
All jews will be killed.
You have no future.
It is always ok to torture and kill jews.
>pull out of overseas bases
>wars begin
>white refugees flood america again
>expand into Mexico for more land to fit new people
I'm sorry Mexibros, this is the only way...
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>>1013 (OP) 
We're getting two more because of this Ukraine shit.
God I hate Americans...

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Somebody subtitle this and upload on youtube. And get banned like the rest of russian media on youtube.

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Ты почему до сих пор не на фронте, пизда жидобандеровская ?
А ну ка быстро в военкомат, НА ВСЕОБЩЮЮ МОГИЛИЗАЦИЮ !
А то кого ((( Зеленский ))) будет приносить в жертву яхве, если не такого хорошего гоя как ТЫ ?
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Я як раз на фронті, кацап їбаний. Навряд мені пощастить особисто поховати москаля. Але якщо пощастить - обіцяю фоточки.
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Хуярим їх так що аж гайки воняють, але орків менше не стає
Replies: >>2267
why you doing this
Replies: >>2276
Doing what exactly?

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America is dead. LOOOOL!
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> sanctions against a bunch of disposable figureheads
I guess russia just aint' good enuf to take on the HNIC.
Replies: >>2007 >>2169
Much like here, everyone would rather shit all over the place than actually pay attention to any of the specifics.
Why can't I find anything about an Israel Seiff that lives in Italy?  I could only find this English one.
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>>1622 (OP) 
Those people don't just live in one place.  He probably has mansions in Italy, UK, France, and lots of other places.

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Russia vs the country formerly known as Ukraine part 2.
Last thread: >>1069 https://archive.ph/mj3VE
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Look at the Vietnam war. The north defeated the south despite taking higher military casualties.
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new thread
The south also suffered a lack of resolve and leadership.  It might have seemed like a good idea in some think tank to try to contain the further spread of communism, but it's a little difficult to stage a counter-insurgency when so many of the people were tepid at best and the domestic leadership was consistently lackluster.

I don't really have much to say about this conflict, but the ukranians have been demonstrating some real resolve and some effective morale from its leadership.  And of course the academic class in the US is largely committed to some idea of russian containment even if it's easy to wonder if they have a realistic end game in mind or, as usual, a mildly disheveled pile of nostrums and military spending.

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Receipt is obvious:

GTFO all gypsies, trash ans scum like Romania, Bulgaria, and all Eastern Europe in general from EU.

They ate a lot of money (billions euros, literally) - your money, that you could get. Your money goes there - to these shit holes. To this scum and trash. Just visit these countries to understand what I am talking about. How they look, their mentality, their stupidity, their shitty culture etc etc.

70% of all prostitutes in EU are from Bulgaria (you can google it very easy). Don't forget, prime minister of UK said -- We are ready to accept refugees on one condition - if they are not from Bulgaria. Good example for my words. Now UK is not in EU. And now you understand why.

GTFO to all Khazarian/Bulgarian (all these "Thraci", "Daci", "Shmaci") and other Khazarian tribes. No other way to save EU.
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>being elbow deep in a sandnigger religion
>in a country where Vlad fought to exterminate the sandniggers
Go fuck your cousin you dirty imposter.
Replies: >>921
>Go fuck your cousin you dirty imposter.


he is Romanian, not British
Replies: >>922
Sorry. "Go fuck your sister-mother" is more fitting.
Can u eaurofags just get off your asses and kill your jews and niggers . Hope ur women get ravaged from your inactivity. I (think i) can deal with niggers, but I hate hearing a European crying about someshit an American would just fix.
>>844 (OP) 
Kill all jews.
Kill all leftards.

Dissolve the EU and any globalist organization.

Kill anyone supporting them.

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Is Russia going to go to war with Ukraine for realsies this year? If that happens what does that entail for the rest of Europe seen how Ukraine is neither part of the NATO or the EU?
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>Ukrainian sub-humans hit their own due to being all retarded/low IQ "soldiers"
>Falling fragments of Tochka-U missile kill 20+ people, leave nine injured in Donetsk

As dumb as women, jews and leftards, ukrainian soldiers hit their own population, due to incompetency.

Russia keeps winning.
Ukraine keeps losing.
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>UAV footage: The Russian Army destroys Ukrainian MLRS and military facilities with powerful strikes

Russia keeps winning.
Ukraine keeps losing.
t. scared leftard.

You will all be killed.
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Damascus today.

>muh Russia is isolated
LOL! Never!
90% of the world is pro-Russia.

All jews, leftards and other globalists are the ones isolated and will all be killed.
Putin is losing. Russia dogs are slaughter 24/7 every day.

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2 years? More?
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>Russia was supposed to be counterculture to the west
Total control, restrictions, internal passports is most important part of Russian culture.
Replies: >>875
So germans were right with pushing them out into the siberia?
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Replies: >>1269
not taking it sorry
>>774 (OP) 
The jews? This decade at most.
They will all be killed

Putin will live long and thrive along with Russia and China.

I will be partying to celebrate the death of the jewish economic system, and the deaths of all jews.

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What would Satoko's immigration policy be?
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Is Satoko stinky?
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Open borders, like all WTC whores
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Immigration: nii niis allowed
Emmigration: illegal
>>53 (OP) 
Anime is degenerate
Replies: >>1061
I think that anime by itself is not degenerate, but otakus are, not all people that watch anime are otakus, same way as not all people that eat fast food are unhealthy. Otakus are like obese land-whales that eat anything in sight disregarding quality. Just because most anime is shit doesn't make all anime shit.

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Thread for discussing current events that you don't think really deserves its own thread
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Just now noticed his sister in the back having the same reaction as Kyle. Great that he has loving family.
the van of peace
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People in Kazakhstan are rebelling for some reason.

Replies: >>1052 >>1053
>for some reason
The country is a shithole, robbed and mismanaged by el presidentes for ages and lately it's been getting even worse. Fuckers finally snapped. Wouldn't you?
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I try to find at least 1 (ONE) politician in Khazarian Khaganate ("ukraine") who is not a Khazarian ("jew").

Still without success.

Pic - Kuleba, foreign minister of Khazars.
Replies: >>985 >>991
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>>979 (OP) 
I'll give you another hint.
If the person has one jewish trait coupled with this subtle but obvious feature, they're a jew.
>>979 (OP) 
Nice hair. Looks like a surfer made it.
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