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Hello Anon, you will see lately I have been interested with the summons especially the one of lesser spirits. They had told me that pic related is used for that, but I'm not very sure about it, could someone help me to answer questions? (You can also use the thread to talk about the summons, doubts, material, etc.)
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Anon, it does not work like that
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>>177 (OP) 
Little bump
If you ask nicely I'll give you a good eight inches, anon.
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Y-you can a-answer my question?

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Let'em shit post, they're not fucking up the ghost story, boogeyman mythology, or space fake threads.
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>mfw browsing this thread
did OP ever fix his haunted problem
>>8 (OP) 
speaking of anons with haunted problems, whatever happened to the anon from 8chan /x/ who one day lost his entire identity? The one who tried to go to work one day only for his workplace to say they didn't know him, his landlord not recognising him, and getting himself checked in as a john doe?
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First post here, IIRC he posted weeks later, he checked himself to the hospital if they could identify him and at some point doctors found some lumps in his brain, probably a tumor.
I don't recall if he was identified and then given treatment or something but he deduced he had lost his bird due to his brain not connecting some data.

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For years now I've always been curious about ghosts and if they ever existed. I've seen tons of videos and stories claiming that they have seen a real ghost or paranormal activity occuring in different areas or places, but most of them seem too vague to be real or are obviously fake. Are there any confirmed cases or experiences of ghosts and their existence? If so, what do you think they are or how ever does one become a ghost and be able to interact with the world of the living?
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>>145 (OP) 
Would you mind moving the conversation to the other ghost thread?
There's no reason to have multiple threads for essentially the same topic and split what little interaction this board has into even smaller groups.

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Something that struck me was was a vid of a "ghost interview" where the (of course highly accredited) ghost hunter used some kind of electronic tool to communicate with the spirit.
He asked the ghost a series of Yes-No questions, with "Yes" being marked by a spike on the tool's sensor, while "No" was the absence thereof.
As a further bit of info, the supposed ghost was that of a previous tenant of the building, who had died about two decades earlier.

Long story short, one of the questions by the ghost hunter was "Are you dead?", which provoked no response. The immediate follow-up  was "Are we dead?", which caused the instrument to light up like a Christmas tree.

Leaving aside the possibility that the vid was pure bogus like 99% of the alleged ghost hunter vids, I think the multiverse theory is fairly plausible. The interesting question would be whether or not multiple universes and/or realities could overlap to the point that entities from one universe could partially manifest in another universe; if only in areas where the respective 'border' was thin enough.
I highly doubt they come from different universes. I think ghost are just trapped souls who were punished or cursed to not arrive on heaven.

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Post spooky dreams or experiences with lucid dreaming.
I really don't have any to share at the moment, but I do want to ask a question about lucid dreaming:
How the fuck do you start when essentially you just sleep and then wake up without any knowledge of what happened in between?
I get to sleep easy, but I don't wake up and stay up easy, and it's probably due to some fucked up dreams I can't even remember or anything.
Dunno if this is /x/ worthy though. Pic unrelated.
I once had an almost-lucid dream where two people were trying to talk to me, but since I was trying to enjoy a lucid dream at the time I basically just told them to fuck off. A while after I woke up the thought went through my head that they could have been entities trying to contact me through my dream and I blew my one shot at communication with them.
It often helps to keep a dream journal by your bedside to immediately note down anything, even the smallest details, that you can remember right after waking up, alternatively you can use a voice recorder if that's easier. You can also make a habit of seriously checking if you are currently dreaming or not (think of what you were doing before this, see if you can put your hand through a wall or will yourself to levitation etc etc.). By making it a habit you'll end up instinctively doing it when you are actually dreaming. If you're too lazy to do any of that (like me), I've found that setting a clear intention to lucid dream when you're very sleepy and about to go to bed should increase your chances of it occurring, I don't know by how much though.

A more complicated version of this would be: sleeping for 6 hours, waking up and keeping yourself occupied for 3 to 50 minutes, going back to bed but specifically setting the intention to not move or open your eyes the next time you wake up, the next time you "wake up" you may find yourself in a lucid dream or under the near-perfect conditions to leave your body and astral project. This method is taken from a book called "The Phase" by Michael Raduga and is the one I have found the most success in for astral projecting and unintentionally lucid dreaming, though that was a nice experience too. I suggest reading the book because the method is better described there, he pretty much goes right in to detai
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just don't force it. 
for 2 months straight i've tried to enter lucid dreams. I was standing still for hours on my bed whilist taking lsd microdoses.
The dose day always gave me an amazing lucid dream; i managed to keep control and the visuals were sharp and clear.

