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Do it for her YOURSELF Edition

Why aren't you running, anon?
I, for one, aren't because I'm a lazy piece of shit and my motivation runs out extremely quickly after the initial sporadic bursts I get from now and then. One thing I noticed is that this lack of motivation comes, at least in part, from the lack of company and the inability to discuss the activity or compare your results with anyone else. 
So I thought of making this thread to encourage anons to pick up running and actually keep at it in hopes that the sense of community with will keep everyone engaged enough not to drop out after the first week day.

I'm absolutely not an expert but, if you're interested in joining and are an absolute beginner I would wholeheartedly recommend the C25K program (pic related #2), I tried it and while progress is slow, it's very easy to follow and you see the first results near immediately, even if you've never done jackshit in your life. IMPORTANT: don't run if you're a tub of lard, you'll just fuck up your joints! Lose some weight first, chubby!

So, from tomorrow morning onwards, I'm going to start my running routine again and I will post updates after every session so we can get the ball rolling and hopefully we can get more people involved and bring more activity to the board! Everyone's welcome!

ITT post:
>updates about your activity
>informative videos and images
>tips, tricks and suggestions of all sorts
>shoes and clothing reccs
>your endurance boosting tunes on your music player
>suggestions on how to improve the thread
>just about anything else that's related and crosses your mind

What are you waiting for, just fucking do it!
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>>32 (OP) 
I'm the kinda of guy who was never intrested in sport and those kind of activites, but one day I decided to fucking DO IT I want to become stronger and faster I was sick of my old self.
At first it was fucking hard, the pain in my chest, the pain in my legs but after finishing a session it felt amazing even after all that pain I have this energy that came out of nowwhere, at that time I decided to take this seriously to do it every day until I get /fit/.
But one of most things that motivated me more is joining a marrathon, at that point I reached a normal level of stamina and one day I saw an AD for a marrathon and again I said to myself "I WANNA DO IT" so I did, my goal was to finish the marrathon before the timelimit it's small goal but that was my first marrathon ever but man what great experience that was ofcourse there was alot of pain but that pain MADE ME STRONGER IT MADE WANT TO CONTINUE.
Few months later I reached a point where my stamina was let's say above average I could run distances that weren't possible for me at all and I reached a point where I no longer get sick easily, but after that came the confinement and I lost quite a bit of stamina I'm trying to rebuild it now and I'm getting there.

Replies: >>42 >>319 >>328
Being a skinny guy I never had a deep issue with running, but most large guys tend to have issues with it. I had the luck of my dad just telling me to run around in my room 40+ minutes at a time and so I did. Been running around in my room twice a week for 50-60 min for the past 12 years and  it incorporates well with weightlifting. (twice a week is not too much, in fact it helps on rest days to recover faster so much so that I have a noticeably harder time recovering without it)

Some of the broscience I notice, that stops most people is:
>but bro you have to run outside
It's better but not mandatory. Many people like me lack a nearby park to run outside and have to run near traffic or in 
crowded/risky neighbourhoods.

>but bro you need a threadmill or some other 700$ plus equipment
This is pure bullshit. Most machines limit your movement options, something that plain running will not do. See those guys trying to act cool running on a high speed threadmill ? They can do the same in a park, but the mere friction of non-slick terrain makes it considerably more complicated. 

>bike machines
Pure trash. Most exclude your hands from the training and do not involve the amount of stuff you actually do on a bike including all the resistance you get from terrain and the upper body involvement normal for a bike. Thus less motion, less development, less calories burned. Pure trash. Never buy these unless you have some specific space requirements.

>cardio kills gains
Too much cardio kills gains. Unless you are doing marathon training regularly - translated into 5-10 hours of running a week you are not doing too much cardio

>why should I do it regularly
<improved blood flow
<faster recovery form other exercises
<endorphins released into your bloodflow literally making you a happier, more joyful person for a while
Specifically the last point is pretty important. Most depressed and grumpy people have no idea how much they are missing out on and how their lives are flat out worse due to their poor moods.

>you are crazy, who would run at home ?
It's so simple, you just run around in your room for a while. You need no more than 2 square meters. It's not as fun as running outside but develops your cardio for that running outside, especially if you are a beginner. Test with different timing, speed etc.

>It's boring
If you are outside it is not. If you are inside just put on some music.

>hurts my legs
Fucking recover and go back to it. Check your shoes, look for good ones. 

>I need alternatives
If you are too fat or have flat feet, swimming is your only way out. But swimming has more details to it and the obvious pool requirements. Do not bitch your way out of it.

>It kills your knees !
Moderate cardio is easier to do and maintain even up to a later age. My father is 62 and still does some cardio even if only for 20-30 min. The key point here is moderate cardio. If you are doing hardcore marathon training(10+ hours weekly) all the time you better be looking into supplementation.
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>>32 (OP) 
>I'm a lazy piece of shit and my motivation runs out extremely quickly after the initial sporadic bursts I get from now and then. One thing I noticed is that this lack of motivation comes, at least in part, from the lack of company and the inability to discuss the activity or compare your results with anyone else
Stop posting my thoughts glowfag.
I kid. Anyway, fuck it, you've inspired me to go out and run right now.
Replies: >>42
Back from my run.
>13:07 minutes
>1.04 miles
It's not as bad as I was expecting.
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Well /fit/ I know I said I would go run in the morning but, unfortunately, it started raining a bit so I figured I...
I went running anyway because what the fuck is a couple of drops of water? Nigger we're made of water, guess what comes out of shower when you're done running? Fucking water. It's not gonna hurt you, so don't fucking make excuses, go out and run.

I started following the C25K again, from week 2 since I'm not a total couch potato anymore but at the same time I never got further than week 4. 1/2 minute run 2 minute walk x3 totaling 26 minutes including the warmup. All in all it was a very manageable run, which is a relief since I thought I'd regressed back to square one.

Damn, anon, you ran a whole fucking marathon? That's some legit achievement, hopefully we can all make it there one day.

<endorphins released into your bloodflow literally making you a happier, more joyful person for a while
>Specifically the last point is pretty important. Most depressed and grumpy people have no idea how much they are missing out on and how their lives are flat out worse due to their poor moods.
This so much, once you start doing it regularly your mood noticeably improves, especially post workout, great feeling.
It fills me with joy that at least one person got inspired to give it a shot. Remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step, and I'd add that the first few steps are always the most difficult so don't you fucking dare quit on me now, anon. As for your results, if you're a complete beginner, congrats, you're already ahead of me and millions of other people, when I first started out with the C25K I was on the verge of puking and collapsing after the first run, so there's that.
>Stop posting my thoughts
I figured many anons felt the same as me, otherwise we wouldn't be posting here.

