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Everyone's familiar with Descartes' "I think, therefor I am", but how can I be sure anyone else exists? Is there a empirical method towards confirming someone's existence?
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>Yet observations are of fault, and every step of the twinning with the transcendental community is guilty of assuming the reality of the community in the first place.
Phenomenologicaly speaking, the sphere of intentional objects is the prime reality, and in that sense, observation are correct, because to transcendental subject obervations and reality are one and the same. Assuming there is material universe from which intentional objects are projected, the entire experience is already falsified, elemental particles and laws of physics being the 3rd party. The only non-theological way to connect the experience and a priori assumed reality is to attempt to cross the gap using as few and as small leaps of faith as possible.
>tulpafags, who commit every step of Husserl's proof of community- with themself, and no one else
That is, assuming tulpa does not have a monad of its own.
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>The only non-theological way to connect the experience and a priori assumed reality is to attempt to cross the gap using as few and as small leaps of faith as possible.

I'd go a step further and argue that it's ultimately pointless to wrack your brains over the potential truths that may or may not be there. Consciousness is flawed by design - that's how it is. We can't change that. Best we can do is take what we have and try to find happiness within it, even if it may or may not be illusory.

At the very best, I could imagine Tulpas are a "shut-off" part of the user's subconsciousness that has a (limited) consciousness of its own. Kind of like how you can run two different programs on the same computer. Or, more bluntly put, a voluntary form of a multiple personality disorder.
Replies: >>471
>it's ultimately pointless to wrack your brains over the potential truths that may or may not be there
Denying cognition completely is a self-defeating position, might as well turn to positivism.
>form of a multiple personality disorder
Despite what they usually show in film, multiple personality disorder is not a state when multiple separate concious minds coexist at the same time in one body, but rather an occurence of single conciousness believing itself to assume a different identity, usually accompanied by dissociative amnesia, a rather extreme cause of roleplaying.
>but rather an occurence of single conciousness believing itself to assume a different identity, usually accompanied by dissociative amnesia, a rather extreme cause of roleplaying.
That was sloppy wording on my part. The different "personalities" in someone suffering from MPD ultimately are part of the same consciousness - in the sense that they could not know something the main personality does not know unless its stored in the subconsciousness.

My point is that Tulpas as they are (probably) are not supernatural entities, but simply a psychological malfunction. A child's "invisible friend" for adults.
>>442 (OP) 
Why worry if others exist? If they truly exist, then those who are worth it, should be treated well and with the respect they deserve. If they do not really exist, then treat them the same respect, but understand that they are illusory figures, and do not grow attached.

(162.6KB, 900x804)
Since the board is slow, I guess a dream thread might be appropriate, as many people suppose that we enter a wholly different realm in our sleep.

I'll start with a short one.
>in 2nd story bedroom
>look out window
>see black cat walking in street front of house
>morphs into a human figure
>still black, like a shadow
>black figure makes a mad dash towards my front door
>just about shit myself in fear
>get over it in a second
>grab buck knife
>run to the top of the stairs outside my bedroom
>all lights off, pure darkness at bottom of staircase
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>>355 (OP) 
Dreams as a whole are an extremely easy and vastly underrated gateway to /x/ stuff.

>Why do we have them?
Dreams are the link between conscious and subconscious, they absolutely have a prophetic aspect, but most people don't realize just how prophetic they really are. If you can identify what creatures, things, and events happen in your dreams, they can correspond to how your day in the waking world will unfold.

Dream diaries are nice for remembering dreams, but having a dictionary helps immensely.

If you know how to remember and "view" your old dreams, you can even change the dream you had last night to influence how your day will go today.

>Sleep paralysis
Many say it can be used as a gateway to astral projection, and that kind of thing is a "depending on the person" type of deal. I had a sleep paralysis episode that I thought I was still awake, got out of my bed, and then it turns out I was in a lucid dream which looked like a teal-blue victorian-era hallway that was filled with darkness.

>Shadow figures
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I keep having this dream every couple of months.

