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It's not really /x/ without a Bigfoot thread. Did you know the Ketchum study is done and freely accessible? The general consensus is that biblical giants (descendants of the nephilim) were/are bigfoots, that's why they are all over the planet. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but apparently the study indicates that Bigfoot DNA is the result of hybridisation of ancient middle eastern human females and "unknown" males.
Earlier attempts to study Bigfoot DNA always came back as "human" and were dismissed as contaminated, but it turns out that we should expect a "human" result after all.  
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Some neat photos. Anyone seen these before?
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I wonder what the story is with this image.
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Is it just me or is this frame not usually in the Patterson-Gimlin film? I ask because there are rumours about there being extra footage that was never made public.
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Scott Carpenter has a lot of interesting material.
inb4 "pareidolia"
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Replies: >>90
I have to admit, I'm a little butthurt that no one else seems to be interested in Bigfoot. It seems pretty zoomer in the rest of the board so maybe that explains it.
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That's some nice ass of a gigabtopitecus
Also nice dubs
Also also did you know that their are three species of yeti or four if you count the temperate one
Bigfoot doesn't intrest me, because I'm not american, but that doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to discuss it.
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Gigantopithecus is an extinct ape anon. Bigfoot on the other hand is global. 
See that gigantic head? That's a monument built to 野人, wildman, Chinese Bigfoot. It was built by the (sceptic materialist atheist) Chinese government. What the fuck are they doing building this? 
In Europe, Bigfoots are called giants or trolls, but it's the same thing. In the Middle East we have the biblical account of Esau the hairy man, and the Anakim (as descendants of the nephalim) could probably be put here as well. Not to mention certain Djinn and other folklore and the famous (on /x/) "cannibal giant". Australia has the Yowie. In South America there is the Mapinguari, though that one is quite a bit more alien, it could still be related. And no, I don't buy the "giant sloth" explanation. The only region I'm not sure about is Africa, but I would very surprised if there wasn't anything, particularly in the more jungle covered areas.
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Well realistically bigfoot and simmilar can be the evolution of gigantopitecus. Also can you find me the pic/ info about the subspecies of yeti?
Replies: >>94
Bigfoots are humans with alien (meaning completely unknown) DNA from a male ancestor. This has already been established. They don't have fur like an ape, the hair covering them is body hair like a human's, but extremely hirsute and having a unique cell structure unlike anything else. Recordings of Bigfoot vocalisations (the "Sierra sounds") have been analysed and experts concluded that a complex language was being spoken.
They aren't apes anon.
As for yeti, I've never encountered any sources I trust on that topic specifically. It's much harder to find reliable information about yeti. You'd probably have to speak Nepali or Tibetan. I'm not saying there aren't any reliable English sources, I just don't know of any.
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>Bigfoots are humans with alien (meaning completely unknown) DNA from a male ancestor. This has already been established
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His ass, just like everything paranormal or myth related. If these things existed we would have thousands of pictures and videos of them. Plus a shitload of dead ones being killed by hunters. But nope, all we get is muh stories and muh low res pixelated pictures
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Link in the OP.
>paranormal doesn't real
>he posts on /x/
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I lurk here waiting for something with proofs to back it up
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>source is in the op
<gib sauce
Are you illiterate? Read the fucking study. Also the Patterson-Gimlin film is smoking gun proof of Bigfoot. Case closed. Anyone that doesn't accept the PG film as proof has cognitive dissonance.
Replies: >>101 >>109
>We have all these samples but no pictures and videos
>so, dude trust me :^)

