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“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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Thread for discussing current events that you don't think really deserves its own thread
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Just now noticed his sister in the back having the same reaction as Kyle. Great that he has loving family.
the van of peace
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People in Kazakhstan are rebelling for some reason.

Replies: >>1052 >>1053
>for some reason
The country is a shithole, robbed and mismanaged by el presidentes for ages and lately it's been getting even worse. Fuckers finally snapped. Wouldn't you?
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I try to find at least 1 (ONE) politician in Khazarian Khaganate ("ukraine") who is not a Khazarian ("jew").

Still without success.

Pic - Kuleba, foreign minister of Khazars.
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>>979 (OP) 
I'll give you another hint.
If the person has one jewish trait coupled with this subtle but obvious feature, they're a jew.
>>979 (OP) 
Nice hair. Looks like a surfer made it.
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I'm thinking of making a private Tox room and putting some fliers/QR codes around the nearby cities to get people with similar interests to join in. Dunno if I should market it as for obscure video game fans or for philosophy geeks, but in the end I hope to acclimate them into imageboard culture so that they fit into the webring, or at the very least, can take part in more truthful political conversations. Good idea, bad idea? 
I do plan on eventually learning how to host my own IRC server, which would be more secure, but I'm not quite there yet
Replies: >>925 >>948
don't know if they can be acclimated bro
If you get the IRC up and running, I would consider joining.
But I also think you're probably a fed.
>>902 (OP) 
Tox is good if you use it for friends but you have to be aware it's about as private as torrenting. It does support socks5 so you can easily use it with tor but by default every friend is going to be able to associate your IP with your identity.
Replies: >>948 >>952
>>902 (OP) 
Adding to this, I think if you want Tox to use a proxy before you ever fire it up, you have to do that via command line. Otherwise you have to create a profile or whatever first, then you can modify proxy settings. But by that point you've sent requests without the proxy and compromised yourself.
I might be getting this wrong, but I remember seeing a post or two about it on /tech/ at some point. Can't be bothered to find it right now, but might have been in their QTDDTOT.
Replies: >>952
You can also use it with a program like torifier which is basically tox over tor. But good luck transferring files.

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How do you call the country:

1. United States of America
2. United Snakes of America
3. United Sluts of America
4. United States of Kufr
5. United States of Haram
6. United Kafirs of America
7. United States of Antichrist
8. Own option

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Never understood why Alaska is a mutt in this one, it's probably the whitest state outside of Maine.
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Maybe it's a mutt in this case due to the high amount of Indians. Kind of funny because the Indians I know don't really mix outside of their own kind but maybe different /pol/acks have met different Indians. Does anyone have experience with Indians from Alaska?
Replies: >>945
> Does anyone have experience with Indians from Alaska?

sexual experience?

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Or what?
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Replies: >>746 + 3 earlier
>>645 (OP) 
Lincoln rockwell must be reborn.
>actually keeping his campaign promises
But he didn't build the wall.
How come Zucc made his new company's logo a pair of balls?
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>Rent fucking free for the rest of your life.
Hi kampfy.
Still shooting fire out of your blown out anus?
Replies: >>870
Nah, I plugged that hole with dick :^)

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Is this place a fed honeypot? Be honest with me.
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Srsly guys, i need ur halp.
Replies: >>847
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Replies: >>849
What is that for?
Replies: >>857
Opening beer bottles.
Replies: >>858

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It's that time of year again.
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Take a note with cuckchanners. They only start posting their wojaks when they're triggered as fuck.
Replies: >>734 >>752
Well it's true. Or they don't have an argument
Their nigger worship is disgusting.
Someone in Basingstoke landed on free parking.

Replies: >>809

Or they'll go directly jail.

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You don't believe the Party's proclamations about average IQ in the PRC?  What's next, are you going to suggest they're also lying about not having to import half their food?  Kek.
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>>75 (OP) 
When Haiti/Zimbabwe 2.0 starts happening, I expect this board to produce quality and original content.
Replies: >>739
I thought South Africa was Zimbabwe 2.0
Replies: >>740

It's just so hard to keep track of all these niggers.

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HELL HOLES Inside Putin’s ‘torture conveyor belt’ prisons as leaked videos ‘show horrifying rape and mutilation’ - https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/16339717/putins-torture-prisons-rape-mutilation/

Meanwhile Netflix published the teaser of the second season of "Squid Game": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXr8Rb97nIk[Embed]
  The second season will be called "Welcome to Russian Hell".
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what the fuck is squid game and why should i care
Replies: >>606 >>609
Gook excrement.
Replies: >>608
Its netflix shit with a gook wrapper
happens from year to year in russian army, schools, prisons etc
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Hey everyone, remember when The Squid totally beefed it?

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What do you guys think of national syndicalism.
No I'm not a one.
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Well it's technically still syndicalism, while it wouldn't destroy the class system, but make them work together. But stare is still above all, it's mostlikely the obe who's going to make them work together. The point is that this really REALLY early 29th century idealogy. But I would expect it would do it in a sort of way how other totalitarian right wing regimes do it with classes, maybe a bit more leftist in a way. 
Still with anti-semitism of course.
Replies: >>549 >>550
>But I would expect it would do it in a sort of way how other totalitarian right wing regimes do it with classes
How do they do it?
Replies: >>552
I'm too lazy. So no, go find it yourself.
What are other less talked politically incorrect idealogies?

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