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Fake NASA, Cult of Saturn, Hollow Earth, anything goes. 

I'll start with a favorite of mine; Pyramids in Antartica, the idea of such a structure in the middle of the most lifeless part of the planet fascinates me to no end. I don't know much about it myself, other than it's related to either nazis, ayys, patagons or hyperboria or all of them at the same time
What do you think anon? mountains or the remains of an ancient civilization?
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I really like hollow earth shit, its pretty interesting.
Can you post some infographics about the subject, please?
Replies: >>428
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Did anyone happen to watch an interview of a paranormal radio host interviewing an old scientist from NASA who was suffering from an affliction in his legs and was afraid to go to the doctors under concern they'd kill him discussing Die Glocke, the Kecksburg Acorn, "Hitler's Flying Beauty" who I presume to be Hanna Reitsch if there weren't any other pretty flygirls at the time, and and a stern-looking black or brown-haired SS officer who disappeared on May 8th or so.  The program lasts from 45-60 minutes and I can't find it anywhere.

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So what really happened up there? Last I heard, the commonly accepted public theory is that the victims were surprised by an avalanche, rushed out of their tents, and then bitterly froze to death in the wonderful Russian winter weather.
Yet I've also read theories that they stumbled upon a Soviet military experiment (specifically involving parachute mines that would detonate above the ground and smush you with their shockwave alone), went into blind panic because the wind howling across the mountain produced some kind of infrasound, and there obviously are alleged sightings of UFOs near the campsite.

So, what's your pet theory? Was this simply a camping trip gone wrong? Or did the nine hikers see something the powers that be did not want them to see?
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Replies: >>415 + 1 earlier
To the best of my knowledge, they cut up the tent from inside. Unless whatever monster left those clawsmarks was polite enough to enter the tent by opening the zipper - something they panicking campers failed to do - I don't see how a bear or anything could have gotten in there.
Of course, this does not account for shapeshifting stuff like skinwalkers or whatnot.
Replies: >>411
Or a dude with a uranoum rod up his ass with a knife.
The locals called it a cursed area and I'm inclined to believe them so I don't think it was anything governmental.  It was either a yeti or UFO, maybe demonic spirit.
>>406 (OP) 
nothing spicy on this event imo, worth the full watch

Replies: >>416
>Yuri Yefimovich (((Yuden))) fell ill and left the expedition before the incident, becoming the only participant to survive until he died in 2013.
I'm just shitposting, but this still is unintentionally hilarious

>Some of the hikers were intoxicated prior to their death.
Interesting, this was a bit I hadn't heard of before.

>Abnormally radioactive clothing belonged to hikers previous working at top-secret nuclear facilities
That does explain a lot. The irradiation of the clothing was one of the most repeated arguments for military intervention I've heard, but I suppose contemporary Soviet investigators plainly could not say anything about the nuclear facilities.

>It all boils down to the embers in a stove inside the tent coming back to life after they removed the exhaust pipe
>Tent is filled with smoke/and or burning
>Hikers go for the nearest cover (i.e, trees), with some dying because they caused a minor avalanche while the rest froze to death.
That's a pretty sound theory, actually. Little freak accidents like this have led into far greater disasters before.

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So apparently a trio of turbo-autists managed to decode the notorious 340-character cipher the Zodiac Killer mailed to the San Francisco Chronicle on November 8th, 1969.
And it only took them the better part of 51 years (to be fair, Zodiac seemingly made "typing errors" inside his own cipher)

With some fumbling, pic related spells out into:

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What is it? Why do people age faster there? Why hasn't anyone climbed it and finished it? Tell me what is it? Why is it?
Replies: >>386
>>385 (OP) 
Mount Kailash is a holy site to Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists. People climbing it would plainly cause lots of butthurt from the involved parties, and climbers who were offered permission to do so (including Reinhold Messner) did not take up the offer for the same reason.
As of today, China has also banned any mountaineering on Mount Kailash for the same reason.

>rapid aging
Probably exaggerated. What I could imagine is that the the atmospheric conditions up there slightly cause your skin to retract/shrink, exposing more of the nail/hair in the process. A bit like with corpses whose nails and hair supposedly continued to "grow" well after death.

The more interesting part is that "Russian scientists" suggested the top part of Mount Kailash is actually man-made (and/or houses a nuclear reactor). Sadly, none of the sites I looked up ever bothered to explain just who these "Russian scientists" were.
Replies: >>388
Btw by the "rapid aging I meant more like you age a bit faster.
>"Russian scientists"
That reminds me of that one wierd video of one ruskie trting to create hybrid of human and chivken and creates some abomination. I dunno why, but It reminda me of it.
Replies: >>390 >>395
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you mean this guy? his channel had a good run, shame he stopped posting as he allegedly died of a heart attack.
rumour goes his neighbour saw lots of unusual movement and cops confiscating his belongings as soon as he died
Replies: >>394
where do I find videos of this dude?
Replies: >>395
All suggestions about the "rapid aging" parts I saw specifically described your hair and fingernails growing by "two weeks", even if you only spent "twelve hours" near Mount Kailash.