Wake me up when we get a high-res gopro footage of a bigfoot up-close. Then tell me where that incident took place so me and my buddies can go there to blow it's brains out.
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Once more, Patterson-Gimlin is proof of Bigfoot, you suffer from cognitive dissonance.
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But WHY are nephilim hairy enough to be bigfoots?  Why are angels so unfathomably hairy?
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That's what I want to know. I wonder what kind of entity was shagging antediluvian girls.
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I read it, and yet still no footage of bigfoot.
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Replies: >>109
Can you fuck off and committ suicide you retarded sperg?
Any reasons why the P-G film is proof? Just saying that it's proof is not proof, you have to give reasons. For example, why does bigfoot's hair look like it does? Animals in the wild don't look like that, but literally every gorilla suit with fake plastic hair does. I can go into the nearest dollar store and find a crappy wig that looks like it.
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As stated in >>94 (backed up by study included in the OP) Bigfoots don't have fur, they have body hair. It looks like wig hair because wig hair is meant to look like hair, not fur. As you can see from pic related, we should expect the creature's hair to have the sheen that it does.
The creature in the PG film is very big, and doesn't have the gait we would expect of a man in a suit, both in terms of biomechanics as well as stride length. The creature has jiggling breasts, why would anyone bother to go to the trouble of making something so difficult and weird that hasn't even been noticed by most watchers? 
For many reasons, I don't believe the film could have been faked for any money in the 1960's.
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Still seems pretty unlikely to me that not only one, but several (due to multiple sightings across the US) of these things could just merrily walk through the woods while there's an entire horde of people looking for them. And that's before you consider there still are some bona-fide researchers who just hang out in the forest to watch birds or something.
The most convincing theory I heard was that Bigfoot is not an actual animal, but rather a mental gestalt/projection of the human mind being afraid of entering dense forests. Something our little monkey brains simply aren't used to, considering they evolved in open savannas.
Replies: >>133
You're stuck in the false "ape" paradigm. They aren't animals, North America is absolutely infested with them (no disrespect intended by that phrasing), we didn't evolve on savannas, those "bona-fide" researchers are disinfo agents (because the truth about Bigfoot would shatter consensus history on human origins) and (this part is my conjecture) they probably are far more intelligent than we are. They could probably outperform most homo sapiens on an IQ test.
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>they probably are far more intelligent than we are
>They could probably outperform most homo sapiens on an IQ test.
t. bigfoot
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Oy vei go- I mean human, what do you have against Nephilim?
I gotta say, I fucked a big foot and it wasn't pleasant.
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Well natives say that they like to take their women. Supposedly some groups of them have been hybridising for a long time.
I wonder why anon is so upset about a Bigfoot thread existing on a schizophrenic skinwalker fanfic board that he feels the need to shitpost degeneracy in said thread.
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I'm suspicious of the source for the image labelled "canadian bigfoot" but I'm including it anyway.
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[Hide] (10MB, 640x368, 00:59)
Watch if you're sceptical of the PG film.
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He really does look like a human in the 
face, It would be intresting. Like >>94 said It could be simmilar to Lovecrafts Wilbur Whateley. And it makes me also think, who was his mother? Or who were the human parents of the shits?
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Patty is a female. Anywho, you've just about hit the nail on the head with the reference to Wilbur Whately. The theory is that they were bred back in antediluvian times, and were never fully wiped out. Supposedly there are different bloodlines of varying "purity" which is why some can be shot dead by relatively small calibre weapons while others just get angry, or can "walk off" being hit by a truck. The more pure the bloodline the stranger their abilities. Cloaking, limited shapeshifting, astral travel, and more. Government acknowledgement of Bigfoot will never happen because it's functionally "alien disclosure".
Replies: >>196
I'm not too much of a biblefag, could you atleast tell me years is that. As far as I know there are some assumptions.
>varying "purity"
That means that some breeded with humans or maybe other species of genus homo and with some ayys.
Replies: >>197
>how long ago was the flood
Honestly, I don't know, and I'm not really a biblefag either, but there is too much interesting material there to ignore. But I would consider the establishment of the first Sumerian city-states + or - 1000 years as a ballpark figure, which also seems to tie in to the Chinese flood myths if we consider sage king Yu as being semi-historical and somewhat removed from the founding of the Xia. This is just my personal conjecture however, if you want to study this more consider looking in to the dating of water erosion marks on the Sphynx. I'm really not that familiar with this subject.
Certain Indian tribes say that some Bigfoot groups have systematically been using their women for breeding for many generations (not so much anymore). Some tribes also say that before Europeans came that Bigfoots would build fires up on mountains, and that "diplomatic relations" of a sort were maintained.
Replies: >>198
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>"diplomatic relations"
>build fires up on mountains
I think you are referencing the Mound Builders the plain injuns talk about, they were supposedly red haired giants who dominated some of the East Coast area until a PISL injun confederation was formed and they exterminated the giants for kidnapping their wimmenz and eating the men, or so they claim.
There was that whole "Giant's Cave" they insisted was real, in that war some of them sought refugee there and the injuns smoked and torched the whole thing like they were raccoons. Some pioneers moved the entrance rocks and found smoked skeletons of really tall figures under some bat poo, SUPPOSEDLY pic related. They were handed to the Smithsonian and they lost it in their archives like they always do.