>It's night
>I'm in my living room
>try to turn a light on
>none of the switches work
>or if they do, the light is very dim, flickering, and goes out in 10 seconds
>always feel a sense of urgency to turn the lights on
>always feel watched

Is there any deeper meaning than me being apparently afraid of the dark?
Replies: >>372
My guess you probably have fears of the unknown, and/or fears of losing the truth to liars.

Not sure if that's exactly what you think the fear of dark means, but it's just my spitballing.
(350.8KB, 1306x2410)
(515.9KB, 1730x1306)
(226.6KB, 1062x1366)
If you want to recall more dreams, you should keep a dream journal. Just get a blank notebook and write the date and the dream in first person present tense (i.e. "I see a bioluminescent afro-american federal agent")
Do not analyze the dream as you are writing it down or fill out the blanks if you don't remember something.

If you want to achieve more lucid dreams or Out-of-Body Experiences/Astral projections, you should have a regular sleep schedule and don't drink alcohol/coffee, use drugs or take melatonin because if you are too deep in sleep, you won't either have lucid dreams and OBEs or you won't remember them. One of the methods to induce a lucid dream/OBE is to sleep for a few hours (say 3 hours) and setup an alarm. Once the alarm goes off, get out of the bed for like 5-10 minutes and then go back to sleep.

Also, I want to point out that clairvoyance and precognition are real and anyone can learn to do it, at least to some extend.
I've had dreams that predict shit that would later happen many times throughout my life, shit's weird but I'm used to it. Never really important stuff, just things that I would think back, "oh yeah, I dreamt about X last night, and Y happened today." I've had spooky shit happen in my dreams that felt fictional (which is fun because you can have power fantasies similar to the OP) but also spooky shit that "feels real" - these feel somehow malicious and caused by other entities and I can't explain it, but I think they are demons trying to fuck with people while they sleep. The one or more I'm thinking of have to do with shapeshifting and imitating people or animals you are familiar with to get close to you. In one case I also saw something while waking, going through the wall above my bed after laughing at me. When these dreams happen now I pray to God for protection and it seems to work. I don't get the shit scared out of me and I wake up calmer. I've only had maybe 4 or 5 in my life of those malicious-feeling nightmares, hopefully never again. I've only had a spooky sleep paralysis experience once or twice, but it didn't feel the same way, so I assume those were all in my head getting psyched out. I've also had a couple uneventful sleep paralysis. I don't think I want to invite whatever into my dreams for fear of what could happen, so I'm not interested in more than lucid dreaming for playful reasons like having more dreams where I can fly or do o
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(15.2MB, 8459x5638)
Merry Christmas, /x/! From /co/.
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(41.9KB, 500x500)
>>450 (OP) 
Thank you, lads.
And a Merry Christmas back at you!
(344.3KB, 486x391)
>>450 (OP) 
Thanks, and merry /x/-mass

(187.2KB, 855x855)
So, once you kick the bucket, what do you think comes next? Hell? Heaven? Reincarnation? Or just some indifferent nothingness?
Replies: >>430
>>426 (OP) 
I don't really know, but I hope there's only peace and restness.
Annihilation. The null state. It isn't that there is "no pain" as much as there is no more you, no more you can therefore not feel pain because something has to be to feel pain, but it can't feel the cessation of pain either. This is why suicide is folly generally, though still understandable in certain "worse than death" fates. It's a fucking bummer and the only thing that brings me any kind of comfort is knowledge of the two consolation prizes: Legend and Progeny. The man whose works are powerful enough to colonize the minds of others is effectively immortal (though his body will wither) and the man who colonizes the wombs of a sufficient number of women is also immortal, genetically speaking. Both of these require Humans to keep surviving, though, or at least in the latter case something smart enough to remember meaningfully.
Dealing with consequences of your existence - with Illusion. After everything is finished up completely, one way or another, Reincarnation into a different body. A cycle of Samsara is eternal until it's broken, after all.
What if we're already living in Hell as a punishment for sins committed in a previous "life"?

