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Is this stuff actually real or just photoshop/pareidolia ?
Does anyone here tried it ?

Picrelated is some pics taken from Russian ITC community in VK.com.
At least a couple look like something created through overexposure.

Also, how exactly do you get non-audio EVP when EVP boils down to Electric Voice Phenomena in the first place?
Even if they aren't photoshopped, a super blurry photo could be anything
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Plus how would a camera pick up something they human eye rarely can?

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Have you strongly interpreted the dot today?
I still dont really understand what these dots mean. I see them everywhere and then people are like "It's THIS color, omg!" And then they say to expect some kind of energy or something and I get confused.
Replies: >>1394
I think the idea is that if the random numbers aren't less random at a certain point, then it must be the work of people unknowingly interfering with RNG. If people are doing that, it must be because something is happening that's connecting us all together.
Replies: >>1396
So then what do we do with this orange dot information?

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The next false flag 

The next false flag will be centered on the premise of malicious interdiction of nuclear source materials.  It will not involve a nuclear device or nuclear detonation but rather a radiological threat. Nuclear source materials will be deliberately leaked to target areas to inflict severe injuries through radiation exposure. The real number of casualties as a result of these attacks will remain very low. The purpose is to create
a new method of restricting freedom of movement and new policies that will enable the government to continue it's expansion of power.  The media will display images of attack survivors  who will have burns and lesions across their skin. Videos depicting overwhelmed triage centers with
victims vomiting or otherwise unresponsive will be shared on social media. The threat of radiation exposure - an invisible enemy -  will be used as the primary psychological vector. 

An application modeled after COVID contact tracing will be installed on every mobile device that uses iOS or Android. This application will serve to notify the user about potential hazardous exposure" and recommend actions they should take which include voluntary exposure testing. Additionally, cellular carriers will roll out automated SMS alerts that will have similar functionality.  This application will interface directly with the UICC on mobile devices. If the user does not have this application installed, network connectivity will be prohibited.  New  policy will grant governmental agencies further access to metadata and geolocation data on every platform. Included in these policies will be backdoor legislation that bans the use of end-to-end encryption. This legislation will be identical in nature to the recently introduced S.3538 EARN IT act. 

These attacks will be localized to a specific region. Triage centers will be setup in the affected areas through the deployment of the National Guard and coordinating members such as FEMA. These triage centers will see moderate traffic. The narrative will continues longer than any possible threat. 
Despite offering no protection or even relevancy against a radiological threat you will see another wave of people wearing cotton surgical masks in not just the target areas but the entire United States.

There will be severe disruptions to the Internet through the use of addition rather than negation. Alternative sources of information will become overwhelmed with 
content generated by convolutional neural networks that support the narrative or uses a carefully crafted opposition. Platforms that are incompatible with this system will be suppressed entirely on the infrastructure level. There will be organic service disruptions as a result of excess traffic.

Videos will surface showing these triage centers empty with the personnel staffing them idle. This will threaten the narrative. The control of information is required for the campaign to be successful.
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>>1384 (OP) 
"Simulated media is a part of the training at the #CobaltMagnet22 radiological exercise in #AustinTX. An @argonne team holds participants feet to the fire by asking tough questions about the simulated event" https://archive.ph/h6nNP [deleted on July 1st]

Exercise Cobalt Magnet 22 | May 20th, 2022 "NNSA, working with federal, state, and local partners, to hold major radiological incident exercise in Austin May 16-20" https://archive.ph/oIWos

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New York Nuclear Attack PSA - "Don't ask why or how, but just know that it happened" | July 11th, 2022 | https://invidious.fdn.fr/watch?v=N-5d7V4Sbqk
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August 29th, 2022
Event A

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So what really happened up there? Last I heard, the commonly accepted public theory is that the victims were surprised by an avalanche, rushed out of their tents, and then bitterly froze to death in the wonderful Russian winter weather.
Yet I've also read theories that they stumbled upon a Soviet military experiment (specifically involving parachute mines that would detonate above the ground and smush you with their shockwave alone), went into blind panic because the wind howling across the mountain produced some kind of infrasound, and there obviously are alleged sightings of UFOs near the campsite.

So, what's your pet theory? Was this simply a camping trip gone wrong? Or did the nine hikers see something the powers that be did not want them to see?
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>Yuri Yefimovich (((Yuden))) fell ill and left the expedition before the incident, becoming the only participant to survive until he died in 2013.
I'm just shitposting, but this still is unintentionally hilarious

>Some of the hikers were intoxicated prior to their death.
Interesting, this was a bit I hadn't heard of before.