I don't know why some claim the Smithsonian is hiding evidence of giants, they practically lose everything they are handed to them not just skeletons. The original Coelacanth that broke the news was lost so they had to fish for another one, they lost some diamond arrow tips and they were eventually found being sold after some rich dude died. My guess is that jews grab the cool stuff and claim it's in the storage rooms, many governments do this, but the jews in particular are known to destroy valuable items like the small lamassu found in Jordan.
Replies: >>199
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>I think you are referencing the Mound Builders 
I'm not actually. That's ancient history. We're talking about White men settling the west. Bigfoots felt they needed to go into hiding to survive and they were probably right given who the Europeans brought with them. That said, I believe that reddish skull in the photograph is a Bigfoot skull. Just like all the other vanished giant bones found in North America.
As for the jews, they probably have more than a passing interest in this subject, as they would consider it part of their "job" on Earth to eliminate the bloodline of the Nephilim, which is why they hate Amalekites, or Aryans so much, that's what I believe. I'm not sure what kind of reasoning they have for making that connection though.  
>Numbers 13:33
>And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.
The Middle East variant wasn't/isn't as hairy. Though there is the story of Esau, who was robbed of his inheritance. Anyone who reads the bible should instantly be redpilled on the jq. Unfortunately most people are dumbasses and prefer to "we wuz" the OT.
Replies: >>200
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Injuns i think mention they did not have hair. They usually classify their bigfoot, or sasquatch or yowi, as another entity itself.
Thinking or imagining random things the mound builders seem bizarre, they weren't dumb due to their architecture but they were certainly more savage than the injuns, were big as a bigfoot but had red skin and red hair. Sounds like a hybrid of some sort or simply another race entirely, which seems plausible too taking into account many important figures and their associates have attested their existence several times like Hernan Cortez & his soldiers (an absurdly tall elite mexica trooper who chopped their horses) or Ferdinan Magellan and his butt buddy Pigafetta (the friendly Patagons in Southmost America) all of these who got the sword by (((gold))) prospectors.
The inability of people to understand that half of the Bible is everyone, higher authorities included, telling the jews that they were being unreasonable and just plain evil, is insane. Ironically those who truly read the Bible or try to understand it stray further from the church and their parishioners.
Replies: >>201
What's your take on Albert Ostman's story? Do you find it credible?
Replies: >>203
[Hide] (146.6KB, 800x720)
It's pretty bizarre in that all the details i've read make sense. I haven't read books about it but i did read a long-winded comment on it time ago on a spic site.
For example the injuns in the nearby area who told him the ape stories were still there and confirmed what he said they believe, he also lived relatively alone and didn't ask for attention so the fame game is probably not at hand here, he didn't sell the story either or make a publishing deal so no money either. His motive to not tell it at the time was because of tabloid fatigue of the era, which is true enough, and because only injuns would believe him and their response was ridicule and banter for being mugged by an ape to fuck its monkey daughter so he reserved it only to very close associates.
The things i found suspicious in the story is that the bigfeet didn't hide, they lived like a lumberjack out in the open and don't seem to have possessed a special skill of moving themselves with uncanny ability like not making any noise (unless this detail was omitted) then you have the detail that they knew how to use water in the food although i don't recall him saying they used fire, but the food preparation is there which implies some sort of abstract awareness not usually found on animals in the wild.
Ostman also had some cops cross-reference him and then cross-reference themselves and found his story to be pinpoint consistent so if he was telling a story he certainly told a highly polished one, add to the point they also checked his reputation and he was deemed an ordinary man if a bit more polite than usual, none found him to be odd or crazy and he had his mind together when questioned by all sources. If you believe in lie detection using reaction machines then he also passed the test thrice.

