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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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what is happening is the vaxxed are finally dying off and the governments will simply claim their deaths are because of a "new covid variant". It is the vaccine that is killing people. And they will enforce new lockdowns, and more vaccines, which will kill even more people.

The vaccine is what is killing people. This new "covid variant" is simply to cover up the vax deaths and instead blame them on this fake new covid wave.

The next lockdowns won't end, since the vax deaths will continue increasing. The end of the modern world is coming. The new world order awaits.

If you took the vaccine already, then get right with God, now.
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>>3841 (OP) 
2 weeks

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The UK government admitted that 1 out of 73 vaxxed people had died by May 2022. Imagine what the real death numbers must be like. It's probably more like 1 out of 10 vaxxed people have died already.
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>>3837 (OP) 
If the UK government published official figures, why aren't we looking at those instead of this tweet claiming that?

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Hello, we will be talking of homosexuals. Enjoy!

Homosexuals are people who have been poisoned or controlled by their government using many different methods that are notorious for their use. But now it is more. Homosexuals is now being spread and put to places to convert people to homosexuals or to brainwash them to like homosexuals. Really it is scary and i was effected by it. So let's go!

Homosexuals really is really dangerous. Homosexuals pretend to be like to people that is weak or is people that is dumb, but really they are not just that. Homosexuals is now together to spread to people to have them become homosexuals or to like homosexuals because there is a new holiday that is name Pride Month that is the start of it. Really i was told it was a operation by the New world order project to get to people to be homosexuals by word of mouth advertising and subliminal messageing from their friends or family. Now you will say 'you are saying this because you only hate gays personaly!' But really i'm not. I will show you proof that gays is now doing this project to people and proof it to you.

Gays is going up. Why?

https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/02/24/gen-z-lgbt/ (Be careful on psyop site) This is a new study that shows kids and young people is being gay more. They is market to young people from the internet because young people is on the internet a lot. They put people to places that kids go to on the internet to have people that show them fags and homosexuals things, and say it's normal to them. They are infected and become homosexual then go to do the same. It is a project to depopulate earth from this and spread like a virus like it.

But, really, not kids only they do to it to have to do that yet, Because they are doing it to everybody but kids most. Really you may think now you have a friend that is a faggot or family but. Really think was there faggots that i knowed before? And they say they are a faggot to me and I except it and tell them they are okay. But really they is brainwashed by the project to be gay to get have you to eaccxept it, It is so evil and it has me so mad. You will say but i love them before and now i will love them if they are a faggot. But really this is take over them and they is so hard to be saved from it. Small waves also edit their brain to make them a homosexual, they do it some to babies as they is getting born to make them faggots. So easy to edit brains with 5g waves too. So you will see your friends and family and know there is 1 faggot that is get to your life by the project.

Gay chemicals is going up

I wish for you to read this. https://www.npr.org/2011/03/02/134196209/study-most-plastics-leach-hormone-like-chemicals It is new study, 2011 and it show plastic gives chemical Estrogen to you. Whats estrogen? Hopkins medicene dot org says "Estrogens are a group of hormones that play an important role in the normal sexual and reproductive development in women. They are also sex hormones. The woman's ovaries make most estrogen hormones, although the adrenal glands and fat cells also make small amounts of the hormones." For you to be a male to have this will turn you to a girl, Like a fag, And that is another how to make you a fag. You will have foods in cans and will eat it and you will eat this every time. It is so sad. I never eat from cans because it. Really i eat oats and wheat now with rain water. I wish for every body to do it toda to o
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Name a more based man in modern times. Protip you cant. If i was the judget he 30 days of community service.
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>>3700 (OP) 
b & r
I can't

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 > no niggers
> no arabs
> no jews
> 0 immigrants
> almost no crime
> unemployment extremely low
> no taxes
> no feminists
> no incels
> no abortions
> 96% of adults over 30 are married
> divorce rate near 0%
> fertility rate is 1.82. More than double that of their southern brothers.
> no prostitution
> no porn addiction
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>>3817 (OP) 
>>No negroes 
>>No arabs
>>No Jews
While Kim il Sung and his successors didn't have much, if any blood of Hebe origin, they did have lots of help from the Kikes of the Soviet Union, including ((( Yosef Stalin ))), They also have had their share of collaboration with mainland Red China under Mao Zedong [who was made into a Communist by ((( Leon Trotsky ))) with operations not just limited to the Korean War). 
China and Korea do have a history of Jews/Hebes, though more so with the former in places like Kaifeng, and Shanghai.
>>0 immigrants
That alone does not make a country a good place to live North Korea is a closed Society with expectations of its citizens having a closed mind. Citizens cannot leave without permission from the government or else their will be charges of a criminal kind. Private property officially does not exist there. And you are not allowed to listen to import things from outside the country. Music and movies are strictly controlled on very strict vectors and rules. 
>almost no crime
Not what it seems. criticizing the government or taking pictures of soldiers in ways that would make the ((( DPRK ))), especially Kim Jong Un, look less than noble or perfect will get you the FUCKING  CUDGEL. Same can be said for Cuba since ((( Castro ))) and his goons took over. North Koreans have a mask that they let slip over their own peril. 
>>unemployment extremely low
[[citation needed]]
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Welcome to the Kyle Odom General