Really glad to see some contributions to the thread, I'm gonna keep posting regular updates and some tips from my personal experience next time. pics related are what I got looking up "running anime girls" on startpage, try it, you'll get dozens and dozens of these flips
Replies: >>44
>As for your results, if you're a complete beginner, congrats
I'm not exactly a complete beginner because I used to run quite a bit, but it's been about 2 years now since I stopped (and I've gained a lot of weight), so I may as well be, aside from knowing a bit about form etc.
I figure I'll try to get my time down a bit before I add any distance.
That's embarrassing, please don't post your number again unless it's at least above average.
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(6.1MB, 550x352)
I'm going to keep posting terrible numbers and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
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Nigger don't lie to me, you weren't running at all that time. How many times did you stop to walk to reach that number?
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(107.7KB, 185x235)
Dude if I was going to lie about my performance I wouldn't post a 13 minute mile. Also
>on an anonymous board
Your reddit is showing.
Replies: >>61
Of course you are fucking lying, any anon here can go on a one mile run and see for himself. 13 minutes is too damn long, lazy piece of lying shit. No one runs that slow.
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(416KB, 396x550)
Dude, I'm 5'11'' and 270 pounds. I'm fucking fat, but pretty strong from working labor jobs, and my cardio is actually decent because I do 30 to 45 minutes of bagwork 3 times a week. If you eat like a pig you can train and still be fat.
There's a reason I posted Big Country. Pic related is basically me, one inch taller.
Today's results:
>12:24 minutes
>1.01 miles
To help sperg-kun relax, I should also mention that I'm running in the suburbs, in a slightly hilly area, so the up and down also explains my bad times. My app says 53 feet of elevation loss, and 35 feet of elevation gain, but I don't trust that reading since it makes no sense given that I'm just going back and forth along the same route.
Replies: >>85 >>92
>bulked to 340
>deadlifted 6 plates
>feelan godly
>COVID has kept my gym shut down for half a year and counting
I started running 5-6 times per week to do something about my lost gains and now and can do about a mile in 11-12 minutes and just recently reached 2 miles, but I'm still 320lbs and I can feel it in my calves. I don't think I'm going to go back to the gym anytime soon, but I think I prefer bodyweight stuff, so what can I do to lose the weight? I don't want to cut down on my diet, I just want to put more work in.
What are you using to track distance? I just use a stopwatch for time.
Replies: >>90
I'm flat footed, so whenever I run I get pain in the middle of my feet and in my soleus. Any tips to mitigate this?
Replies: >>91 >>95
An app called zeopoxa running. It works offline and doesn't require you to register a profile, which is the main reason I use it, but aside from the dubious elevation readings it seems pretty solid anyway. There are some neat goal tracking features and other bells and whistles.
I might post some screenshots after every 5 runs, since I don't want to have to hook my phone up to the PC all the time.
Replies: >>95
I was looking into to this before because one of my parents has a really bad flat foot, though I have very arched feet myself. I don't think it's easy to fix, but you might want to look into Chong Xie's "hyperarch" training. That seems to be the best chance of fixing flat feet. Unfortunately he's very profit oriented, aside from a decent amount of material on youtube, everything directly related to how to actually make a "hyperarch" is behind a paywall or in a book. So you'll probably be looking for a torrent if you're not willing to buy a book.
Replies: >>95
My gps fucked off for some reason today, so I don't have an exact distance, but it's the same route.
Time was
I kept my pace steady instead going all over the place which I think helped shave a little more time off.
I'm going to just keep running a little every day until I feel like I need a day off. If I pushed myself I could go farther or faster but I'd need to rest. I would rather run 1 mile five times a week than 3 miles once a week.
Replies: >>95 >>160
(54.5KB, 600x373)
Just got back from my own session week 2 - day 2. I found it significantly easier than day 1, especially my recovery times which I noticed have gotten quite a bit quicker. Again, the weather was awfully niggery looking but that wouldn't discourage any man.

I'm flat footed myself but it's probably not as bad, my legs are kinda bent inwards because of it but I can run just fine. My best advice would be asking someone who knows his shit, aka an orthopedic doctor.

That's some pretty fast improvement right there.
>I'm going to just keep running a little every day until I feel like I need a day off.
As long as you don't overdo it and injure yourself.
>I would rather run 1 mile five times a week than 3 miles once a week.
Easily agreeable line of thinking, consistency first.
Also, I tried the app you recommended, it seemed to work fine initially but at about the 4 minute mark it just stopped tracking and when I was done with my run, there was no activity record at all. I think it might've been related to the wifi, because I think it was around then I switched to mobile data and maybe that fucked with it.

And now for some advice aimed at any lurkers reading this thread and are still on the edge on whether to start or not.
As I've said
>the journey of a thousand miles begins with the single step
That one single step is probably THE hardest of the entire journey. Personally speaking just getting my ass out of bed at 5 AM, when the sun hadn't risen yet, during a cold ass winter morning was like a battle of good and evil that played inside my head. Picture the stereotypical scene of the little angel and little devil on your shoulders bickering; one makes alluring and convincing arguments like
>dude it's fucking cold as balls outside are you crazy? Just like go during spring or summer
>isn't the bed cozy, why would you ever want to leave it?
>you haven't rested properly, you're not at your top, you should try another day, or week, or month, or year, or life instead
>you're gonna quit anyway, why bother in the first place?
>think of all the shit it involves, you have to get dressed, then sweat, then shower, change clothes, etc.  it's such a hassle, and that's without taking into account the whole getting tired as fuck part
meanwhile the other is more like le funny meme fake hobo he wil not divide us XDD "do it" man 
The first time I decided to try, I set an alarm at 5:30 AM. By 5:45 AM I was still in bed, wide awake, debating myself; you have no idea how many times I was on the verge of getting out and then retreating back into my warm shell, until, at last, I went "fuck it" and fucking threw my blanket in the air across the room and jumped out of bed like a madman. That's the first step: defeating your own mentally ingrained laziness.
>ok. so I got out of bed and I still don't feel like doing shit and the laziness demon is still on my shoulder, what do I do?
Easy, now you just trick him and yourself both following this step by step guide
>tell yourself the following
>"well my sleep is ruined, the sun is gonna rise soon and there's no way I'll get any more rest, I went through all the trouble of getting up, might as well get dressed"
>get dressed
>tell yourself the following
>"well I went through all the trouble of getting dressed, undressing again would be silly, might as well go out"
>get out and close the door
>tell yourself the following
>"well shit, I'm already outside, what the fuck am I gonna do, go back in after I've gotten this far? I guess I might as well give it a shot"
>run badly
>feel like crap during the whole session
>want to die
>finally get done
>"holy fuck that was horrible I'm never doing it again"
>see step 1
>rinse and repeat