I don't know, Ostman doesn't have any evidence of his journey yet he doesn't seem to insist in the veracity of it, making it look like he was already prepared to not be believed. The story itself is tame enough yet has plenty of details to be believed even when he's the only known grown adult known to be kidnapped by it (some kids have mentioned being cruised around by them); his experience is crazy yet normal enough in practice to be believed, yeah i would say he's a credible account but one that shouldn't be used as evidence (there's none) just a reference for bigfoot behavior consistency when chilling around.
Replies: >>204
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[Hide] (172.7KB, 656x538)
Most of your concerns with the story can be addressed.
>bigfoot lived in the open
In the Toba Inlet area. I don't think most people get just how vast and uninhabited BC is. Even now the province has a population of only 5 million for an area nearly four times the size of the entire UK, and half of that is in Vancouver. Back in the 20's the population was only half a million, and probably more than half of that was in Vancouver. Bigfoot could live in a mansion and not be discovered.
I've already gone on rants about how Bigfoot isn't an ape or animal, but a human, so I won't belabour the point. According to Indians, Bigfoot used fire, and supposedly even occasionally traded with some tribes, speaking native languages, until a hundred to two hundred years ago. They stopped engaging in this behaviour when Europeans arrived.
>the only adult known to be kidnapped
I realise that you said "known", but the nature of the problem is such that any number of missing people could have been kidnapped. We might just know about Bigfoot taking children because of some reluctance to harm a child on the creature's part.
Replies: >>205
[Hide] (78.2KB, 600x592)
>I don't think most people get just how vast and uninhabited BC is
I understand that point, for example my region has 3 millions for 200k km2 (compared to BC's 5 millions for 900k km2) so twice as dense but still pretty desolate, and one of our local animals is still considered a cryptid because nobody with scientist credentials and (((peer trust))) has seen or taken a photo of it.
I know several people who have and they all mention the uncanny ability of the cat to walk and run full speed silently, same with the mule deer who can walk head down avoiding all branches and dry leaves. But i can believe that they simply choose to be less cautious in the middle of nowhere, same with the mule deer who "dances" while not being near strange animals.
>Bigfoot isn't an ape or animal, but a human
I don't know about "human" (Homo Sapiens) but i can easily believe in it being a capable hominid just like the supposed Homo Floresiensis and black people.
>Bigfoot used fire, and supposedly even occasionally traded with some tribes
That i don't recall ever reading, my local injuns mention oral stories of a big haired guy but who was very unorthodox and dumb as rocks but certainly not animal-dumb, just not into abstract ideas like maths or putting spices into food. One that trades goods continuously over routes and uses fire fully is certainly something that would destroy most social conventions made in the last thousand of years, more so than even aliens, so not really surprising this is being hypothetically hidden, after all europeans tried to hide the fact injuns existed until too many people started reporting them being other people altogether from asians, hence breaking the "12 Tribes of God" convention that tried to explain all the people in the world (which was flawed anyways due to population movement since times immemorial, injuns really were asian after all)
>any number of missing people could have been kidnapped
Yeah hence why i used "known" carefully, the 411 is such a well-known phenomenon (not only in the U.S.) that we cannot discard any possible cause. Outside the U.S. many attribute it to ultra-orthodox cults, cartel ranches, paramilitary organizations or simply they got lost, so...

This discussion has sparked my curiosity in injuns/explorers who were really exposed to nature and retold their stories. Ron Morehead has supposedly recorded and found a haven of them (which he doesn't share location for obvious reasons but he does take you there) and i haven't read all the stories from Ishi the Yahi but if there's somebody who could've attested seeing something strange in the woods it was definitely him. 
Nowadays being so much in the field would either mean being an independent smuggler, an inna-woods freeman or a poacher, all 3 which are the feds' sworn enemies along with the generic tax-evader so that's a guess on why many discourage more people from doing it.
Replies: >>207
[Hide] (3.7MB, 500x500, 07:45)
[Hide] (3.5MB, 500x500, 07:40)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 500x400, 04:10)
Might as well, here's the audio from that recording of Bigfoot: A Living Legend. 
It was released in 1975 but originating from several trips in 1972, by 'nam vet scientific journalist Al Berry from behalf of the U of Wyoming, along with (i think) the audio man Warren Johnson and the actual guy who knew how to find them, Ron Morehead. They were hiding inside a small nest made of logs and branches (Al and Warren pictured in third webm) near an abandoned place made by hunters/lumberjacks long time ago. 
They hanged a bunch of recorders from trees, waited for the night in the tough winter and bid their time for them to come, when they did Ron whistled and threw shit at them so they could react, which we can hear.

Last one included here is also the most famous of the subsequent trips in which these guys (Ron always being the hiking leader it seems) supposedly found a group of them, a change from being caught by them all the time in that old place. Also at night, it seems they are "working" picking wood or something, talking with each other, Ron taunts them and they seem to think he's another sasquatch, one replies back while other(s) start making their angry noises instead of "talking".
Nicknamed "the Samurai Chatter" because it's clear it sounds like the usual east asian vocalizations showing emphatic orders or decisive will.