>Who is Kyle Odom?
Kyle Odom is a figure alive today who was harassed by invisible telepathic reality-dominating entities, including voices in his head, manifestation of objects in his presence, possible visual hallucinations or physical holograms, transport between alternate timelines, strange people, and possible teleportation of people. He shot a related pastor many times with high caliber holllowtip bullets and the pastor miraculously survived relatively unscathed who later went on to become a politician.

>Odom Manifesto

>What is synthetic telepathy?
Synthetic telepathy is the ability to use supercomputers, AI, and antennas to read and write any information to a human brain remotely including all five senses using radio waves or scalar waves.

>Dr. Robert Duncan

>What is physics domination technology?
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Must watch 3 hour documentary. "?" https://odysee.com/@TitusFrost:4/--Infowars-Documentary:a

Get the fuck in here.

This EXPOSES the disinfo whores/alex jones network/connections, ethan ralph, catboykami, nick fuentes (closeted faggot), (half) baked alaska, milo the filthy jew faggot, brittany pettibone, bald incel quapa tim pool, lauren southern (mudshark), jay dyer, paul joseph watson, gavin mcinnes (the super faggot)/rebel media, the kabbalist tucker carlson/fox news, alex (silvergoldberg)stein, and so many more (and how they're all connected).
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Notice how much they use the OK gesture/666 hand gesture at 53:20, etc in the documentary in OP's post. A lot of the same mainstream legacy celebrities that are often pictured covering one eye also use that gesture (sometimes combining the two). 

Those gestures are exposed a lot in the below link:
Altiyan Childs Exposes Freemasonry


Occult Forces - Mysteries Unveiled

Replies: >>2917
>new age
>Altiyan Childs
You must think we’re new.
>>2913 (OP) 
Anyone with a career is automatically the enemy.

They are all opportunistic parasites that will change sides whenever they see a career opportunity.
They must all be killed along with the jews, when the time comes, soon.
Replies: >>2921
Kill yourself first.
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I have a theory that all religions are alien psyops. 

That at some point in history, aliens of various sorts actually landed, more than likely telepathically forced humans to worship them, and when enough setup had been achieved, opted to return to the moon/underground, and take a clandestine and disguised role. Knowing full well the type and tone of religions with which to impose upon a demographic and genetic pool, and even in subsequent years, interfered directly in that creation, via telepathy and infiltration.

What is around us, is a perpetual control system by a dozen enemies, not just the kikes, its also nature, time and age and our own bodies. Do you think the aliens have such a problem? Do they have artificial moons too? Do aliens abduct other aliens? Do aliens only have two-digit lifespans? Of course they have none of those problems. I see this place as A PERPETUAL WAR AGAINST YOU.

That which put us in this predicament has no such war against them daily. And what is absolutely telling of what the aliens have designed, is the fact that The Aliens Choose To Attack and Abduct The Poor and Non-Powerful... Do you get it? They don't disturb the ruling classes, rich kikes, networked masons, bank rothschilds, the actors, the politicians, the deep state, the military-industrial complex... All stories of alien perpetration are upon you, the little people.

Who but an enemy needs to conceal their name, rank, mission, location, and employ MIB goonsquads, if they were
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Get woke, go broke.
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Bill Gates hasn't been in charge of M$ for ages.
There are other bloodthirsty capitalists in charge of that place, now.
Replies: >>3713
Capitslism is good though.
All leftards mustr be killed.
Leftardism must be purged.
>>3571 (OP) 
unfortunately this has nothing to do with going woke and everything to do with the Fed raising rates
pretty much every problem we face in America in today traces back to the Fed
is fake news. they still don't have meta-cognitive processors. The hiring was just to get people injected with poison and then drop them so Biden's Paycheck Protection Plan loans are forgiven and MS doesn't have to pay for their now disabled ((( injected ))) employees' disabilities.

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ITT: post goyslop
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Am I doing it right?
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>>3038 (OP) 
Tomatoes are satanic for being fruit that pretend to be vegetable. You are demon for posting this pestilence. You are a demon who should be perma-banned.

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