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Have you lifted today? No? Go find something heavy. Pick it up. Now put it back down. Good. Do that a dozen more times.

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Rant about some shitty gym equipement, I'll start.
I fucking hate the Matrix cardio machines god they are soo fucking awful, one of the gyms that I went to had a matrix treadmill with super high tech touch and man it was the shitest touch screen that I've ever the used the input delay of that piece of shit is like 10 sec long so whenever I want to up the speed I have to a century for that bitch to speed and you know what it has physical buttons but those are also fucked beyond comprehension they change by 0.1 and they are also slow as fuck, god why does everything has to be with touch screen just make good responsive buttons that fucking work.
it wouldn't even have to be buttons, a slider would suffice. honestly if you really want to run that bad just run around your neighborhood. sure it's not in an aircooled environment, but when there comes a time where you need to fucking run it's not going to be in a gym. it's going to be when you're running from the T34/whatever the fuck tanks Russia is using since King Joe has demanded you die for Democracy :^)
Any of those machines designed to replace weights/barbells/dumbbells, they exercise the wrong muslces (inverting every exercise (focusing on pulling instead of pushing and vice versa), which is not what the majority of your lifts are going to be and giving you niche strength that you'll rarely use).

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How to get abs like this guy.
Replies: >>1333 >>1601 >>1614
>>1331 (OP) 
Steak, water, fruits, vitamin b1, d, cod liver oil, mike mentzer technique
Spoiler File
(145.4KB, 1080x1350)
Spoiler File
(138.1KB, 1080x1350)
Spoiler File
(148.9KB, 1080x1350)
like handstands
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>>1331 (OP) 
Bicep & tricep curls & lifts.
>>1331 (OP) 
cut, Cut, CUT!
Abs are just low body fat composition. Furthermore, if you're natty there is no point in ever bulking. Work out by all means and do strength training lifts, but never go over say a 500 kcal surplus.
Replies: >>1678
what >>1614 says, train hard to get strong abs and watch your diet RELIGIOUSLY to burn all the fat off.

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I'm using Crystal Quest's Fluoride/Multi Cartridge in þeir "Undersink Single Water Filter System" (pic related). Not willing to fork over six hundred bucks to buy a fluoride meter yet, so until þen, I'll just hope it's doing its job. 

/late/ jannies kept deleting my fluorideposts, so I figured I'd bring 'em here. If you don't know þe scoop on fluoride, here's þe gist:

"The Impact of Fluoride on the Developing Brain" by Power of Prevention: 

1. It calcifies your pineal gland, rendering it relatively useless. If you didn't know already, þis is big, because þe pineal gland produces seratonin and melatonin. Seratonin is associated wiþ happiness, but stabilizes overall mood, cognition, learning, memory, and more. Of course, melatonin used to initiate sleep and align wiþ one's circadian rhyþm. Þose who are out of sync wiþ þeir circadian rhyþm (of which I am myself guilty) are much more likely to be unhappy and to experience þe whole range of mental disorders. Þroughout religion and spirituality, þe pineal gland is associated wiþ þe þird eye.

2. As a toxic substance, it harms brain development. Many studies have shown þat children whose water and baby formula was fluoridated as infants had lower IQ's compared to children whose water supply was non-fluoridated. (Some studies found from þe video's description: https://ehp.
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OP here... Switching out the fluoride filter I was using before, since it lasted but 5 months (marketed at lasting 9 months) before starting to taste like hose water. Going with https://truthaboutfluoride.com/water-filters-that-remove-fluoride/'s supposedly self-tested recommendation for "Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis System" in regards to a full undersink system, rather than their number one recommendation of a certain pitcher, which wouldn't run quickly enough for my family. It's supposed to last 2000-2500 gallons, or for about a year. I'll update you all if I don't die or otherwise lose this thread by then. Probably would be more useful to you all if I actually personally tested the levels, but that's what others' reviews are for, right?
   Also, an anon I know from a different website provided me with additional angles of fluoride's toxicity. I'll send this thread's link to him; hopefully he'll fill you guys in.
Replies: >>1380 >>1630
I've heard about that reviewer. Very nice anon, keep us posted
OP here again. When I showed my family the Crystal Quest, they felt bad that I spent all that money on it, and told me that they weren't even going to use it. Since they don't care about decalcifying their pineal glands, I switched to an immediately cheaper, and more effective filter: ClearlyFiltered's Pitcher Filter, which filters out a shitton of shit. I think it says what it does on their website, but if it doesn't, and someone wants to see it, I'll upload a photo of the pamphlet on everything that it filters out and how much it does. There are literally hundreds of contaminants on it, with a ~99.5% removal rate for stuff like fluoride and chlorine. I'm not disappointed, it works pretty well.
Replies: >>1631

