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Women of /pol/ hear them roar
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>>207 (OP) 
does she have tourettes or something?
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/dup/ is that way
I believe you mean CHADime.
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It's very likely that much more tightly integrated and efficacious systems for enhancing the intellectual output of humans will come to exist in your lifetime. It's also extremely likely that the people who first have the chance to make use of this technology will be huge dipshits, either having incoherent goals or being an internally conflicted organization of dumb assholes.
Will near-future advances in information services tech actually meaningfully change the power dynamics between governments/LEAs and dissidents/criminals? Will trillions of dollars be enough for pajeet mc ericson to finally design a UI that isn't cancer and aids, and actually helps people do whatever aimless datamining/oppression/etc. more effectively than they are now?
If CIA niggers were going to murder you anyway, would you hope that they fill your brain with acid and electrodes and make you into the shittiest  most tortured cyborg with the aim of studying your pitiable state?
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not likely because the kind of people that would make those advances and those that benefit from them are dumb assholes instead of intelligent ubergods
/pol/ is a higurashi board post more higurashi
I can see her delicious flat chest.

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Have you ever heard of the Kids for Cash scandal? It runs worldwide, and yet to this day it's still very much underground. Hidden by millionaires who have all but bought out their local town's zogbots and everyone involved.

I'm not sure just how long this board's actually gonna stay alive so I'm not gonna make a wall of text about it and instead ask you to Jewgle it, but I figured I may as well spread some awareness to this absolute atrocity while this /pol/ is probably at its peak. The main two institutions that brought me into this absolute fucking rabbithole are known as Synanon and Elan School. I'm gonna touch on the latter since it's the one I know a little more about.

>founded by Jay Cirri (his fake name) who had previously been abused at Synanon and hooked on drugs and heroine
>investors were ((( (((guess who))) )))
>ran uncontested for fucking 41 years, even after Jay died of lung cancer
>Jay himself was known to pay off police forces to keep quiet and never investigate, pic lightly related from Joe vs. Elan School 

>elan school was more or less a prison run by the prisoners opened in maine around the 70's, first by adults and children and then just children
>children who were signed up for elan school would mostly get fucked snatched by two intruders and hogtied in the middle of the night, because their parents didn't want to deal with them
>nearly 300 people cramped in a tiny-ass building
>prisoners were encouraged to basically gaslight and scream at anyone and everything.
>like there was an entire fucking segment where at least 200 people would have to run up to one person and take turns screaming at them
>absolutely dug into your past and used it against you like a woman in an argument. were you raped? get ready to relive that shit
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What are some other institutions that are doing that shit today?  Synanon and Elan are both gone at this point, right?
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Both of them are gone, but the thing is, Synanon's "methods", if you want to call them that, got a ton of applause at some government U.S. center in D.C.
And as far as "what are some other institutions", that I don't exactly know. I see people talking about their experiences in spots like these, but they rarely give out the exact name. I'm thinking if we find any, letting the public at large know would be the ideal goal.
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Oh, wait, I fucked up the OP image and forgot to add the most important part in.

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