Ron and Al seem to be completely ignored by most media other than those who research the topic seriously, and in the case of Ron the guy even offered for many years hiking trips there as long as you didn't bring weapons or tracking devices. Many did and i haven't read someone calling him a fraud, and some even sneaked the location which seems to be somewhere in the Northeast California, which makes sense because the local injuns there avoided the area. Yosemite/Uzumate has been widely translated from their red language but one thing that most of them agree is that the word refered to a "Man Killer".
Replies: >>208 >>218
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1280x720, 03:33)
Wow, excellent, thanks for posting this. I have a talk by Ron Morehead that I'm trying to post as a webm and get under the size limit, but I don't know how to use a computer, and can't into encoding.
Something interesting regarding the apparent Asian connection is that Coast Salish language is actually related to Mandarin. Coast Salish people have also been shown to originate from the area that is now Beijing by DNA studies. That's one of the reasons I'm so fascinated by Yiren. Unfortunately there is not much to read in English on that topic specifically.
Replies: >>209 >>214
Meant to say, have that webm in the mean time.
I always ignored bigfoot threads thinking it was normalfag tier conspiracy made by rednecks but I never expected the topic to actually go that deep, really got me hooked
very interesting, definitely best thread on /x/
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[Hide] (17.1KB, 728x410)
[Hide] (80KB, 640x472)
[Hide] (12.3KB, 480x360)
Rechecking the thread it seems one of the recent and most famous images of a supposed Satch is not around.
Here it is, the Scott Yeoman incident, so the story goes that some dude bought some land in Colorado and made a cheap trailer house with the usual small stilts under it like americans do to avoid flood damage.
After making most of the big changes and decorating it, one day in 2017 Scott was working some details in a room and he suddenly smelled something awful as sin, described by him as "rotting animal flesh, vomit, and excrement". He noticed something moving outside the window and quickly grabbed his "Kodak Digital Sports Camera" (the EasyShare i guess? that's a rare pick for a wildlife shooter) thinking it was a bear or an elk, when he started composing a shooting he realized it didn't look like neither and he started shitting himself. He then started recording video instead of shooting photos and just stood there while the thing glanced and peeked once in a while.
Some minutes later his wife came into the room asking what the hell was he doing, when she realized there was a giant negro with red eyes outside she started screaming, ran to the bedroom and called the cops;  meanwhile the thing outside got nervous and the dude grabbed a gun just in case. 
The thing ran away and the sheriffs came around soon, the marriage told them the story and when they quickly deduced it was a bear our boy Scott pulled a dirty trick and presented them video (as in "btw check this out") and they shat themselves but in the end they simply said "bear" and ran away too.

Now the controversy, like there always is, appears when the skeptic/atheist community found some important facts about our boy Scott here. Now i'm not against the skeptics as i am one but some guys expect everyone to be an infallible machine against paranormal situations with full societal credentials yet "naturally" messy and unprepared, still it seems Yeoman has dirt on his tracks like many rednecks do. 
He was in a remote area with no internet and still no PC (he was moving) so he dumped the video files in his mother's house. Her house got burned down in a freak accident but he snapped some pics from the video to share with friends, also it seems his wife died years before the date he mentioned, the property he mentions is not currently owned by him and it seems he can't own a gun because he's a felon, that's right the man touched a kid back in the mid 90's. He's also accused of having a camera near him with memory and battery when this happened along with not naming the sheriffs that went to his "property" and waiting so long to tell the story.

Those were enough bullet points for the eternal skeptic community to dismiss the guy, a camera-ready pedo that could've not possibly owned a gun when this happened, along with the images presenting too much moire effect, meaning heavy editing/old monitor. 
Now the thing is the guy did not own a property near the place (Bailey, CO) in 2017 but his wife did in 2007 (maybe he fingered a 1 instead of a 0?, Kodak digital cameras were more popular back then) the extra moire can be due to monitor shot + window screen placed against mosquitoes, which is very normal thing to have, and it's not strange to have a camera near you in the living room if you usually take images of wildlife while living near the wilderness. 
The felon claims that make most disregard the guy has some grounds but falls into the "criminals never see anything strange" argument many glownogs tend to use, for all we know he could've possessed an illegal/gunshow weapon and was caught banging a 17yo when he was 25 at the time of his process (born 1966, processed 1992). The strange thing here is that the guy presents some obvious signs of getting gov blackballed as his mother's house fire did seem to happen, his wife died suddenly at a relative young age, the property sold off and he has the worst charge a man can have (child molestation) yet he doesn't seem to be in the sex predator database. Not knowing who the law enforcement officers were is just being silly and a further charge on him, harassment and verbal attack in 2008, can mean just about everything from a bar fight to getting stalked by somebody and responding to it.