(580.4KB, 900x900)
These are stories from DiverAnon discussing potential biological origins of the bloop or other unidentified sea sounds, the black carpet, and generally just what bizarre organisms may still be lurking undiscovered. https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/legend-of-the-deep-sea-black-carpet-from-diveranon-giant-sea-anemones-the-bloop.2882/
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(70.2KB, 728x546)
(628.9KB, 1936x1310)
>>444 (OP) 
I remember reading the old 4chan pasta about this a while ago. It's rather disappointing that, by now, we know more about the surface of Mars than we know about much of the ocean floor. If nothing else, studying the life down there might give us a bit of an idea how actual alien life might look like.

As for the black carpet itself - as the pasta rightfully points out, having a colony animal that big would be difficult in that it would require dramatically more energy/food source than is available down there. Sure, there's stuff like pic related, but even these solely grow that large because they're filter feeders in the foot-rich upper regions of the sea. 
At best, I could imagine the carpet as a) a massive colony of smaller animals clustered around a hydrothermal vent, or b) something like the underwater version of a locust swarm after a whalefall or something like that has provided an explosion of food/energy. In both cases, the Bloop would not be several miles across.

I think the only (colonial) organism on Earth on that size scale is Pando. There's also the "Homongous Fungus" (not making that name up) in Oregon, which supposedly covers some 2,835 acres.

(26.4KB, 640x362)
(105.5KB, 1200x673)
(165.5KB, 672x850)
Fake NASA, Cult of Saturn, Hollow Earth, anything goes. 

I'll start with a favorite of mine; Pyramids in Antartica, the idea of such a structure in the middle of the most lifeless part of the planet fascinates me to no end. I don't know much about it myself, other than it's related to either nazis, ayys, patagons or hyperboria or all of them at the same time
What do you think anon? mountains or the remains of an ancient civilization?
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(1.5MB, 432x240, 00:33)
I really like hollow earth shit, its pretty interesting.
Can you post some infographics about the subject, please?
Replies: >>428
(2.4MB, 2210x1600)
(7.1MB, 640x360, 05:14)
Did anyone happen to watch an interview of a paranormal radio host interviewing an old scientist from NASA who was suffering from an affliction in his legs and was afraid to go to the doctors under concern they'd kill him discussing Die Glocke, the Kecksburg Acorn, "Hitler's Flying Beauty" who I presume to be Hanna Reitsch if there weren't any other pretty flygirls at the time, and and a stern-looking black or brown-haired SS officer who disappeared on May 8th or so.  The program lasts from 45-60 minutes and I can't find it anywhere.

(346KB, 1366x1826)
(176.9KB, 1818x1352)
(1.8MB, 3349x2022)
(953.1KB, 1856x6196)
(471KB, 1891x2630)
I don't have as many of these as I thought I did. I'll post what I can though.
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(36.8KB, 509x386)
(302.4KB, 1024x2160)
(132.9KB, 680x586)
(74.8KB, 500x834)
>>61 (OP) 
not all of these are from *chan but all are interesting
Replies: >>313
(762.2KB, 1148x2072)
(97.8KB, 938x789)
>>312 cont
(151.5KB, 1024x624)
(389.8KB, 1552x790)
Replies: >>423
>Barry Willmore quote
There was no astronaut with last name Ramirez. That story is from Click Hole. I saw it few years ago on that site myself before retards on social media started spreading it as true. I do not recall any instances of astronauts being outside alone. They are always in pairs and in frequent radio contact with people inside of the station.
Replies: >>424
Have you ever considered that most creepypasta is complete bullshit and mostly made up for the entertainment of the respective readers?
Have you also considered that NASA might not be telling you about everything that happens up there - for good or bad?

(148.5KB, 480x360)
So what really happened up there? Last I heard, the commonly accepted public theory is that the victims were surprised by an avalanche, rushed out of their tents, and then bitterly froze to death in the wonderful Russian winter weather.
Yet I've also read theories that they stumbled upon a Soviet military experiment (specifically involving parachute mines that would detonate above the ground and smush you with their shockwave alone), went into blind panic because the wind howling across the mountain produced some kind of infrasound, and there obviously are alleged sightings of UFOs near the campsite.

