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Prep work is done.

Have you lifted today? No? Go find something heavy. Pick it up. Now put it back down. Good. Do that a dozen more times.

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Having just finished finished a book on the old 5 pound dumbbell system, and beginning to read some of the old literature such as Strength, and How to Obtain It and Muscle Control, I am inspired to create a thread on the old timers. These guys were amazing and made their achievements without steroids or modern supplements.
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>wait is this real after all?
Anon there is literally no way why it shouldn't work. You can gain great muscles from body weight training, so why shouldn't you be able to gain great muscles doing similar exercises with additional light dumbbells? 

Your muscles simply react to the stimulus and adapt. Sure you can do that by raising the weights, but you can also do it by simply making the exercise more difficult and thus increase the force that stimulate the muscles.
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After I finish the 100 pushups challenge I'm gonna start this routine. Anyone have recommendation for light dumbbells with rounded grips? All the neoprene coated ones have straight bars which I don't think is as good for gripping, and the rubber ones smell bad. I really don't want to pay more than $25 for a pair of light weights.
Replies: >>1528 >>1580
maybe you can be the first to actually give an update on how well this really works.
Every time someone wants to test it out you never hear from them again
Replies: >>1529
They've ascended beyond the realm of mortals and are exercising with Hercules on the slopes of Olympus. I promise I will update the journal thread.
Buy 2nd-hand ones

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In which anons will autistically screech about their masturbation habits. For me, it's been 26 days as of this post, with no nocturnal emissions (that's the challenging part). I used to have a habit of jerking it in controlled routine, once a week just to maintain emotional stability with a modicum of energy. However I have worked on developing a mindset and set of goals that will help manage the energy. Here's what Napoleon Hill has to say about it.
>When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches
>The transmutation of sex energy calls for the exercise of will-power, to be sure, but the reward is worth the effort. The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind, and spirit of man. If not given this form of outlet, through transmutation, i
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do you get pussy?
Replies: >>1552
Replies: >>1553
do you try? i bet if you put as much effort into meeting a girl as you do not masturbating, they would probably open their legs for you.
Replies: >>1554
nowhere to meet them. small friend circle, online dating is pointless when you're against literal gigachads, and i have more important things I want to do in my life anyways.
Replies: >>1555
i understand your sentiment. but they make up 50% of the population, they are literally everywhere in the free world. all you gotta do is attend a venue.

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Let's talk fermented foods.

Sourdough starter for making bread is dead fucking easy - 1 to 1 ratio of water and flour, mix both up, repeat daily to feed it, discard for a while, and then you can cook your starter for whatever you need. just be sure it's in a container that is covered with a paper towel, or napkin, or has some form of ventilated covering.

Yogurt is either dead easy too or can be annoying. Mesophilic yogurt gives you a "whatever you put in is what you get out", and most of the time is very easy to do (needs a ventilated container just like sourdough does too). However, I've tried freezing yogurt a few times, and my villi cubes never came out right. my old filmjolk froze and reconstituted fine. Thermophilic yogurt (my first exposure to yogurt-making) you barely get any fucking yogurt out of it, most of the volume becomes whey, and I'd rather have it be yogurt- You really have to -want- a strain of thermophilic yogurt to make it worth it.

Kefir was a pain in my ass, mostly because the stuff I tried from the store was thickened with pectin, so I never had a good "measure" on what to expect for it. Even then, it seemed like my kefir went really bad in weird ways that I couldn't understand, it would taste off, and sometimes it would be alright and then I miss a day and it's gone weirdly-gross.

Ginger beer was interesting, I ended up making a plain-jane recipe of "just ginger and sugar" but the YT vid that I had sourced from scared me into being paranoid about my bottles exploding. I hadn't had much sugar in the beer at all, turns out that the strain I had cultured was very weak.

Tepache was an interesting thing, but because of my environment (cold climate) I think all I ended up with, was some vaguely-pineapple-tasting sugar water instead of a proper tepache.

Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables are... Odd. I tried tasting them raw, and though it was a "felt good to eat", the sourness was offputting and I think these would be better if they were cooked. Hell, I might try fermenting some more vegetables, dehydrating them, and some mushrooms to make a veggie powder mix for either soups or other shit.