Then I stopped lucid dreaming, I couldn't actually go to sleep anymore. I started hearing low freq. and high freq. noises that weren't there. Don't want to say that I got some kind of tinnitus doing that but it's pretty much it.
My dreams have been weird since then and I'm trying to not be as conscious when I go to sleep.

i just want to sleep well again
The main problem with lucid dreams is that you can meet unwanted entities. It's something to be warned about, if you are just starting you mind end up in an other place that what you planned. Just remember that you shouldn't trust things that aren't from your imagination or subconscious. Don't trust them, don't interact and don't accept things from them. We are merely ants at the foot of an hill.

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I’ve been busy in the time since the death of 8chan, slowly becoming more interested in /x/ stuff. The biggest revelation that was new was everything related to space. I’ve been itching to talk to you fucks about it. 

This thread is for 
ALL THE FAKE NASA SHIT (from moon landing to ISS being fake to space itself being fake)

I’ll start posting some shit I have once I’m on my main computer.
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>Chinese gay op
You're retarded blaming this on the Chinese, considering that most flat Earthers are led by (((Free Masons))), it's been a thing since Abraham abd the flat earth shit is literally Abrahamic garbage.
ice wall just makes no goddamn sense, hollow earth makes no goddamn sense and relishes in it
if I had to put my money on an obscenely improbable earth model relying on most of human knowledge being a multi-million-participant conspiracy, hollow earth is definitely my jam
I've been trying to work out a mechanism for universal gravitation that applies exclusively outwards and my only guess so far would be something like an electric repulsion from the exact center of the heaven-sphere, however it doesn't explain why outward acceleration decreases slightly the higher closer you get to the heaven-sphere, among other things

>>12 (OP) 
I mean practically yeah but it just seems convenient that flat earth starts up right when they began publicly chucking star wars satellites into space
Replies: >>25
I mean all sound impractical but to me. Icewall is kinda cool and in a way would make more sense for the reason you said. But then gravity would still be wonky. Hollow earth is pretty metal. Imagine all of this shit waiting to be explored, what could even be over there and in there?
what does anyone gain out of saying the earth is round/flat? why would they bother to lie about it?
Replies: >>56
Lying to claim that the earth is flat is incredibly convenient to a discredited and unpopular version of Christian/Jewish cosmology that at the very least Christian theologians haven't supported since around the 6th century AD. It also appeals to a gullible and convenient demographic which can be used to hawk wares, events, and gather views, as well as subvert into buying other, more profitable conspiracy theories like homeopathy. It's also very convenient to a great many people who want to see the West decay into an anti-science hellhole.
In other words, it's basically yet another attempt to turn conspiracy theories from an agent of curiosity and legitimate suspicion into profit and political advantage, but at least it's fun to talk about!

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In every culture, there is always a Boogeyman like figure that will snatch misbehaving children away from their families at night. They go by many names such as Tili Tili Bom but each tale seems to have similarities between each other despite vast differences in both culture and location of tales told. This thread is made to discuss these folklore and general discussion of each of these bogeymen-esque creatures.

Song of Tili-Tili Bom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDMmj5WgB8c
Replies: >>41 >>44
>>26 (OP) 
I actually posted a bunch of folklore characters in the /x/ dump.
But in researches I've found that La Madremonte is a beast of a boogyman, will literally eat your children if you don't teach them to respect nature, murder you if you catch her bathing and have lustful thoughts. and will brain fuck you if you even think about hurting a wildlife creature.

She's pretty amazing
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>>26 (OP) 
Ultimately, parents of all nations and cultures need something to scare their children into being well-behaved an obedient.

It's curious how her killing you if you catch her bathing resembles the old story of Artemis killing Actaeon when he caught her skinny-dipping. Even if in her case, she did not so much directly kill him as that she turned him into a stag and saw him torn to pieces by his own hunting dog.

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