After the first week or so, you get used to it, and not only does it become easier every time, but what's going on? You're almost starting to enjoy it, no, you DO start enjoying it, in fact you start craving the high that you get from it, and then all you have to do is keep at it without making excuses. If that wasn't enough you have anons cheering on you, you wouldn't let them down would you? Now go and take that first step.
Replies: >>102 >>126
>"holy fuck that was horrible I'm never doing it again"
>next day
>"lol jk let's run"
Muscle soreness and fatigue hit me pretty hard today, but I managed to push hard enough to match yesterday's pace.
>0.99 miles
I can manage another run if I do it before my other exercise (I worked on the punching bag before running).
As for app, it's okay. Like your problem, mine isn't showing activity for yesterday. I like the "achievements" and record keeping aspect but if it fucks up on me again I'll just use a watch.
Replies: >>161
too hot outside where I live, I'd rather be swimming. It sucks living in south It was 92 yesterday. It is hot and miserable and hate my job but I took time off in November  hopefully I could go somewhere a little cooler.
t. work minimum wage living with his parents
Replies: >>162
>>32 (OP) 
>Go running
>Get patellofemoral syndrome so bad I can barely walk for two weeks
I'll stick to brisk walking and lifting. thanks.
Replies: >>157 >>158
How much do you weigh, and are you heel striking? If you weigh less than me prepare to be bullied.
Replies: >>164
(3.2MB, 410x260)
I think I may have ran my first mile in under 10 minutes. I'm still hovering at around 320lbs., but I have noticed my pants have gone loose on my hips and tight on my thighs. My ultimate goal is to do a 5k at least once per week.

I've had no long-lasting pain and I don't stretch either because I'm a dumbass, so it sounds like you're doing something wrong unless you're heavier than me.
Replies: >>160 >>162
Is this the W I D E running club?
App fucked up again, recording time but nothing else. Time to switch to a watch.
Time to take a rest. I'll probably run Monday or Tuesday again.
5 miles on week 1 isn't bad. I'm happy with my results, but I definitely need to get under 10 minutes.
Replies: >>161 >>162 >>213
(269.6KB, 1280x960)
Wrong post. I'm trying to keep it so I can click back through my run times as the thread goes and I've fucked up twice already.
(2.7MB, 640x368, 00:39)
w2 - d3: came back 30 minutes ago, again it was noticeably easier than last time, both on my legs and my breathing, however I've noticed some mild pain on my right hip. For some reason my right side seems to wear out faster than my left, I don't know why exactly, could be related to my flat feet or asymmetrical leg length.
On a different note, holy shit, has the weather changed. I ran in a T and sweat like crazy last time; today I had to wear a long sleeved thermal shirt because of how chilly it was. 

Speaking of which, what does /fit/ wear when running? I go with bare essentials unless it's cold as balls.

>too hot outside
Even at night or early morning?
>I think I may have ran my first mile in under 10 minutes
Sick, I'm hoping to join the 1 mile in 3 weeks from now
>I'm still hovering at around 320lbs
What in the hell, how the fuck are you doing this?
>Is this the W I D E running club?
Cleary we must've overlooked the power of the girth, perhaps being round in shape makes you more aerodynamic.
>App fucked up again, recording time but nothing else. Time to switch to a watch.
Same but I think I fiugred out the issue at least on my end: power saving settings are shutting the app when it runs in the background, I thought I had disabled them since I follow the guide on their website but I guess I did it wrong.
Replies: >>166 >>174 >>179
167 lbs
knees weak
arms are heavy
vomit on sweater already
Replies: >>169
>What in the hell, how the fuck are you doing this?
I'm a foot taller than an average man. I'm still too fat, but I'm just naturally stronger.
(24.9KB, 250x201)
>running in a sweater
>having any kind of pain at 167 lbs
Did you try to run a marathon for your first run? I'm honestly kind of stumped.
I currently have 104 pounds on you, ran a mile a day for five days, and the only thing I have even approaching pain is mild DOMS in my calves. I'm not trying to brag, I just don't understand how this is possible.
(154.3KB, 1736x1439)
Since no one itt mentioned it, do you run on your toes like the cap attached suggests?
 I am pretty out of shape and want to start running again, I will start tomorrow morning, probably.
Replies: >>174 >>175
(36.2KB, 676x380)
Basically. I keep my ankle basically locked in place as if I was pic related, and sort of spring off it.
>Speaking of which, what does /fit/ wear when running?
Cheap ass watershoes from walmart. Basically the best running shoes you can buy if you don't want to go over 200+ dollars.
Replies: >>175
(77.7KB, 407x595)
Excellent informative cap, I recommend watching this video for more context, visualizing what it means to run on your toes.
It's kinda long but the guy explains it in decent detail and gives you some tips on how to do it.