Lately I've been having an odd fascination with tempeh too, but I'm not sure if I really want to make some. I've been on a bit of a worry, with gas going absolutely apeshit, beef being absolutely atrocious in price, I've been thinking of looking into getting protein that is cheaper. Tempeh is made with soybeans. Soy is annoying at best, and scary at worst for many anons, but from what I've heard, the process of making tempeh (uses a fungal colony, either from a starter or a older batch of tempeh) breaks down most of the phytoestrogens, proteins and other shit, making them digestible instead of fucking with your body. 
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Replies: >>1451 >>1453 >>1546
>>1450 (OP) 
I only do yogurt and sourdough bread.
Why does gut bacteria have such shit taste?
Replies: >>1452
I think it's because that when it was first discovered, it was used less as a probiotic and more for food preservation- the probiotic part was just an unseen bonus.
>>1450 (OP) 
>the sourness was offputting and I think these would be better if they were cooked
Doesn't cooking stuff like this kill the bacteria?
Replies: >>1454
I honestly don't know if it matters if any live cultures are killed before they enter your body.

What I do know is that the fermentation process has already done a lot of work for you, making the food more-easily digestable. If you're really concerned about getting live cultures, then I would stick to yogurts, but I honestly don't know how much it matters.
>>1450 (OP) 
theres even been studies that there is a correlation to gut health and the health of your brain. i dont know how to articulate it but something to do with inflammation and depression. i would look into gut-brain barriers if you are interested. here is the first link to a scholarly article that pops up with an internet search https://www.alergicblog.com/images/2008/01/Gut-Brain-barrier-in-major-depression.pdf

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Has anyone tried it? I strained my elbow. Currently I have an uncomfortable feeling in my muscles from a lack of a workout. It's nagging at me. I want to exercise so badly right now, but I also don't want to have one of those nagging injuries that never quite go away. I've heard of people working out through injuries so I'm open minded about it.
work it out as much as you can without hurting yourself, keep your protein intake up, work out the rest of your body so it doesn't get dragged down by one limb
noticed over the past few weeks or so that my range of mobility for bending has been fucked, lower back muscles are extremely tense and now I can't even touch my toes without exerting an absurd amount of effort and patience for my back to loosen up. standing up from a chair takes a few seconds for my lower back to get adjusted. i feel like an old fart. what are some ways to loosen up the lower back? will it simply fix itself with time? should i stop doing exercises for now that make use of the lower back, or at least do greatly reduced workloads with them?
Replies: >>1545
try this, starts at about 2:45 marker
this guy is the holy grail when it comes to physical therapy. has helped me through all of my injuries

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Post your /fit/ related videos.
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How the fuck do you jump rope like that?
Replies: >>1487
I don't know, are you a drawing?
You should try to judge fantasy away from reality.
Replies: >>1516
[Hide] (20.9MB, 640x360, 03:52)
No but I've seen people do that one leg at a time thing. I can only do it with both legs at once and only if I do a pre-jump beforehand.
Burns Trauma 7 13 <a href=http://clomid.mom/>clomiphene ped</a> This maximum penalty is rarely administered however as fines are based on the perpetrator s income, meaning average court fines are usually in the region of 299, less than the new fixed penalty at 300

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If you anrennt eating protein soup you aren’t getting gainz. If you aren’t getting gainz I got nothing for you. 

Protein soup:
Put milk (protein) in big pot and boil
Add protein powder (chocolate for maximum flavor)
Take cottage cheese and roll in whey until you get spheres
Add spheres to protein soup
Enjoy protein soup
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>>1498 (OP) 
Where is the oats for the recipe OP?

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Do you guys have people in your gym who really seem to stick out? I have a couple.

Old Balance guy
>early to mid 60s
>does every exercise on a bosu ball
>shoulder press in tree pose
>bicep curls in warrior III
>mirin his mobility 

Hummingbird man
>machines only 
>doesn't even quarter rep
>more like 1/64
>not exaggerating when I say the weights move only an inch per rep
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Replies: >>1478 >>1492 + 2 earlier
>>898 (OP) 
We have an old monkey guy at our :
>Obsessed with crossfit
>Uses only plates to do exercises
>brings his fat son to train him only to do shitty plates exercises with fast momentum that does jack shit.
>Does a shadow boxing with dumbells but with little movement.
>jew with ginger hair that goes hard each workout
>trainer that looks exactly like CIA but a bit older
>short dangerhair trainer with her young daughter that sits in one of the upside down wooden stools with her tablet, cat ear headphones, and giant teddy bear
>thot that uses the bar as a scratching post
>ginger girl that's basically the gym jani
>gym owner's german shepherd that sits by the desk the whole time, he is a good boy
>gym archetypes
I would name some if I knew them, but that would require me to go to a gym.
But mom says gyms are for fags, so it's a no-no.
Replies: >>1488 >>1492
your mom is gay
Replies: >>1492
Sorry you have a shitty mom, man.
Checked and Heiled for posterity.

>>898 (OP) 
I have someone similar to old-balance guy, but not exactly. My major gym character is one that is unlike any other gym character I've seen online.