Which either makes it a very clear-cut phenomenon, or means they serve copypasta from the same Indian poo-in-the-loo bullshit esoteric source that also tries to sell you fermented cowpiss as a means to ensure eternal life.


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So what's the deal with The Great Reset?
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There's a grand conjection as Jupiter and Saturn come within 0.1 degrees of one another, so the New Age esoterics are positively flipping their shit.
I expect a nothingburger.
Replies: >>346
Not nessecarily a nothingburger. In my experience, cosmic changes are there and they are real, but it's typically a lot more subtle than NewAgefags expect. Even though the arrival of Corona was sighted as a "dramatic change" but it wasn't as evident in the moment.

I've read stories about people who enjoy lucid dreaming, ending up having an intense spiritual experience on dec. 21 2012. They met various deities from various pantheons, up to and including the divine source, AKA God.

Jupiter is a planet of heroism, authority, and fortune. Saturn is planet of restrictions, time, and pain. Most personal readings I've seen about these planets in conjunction advise against doing lawless things.

It's also historically significant for having grand shifts of power and politics.
Replies: >>347
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>read article
>its all about US politics
ah yes of course, I forgot the whole universe revolves around the fucking amerimuts
Replies: >>351
You seem to think normalfags aren't subhuman scum who don't know shit about anything. I'm surprised at you. It's not 1% or .1% or .001% of Humans who are retarded, who cannot self-govern, who cannot make decisions. Most Humans are chattel. They crave subjugation. They work for their lords and their masters and if denied them they'll seek new ones. Slavery is a Human construct decried and dismantled by superior men who saw the good in themselves and their neighbors and thought the world must be the same. The true man, the real person knows that slavery is death but most Humans aren't real men. In them there is no art, no beauty, no understanding. They are tools craving hands to wield them and nothing more. If this is what the "Elites" know to be true, then they know it well and are right in the knowing. The problem isn't what happens to the cows, the problem is what happens to we: the aurochs left in these placid fields. It's not the "Elites" through which evil is done but their obedient servants: The Normalfags.
Replies: >>351
>ah yes of course, I forgot the whole universe revolves around the fucking amerimuts
The universe of global television loves to make it that way. But really, if things were as bad as conspirafags make it out to be, then 1984 would've happened in WWII.

And I bet you're just one of those soyboy faggots trying to act like he's "trolling" by acting like a "tough-guy-incel", yet you're secretly subscribe to every single thing you preach against.

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What did get you intrested into paranormal? What's your favourite Horror ARG/ARE?
Feel free to talk about your favourite Arg/movies. I fucked up the last one, that I didn't add pics
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Replies: >>318 + 3 earlier
no, sounds interesting whats about?  
and is it still avalible to watch? i tried searching the image on google but no luck.
>>81 (OP) 
my family, especially my mom, was always interested in the paranormal. my mom will always watches these paranormal reality shows, ghost films like the haunting remake from the 90s.
Replies: >>331
Blair Witch 2 has been given two fan cuts that improve it greatly, one I can't find and the other is on Bitchute and doesn't load for me.
Torment was an ARG/crypto game that was launched way back in 2007, I know that much.
There was nothing inherently special to it - you had a website where each page was a puzzle with a specific answer. Entering the right answer led you to the next page/puzzle, etc. Entering a wrong one would either lead you back to the main page or, worse, to a "red herring" - which looked like another puzzle, but had no proper answer.

The actual natures of the puzzles varied, but I faintly recall one was a classical instance of cryptography/codebreaking, another was based on a picture crawling with insects with some vague comments on their shells, and a third required intimate knowledge of Shakespeare.

It was pretty popular on 4chan's /x/ back in the day and also had groups trying to solve it in various forums (fairly sure there was at least one dedicated website or at least online forum). Then one of the players went apeshit and hacked the email account of the creator Grngecko. The latter thoroughly flipped his shit and took the entire thing offline.

He later started a second, similar project called "Tormentum" in 2010, but that one fizzled out, too.

I actually found an old thread 
As well as a YT vid, even if that's in Spanish.
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Replies: >>333
Is there any remains? I mean that if there isn't a site that hosts or has the game for download or whatever? Because this sounds intresting.
Replies: >>337
Another thread from the forum I linked mentions some sites still can be called up via the Wayback Machine, but most are missing the images.
I don't think Torment has never been rehosted anywhere. It's pretty much gone.

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Thoughts on Gelitin?

Replies: >>325
>>77 (OP) 
Yes, also "dancing israels" and "Urban Moving Systems" Inc.
Maybe it's more /pol/ related due to politics, but anyway it's a creepy stuff. "9/11 predictive programming", when (((they))) put 9/11 symbolism in movies, cartoons, music etc before the actual happening and drawing's by this e-team.
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Forgot the drawings.
Replies: >>327
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“I haven’t seen you in these parts,” the barkeep said, sidling over to where I sat. “Designation’s Bao.” He stated it exuberantly, as if word of his exploits were shared by way of settlers about assorted a verve in Aeternum. 
He waved to a unanimated tun beside us, and I returned his gesticulate with a nod. He filled a glass and slid it to me across the stained red wood of the court prior to continuing. 
“As a betting houseman, I’d be assenting to wager a fair speck of invent you’re in Ebonscale Reach on the side of more than the drink and sights,” he said, eyes glancing from the sword sheathed on my with it to the bend slung across my back. 

