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For years now I've always been curious about ghosts and if they ever existed. I've seen tons of videos and stories claiming that they have seen a real ghost or paranormal activity occuring in different areas or places, but most of them seem too vague to be real or are obviously fake. Are there any confirmed cases or experiences of ghosts and their existence? If so, what do you think they are or how ever does one become a ghost and be able to interact with the world of the living?
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>>145 (OP) 
Would you mind moving the conversation to the other ghost thread?
There's no reason to have multiple threads for essentially the same topic and split what little interaction this board has into even smaller groups.

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In every culture, there is always a Boogeyman like figure that will snatch misbehaving children away from their families at night. They go by many names such as Tili Tili Bom but each tale seems to have similarities between each other despite vast differences in both culture and location of tales told. This thread is made to discuss these folklore and general discussion of each of these bogeymen-esque creatures.

Song of Tili-Tili Bom: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDMmj5WgB8c
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I actually posted a bunch of folklore characters in the /x/ dump.
But in researches I've found that La Madremonte is a beast of a boogyman, will literally eat your children if you don't teach them to respect nature, murder you if you catch her bathing and have lustful thoughts. and will brain fuck you if you even think about hurting a wildlife creature.

She's pretty amazing
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Ultimately, parents of all nations and cultures need something to scare their children into being well-behaved an obedient.

It's curious how her killing you if you catch her bathing resembles the old story of Artemis killing Actaeon when he caught her skinny-dipping. Even if in her case, she did not so much directly kill him as that she turned him into a stag and saw him torn to pieces by his own hunting dog.

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