Been keeping a tally of how many times I filled the pitcher's top reservoir to count down the day 'til replacement, and it's coming pretty soon (in 6 refills/about 6 days for me), which is why I'm making the post now, instead of waiting a full year to post about it. I have to refill it about once a day because I drink more often than others in my family from working out (and vaping pot, but I need to knock that off); if the pets need more water, I'll use the best stuff (mine); and I use it for stuff like coffee, tea, and ice cubes.
If the fluoride has poisoned my mind I haven't noticed. I just use Brita filters to get the shitty city water taste out.

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Sup, /fit/izens, how about we join the Infinity Cup to get our board a little more exposure?
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Also made a thread over on cafe/icup/
Replies: >>1605
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Check that thread, someone is asking you something in regards to one of the (possible) players
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Reposting from the /icup/ thread: Wii Fit Trainer and Starting Strength now have models.
What about the rest of the team? Do you have a roster?
Replies: >>1639
Not yet, but I am getting there
Anyone have other player ideas? I'm still open to suggestions.

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Related to the sexual abstinence thread. Are there any benefits to period fasting? It seems like a good way to build discipline and self control. 

If I ate only high protein foods and exercised regularly while fasting, how could I expect my level of fitness to be affected?
Replies: >>736
>>735 (OP) 
You would burn a lot of fat, I imagine.
I've been fasting lately but I'm finding it easiest to either fast or train (haven't been doing much lately) and eat. I can do 36 hours without major cravings or anything usually, but if I work out too I get ravenous. 
A lot of people report good results combining intermittent fasting with workouts though, probably because HGH spikes during fasting. I get too damn hungry.
I want to start doing longer fasts soon as well, like 3+ days.
Replies: >>738
>You would burn a lot of fat, I imagine
That's kind of my goal, as long as I can keep from burning muscle too.
> I find it easiest to either fast or train and eat
What kind of foods do you eat while you train?
Replies: >>740
No one loses a significant amount of muscle fasting unless you go for extreme length (weeks instead of days). Working out while fasting decreases muscle loss even further. Just don't expect to put any muscle on, training while fasting is for maintenance and  further fat loss.
As far as eating goes, I've actually been eating a lot of carbs, mostly due to temporary poorfaggotry. I just started on keto today though, to make fasting easier. Switching between carb heavy diet and fasting is brutal and I don't recommend it.
Still here OP? How's it coming along?
Leangains has you do a 16 hour fast each day, and an 8 hour window where you can eat. Combined with his training regimen it has worked wonders.

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Do it for her YOURSELF Edition

Why aren't you running, anon?
I, for one, aren't because I'm a lazy piece of shit and my motivation runs out extremely quickly after the initial sporadic bursts I get from now and then. One thing I noticed is that this lack of motivation comes, at least in part, from the lack of company and the inability to discuss the activity or compare your results with anyone else. 
So I thought of making this thread to encourage anons to pick up running and actually keep at it in hopes that the sense of community with will keep everyone engaged enough not to drop out after the first week day.

I'm absolutely not an expert but, if you're interested in joining and are an absolute beginner I would wholeheartedly recommend the C25K program (pic related #2), I tried it and while progress is slow, it's very easy to follow and you see the first results near immediately, even if you've never done jackshit in your life. IMPORTANT: don't run if you're a tub of lard, you'll just fuck up your joints! Lose some weight first, chubby!

So, from tomorrow morning onwards, I'm going to start my running routine again and I will post updates after every session so we can get the ball rolling and hopefully we can get more people involved and bring more activity to the board! Everyone's welcome!

ITT post:
>updates about your activity
>informative videos and images
>tips, tricks and suggestions of all sorts
>shoes and clothing reccs
Message too long. View the full text
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No clue who you're referring to. As for things that you can do, the best way is to just start cutting out bad habits and to figure out what motivates you like to be healthier or have greater sex appeal. I've come to realize that I'm almost exclusively motivated by personal development, and it is such a strong motivator that I can instantly drop habits that I view as unhealthy.
I don't really post here because I do my fitness by myself now (or maybe because the board is so slow, sadly), but I wanted to wish you the best.  I was never as fat as you were, but I've managed to get my weight down a lot since the start of the year, and I think I've done a good job converting fat to muscle as well.  I feel more invigorated and I have better endurance overall.  It's also transferred to my mental hobbies like video games (fighting games) and computer programming.