>best running shoes you can buy if you don't want to go over 200+ dollars.
I got a pair of basic ass Asics for 60 bucks and they're pretty all right.
Replies: >>176 >>177
(74.6KB, 638x479)
(215.9KB, 947x437)
Double posting because on second thought I could've posted more information about the subject matter. The guy in the video is teaching you how to run following the "Running Pose" method, which is some Ruskie teachings regarding form in sports such as running. It is recommended and taught everywhere because it is more efficient, helps preventing injuries, slows down wear, and makes you go FASTER. Among the benefits
>less strain on joints and feet
>less energy wasted by not planting your whole foot on the ground
>more forwards momentum kept as a result
Have a look at Bolt's sprint technique and check out the near perfect form that he holds
his heels never touch the ground and it looks as if he's barely touching it at all with his balls and toes.
This other video explains a bit more in depth and highlights the steps he goes through
Replies: >>177 >>202
(232.1KB, 500x335)
I won't run in anything that has a heel on it, even a small one. That pretty much leaves me with either pic related or $200 Vibrams. 
Russians always seem to have a better understanding of biomechanical efficiency. Just look at how they carry their rifles when on patrol, Systema tumbling, etcetera.
I run barefoot.
(23.3KB, 270x360)
Fuck off, I'm using this thread as my training journal/run log. 
>posts 95 and 162
<shut up
>op can't comment on his own thread
Kill yourself you pathetic, autistic little worm.
Replies: >>191 >>217
Then write your log in your own journal, attention whore.
>op cant comment on his own thread
That's the op guy? He sucks fucking ass at running and dares to make a thread about it?
Replies: >>195
Someone's gotta make the running thread, dickweed.
Replies: >>196
Better nothing than to have some clueless dickweed jerking each other off over muh motivation. Plenty of people here are plenty fit enough to make a running thread, but certainly not you.
Replies: >>199
(977.6KB, 229x176)
>he doesn't know /fit/ has always been mostly fat guys
I ran a mile again today, timed this time, to confirm if I can run a mile in under 10 minutes. I came in at 11 minutes on the dot, but I know the distance I ran is at least 500 feet more than a mile. I'm going to a track this weekend to see if I am capable. Tomorrow, I'm going to give 5km a go. It will be slow and painful, but I think I can get pretty close to it.

Is this good for sprinting only? I tried doing this in a jog and found it a challenge to maintain. Then again, my shoes aren't true running shoes and have a thicker sole so I was lifting my heel up a lot more.
Replies: >>216 >>217
>1 mile
I thought I would dial up the effort a bit today.
Replies: >>217 >>222 >>260
>Is this good for sprinting only?
No, marathon runners like that kenyan nigger who ran the whole marathon in under 2 hours use that form too. That said it is also true there were a few heel strikers who got in the first 30, still outnumbered by the majority of forefoot strikers using the pose method.
>I tried doing this in a jog and found it a challenge to maintain.
It is until you get muscle memory, you're basically rewiring your body to use a different motion.
>my shoes aren't true running shoes
Get proper ones then, don't fuck up your feet like I probably did.
Replies: >>218
(186.2KB, 750x600)
I skipped my training this morning because I felt like if I didn't I'd injure myself. The pain in my right hip hadn't subsided yet and the same day my right foot also started hurting while walking normally. However, I really only postponed it to give my legs a couple extra hours of rest and then ended up running inside like anon here suggested >>35.
It was a bit cramped and running in circles wasn't quite optimal but, indeed ran, w3 - d1. From week 3 you're meant to basically do two reps in one while running the same amount of time from w2 overall.
I recall the first time I did it a a couple years back the 3 minutes segments were absolutely brutal, this time I had little to no trouble, in fact I'm starting to think I might somehow a bit ahead compared to the program but I'm gonna stick to it anyway. I was heel striking back then, perhaps that impacted my performance a lot more than one would think and perhaps the pose method has made me more nimble and faster.

No need to get heated, anon. The other anon there, is clearly trying reverse psychology. What he really meant is: don't give up, run like hell and get to the top because he believes in you. Hopefully, he has some forbidden knowledge to share with us beginners.
>Tomorrow, I'm going to give 5km a go. It will be slow and painful, but I think I can get pretty close to it.
Good luck with that, it's my target too.
How do you guys run every single day? Running every other day when I'm not going to the gym is already tiring enough for me, I couldn't imagine doing it daily.
Replies: >>219 >>221 >>242
Didn't get to 5km, but I did get pretty close. I'm not sure if I did 2.7 miles or 3 miles, but I know it was one of the two, likely the former. I did it in about 27 minutes and this was after what I think was about six weeks of training. I slowed down considerably after a mile to where it may as well have been doing a brisk walk in my second to last lap, but once I caught myself I managed to run the last one. Legs were extremely numb. I've done five or six weeks of training. Clocking in at 317lbs.

>No, marathon runners like that kenyan nigger who ran the whole marathon in under 2 hours use that form too
Wow, when was that record broken? That's extremely impressive.
Replies: >>220
>How do you guys run every single day? 
I used to run three times per week, but when I picked it up again I started to do every day since my gym is still closed. It's become habitual. I feel weird if I don't do it. Your recovery will improve if you get rest, but some days you just have to get out there and force yourself even if you feel like shit. I don't run every day though. I give myself a day or maybe two each week.
Replies: >>221 >>228
(607.5KB, 1366x2048)
>The Ineos 1:59 Challenge was a successful 2019 attempt by Kenyan athlete Eliud Kipchoge to break the two-hour mark for running the marathon distance. 
>Kipchoge completed the challenge with an official time of 1:59:40.2
 source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ineos_1:59_Challenge

Granted, it wasn't an actual marathon but rather marathon distance event created specifically for him to break the record, still under 2 hours.
Replies: >>221
>How do you guys run every single day
I'm not. Just shooting for 5 days a week like >>219
If you ever want to red pill someone on the reality of eugenics, ask them to explain why American and Caribbean blacks dominate anaerobic running events, while continental Africans dominate aerobic running events. 
Regarding running form, the reason some heel strikers can compete at an elite level in marathons is because stride length has to increase dramatically. It becomes as much about swinging and thrusting your legs forward as pushing off the ground. This change tends to push one back towards a heel striking form due to the angle of one's leg and foot. Watching elite runners (including Kipchoge) you will see their knees come up very high as they run before thrusting their foot out, almost as if they were kicking.
>1 mile
Taking it easy today, I have a tooth ache. Just wanted to get it done.
Replies: >>228 >>255
(66.3KB, 800x450)
w3 - d2; The laziness demon almost got me this morning, I spent like 10 minutes in bed before actually getting up, but again, after that everything was mostly automatic and downhill. Relatively downhill at least, for some reason the run felt harder than the last; still, I managed to complete it. The pain in my hip seemed to have gotten better 2 days ago but then it came back with a vengence. I replaced the elliptical for the exercise bike at the gym to avoid putting more strain on it and that seemed to help a bit.

I also managed to get that Zeopoxa app to work so for the first time, I finally know the distance I traveled
>2,8 Km
>9:27 min/Km
That's including the 10 minutes of warmup and cooldown. All in all I gotta say I'm reasonably satisfied. Still far from the 5K goal and sub 10 min/mile but slowly getting there.

