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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

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Let's talk fermented foods.

Sourdough starter for making bread is dead fucking easy - 1 to 1 ratio of water and flour, mix both up, repeat daily to feed it, discard for a while, and then you can cook your starter for whatever you need. just be sure it's in a container that is covered with a paper towel, or napkin, or has some form of ventilated covering.

Yogurt is either dead easy too or can be annoying. Mesophilic yogurt gives you a "whatever you put in is what you get out", and most of the time is very easy to do (needs a ventilated container just like sourdough does too). However, I've tried freezing yogurt a few times, and my villi cubes never came out right. my old filmjolk froze and reconstituted fine. Thermophilic yogurt (my first exposure to yogurt-making) you barely get any fucking yogurt out of it, most of the volume becomes whey, and I'd rather have it be yogurt- You really have to -want- a strain of thermophilic yogurt to make it worth it.

Kefir was a pain in my ass, mostly because the stuff I tried from the store was thickened with pectin, so I never had a good "measure" on what to expect for it. Even then, it seemed like my kefir went really bad in weird ways that I couldn't understand, it would taste off, and sometimes it would be alright and then I miss a day and it's gone weirdly-gross.

Ginger beer was interesting, I ended up making a plain-jane recipe of "just ginger and sugar" but the YT vid that I had sourced from scared me into being paranoid about my bottles exploding. I hadn't had much sugar in the beer at all, turns out that the strain I had cultured was very weak.

Tepache was an interesting thing, but because of my environment (cold climate) I think all I ended up with, was some vaguely-pineapple-tasting sugar water instead of a proper tepache.

Sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables are... Odd. I tried tasting them raw, and though it was a "felt good to eat", the sourness was offputting and I think these would be better if they were cooked. Hell, I might try fermenting some more vegetables, dehydrating them, and some mushrooms to make a veggie powder mix for either soups or other shit.

Lately I've been having an odd fascination with tempeh too, but I'm not sure if I really want to make some. I've been on a bit of a worry, with gas going absolutely apeshit, beef being absolutely atrocious in price, I've been thinking of looking into getting protein that is cheaper. Tempeh is made with soybeans. Soy is annoying at best, and scary at worst for many anons, but from what I've heard, the process of making tempeh (uses a fungal colony, either from a starter or a older batch of tempeh) breaks down most of the phytoestrogens, proteins and other shit, making them digestible instead of fucking with your body. 
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>>1450 (OP) 
I only do yogurt and sourdough bread.
Why does gut bacteria have such shit taste?
Replies: >>1452
I think it's because that when it was first discovered, it was used less as a probiotic and more for food preservation- the probiotic part was just an unseen bonus.
>>1450 (OP) 
>the sourness was offputting and I think these would be better if they were cooked
Doesn't cooking stuff like this kill the bacteria?
Replies: >>1454
I honestly don't know if it matters if any live cultures are killed before they enter your body.

What I do know is that the fermentation process has already done a lot of work for you, making the food more-easily digestable. If you're really concerned about getting live cultures, then I would stick to yogurts, but I honestly don't know how much it matters.

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While fapping very far between and remaining in celibacy.
I'm doing very good (At least compared to previous attempts) at not ejaculating this month and watching no pornography, but I would like some extra tips on how to get rid of these erotic thoughts. What are some techniques that you recommend?
Replies: >>1361 >>1449
find a womyn or some other outlet for your sexual frustration. work on something creative, channel it into your workouts, anything at all. considering how much smut is on imageboards as well it may be smart to stay off of them entirely as well, or browse them with all images hidden. all it takes is a glance of a tit to drive you into a frenzy sometimes.
>>1044 (OP) 
Start meditating and then become acutely aware that you're attaining orgasm to a video of another man's pleasure as opposed to your own.
>>1044 (OP) 
Are you ashamed of your sexuality, OP?