You're doing good, man.  We're all gonna make it.
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I know this board is slow, but I'm back bitches. A full year later. I had a pretty tough time in 2022 have completely fallen off my exercise regiment, but my weight loss is pretty much permanent and I've actually maintained a decent amount of muscle. I have just going back to the gym and am going to be resuming running. I just ran 2.5km in about 13 minutes, whatever that is. 

Biggest thing holding me back is my muscles get quite sore. I need to learn how to stretch.
Replies: >>1652 >>1657
Good luck anon, I shall remember you.
>weight loss is pretty much permanent and I've actually maintained a decent amount of muscle
God bless you, anon.

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Discuss things that aren't workouts or exercise per se, but help you to improve your performance as well as maintain /fit/ness and motivation. For example:
>wim hof method
>abstinence in general
>study and inspirational reading
Things to not discuss:
<roids, drugs and other gay shit
Personally I stopped using warm water in my showers, all my showers have been 100% cold for the last 3 months. I've had a huge uptick in energy levels since I started doing this, and I also feel more solid, like my body has become more dense. The reason I decided to do this is related to an observation I made a few years ago. I was visiting family and had my cat with me, and even though it was the beginning of winter, he had to stay in a shed outside because of their dog. Now, he was normally 7.5 pounds, but after a few weeks in that shed, he was 14 pounds. The reason I weighed him was because he was noticeably bigger, and suddenly had muscle definition, it blew my mind that he just about doubled his weight. Interestingly, he went right back to his old weight after he started living inside aga
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Replies: >>1582 + 4 earlier
>On a similar note, is anybody else here physically disgusted by junk food?
It depends, some i love chocolate and fast food other i have no interest in at all candy, gummy bears and stuff like that and the rest i actively dislike sodas
>you may find that you don't even want M&Ms or Cola anymore.
Definitely, it's what i did with drinks and now i only drink water and coffee and the occasional liqueur
As good guys die out, the world only gets shittier and shittier with more of faggots like you reproducing and sucking up the fresh O2. Niggers, spics, and kikes like you only serve to make the world a shittier place with obessessive crying about muh colonialization, retards who need gobernment fundings and assistance to help you from becoming outcasts or homeless faggots off the streets, and favorites of big corps who treat you like slaves while sucking you off as if you're anything special.

There are no we wuzzers this is just you being a typical shitskin crying bout white people as always. Not even imageboards are safe from you faggots.

>What do you guys use to kill food cravings? 
The best way to do that is to occupy your mind on something that makes you forget about eating shitty foods. Doing your usually hobbies or setting your mind on something that makes you forget about eating crap is something I've been doing these past years.
>There are literal videos of animals jacking off or licking themselves for sexual pleasure. How is nature unnatural?
Animals also genocide, cannibalize themselves, and rape their own kin for fun. Just because creatures of nature does it doesn't mean it's natural nor does it mean it should be done. Animals are essence of nature just like humans and can make poor decisions within their lives and do things that are unnatural as well. Your logic is retarded, because this is something (((scientists))) claim when they're the same people who are willing to take things out of context and claim that merely homosexuality exist among animals, because they took a dominant lion raping its victim as an indication of homosexuality being of tolerance. Masturbation has no benefits whatsoever, even Israel the country that profits off of porn industry knows this, which is they banned it and use it as weapon.
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>>265 (OP) 
Check them
No drugs please
That means you'll see some new features and from access to additional channels where you can forward movement visibility, without having to put to rights sense of some elaborate, manual migration process. https://googlec5.com

[Hide] (1.7MB, 4768x2682)
In which anons will autistically screech about their masturbation habits. For me, it's been 26 days as of this post, with no nocturnal emissions (that's the challenging part). I used to have a habit of jerking it in controlled routine, once a week just to maintain emotional stability with a modicum of energy. However I have worked on developing a mindset and set of goals that will help manage the energy. Here's what Napoleon Hill has to say about it.
>When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches
>The transmutation of sex energy calls for the exercise of will-power, to be sure, but the reward is worth the effort. The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind, and spirit of man. If not given this form of outlet, through transmutation, i
Message too long. View the full text
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do you get pussy?
Replies: >>1552
Replies: >>1553
do you try? i bet if you put as much effort into meeting a girl as you do not masturbating, they would probably open their legs for you.
Replies: >>1554
nowhere to meet them. small friend circle, online dating is pointless when you're against literal gigachads, and i have more important things I want to do in my life anyways.
Replies: >>1555
i understand your sentiment. but they make up 50% of the population, they are literally everywhere in the free world. all you gotta do is attend a venue.