I started to do every day since my gym is still closed.
I guess that's reasonable, I still go to the gym and do cardio each time as well
You tried forefoot running yet? I'm somewhat starting to get more used to it now that I'm kinda getting the hang of how to use my muscles.
Replies: >>241
I did the 5km run in a little over 30 minutes. Breathing was fine, but my legs feel like lead about two miles into it. Not sure of the exact time. I realized I calculated distance incorrectly and discovered that my mile is actually well under ten minutes, hell maybe under nine. I'm going to get a proper measurement.

What kind of injuries can I expect and how do I prevent them? I've heard of shin splints, but I'm not familiar with sport injuries so I don't really know anything about them.
Replies: >>242
I started checking it, and I realized that the distance I’ve been running is closer to two miles. At my fastest, my mile be as low or even slightly lower than 8:20. I’m going to try for a sub-8 mile tomorrow now that I know I can pick up the pace.
>You tried forefoot running yet
Yeah, I've never done any heel striking in my running. To me it just seems like common sense. 
I have a theory that people who have been heavyset/fat since they were young naturally tend to have a more efficient running stride. I noticed that people who only got fat in middle age tend to have really heavy, loud footfalls, whereas those like myself who have always been overweight tend to be much quieter and have soft footfalls.
(72.3KB, 450x450)
(140.5KB, 885x560)
w3 - d3; mostly the same as the last run, was at my limit near the final stretch. I wonder why the first time I tried week 3's training >>217 it felt much lighter. Perhaps it's tied to the fact I'm not sleeping well enough, or maybe it's because I was indoors and going at a slower pace due to the limited space I had.
>2,69 Km
>8:58 min/Km
Despite losing 110 m in distance, it seems like I've upped my pace a bit this time, perhaps that's the real reason I felt it more.
>What kind of injuries can I expect
>horrible, excruciating pains on your inner soles that will prevent you from even setting a foot on the ground, pic related
>Inflammation of your hip muscles
>fucked up calves (and possibly your knee, hands and face) if you happen to place your foot wrong
And then the usual generic shit like the runner's knee.
>how do I prevent them?
No doctor here but stretching a bit before runs helped me to prevent fucking up my calves, as for the rest
>using not worn out, neutral angled shoes without too much cushioning
>good form and forefoot striking
>running on flat terrain free of obstacles
>resting when you feel your body is asking you to
Go a long way in preventing a lot of those.
Never been into running and I'm thinking about getting into it. Will I die if I run in boots? I play dance dance revolution with boots and when I started doing that it only sucked for like a week before it got significantly better. I'm wondering how shit running would be in comparison.
Replies: >>246 >>247
Why would you want to run in boots? 
If you're so poor that you can't afford a pair of shoes, nigger-rig some rubber from a car tire with rope to make those sandals that that famous Mexican running tribe uses. 
If you're trying to do some DBZ style ankle weight training, first of all, don't, second use actual ankle weights. Or just run faster. 
If you want to run home from work, just throw some shoes in a backpack and swap your boots out at the end of the day.
Boots make it virtually impossible to use proper form. You could do it a little, but long term you're just asking for injury.
Replies: >>247 >>254 >>255
(71.5KB, 800x533)
(27.8KB, 390x280)
(39.3KB, 720x720)
(52.2KB, 720x720)
Fucking w4 - d1; well, /fit/ this is where past me called quits like a little bitch. Not this time around. I cleared the first session of 4th week, the 5 minutes segments were brutal but I ran both. So yeah, that's one small goal to scratch off my list.
>3,72 Km
>8:54 min/Km
My cadence has indeed improved, the minutes per Km are actually a bit skewed and should be lower since I fucked with my keys on my front door for well over a minute and forgot to stop the clock on the app. 

And you, anon, what are you waiting for? This could be you in J U S T three weeks from now. I'm not even that far in, and if you were just an inch less of a lazy piece of shit such as myself, you'd probably be able to catch up and overtake me.

I think I avoided getting mugged. About 300 feet or so from my place I see this guy in a red hoodie running in my direction down a road perpendicular to mine which I was crossing, he stops running about 100 feet from me and starts walking, turning towards the same direction I was going. He was about 40-50 feet away so I quicken up my pace and keep glancing behind to signal him I know he's there. Then another person came walking from the opposite direction, he turned his heels and he went back from where he came from.

>Never been into running and I'm thinking about getting into it
Fucking do it.
>Will I die if I run in boots?
You're just asking for a lot of unnecessary pain really, and possibly developing bad habits as the other anon points out.
>I play dance dance revolution with boots
I never played DDR but I somehow doubt that has the same impact on your legs that running does.
>Why would you want to run in boots? 
I certainly wouldn't ever recommend it myself, but they do it in the army, don't they?

What do /fit/izens listen to while running? For me it's the same stuff I listen to normally, so metal and such, mostly stuff with a higher BPM so I can keep the rhythm.
You should have bought some knives or maybe a short baseball bat in your running backpack anon. Prepare for combat anytime since you're running in the middle of nowhere at night. Bat is the better weapon though.
Replies: >>249
Either that or stop bringing my phone, I don't know how I'd fare in a fight.
>Why would you want to run in boots? 
It's what I wear in my day to day. I figured that if I learn proper form while running in them it would be more useful than learning proper form with shoes I never wear. Plus, boots are also really comfy. You're probably right though.
>I never played DDR but I somehow doubt that has the same impact on your legs that running does.
You're probably right. It's the only physical activity I do that's comparable hence why I brought it up.
>but they do it in the army, don't they?
To be fair, the army is kinda retarded, at least when it comes to weight lifting from what I've heard, so who knows if anything they do is proper.
Replies: >>255
Missed 4 days last week, but in my defence I had a nasty tooth ache, migraines and generally felt tired as shit. Today was
>1 mile
Main priority is getting under 10 minutes. I'll add distance as soon as I break through.
>listening to music
>almost getting mugged
I listen to music when I'm running, but only because I live in an area that's just old retired White people and super rich Chinese so the risk is negligible. I'm probably one of the only people on the block that isn't a millionaire.
Actually, from a self-defence point of view it kind of makes sense to get used to running and moving in your everyday wear, which is similar to why the army has you run in boots, it's what you'll be wearing anyway, and you need to be used to moving around in a hurry with that gear. I wasn't trying to shit on you for asking. 
That said it will be bad for you long term.
Replies: >>256 >>260 >>282
(17KB, 500x388)

Fuck me. Meant to reply to >>247 instead of >246
So I can easily do a sub-9 minute mile. I've been cutting down on my portions and sugars because I want to lose some weight. Ideally, I want to get to about 280lbs. at least. Lowest I've gone is 290, so I know I can do it. Currently at 315, which is 5lbs less than a week ago.