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I'm using Crystal Quest's Fluoride/Multi Cartridge in þeir "Undersink Single Water Filter System" (pic related). Not willing to fork over six hundred bucks to buy a fluoride meter yet, so until þen, I'll just hope it's doing its job. 

/late/ jannies kept deleting my fluorideposts, so I figured I'd bring 'em here. If you don't know þe scoop on fluoride, here's þe gist:

"The Impact of Fluoride on the Developing Brain" by Power of Prevention: 

1. It calcifies your pineal gland, rendering it relatively useless. If you didn't know already, þis is big, because þe pineal gland produces seratonin and melatonin. Seratonin is associated wiþ happiness, but stabilizes overall mood, cognition, learning, memory, and more. Of course, melatonin used to initiate sleep and align wiþ one's circadian rhyþm. Þose who are out of sync wiþ þeir circadian rhyþm (of which I am myself guilty) are much more likely to be unhappy and to experience þe whole range of mental disorders. Þroughout religion and spirituality, þe pineal gland is associated wiþ þe þird eye.

2. As a toxic substance, it harms brain development. Many studies have shown þat children whose water and baby formula was fluoridated as infants had lower IQ's compared to children whose water supply was non-fluoridated. (Some studies found from þe video's description: https://ehp.
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OP here, and I doubt þat þere are autopsy reports on it. A decalcified pineal gland is just better for your mental functioning and intuition.
Anglos stopped using 'eth' after deciding ðat 'eth' was unnecessary wið ðe existence of 'thorn,' while Iceland decided to incorporate 'eth' when ðey hadn't been using it before. Maybe I should try out using 'eth' ðough; Saint Patrick's Day wasn't too long ago.
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OP here... Switching out the fluoride filter I was using before, since it lasted but 5 months (marketed at lasting 9 months) before starting to taste like hose water. Going with https://truthaboutfluoride.com/water-filters-that-remove-fluoride/'s supposedly self-tested recommendation for "Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis System" in regards to a full undersink system, rather than their number one recommendation of a certain pitcher, which wouldn't run quickly enough for my family. It's supposed to last 2000-2500 gallons, or for about a year. I'll update you all if I don't die or otherwise lose this thread by then. Probably would be more useful to you all if I actually personally tested the levels, but that's what others' reviews are for, right?
   Also, an anon I know from a different website provided me with additional angles of fluoride's toxicity. I'll send this thread's link to him; hopefully he'll fill you guys in.
Replies: >>1380
I've heard about that reviewer. Very nice anon, keep us posted

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Having just finished finished a book on the old 5 pound dumbbell system, and beginning to read some of the old literature such as Strength, and How to Obtain It and Muscle Control, I am inspired to create a thread on the old timers. These guys were amazing and made their achievements without steroids or modern supplements.
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sirs... I kneel...
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After a month of training regularly with barbell, stretching and callisthenics 2 to 3 days a week, I am going to give the Light Dumbbell System another go. I didn't feel up to the task of daily training before, but I may be able now, though I am experiencing some bizarre issues with excessive muscle soreness and fatigue. I still feel strong, but it's like my muscular endurance went to shit for no reason. 
Anyway, I am going to try to stick to daily training as outlined in the book for 90 days. I'll probably have to take off a day now and then, but I'll track my progress in the /djt/ thread.
I have added a reverse dumbbell fly to improve rear delt activation, and neck exercises to the routine in the hope of adding 2 inches to my neck, and I am substituting cossack squats for the pistols since I can't seem to manage to not fall over with those yet (I will try to practice them occasionally though). Otherwise the routine is the same as the default recommendations in the book.
I made a guide for myself so I wouldn't forget anything and don't have to mess around with my e-reader while training. The numbers split by a slash signify reps per side (or per angle in the case of calf and toe raises) to keep with the old-fashioned way of representing reps Bolton used.
Replies: >>1282
Neat little summary. I read Sandow's book as well as the ones posted ITT. It's more of the same exercises, but he recommends progressively adding reps until reaching counts similar to Attila's, and restarting with slightly heavier weights.