What's the worst thing of all of this? none of the claims has anything to do with the fucking thing outside a window that clearly shows advanced facial structures that would either mean quite an advanced mask/sculpture due to the eye mechanisms, a rented/rogue circus gorilla being used to take some pictures at night for no reason other than tell a cool story years later or merely just a Bigfoot checking what's cooking. Although it is funny how similar the thing is to the first image here >>69, either the same mask or the same dude.
The motivation to do all this charade also doesn't seem to make sense, why do all of this if you are not going to make a dime out of it? also why present the story with your full name when you are felon? a pedo felon to top it all off and he didn't even change his name so why seek fame when in theory you should be modest? It doesn't make sense other than someone trying to relieve one of his stories just for the kicks. 
And the skeptics mostly claim this is a mask or costume, i doubt the guy made one as it isn't his trade so he probably bought it, if so then what's the commercial origin of it? i'm not saying there isn't a costume like that because i have not searched but these skeptics are just rabid mad to discredit anything without valid counter points and reputation hunting.
Replies: >>215
[Hide] (175KB, 800x1080)
>West coast Canada was actually Mandarin territory all along
lol, but in a serious note they don't look very chinese yet it seems their tribe composition is based much more on clan structure rather than territory or race which is indeed very chinese. Has to be noted that the mongols and the han fucked the genetics of that area so they might as well looked a bit more brown like actual native americans.
Chinese migration to North America is controversial due to scientism but it's very plausible, natural sea currents travel from Northern China/Russian Kamchatka directly to Anchorage and then from there they go down to San Fag, Man Diego, all the way down to Cabos and then it either enters the Sea of Cortez in which loops between Guaymas/La Paz or goes down to Mazatlan until Soconusco (area with many pre-hispanic given names and symbols that sound/look chinese).

Injuns in the mexican California claimed to have rests of vessels from the other side of the ocean in some small towns, and many injuns there supposedly were more chinky than others (to this day some there definitely seem to be more on the yellow side). The majority of the natives there were genocided and churches burned in a federal war by the then-rival injun president who had a spite against the region (they were even independent from the country for a couple of years in their rage against the machine) and in the latter years the country sold some more territory (after losing most of it in the Mexican-American War) to avoid them altogether, which now compromises a good chunk of southern California and Arizona. 
Mexicans always treated the desert territories as it was a nuisance, something they paid dearly when Americans found giant gold mines and oil fields years later. Hell, even in WWII Mexico wanted to donate the rest of California to the jews so they could make their own colony, something that was received with widespread condemnation there (aka government agents were getting lynched) that ended up in some fruitless bans (one of the region's states had the injun swastika as their symbol and it was vanished) a bloodthirsty relationship to say the least with many history items lost to time.
Replies: >>215
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[Hide] (24.9KB, 238x380)
[Hide] (21.5KB, 238x380)
[Hide] (133.2KB, 450x315)
[Hide] (44.2KB, 347x330)
I actually haven't seen those photos before. I think it's pretty clear that's legit. As for the comparison to the other photo, it's clear this one has a much more cone shaped head. As far as masks go, try to find one online that looks like that, I won't hold my breath.
>they don't look very chinese
Dude what? I think I would know, I am partially of Coast Salish descent and have lived on a reserve. That's also why I know about the language and DNA studies linking us to fucking Beijing. Coast Salish people are literally an ancient Chinese migrant population. They even have the hats. Who do you think wiped out the Aryan Atlantean remnant that lived here before? I guess it can be hard to tell sometimes because of the radical miscegenation, since native women only like to marry White men.
Replies: >>216
>Dude what?
I saw other pics with the dudes looking Apache-like, those in your second and third pictures scream chinese but i would pin them more on the South Asian spectrum rather than the Northern Chink one (again, Han genes destroyed most of the mainland genes so i cannot say for sure). Fourth pic looks like a pale mutt (cool hat tho) and the last one looks like the usual pure breed plains/desert native americans, which are frankly very asian to be begin with. 
Still, genes are just half the story because language is just as important back then, if their spoken word has mandarin links then it's nigh impossible to deny their origin as "modern" asian migrants. Yeah i also wandered in some rez places but i'm not officially an injun although i can technically register as one, there's too many misconceptions about them but to be fair being lazy is not one of those, my kind simply are too demoralized to elevate collectively as everyone acts on their own without any regards to their fellow. 