>What do /fit/izens listen to while running? 
Nothing or classical.
Replies: >>260
(728.1KB, 1000x636)
w4 - d2; mixed feels about this run. The app shows I slogged through it, slower on average, slower max speed, and even traveled less distance, at the same time recovery felt a bit quicker and I'm happy I got this far  at all without missing a day or quitting.
>3,67 Km
>9:01 min/Km
The reason I'm not too satisfied with the results is that by the time I was done, which was 26:30 minutes in, I was at barely 3,2 Km, the next ,47 Km were walking home since I took a different route. Also I should probably go earlier, too many cars and people for my taste.

What was your fastest mile, >>213 11:04? I wish that app marked some checkpoints regularly during the run so you know how fast you run certain distances.
>almost getting mugged
Really, just speculation and me being paranoid but that the guy was running towards me and stopped when he got close, then turned in my direction entering the same road I live on and he was certainly nobody I'd seen before, finally, why would he turn back as soon as another person appeared?
>Actually, from a self-defence point of view it kind of makes sense to get used to running and moving in your everyday wear,
It does, but I reckon one would rather ease into it starting with light clothing that's more fit to run and then once you're comfortable and built up some endurance you can turn the dial up and begin the Goku shit.
>So I can easily do a sub-9 minute mile.
>Currently at 315
>tfw fucking Yogi the bear can run further and faster than you
But I'll catch up eventually, both in speed and girth, you fat fuck, just you watch.
>Nothing or classical.
I like classical music myself but I can't imagine listening to that while running, to each his own I suppose.
Replies: >>282 >>392
(42.9KB, 500x381)
w4 - d3; satisfied about this  session; new best for average speed, new best for distance and new best for cadence. It definitely felt a small notch easier than d2.
>3,82 Km
>08:38 min/Km
And with this, week 4 is clear, now for the dreaded week 5 which concerns me quite a bit, the last day in particular, but that's a problem future me will have to deal with.

Question time:
>when do you run?
For me it's always early morning, no people and near to no cars resulting in cleaner air and soothing silence broken only my steps.
>do you eat before or after your runs? If so what?
I usually eat after my runs, lest I barf it all up, mostly cereal or a sammy or two accompanied by a large cup of whole milk. However, I read some people have a light meal one hour or two before their training so I decided to give it a go, woke up earlier and ate a PB sammy. Though I don't know if it helped or not with my times, I certainly didn't end up puking which is excellent.
Replies: >>282
(1.6MB, 640x800, 00:26)
>1 mile
Need to run more.
11:04 is my current best time, yes. 
It's best not to doubt one's intuition about such things as potential attacks. A few years back, I saw a dude who was giving off sketchy vibes, right away you could tell something was wrong. He ends up walking behind me, and so I start giving him the run around, going into stores, looping around buildings and generally being pretty cagey. He kept on my trail though and I couldn't lose him until I got on a bus, waited for him to sit down, then jumped off just before the bus left. I was wearing steel toes so I would have vaporised a few of his ribs and maybe his kneecaps, but I didn't feel like getting slashed with a rusty shiv for the trouble.
>when do you run and eat
I tend to be sluggish early and get more energy as they day goes on, so it's usually in the pm. As for eating, I usually eat some scrambled eggs and a grilled cheese sandwich or something like that before hand. I always wait 2 hours after I've eaten to run though.
Replies: >>300
(2.9MB, 240x180)
>1 mile
>still not under 10 minutes
Replies: >>303 >>319
(219.8KB, 598x564)
I bet I'll overtake you soon.
Replies: >>304 >>307
Nigger middle school kids here are forced to run 1 miles under 7 minutes. You're pathetic and will never get good at distance running.
Replies: >>307 >>325
(2MB, 300x380)
>8.38 minutes per km
>works out to 13.48 minutes per mile
I might give the track near my house a go. A flat run could be nice, I've been running a hilly route. 1 lap is exactly one third of a kilometre, so I would do 5 laps.
>middle school kids here are forced to run 1 miles under 7 minutes
Fucking where? Kenya? Nigeria? I've never even heard of middle school kids being made to make any time at all, let alone a pretty good time like a 7 minute mile.
Replies: >>316 >>325
Replies: >>319
(162KB, 685x1023)
>1 km
Went to the track, did three laps instead of five because I felt like I was going to die. I also started doing weights and callisthenics in the last couple days. 
That explains a lot actually. Was >>33 or >>35 you? Just curious if you've posted about your own runs at all.
Fuck no I'm not the kind of idiot to diarrhea that fucking wall of cringe text. I'm a fat fuck piece of shit but I'm still close to 7 min right now.
Replies: >>334
How do you deal with dogs? I got chased by them a few times and still have PTSD due to having to take rabies vaccine before.
Replies: >>325
(351.1KB, 500x246)
w5 - d1; good run. I definitely felt some improvement. The 5 minute segments weren't as tough as they were before, I still had some juice in me after each but I stuck to the program. In the end, I wasn't all that drained so I did a bit of a sprint home for about minute, and clocked at 15 Km/h.
>3,91 Km
>8:27 min/Km
Now w5-d2 doesn't look that scary anymore, but w5-d3 sure does, I don't know if I'll manage.