The "Lost Secret" guy's physique isn't as bulked as most of the strongmen posted ITT, but it is respectable for a man in his 40s. His legs in particular looked underdeveloped compared to Sandow. I suspect training for their shows gave the strongmen the extra push that he was lacking.
Replies: >>1283
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>sandow's regimen
The routine Sandow promoted in his books was specifically intended by him to be used by the British military, which is important to remember. I believe he cut back on lower body exercises because trainees are expected to run every day. Generally I think Sandow's version is inferior to Attilla's.
>bolton's physique
If I remember correctly I think he said he began practising the system in his book at 41 or so, and with only 3 pound weights. He's also a natural ectomorph, doesn't take any supplements and I think it's pretty clear that he under-eats protein if you read between the lines, since he said he didn't adjust his diet at all after beginning the dumbbell routine. I think he'd be 53 now, it would be neat if he did a follow up book, maybe focusing more on Mercurialis since the translation is supposed to be coming along, but maybe the first one didn't do that well.
>wait is this real after all?
Anon there is literally no way why it shouldn't work. You can gain great muscles from body weight training, so why shouldn't you be able to gain great muscles doing similar exercises with additional light dumbbells? 

Your muscles simply react to the stimulus and adapt. Sure you can do that by raising the weights, but you can also do it by simply making the exercise more difficult and thus increase the force that stimulate the muscles.

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How to get abs like this guy.
Replies: >>1333
>>1331 (OP) 
Steak, water, fruits, vitamin b1, d, cod liver oil, mike mentzer technique

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I read that suntanning your asshole has health benefits. Is it true or new age meme bullshit? Anyone try it yet?
Replies: >>1336 >>1364
>>1327 (OP) 
I remember how eating diatomaceous earth (and orange juice) was such a huge "it gives energy" meme among the vegan/fitness/health community for no fucking reason. Some anon tried it out and didn't find anything conclusive,  except speculating that it was the orange juice that gave these people energy because they ate like shit.

I'm getting the same vibe from this. Getting benefits but not for the reasons they think they do.
>>1327 (OP) 
Getting sun on your skin starts the vitamin D production in your body, which makes you happy. If you are a sick city indoor hipster, getting into the sun will improve your health regardless of what part of your body you tan.

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Whats the general consensus on mentzer High intensity training? Most exercise programs are fake and gay. Who can you believe ? 
Hit seems to go counter to most meme training regimen, which comes to me as no surprise.
The cattle do everything in their power to fuck up everything that takes an effort and thought. By studying mentzer i've come to realize how easy somethings can be if you sit down and thing about it.
The metzer system is defined by low volume reps lifting heavy. Big idea right ? Why cant it be that simple?

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I come heh to you with a dire predicament, /fit/. I cannot last long at all with a real woman. It's only a matter of seconds before I climax. Unlike jerking off, even if I slow down the bitch is still squirming. What exercises, physical or mental, can I perform to improve my stamina. I was on nofap until very recently. I also have an onahole as well as a decent DIY fleshlight recipe if that helps. Pic unrelated.
Replies: >>1314
>>1290 (OP) 
I can advise you the following stretches and exercises for sexual awesomeness:

Exercises for sexual competence
Planking, rotisserie rolls, other core-area workouts - this will help you last when on top of her, core stamina is important for missionary or any sex position where you're on top of her.
Squats, lunges - Sex is mostly hips and leg action, with arms as a means of support.
Cardio - For stamina in general.

Stretches for sexual competence
Most of these are yoga poses, so it should help you enough.

Horse Pose, Child's pose, deep squats - Keep that pelvic-floor nice and loose so you can come like a beast.
Cobra pose, king cobra pose, bed-hanging - Keeps your core loose, because missionary.
Bridge pose, downward dog oise, butterfly pose (wall) - keep the legs nice and loose too, they support your hips, which hold your baby-making center.