>wiped out the Aryan Atlantean remnant
That's a very spicy topic that borders the wewuz territory, i can easily buy it as i fully believe in human history before the massive flood event yet most proof is gone or being actively destroyed by (((suspicious actors))). In North America the only thing i'm not sure about is the Anasazi people, the name means "adversary" and they were crafty architects and survivalists that "disappeared", some of their constructions trademarks like the roll doors can be linked only to Derinkuyu all the way with the Hittites in the Black Sea, although still "recent" compared to antediluvian which is at least 10k years. The Clovis arrow tips are odd and are near the flood era but the human buried there, Anzik, is DNA tested as siberian so a Bering man and not really a slippery Aryan.
The white genes in many injuns i can attribute to pre-Columbus expeditions like the nords but down in Peru there's some shenanigans that cannot be ignored like the clearly white kings they had for a while and that were overthrown by injundom but not genocided as many whites were still among them when the spaniards came around.
But we are grasping at mainland discoveries when we should be looking at underwater structures, most settlements should've been in the coastal areas and those were the first to take the hit of the fabled flood, the japs already discovered an unexplained underwater pyramid structure, Yonaguni, which has been blacklisted by science for decades at this point. I guess we are going a bit sideways with the big hairy people topic but if some animals and people crossed the Behring then it's plausible a hypothetical hominid not Sapiens crossed too, after all some extinct hominids date from the same era.
>>67 (OP) 
Wait a tick... the Patterson-Gimlin video happened in an October 20th and the audio encounter in >>207 was in an October 21th, almost a 5th anniversary back then and today is almost the anniversary of both of them, 53th and 48th.
The synchronicity is real my friends
Replies: >>219
It's worth noting that the P-G crew almost assuredly were lying about the date of the film. MK Davis is presents some pretty compelling arguments that the film was shot in the summer. Note also that the orange and yellow foliage in the film actually appears to be attached to dead and fallen trees.
Replies: >>220
That would be hilarious taking into account the story of the forest keeper who said they didn't see anything that day but when reading the news they went to the alleged site and found tracks near the place.
It might be a case of "those who search, find" but it does sound coincidental. Patterson had a pretty shady reputation but Gimlin seemed honest enough, he's always attributed for falling for it but he followed the damn thing later on, claims to never see anything strange and that he legitimately saw Pat trembling.
He should've shot the monkey but maybe he hesitated because of her monkey kid being near them. But honestly scientists are so bent to deny something strange happening that even if you made a bigfoot massacre and dumped the bodies in a laboratory they would claim something else. Yet bigger hoaxes are written in history as facts.
Replies: >>221
You're a funny guy. I take it you don't believe in the "massacre theory"?
Replies: >>222
>I take it you don't believe in the "massacre theory"?
Oh boy what did i step on, what is that? searches only give me the Royal Nepalese incident and Sandy Hook.
Been out of the /x/ loop for a very long time, please excuse any ignorance regarding that
Replies: >>224
[Hide] (123.8KB, 640x640)
I think it's the best explanation for the otherwise anomalous existence of the PG film. In short:
>glow in the dark canadians who already had bigfoot hunting experience accompany patterson and gimlin, or maybe the other way around
>capture young bigfoot, don't know how
>tie it up
>open fire on bigfoots as they try to retrieve the young one
>the young bigfoot and up to 5 others are killed
>this is when patty was recorded and why she behaved so strangely, walking in the open, she had nothing left to lose
>normally female bigfoots are never seen and always accompanied by a male 
>p&g collaborated to record the creatures, possibly working for the us gov
>some remains are kept other are dumped in a pit to be disposed of later
>they lie about the timing of events, why they were there, and many other details
There is a whole lot more to it, obviously, but I only recently became aware of this whole controversy recently and I'm not sure I can do the issue justice.
>theory starts gaining exposure a few years ago
>north american ape controlled opposition turbo faggots come reeeeeeeeing out of the woodwork claiming it's anudda shoah
>as far as I can tell, a bunch of videos sympathetic to the massacre theory get nuked by youtube as part of the recent q purge
>the "massacre debunked" videos are still up
>I only learn this an hour ago when I started to reply to this post and tried to find a certain interview to post
I'll post a few more times ITT but I'm going to be taking a break soon.
Replies: >>226
Some websites for more bigfoot research, for the interested.