If you managed 1 Km in 6:10 you should be able to do 1 mile in 9:15 assuming you keep the pace.
Just you wait faggot, I'm not pussying out yet and I'm catching up quick, soon I'll leave that flabby belly of yours in the dust.
>Nigger middle school kids here are forced to run 1 miles under 7 minutes.
I was 10 years old all along and thus my results are great.
>You're pathetic and will never get good at distance running.
Don't mind if I do.
>How do you deal with dogs?
You don't? Just go where or when there aren't any around. I used to get chased by dogs while riding my bike but they couldn't keep up, it was hilarious. Besides most dogs are just show, they'll run after you and bark but do nothing until you're get out from their perceived territory.
Replies: >>334
This >>33 was me, I don't post result because I mostly run in the gym now.
Maybe I should go back to running in the park.
Replies: >>334
(146.5KB, 537x1038)
Where's the other widebro at? You still lurking around?
>2 km
Track again, I'll probably return to the old route for the next couple runs. Going to start adding distance now.
I think I'll probably catch up to you by mid December. 
I'm interested to see your "real" pace without walking so don't bitch out on day 3. Ganbatte
You're lucky you have a gym at all right now.
Replies: >>339 >>342
So I can run a 5k without too much discomfort now, so I’m quite happy. My breathing has been a lot better and my feet are no longer numb. I have to improve my pace because I think I do it in just over 30 minutes, but I can do a single mile in close to eight minutes. I’ve adjusted my portions of my diet because I’m 314lbs., but I’m losing weight quickly. I think my ideal weight is something like 250-260 so I’ll aim for that.
Replies: >>342
>1 mile
Suburban. resting from running until next week.
Replies: >>342 >>352 >>372
Phoneposting now so my ID changed, but I ran another 5k today in 33 minutes. I realize my form is much worse when I run while listening to music, so I’ll stop doing that. I don’t know if I’ll do that distance again tomorrow, but my body is definitely adapting to it so I can do it regularly.
Replies: >>342
(1017.3KB, 435x250)
(290.9KB, 750x366)
w5 - d2;  Weather was shit. It was windy as fuck and the wind seemed to hate me because it kept blowing in the opposite direction I was running, in spite of the fact I kept changing said direction. It was also raining intermittently, I got home all wet again. In the end, none of it mattered, I managed to complete the run adding a little extra at the end because I felt like it.
I should mention I wasn't too worried about today, the 5 minute rest segment was a major game changer, I did feel some burning in my lungs during the last stretch of the 8 minute segment though, something that hasn't happened since I tried the c25k as a total slob years ago.
>3,94 Km
>7:52 min/Km
So the distance is still the same but my pace was half a minute faster. At this point, every run is a new best. Sweating profusely thinking about w5-d3.
>I'm interested to see your "real" pace without walking
Well I checked time and distance after the first 8 minute segment just for you
>1,71 Km
That is including the 5 minute warmup brisk walking, it's not exactly accurate because I forgot to start the app some 20 seconds or so into the warmup so give or take 20 seconds and maybe 80 m. So that would make it about a mile in 13 or so minutes, walk included. That is to say: watch out, chubby, I'm on your heels!
>so don't bitch out on day 3. Ganbatte
Second pic related.
>5k in just over 30 minutes
Good shit man, good luck with the diet.
>I realize my form is much worse when I run while listening to music
Why tho? Does it really distract you that much from keeping form? It barely manages to distract me from the pain in my legs.
(8.1MB, 640x368, 04:19)
(2.1MB, 1280x720, 00:32)
w5 - d3; honestly didn't think that I could make it the full 21 minutes without ever stopping. Adding a whole 13 extra minutes, remembering how tough it was to even run 5 or even 8 in the past, seemed insane, but here I am, having run the whole thing and set a new personal best, and possibly defeating chubs >>339 here too.
>4,12 Km
>7:29 min/Km
While I'm not impressed by the numbers, being in fact somewhat disappointed having seen that skipping a whole 5 minutes of walking didn't improve them by a huge margin, I am indeed happy that I've proven to myself I have at least the endurance to do 21 minutes of running, without pussying out in near a month. Moving on to week 6; totally not concerned about the first two sessions, only slightly about the third.
I can confirm vouching for the C25K program but only up until w5 - d2. The spike on d3 seems a bit extreme and I'd fully understand if some people would want to gradually increase up to it. Adding to that after w6 it becomes "lol just go out and run" which is something anyone can do without any particular program telling them to do so.

And now again, addressing any lurkers:
as you clearly evidenced, just through sheer force of will, inertia and stubborness, my times have been consistently getting better. I won't hide the fact that, when I started, I had barely any confidence and reasonably low expectations, yet, just 4 weeks later, less than 900 m shy of a 5K, after doing near zero physical activity for years, here I am.

I won't lie to you by telling you it's easy, because it is not. You will want to stay home and skip training, you will want to quit every step of the way and you will feel awful during your runs, but you've got to trick yourself and just fucking endure it like a champ. None of this is to brag, since I've still a long way to go, all I mean is that, if there's anything to be learned from the my guinea pig results, is that you can do it: get out there take that first step and fucking do it.
Replies: >>353 >>354
(28.9KB, 329x375)
Should review my posts before posting lest I get called a retard ape.
>as you clearly evidenced
>as clearly evidenced
Shut the fuck up.
Replies: >>356 >>374
(21.1KB, 500x460)
OP is demonstrating the efficacy of a guide to running that's being floating around /fit/ for years, that no one ever actually uses, explicitly designed for those who are so bad at running they have to walk to start out. C25K was designed for someone like OP in mind. Now he's actually following the guide and you are mad. Why?
>he talks too much
Isn't a valid reason, because that's the entire purpose of /fit/.
Replies: >>357
If only that is the case. However over here we have half the shit is retarded social media tier pep talk motivation garbage, another 1/4 about how badass he is being able to accomplish some beginner milestone and the rest is some basic bitch tips he got from watching youtube video. Feel free to post pr with an ego, but at least be good at it. You sound no different from those normalfags I see everyday in the gym. Be humble or kill yourself. Be concise about what you wrote, no one cares about how amazing you are. If you feel what you just wrote is useless and egotistical, delete it immediately.
Replies: >>358 >>374
Your reasoning is unsound. No one who is actually competent at running needs to use this thread or any like it. It is for the running sinner, not the running saint. Regarding ego, I don't think anyone is under any delusions regarding their capabilities. I got passed while running by someone probably twice my age a while back, but what does it matter to me? Beginners compete with other beginners. For example, there's no reason a 40 year old guy who joins a boxing club and trains twice a week shouldn't be competitive with others in the same skill and fitness bracket, it doesn't mean he thinks he's a world class fighter. If you want a society without ego just look at any primitive hunter-gatherer society. Anyone that sticks their neck out or tries to move upward gets punished by the tribe, so they get stuck in a prehistoric rut. Incidentally this is exactly the kind of anti-upstart primate behaviour you are showcasing.
Replies: >>359
Are you retarded? All I said is that you should shut the fuck up and do more. Why on earth are you bringing up communist cave men? Fuck you.
Replies: >>360 >>374
(51.7KB, 510x370)
You were rambling about ego and humility because people talking normally about /fit/ness goals and results triggers your autistic cultural baggage. Act like a communist caveman and don't be surprised when you get called out for it. If everyone had the same posting ethos as you this would be a dead board, you've contributed nothing but contrarian shitposts ITT, by your own admission.
God you are all fags. Anyways, I did a 5k today in 30 minutes. I’m down 10lbs at 310. I think by next week I can lose another ten. The numbness in my legs I would get from that distance is completely gone and my pace is almost consistent. I’ll try running 4 miles by the end of next week. My next goal is to run a 10k by the end of November.
Replies: >>374
(933.9KB, 500x281)
>1 mile
I took a break but I don't feel recovered at all. I've also gained 7 pounds since I started running.
Replies: >>374 >>378
(175.3KB, 840x550)
w6 - d1; thought it was gonna be easier after w5-d3 but it was still quite tiring due to a number of reasons such as not being able to get any sleep and doing leg day at the gym after a long, long break. I tried upping my pace a bit, which was very manageable through the first 5 minute segment and half of the 8 minute one but then I started to feel it and had to slow down.
>4,12 Km
>7:48 min/Km
At first glance I thought I'd gotten worse results than the last run, in hindsight, factoring in the fact this session included 2x3 minute walk segments and that I retained distance, it's, again, an improvement. Had I run the 6 minutes instead, it'd maybe amount to 5K. Still haven't suffered any injuries which is superlative.