So, what's your pet theory? Was this simply a camping trip gone wrong? Or did the nine hikers see something the powers that be did not want them to see?
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To the best of my knowledge, they cut up the tent from inside. Unless whatever monster left those clawsmarks was polite enough to enter the tent by opening the zipper - something they panicking campers failed to do - I don't see how a bear or anything could have gotten in there.
Of course, this does not account for shapeshifting stuff like skinwalkers or whatnot.
Replies: >>411
Or a dude with a uranoum rod up his ass with a knife.
The locals called it a cursed area and I'm inclined to believe them so I don't think it was anything governmental.  It was either a yeti or UFO, maybe demonic spirit.
>>406 (OP) 
nothing spicy on this event imo, worth the full watch

Replies: >>416
>Yuri Yefimovich (((Yuden))) fell ill and left the expedition before the incident, becoming the only participant to survive until he died in 2013.
I'm just shitposting, but this still is unintentionally hilarious

>Some of the hikers were intoxicated prior to their death.
Interesting, this was a bit I hadn't heard of before.

>Abnormally radioactive clothing belonged to hikers previous working at top-secret nuclear facilities
That does explain a lot. The irradiation of the clothing was one of the most repeated arguments for military intervention I've heard, but I suppose contemporary Soviet investigators plainly could not say anything about the nuclear facilities.

>It all boils down to the embers in a stove inside the tent coming back to life after they removed the exhaust pipe
>Tent is filled with smoke/and or burning
>Hikers go for the nearest cover (i.e, trees), with some dying because they caused a minor avalanche while the rest froze to death.
That's a pretty sound theory, actually. Little freak accidents like this have led into far greater disasters before.

(506.9KB, 533x698)
(28.8MB, 640x368, 13:02)
So apparently a trio of turbo-autists managed to decode the notorious 340-character cipher the Zodiac Killer mailed to the San Francisco Chronicle on November 8th, 1969.
And it only took them the better part of 51 years (to be fair, Zodiac seemingly made "typing errors" inside his own cipher)

With some fumbling, pic related spells out into:

Message too long. View the full text

(295.5KB, 1024x680)
What is it? Why do people age faster there? Why hasn't anyone climbed it and finished it? Tell me what is it? Why is it?
Replies: >>386
>>385 (OP) 
Mount Kailash is a holy site to Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists. People climbing it would plainly cause lots of butthurt from the involved parties, and climbers who were offered permission to do so (including Reinhold Messner) did not take up the offer for the same reason.
As of today, China has also banned any mountaineering on Mount Kailash for the same reason.

>rapid aging
Probably exaggerated. What I could imagine is that the the atmospheric conditions up there slightly cause your skin to retract/shrink, exposing more of the nail/hair in the process. A bit like with corpses whose nails and hair supposedly continued to "grow" well after death.

The more interesting part is that "Russian scientists" suggested the top part of Mount Kailash is actually man-made (and/or houses a nuclear reactor). Sadly, none of the sites I looked up ever bothered to explain just who these "Russian scientists" were.
Replies: >>388
Btw by the "rapid aging I meant more like you age a bit faster.
>"Russian scientists"
That reminds me of that one wierd video of one ruskie trting to create hybrid of human and chivken and creates some abomination. I dunno why, but It reminda me of it.
Replies: >>390 >>395
(145.8KB, 1200x675)
you mean this guy? his channel had a good run, shame he stopped posting as he allegedly died of a heart attack.
rumour goes his neighbour saw lots of unusual movement and cops confiscating his belongings as soon as he died
Replies: >>394
where do I find videos of this dude?
Replies: >>395
All suggestions about the "rapid aging" parts I saw specifically described your hair and fingernails growing by "two weeks", even if you only spent "twelve hours" near Mount Kailash.

Which either makes it a very clear-cut phenomenon, or means they serve copypasta from the same Indian poo-in-the-loo bullshit esoteric source that also tries to sell you fermented cowpiss as a means to ensure eternal life.


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