The "Beefcake"
>40 to 50-year-old woman, old enough to have a daughter.
>dressed out in tight-fitting black spandex, top and bottom.
>She told my dad "call me beefcake". I shit you not.
>Blond hair. hard body, everything about her would make a milf-hunter thirstier than a concrete brick...
>...Except her personality.
>She's very loud, almost yells out her movements like she subconsciously wants everyone to know where she is at all times.
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general food thread, I suppose
question: Is milk, cheese, butter completely comped due to the hormones they pump the cows full of? Or do the benefits of these foods outweigh that poison?
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I know that onions are good for that kind of thing. Funny that you mention that, I would make a stir fry of onions and green beans and it came out pretty well. I also think peanuts are a pretty good source of protein. They're also high in healthy fats and fairly easy to grow. It's actually rather interesting we call them pea"NUTS". They're not technically a part of nut family like almonds and walnuts  but instead are a part of the legume family. So much so that they grow in the ground, much like potatoes. In fact, most legumes do.
Replies: >>1472
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I don't knnnow in what way nuts would be useful for gaining mass if I were to make a diet on them. They are generally pricey and they can hardly be cooked into anything. So I generally eat them raw, which again works mostly as a snack rather than an actual meal/sidemeal.
And about onions, they were high on proteins? Thought they had metals, vitamins or something else, like the spinach is rich in iron. I know my grandfather always eats plenty of raw onions, and I know him to work consistently hard on the countryside, even well into his 80's. Absolutaly respectable I would say.
Replies: >>1474
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[Hide] (190.3KB, 1920x1080)
Anon, my post was about peanuts, which are legumes. Here is the nutritional of peanuts. Also, yeah you're right. Onions are more valuable for their other metals and vitamins. Another thing they're good for is adding flavor to meats and even other vegetables as I mentioned with the green beans and onions stir fry.
I am also curious about this, considering how fucked inflation is right now buying meat is about to get a lot harder and i am also about to be unemployed, beans are dirt fucking cheap but I don't know what their ratio in protein/fat/carbs is to a lean steak. i've been doing leangains since January with good results (-25lbs of fat) but it has a very specific diet regimen that I don't want to throw off.
>>1216 (OP) 
Any beans will work as a cheap proteins, so do oats.

This is relevant to my interests, because I need your help with a recipe /fit/.

I'm trying to figure out a "barebones almost-beef bean burger" recipe that has the non-mandatory ingredients omitted (meaning, I can add whatever the fuck I want to it within reason, without being afraid of fucking it up.).

Youtube and reddit are usually decent for recipes, but I'm losing my mind getting fucking drowned in recipes that are either vegan trash or add way too fucking many things. Fuck. Even if I add minus tags to reduce the utter hell of shitty search results,  I FUCKING STILL get recipes that just feel like there's far too much non-mandatory bullshit even if it says "simple" in the recipe.

Here's what I do know bean burgers need
*** Of course, beans. from what I've seen, any variety that exists in a can can be pureed for burgers, even chickpeas. It just needs to go through the usual bean-cooking process.
*** Something to keep it stable but mushy enough to shape it before you bake it.
*** Flavors (which as for the barebones part, these will be added in on a per-cook basis, and in this recipe are omitted)
Message too long. View the full text

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Rant about some shitty gym equipement, I'll start.
I fucking hate the Matrix cardio machines god they are soo fucking awful, one of the gyms that I went to had a matrix treadmill with super high tech touch and man it was the shitest touch screen that I've ever the used the input delay of that piece of shit is like 10 sec long so whenever I want to up the speed I have to a century for that bitch to speed and you know what it has physical buttons but those are also fucked beyond comprehension they change by 0.1 and they are also slow as fuck, god why does everything has to be with touch screen just make good responsive buttons that fucking work.
it wouldn't even have to be buttons, a slider would suffice. honestly if you really want to run that bad just run around your neighborhood. sure it's not in an aircooled environment, but when there comes a time where you need to fucking run it's not going to be in a gym. it's going to be when you're running from the T34/whatever the fuck tanks Russia is using since King Joe has demanded you die for Democracy :^)

[Hide] (55KB, 640x640)
While fapping very far between and remaining in celibacy.
I'm doing very good (At least compared to previous attempts) at not ejaculating this month and watching no pornography, but I would like some extra tips on how to get rid of these erotic thoughts. What are some techniques that you recommend?
Replies: >>1361 >>1449
find a womyn or some other outlet for your sexual frustration. work on something creative, channel it into your workouts, anything at all. considering how much smut is on imageboards as well it may be smart to stay off of them entirely as well, or browse them with all images hidden. all it takes is a glance of a tit to drive you into a frenzy sometimes.
>>1044 (OP) 
Start meditating and then become acutely aware that you're attaining orgasm to a video of another man's pleasure as opposed to your own.
>>1044 (OP) 
Are you ashamed of your sexuality, OP?

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