>the "massacre debunked" videos are still up
That's how yidtube operates, same goes with oven logistics in german camps.
That's an interesting theory but there must have been a whistleblower or pesky forest keeper to cast light on it because that's a pretty specific and controversial take on an already divisive event as the PG film.
>north american ape controlled opposition
I don't know why i laughed so hard at that, there's always an "open-minded" group trying to maintain an overly skeptic status quo so people just think it's a "lol random event bro" instead of an actual widespread phenomenon.

If you are to believe the larpers, and honestly at some point the rugged injun medicine men who explore their rez, both of these openly talk about skinwalkers/shapeshifters at some level (a taboo topic to mention out loud even if you are not a native descendant) yet flip flop or reserve :^) their opinions regarding the sasquatch/yowie, they either know much more than they claim so talking about it as a hearsay makes them feel uncomfortable or they regard a giant hairy dude doing normal things as fishing and picking wood, minding his own business, to be more taboo than a literal mindless witcher who hurts hitchhikers and can transform in wild animals, and even some people, at will.

There is indeed something going on at some level, those in the know prefer talking about most anything else than the super ape, maybe they are getting intimidated by a higher power's displays of wrong think or they've seen something too loonie to tell about in a serious way like they think it deserves. I mean i can believe that, in my town there's literal dozens of people from a neighborhood who have attested seeing gnomes at night doing gnomes things yet you would be hard pressed to find that info online or even get a response from somebody without first knowing them.
Replies: >>227
[Hide] (28.2MB, 856x480, 15:43)
>indians not talking about bigfoot
I haven't experienced this, but I'm on the other side of the fence I suppose. Absolutely no one on the native side of my family, including extended family treats the existence Bigfoot as anything other than something to be taken for granted. It's seen as something to consider when/if you go in to the woods or an isolated area and to leave them alone. I've been told stories from the time I was a teenager. Supposedly back in the 30's there was one that used to wait for the men to leave to go fishing then break into the cellar at night and gorge itself on whatever it could find, while the women and children huddled inside the house and shit bricks as the thing's smell permeated the house. That's just an example, no one would ever question the veracity of such a story, and there are many more.
Webm related is all I can scrounge up for now regarding the massacre theory, video wise. I might be able to dig up a couple more odds and ends.
Replies: >>366
[Hide] (20.6MB, 432x240, 17:03)
[Hide] (5.2MB, 300x191)
>leave for a month
>no new posts
I may have discovered something interesting about Bigfoot's feet.
Also here's a weird gif. The way it moves looks very wrong, but that's interesting, If I wanted to put out a fake clip it wouldn't look like this.
[Hide] (675.3KB, 482x602)
Potentially relevant, though it's worth noting that David Paulides seems to deny that the Missing 411 phenomenon is related to Bigfoot.
Replies: >>632
The question would be what exactly Bigfoot(s) would require humans for. Assuming they don't just kill humans purely out of spite.
Replies: >>647 >>653
Food (only some groups are cannibalistic apparently) or sex. As noted earlier, many Indian tribes, specifically Canadian ones, have had problems with them kidnapping their women for hundreds of years. 
Possibly some particularly cranky ones might kill us for various reasons related to taboo and territory violations. Rule of thumb seems to be the farther north one goes in North America the nastier their temperament gets. 
I've have also heard that in their language humans are called "the Evil People".
Replies: >>664
But would you fuck a sasquatch?
Replies: >>669
Because I would.
Depends on how they look (and more importantly smell) like. Although I could imagine getting a hug from one might not even be physically unpleasant if the fur is soft enough.

>tfw no ara Sasquatch that mistakes you for frail runt and instinctively mothers you
Replies: >>670
I've had some very surreal and sometimes disturbing dream/sleep paralysis incidents involving "physical" contact, specifically a "hug" with a Bigfoot, but I have refrained from posting any of my dream experiences because it's so easy to dismiss as "just a dream bro". 
Also see the screencap "Eurasian Bigfoot" in >>147
I'd fuck a lg sasquatch.

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