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Let's talk fermented foods.

Sourdough starter for making bread is dead fucking easy - 1 to 1 ratio of water and flour, mix both up, repeat daily to feed it, discard for a while, and then you can cook your starter for whatever you need. just be sure it's in a container that is covered with a paper towel, or napkin, or has some form of ventilated covering.

Yogurt is either dead easy too or can be annoying. Mesophilic yogurt gives you a "whatever you put in is what you get out", and most of the time is very easy to do (needs a ventilated container just like sourdough does too). However, I've tried freezing yogurt a few times, and my villi cubes never came out right. my old filmjolk froze and reconstituted fine. Thermophilic yogurt (my first exposure to yogurt-making) you barely get any fucking yogurt out of it, most of the volume becomes whey, and I'd rather have it be yogurt- You really have to -want- a strain of thermophilic yogurt to make it worth it.

Kefir was a pain in my ass, mostly because the stuff I tried from the store was thickened with pectin, so I never had a good "measure" on what to expect for it. Even then, it seemed like my kefir went really bad in weird ways that I couldn't understand, it would taste off, and sometimes it would be alright and then I miss a day and it's gone weirdly-gross.

Ginger beer was interesting, I ended up making a plain-jane recipe of "just ginger and sugar" but the YT vid that I had sourced from scared me into being paranoid about my bottles exploding. I hadn't had much sugar in the beer at all, turns out that the strain I had cultured was very weak.

Tepache was an interesting thing, but because of my environment (cold climate) I think all I ended up with, was some vaguely-pineapple-tasting sugar water instead of a proper tepache.

Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables are... Odd. I tried tasting them raw, and though it was a "felt good to eat", the sourness was offputting and I think these would be better if they were cooked. Hell, I might try fermenting some more vegetables, dehydrating them, and some mushrooms to make a veggie powder mix for either soups or other shit.

Lately I've been having an odd fascination with tempeh too, but I'm not sure if I really want to make some. I've been on a bit of a worry, with gas going absolutely apeshit, beef being absolutely atrocious in price, I've been thinking of looking into getting protein that is cheaper. Tempeh is made with soybeans. Soy is annoying at best, and scary at worst for many anons, but from what I've heard, the process of making tempeh (uses a fungal colony, either from a starter or a older batch of tempeh) breaks down most of the phytoestrogens, proteins and other shit, making them digestible instead of fucking with your body. 
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>1451 >>1453 >>1546
>>1450 (OP) 
I only do yogurt and sourdough bread.
Why does gut bacteria have such shit taste?
Replies: >>1452
I think it's because that when it was first discovered, it was used less as a probiotic and more for food preservation- the probiotic part was just an unseen bonus.
>>1450 (OP) 
>the sourness was offputting and I think these would be better if they were cooked
Doesn't cooking stuff like this kill the bacteria?
Replies: >>1454
I honestly don't know if it matters if any live cultures are killed before they enter your body.

What I do know is that the fermentation process has already done a lot of work for you, making the food more-easily digestable. If you're really concerned about getting live cultures, then I would stick to yogurts, but I honestly don't know how much it matters.
>>1450 (OP) 
theres even been studies that there is a correlation to gut health and the health of your brain. i dont know how to articulate it but something to do with inflammation and depression. i would look into gut-brain barriers if you are interested. here is the first link to a scholarly article that pops up with an internet search https://www.alergicblog.com/images/2008/01/Gut-Brain-barrier-in-major-depression.pdf

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If you anrennt eating protein soup you aren’t getting gainz. If you aren’t getting gainz I got nothing for you. 

Protein soup:
Put milk (protein) in big pot and boil
Add protein powder (chocolate for maximum flavor)
Take cottage cheese and roll in whey until you get spheres
Add spheres to protein soup
Enjoy protein soup
Replies: >>1503
[Hide] (1.5MB, 800x450, 00:14)
>>1498 (OP) 
Where is the oats for the recipe OP?

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