Settle down, partner, I wish you'd contribute with anything other than autistic screeching. I'm sorry if what I wrote came off as an ego stroke but surely you'd agree that if anyone wanted their e-peen stroked they'd look for an audience bigger than two fat dudes and a nasty trorr on a niche as fuck anonymous messageboard.
>social media tier pep talk motivation garbage
Motivation, or lack thereof, is what keeps people like me and possibly many anons with their ass glued to a chair, doing nothing. Personally speaking comparing results with the other two anons here is one of the things that kept me going this far. Then again I'm sure it comes in all shapes and sizes, there's probably someone out there who'd run a marathon for the sake of shutting you up.
In the end all I wanted was showing anons that even as a total fucking slob you can slowly inch your way forward as long as you're consistent with your training, as well as creating a small competitive environment for everyone to keep people interested. I really don't see what's wrong with any of that.
>I did a 5k today in 30 minutes.
Just give me til the end of this week and I'm overtaking you too.
>I’m down 10lbs at 310.
Can you see your pp yet? I've gained 10 lbs since I've started
What's up with that anon? Is the girth holding you back? Also
>gained 7 pounds since I started running.
Fucking how? I mean I say that after saying I gained 10 too but I'm eating like mad to bulk and I'm far from overweight. What the hell are you eating?
Replies: >>376 >>377 >>378
(1.9MB, 432x326)
4 miles in 42±1 minutes, which is something like 6.6 kilometers I think. I was supposed to run yesterday but I stubbed three of my toes black and blue. My form was definitely off because of it, but I'm getting stronger. Still 310 and therefore 40-60lbs. overweight. Cut out a lot of sugar with my sources being from fruit or honey, but I made this fantastic chocolate chip cookie dough last night and it'll take me a month to bake and eat it all so that's what's encouraging me to go the extra distance. I also learned how to bake bread during quarantine, so I may do that again.

>Just give me til the end of this week and I'm overtaking you too.
Try it, bitch.
Replies: >>392
All that fat has turned you into a faggot woman, faggot. Just shut the fuck up and only post when you have something actually interesting to bring to the table.
Replies: >>392
(130.4KB, 500x713)
>1 km
>What's up with that anon? Is the girth holding you back?
It's not helping my times obviously. But I think the recovery issue is just me having a lot on my plate. I'm training a lot trying to recover lost ground and running is only my second or third priority. 
>What the hell are you eating?
Nothing crazy. Probably about 2500 calories a day. I am eating a lot of carbs, but I am certainly not putting on fat, I look slightly more athletic (by my standards). I'm not really trying to lose weight at the moment, just improve my conditioning. I'm kind of a mutant when it comes to putting on muscle, it comes ridiculously fast. If I had gotten into lifting earlier in my life and been consistent I'd probably be a freak by now, but I had some kind of mental block about weightlifting.
Replies: >>392
My toe still is bruised so I took a day rest. I think I need to develop a stretching regime and something to condition my upper body. I always seem to be deadset on one thing at a time and that's pretty bad. I did powerlifting for a while with nothing aerobic or stretching, then Olympic lifting which is more combined but no other forms of exercise, and now this aerobic thing but no muscle training.
(66.7KB, 1280x720)
w6 - d2; took an extra day of rest yesterday, my legs were feeling like lead. Not sure if having leg day every workout is making this any easier, but my legs are indeed fucking weak so I'll have to bear it. Again, I was going at a steady pace for the first half, it was after around the 16 minute mark I really started to slog and I was fucking exhausted at the end.
>4,28 Km
>7:44 min/Km
>only 140 m gained in 1 minute
For once I'm in slight agreement with slavic-motivator kun: I too was expecting a bit more, especially considering I trained for the same amount of time on week 4 >>260 and barely gained half a Km since. But hey, new personal best for distance. I think my bad sleeping habits are fucking my shit up. Sweating profusely thinking about d3 and very concerned about weeks 7, 8 and 9.
>4 miles 
>Try it, bitch.
I want to renegotiate my statement, I'll catch up maybe next month when I manage a 5K and start training speed instead of endurance.
>Still 310
Hey man 10 lbs in a month ain't bad. Surely next month you'll be be under 300.
>All that fat
B-but I'm bulking.
>But I think the recovery issue is just me having a lot on my plate. 
I dunno about that, I hit the gym just the same. I think it's the girth.
(456.2KB, 850x1256)
5.2 miles. Don't know the time because my phone was dead, so I'm guessing when I say it was about 55 minutes or so. I was going to go for 10k but my shirt was chaffing against my nipples and they started bleeding. I had to shave my chesthair in order to put some bandaids on them. Is there anything you can do to stop this? I'm not hot enough yet to go shirtless, so I was going to order a compression shirt. In the meantime, I was told vaseline will work. Also, 312.4lbs.
Replies: >>396
(743.9KB, 1080x1596)
I didn't realize that this was a sample. Here's the fullsize.

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