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How do the few intersex people that exist view the whole autogynephilic transniggatry that has artificially enveloped the degenerate west?
I remember some of them in 2000s Germany suing universities for mandatory sex reassignment surgery during puberty done as part of normal procedure in the 1980s and winning in court, are they still around?
If they were supporting the general sexual insanity of the current times then I'd expect them to hold elevated positions in Slaaneshi communities due to their god-given natural "transgender" status priviledge, but that does not seem to be the case.
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They're probably too busy making bank working in the porn industry to care about dudes cutting their cocks off.
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>the porn industry
Did they seize control of Thai brothels?
>>863 (OP) 
>few intersex people
You're talking about not even 0.5% of the current population. Lest I think.

They are not people. They are fucking mutants and abominations. As with trannies, sodomites, zoophiles and pedophiles, they deserve the mercy of a .308 round.
my assumption is that the vast majority of the cases of intersex/hermaphroditism lean towards just being micropeens/macroclits and various genetic disorders. Very few of these people want to draw attention to themselves, or associate with each other. If you look at the wikipedia table on the intersex wikipedia page, you'll see that 9/10 of these conditions are basically down-syndrome-lite. People born with recognizable or semi-functional genitalia of both sexes are statistically non-existent.
>>863 (OP) 
Intersex people are rare and most are close enough to normal men or women that the differences are not really noticeable without testing (Klinefelter syndrome patients, for instance, are just taller, slightly feminized men by outward appearance).
Also, the reason jews promote tranny shit is to fuck with normal White people--humiliate them, break up families, take their children, etc.  Intersex people don't present a lot of opportunities for that--the one place you can really do activism with them is to push for a ban on surgically mutilating their genitals at birth.  That's not something jews are going to get into, as it might remind people of certain other things.

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Let's make an alt history timeline!
With maps too.
>Where should we start?
Well we should start with our main premise. 
Here you have some blank maps
I'll post also some more blank maps.
So If you want to you can start with a timeline without a map or a map with onoy a small timeline or info about it then you can.
So who want's to start this?

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>Always has been you demoralization shill.
neck yourself
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Or what?
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>>645 (OP) 
Lincoln rockwell must be reborn.
>actually keeping his campaign promises
But he didn't build the wall.
How come Zucc made his new company's logo a pair of balls?
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>Rent fucking free for the rest of your life.
Hi kampfy.
Still shooting fire out of your blown out anus?
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Nah, I plugged that hole with dick :^)

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Is this place a fed honeypot? Be honest with me.
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Srsly guys, i need ur halp.
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What is that for?
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Opening beer bottles.
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A society that accepts and legalizes cannabis can't withhold psychedelics. As the concept of altering one's consciousness becomes normalized, so will drugs like LSD, Psilocybin, and DMT. Psychedelics have minimal potential for harm. Drug prohibition is destructive and gives undue power to the government. It's a weapon against dissenters. Psychedelics are a valuable medicine and are especially necessary with the current state of the world. They're an excellent alternative to antidepressants and antipsychotics. They help people cope with trauma, stress, and depression. Psychedelics are known to be empathogenic and increase creativity. They foster an appreciation for nature. It's a shame that they're restricted.

Going on a trip is like being reborn. It's an introspective journey. It brings one back to the state they were in when they were a child, unstained by conditioning, jadedness, and trauma. Imagine being in a state where your ego is dead and you're experiencing synesthesia. You don't remember your own name or where you are. The last thing on your mind is the rat race, school, government, media, video games, or whatever. It's pure nature. Pure existence. You have no self, you are one with all, like a nonliving object. You have no preconceptions or opinions, you're an observer. You see geometric patterns in the environment and can feel them being generated in your head. They're visual representations of the inner workings of your mind. You realize they're always there eve
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It think it's more important to be anti-cartel rather than pro-marijuana. I have heard that marijuana has medical properties and I'm inclined to believe that, however that's just it, it's medicine. It's not something that should be used recreationally like many stoners do.However, I don't really consider it a crime to use it as such. For me, a criminal is someone who poses a greater threat to society like a murderer, arsonist, thief, or carjacker. I don't really consider smoking a joint in one's apartment or mom's basement to be "criminal" in nature. Certainly, I would consider a person attempting to sell marijuana to school children to be criminal as that messes with the country's future and there is evidence to suggest that children using marijuana have issues with brain development. 
That's quite the sad thing about Hispanics, I don't think they're entirely bad and even in some cases, they can be respectable. It's just that they've adopted leftshit ideologies and then bitch and whine when things don't go their way. In other words, it's better for everyone if they just stayed in their own countries and tried to fix their own problems. It's the same reason I reason I respect the NUS, a now defunct Mexican clerical fascist party. There was actually a Mexican anon who admired them back on /fascist/ if anyone remembers that board.
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I must agree.  Cultural destruction by the Jew is everyone's business.  Homosexuality, transsexualism, coalburning, drug use, all are pushed and normalized by the Electric Jew in your living room.
Latin America has produced some based political movements like Integralismo in Brazil, but none of them is ever allowed to be in power.
> >I will not check zzzchan for an entire week.
> >posts on vpn
> nice try
I actually forgot exactly what I wrote in this thread and thought I was allowed to check other boards on zzzchan. I didn't dare to look at this thread to verify.
So I guess it's a draw between Satan and Jehowa.
Next time I'll be more conscious of what I write.
I like you americanon.
> Since psychs intensify the perception of reality, their usage should be weighed against one's tolerance of reality.
I agree. The issue is to figure out how many traumata a man had, before he takes the appropriate amount of psychodelics.

(Also sorry for bringing glowniggers here. They follow me around like they're getting paid for it. Wait...you should stop paying taxes.)

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It's that time of year again.
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Take a note with cuckchanners. They only start posting their wojaks when they're triggered as fuck.
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Well it's true. Or they don't have an argument
Their nigger worship is disgusting.
Someone in Basingstoke landed on free parking.

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Or they'll go directly jail.

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You don't believe the Party's proclamations about average IQ in the PRC?  What's next, are you going to suggest they're also lying about not having to import half their food?  Kek.
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>>75 (OP) 
When Haiti/Zimbabwe 2.0 starts happening, I expect this board to produce quality and original content.
Replies: >>739
I thought South Africa was Zimbabwe 2.0
Replies: >>740

It's just so hard to keep track of all these niggers.

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Can't have a /pol/ without a Merchant Thread.
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But you can't eat a dog! That's inhumane!
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Chinks do that all the time, how is it suddenly not okay when burgers do it?
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You are supposed to act humane not like chinese
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Shit you got me there.
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HELL HOLES Inside Putin’s ‘torture conveyor belt’ prisons as leaked videos ‘show horrifying rape and mutilation’ - https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16339717/putins-torture-prisons-rape-mutilation/

Meanwhile Netflix published the teaser of the second season of "Squid Game": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXr8Rb97nIk[Embed]
  The second season will be called "Welcome to Russian Hell".
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what the fuck is squid game and why should i care
Replies: >>606 >>609
Gook excrement.
Replies: >>608
Its netflix shit with a gook wrapper
happens from year to year in russian army, schools, prisons etc
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Hey everyone, remember when The Squid totally beefed it?

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