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>/monster/ has a madlad that made his own 3D-printed molds for silicone onaholes.
most 3d printers use plastic, not silicon. unless you're sure of the material being used it will basically be pic related. posting this because i know some retard is going to try it without thinking.
Replies: >>1316 >>1324
How does meditation work?
I've tried it a few times but I'm never sure of what I'm supposed to do. 
>3D-printed 'molds' for silicone onaholes
Replies: >>1324
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Thank you for the detailed reply, but the problem has resolved itself. I can last far longer than I would ever reasonably want to, and the only thing I changed in my routine was practice. I think it was a 50/50 split between novelty and technique. I find that paradoxically the rougher I go, the longer I last because the best sensation, especially with condoms, is sliding all the way in.
>The keyword is indeed "mold". You print it and -then- you mix/fill the silicone.

>How does meditation work.
It works by basically setting your mind to the equivalent of giving your mind superuser privileges.

You'll know when you -got it- when your mind is in "The Zone". You can achieve this state while moving or in action too, if you get really-involved with something, that's a pretty similar state. The difference is that we're achieving this in a state of relaxation instead of one of action.

Ultimately it matters not if you actually are active or relaxing, what matters is your state of mind.

Also, sorry if this sounds really weird. meditation is one of those things that is easier to get when you experience it. If you find yourself overthinking it, I would suggest you try out inner child work and self-forgiveness first.

Keep in mind. my examples in that list are solely just the surface on what mental work is and can entail. There is a -lot- of information out there on how to help yourself and the ways you can help yourself.

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My high school running career was pretty good. In 2020, my senior year, my sprint game was greatly increased to where I was able to run in the top group. However, the plandemic essentially cancelled track season, and ruined my spirits entirely. The latent soycial distancing grad ceremony did not help.

While I am not out of shape, I am off my A game both mentally and physically.

Any routines or motivators I should look into for hardcore sprint training? I do have access to a track and I do still remember good form and stretches.
I'm more so looking for organization, if that makes sense.
My main goals are simply to set at least a few new PRs.

Regardless, all sprinting and running discussion is welcome.
Replies: >>1320
I don't know jack about sprinting. Never done it before. What would you recommend for someone who just wants try it casually OP? Any tips or good resources?
>>1295 (OP) 
>you will never be able to run from that feel

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In which anons will autistically screech about their masturbation habits. For me, it's been 26 days as of this post, with no nocturnal emissions (that's the challenging part). I used to have a habit of jerking it in controlled routine, once a week just to maintain emotional stability with a modicum of energy. However I have worked on developing a mindset and set of goals that will help manage the energy. Here's what Napoleon Hill has to say about it.
>When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will-power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches
>The transmutation of sex energy calls for the exercise of will-power, to be sure, but the reward is worth the effort. The desire for sexual expression is inborn and natural. The desire cannot, and should not be submerged or eliminated. But it should be given an outlet through forms of expression which enrich the body, mind, and spirit of man. If not given this form of outlet, through transmutation, i
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why do you type like a schizo/boomer
Spoiler File
(22.5KB, 1000x701)
I found a compromise between fapping and being /fit/ and that is life sized lower torso masturbators. The higher end ones can weight  more than 15kg and allow for natural penetration, no death grip ruining your dick. Now you can work out while masturbating and the sore muscles guarantee that one doesn't overdo it.
This Rasputin autism is a completely wrong approach. The point of celibacy is to channel sexual energy into other kinds of development or achievement, not to treat it like some kind of vidya challenge run done for it's own sake.
>>430 (OP) 
You guys should take a look at these vids. keep in mind, the titles are clickbait as shit, but it actually is great stuff. 


If you have trouble with the pacing, play them while you do exploration, building vidya, or drawing, it works great.
Just wanted to update the thread that I now have a gf and have crossed off everything from the KHHV acronym. I thought nofap was total bullshit, but I stuck with it and got results. I'm still extremely bitter about my life, unfortunately. Now to get fit.

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