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Been thinking about doing some ghost and cryptid hunting, skinwalkers, ghost, goatmen, cannibal hillbillies. I already have a list of items I want to get that I think would help me like thermal cameras, trail cams, and go pros.  But I also wanted to get your opinion on other items or brands I should check out, also if anyone has had any experience monster hunting.
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Skip meals for a day or two and sleep in a graveyard wearing as little clothing as you safely can. None at all, ideally. Set up recording equipment at an angle that doesn't capture schlong, have a diary to write down anything that you remember from your dreams in detail (you will dream), and you're good to go. If you get video of something, it must not make a sound. If you find hear sound of something, it must not be seen. Anything "ghostly" that you can both see and hear is a hoax or a fraud, or simply has an unexplored explanation.
Gravekeepers are emphatically hostile to such an act due to ingrained Judeochristian views on it as immutable sin, dangerous, and an affront to God, but most people are not consciously aware of why, so you can probably get away with it if you prepare well enough. Just do be aware that in this day and age, even if they aren't used to "investigator traffic" anymore, they are intimately familiar with graverobbers.
As far as what to bring to any site you think might be haunted in general, >>287 has the right of it. Bodily worries before fun spooky hijinks. "Hiking supplies" are a must. For the rest and to varying levels of difficulty and lunacy, bring some non-hallucinogenic incense, and the cleaned bone of a small animal. Incense is supposed to make an area "unclean," and therefore easier for spirits to inhabit. By putting the bone of a small animal in your mouth, you forfeit the sanctity of
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>310
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>Chucking dead animal in your mouth
Like eating meat?
Replies: >>314 >>315 >>316
No, not like eating meat. When you eat meat, you generally don't try to divine outcomes or speak to the dead, because only a weirdo would talk with their mouth full, let alone practice idolatry. That's why the post has
>and giving speeches
in it. Because context is what makes the sentence intelligible.
What is retarded image that you've posted?
>muh science
Atheists need to be raped and beheaded.

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Is Poli'ahu's summer blizzard the most blatant modern day example of a miracle that isn't monotheistic?
With everything that's happened related to Maunakea in the past few years, from this to the time the one lizard goddess I forget the name of supposedly made a semi-direct appeal to Hawaiian courts by having someone who can see her speak as her representative, does Hawaii seem enormously underrated in terms of supernatural context as of late to anyone else?
Islanders in general tend to lose culture and spirituality, as they have fewer bastions. When you nix one set of Abrahamics, there are five more to take their place in nearby countries all across the Levant, same with the Hindi, Buddhists, etc.. Meanwhile, islands make selective immigration and censuring foreign religions much easier, so even if you live in the major archipelagos, there's a limited degree of cross-pollination. 
Kill off all the shamans of a Polynesian peoples through violent occupation? That's all there is to it. Documentation is poor, they tend to be iconic cults or aniconic oral traditions, and islands were great strategic locations before modern morality set in and made genocide an unfashionable pastime.
In that sense, yes, enormously underrated, both by surviving natives (with only the barest understanding of their old culture) and foreigners alike.
So far as this specific instance, the peak of Mauna Kea is cold in summer with regularity. July is rarer, but happens roughly one day of the month every year to June's two or three. I'm not sure if I would jump to "miracle" outright.

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What do you listen to spookster anons? Any favorites?

Graveyard Tales is 2 old southern fags shit talking random spooky events and is well worth a listen.

Jim Harrold's camp fire is a call in show where people tell him their creepy or weird stories and he compiles them into an episode. Pretty hit or miss with the odd story which will linger in the back of your mind. He also does the paranormal podcast where he interviews two different people each week. Mostly trying to sell you books but still some quality there.

Mysterious universe. 2 aussies shit posting at maximum non-banned from youtube levels.
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Monsters Among Us is a call-in show for "real" paranormal experiences.  Hit or miss and some calls are BS but others seem genuinely believable.
What the hell are you talking about? One of the knockoff channels that uploads old David Paulides interviews? Because Paulides is on jewtube, he uploaded this week.
Replies: >>281
TV show, his new show, whatever, almost all of his old stuff is gone.
Replies: >>291
He doesn't have a tv show. I think you're confused, there were some "imposter" channels that he's been complaining about that got deleted recently. He has movies, which are all still up on youtube. His actual channel is called "Canam Missing Project".
Replies: >>293
His documentaries and some scenes in the trailer looked like TV shows or specials but he definitely had a podcast years that was repeatedly deleted by YouTube for discussing things that were too close for the alphabet's comfort.

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