>Abnormally radioactive clothing belonged to hikers previous working at top-secret nuclear facilities
That does explain a lot. The irradiation of the clothing was one of the most repeated arguments for military intervention I've heard, but I suppose contemporary Soviet investigators plainly could not say anything about the nuclear facilities.

>It all boils down to the embers in a stove inside the tent coming back to life after they removed the exhaust pipe
>Tent is filled with smoke/and or burning
>Hikers go for the nearest cover (i.e, trees), with some dying because they caused a minor avalanche while the rest froze to death.
That's a pretty sound theory, actually. Little freak accidents like this have led into far greater disasters before.
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The interdimensional shapeshifting aliens, reptilians, mantids, and underground klanunaki, are causing worldwide telepathic judeo-masonic programming, predictive programming in hollywood, fabian communism, new world order design, human disguise gangstalking, telepathic dream psychic attack pain, targeted individual's lives are killed while being alive, its Unconventional War against us in all dimensions without Kinetic War, and it includes black magick and numerology. Their demonic technology captures souls via the moon and via invisible ships in the sky. The moon spacekikes, underground spaceniggers, and elite bloodlines are in a cult of Saturn, which is some sort of transmitter.
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The local Uralic peoples called the mountain cursed. It could've been a yeti I guess.
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Israel did it

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So what's the deal with The Great Reset?
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You seem to think normalfags aren't subhuman scum who don't know shit about anything. I'm surprised at you. It's not 1% or .1% or .001% of Humans who are retarded, who cannot self-govern, who cannot make decisions. Most Humans are chattel. They crave subjugation. They work for their lords and their masters and if denied them they'll seek new ones. Slavery is a Human construct decried and dismantled by superior men who saw the good in themselves and their neighbors and thought the world must be the same. The true man, the real person knows that slavery is death but most Humans aren't real men. In them there is no art, no beauty, no understanding. They are tools craving hands to wield them and nothing more. If this is what the "Elites" know to be true, then they know it well and are right in the knowing. The problem isn't what happens to the cows, the problem is what happens to we: the aurochs left in these placid fields. It's not the "Elites" through which evil is done but their obedient servants: The Normalfags.
Replies: >>351 >>1028
>ah yes of course, I forgot the whole universe revolves around the fucking amerimuts
The universe of global television loves to make it that way. But really, if things were as bad as conspirafags make it out to be, then 1984 would've happened in WWII.

And I bet you're just one of those soyboy faggots trying to act like he's "trolling" by acting like a "tough-guy-incel", yet you're secretly subscribe to every single thing you preach against.
>Something real interesting is gonna happen that day
It already happened
How can you say the elites aren't responsible, if the people are tools than the ones wielding the tools are to blame for the results. And to think that people deserve subjugation  just because they aren't fully self actualized is an abhorrent view.
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02 of 05 

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So last night me and my friend plus 10 others were at a real lake, called illwill creak, we showed up at some bowling ally and then went to a lake where we went to a old house abandoned there, were we met this woman, who asked each of us to collect her a bunch of candy, strange looking candy that looked hard candy in the shape twizzlers that were in weird colors, looked almost rotten, after we had collected all this candy everyone had left, I stayed and for some reason started hitting on her, it was weird cause it almost like I was under a spell, Like she was some kind of  succubus, keep in mind both me and my friend  the remember the dream perfectly, so it got me wondering since both me and him are into the occult, that maybe we were being summoned, or some shit, idk, I was hopping someone here whos a occult fag like me with years more experience would have a idea would this could mean
What else do you remember about the dream, like the others who were there, or what the woman looked like? Was there anything strange about this place?
Well the woman was wore like a silk dress, like oldtimey some kind of robe the house she lived in was super rundown, it reek of something  dark but familiar, pretty much the whole place was misty and foggy all to hell, like someone just let the fog machine run too long, oh yeah the candy we were ask to find, we looked for it along the lake and even in the water, some were held it by hand under the lake, the woman had two forms a normal form, and demon for that had skull face, that had a long neck and had protruding back that arched, and she had scythe arms with long boney sharp fingers.
As for the rest of the people with us, there I think there only three girls out of all the guys, there was I think only one I remember clearly facial wise she had big ears a big eyes  and she wore all black.

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Seeing as the thread over at /b/ is basically dead I thought it would be best to do it again here. Let's make an iceberg same rule apply as to the previous thread, pick a layer and a subject and I'll put it in if not I'll put it some where random. Also as a side I made an iceberg out of the list an anon made in the previous thread (pic related)
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Can we include the deepweb-only game Rooftop Koreans?
Replies: >>1130
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post it
What is the deal with Doom here?
Replies: >>1344
The idea that Doom wasn't a game but a documentary about future humanity literally opening a gate to hell while tinkering with teleporter tech.

Which would be fine and dandy if Romero hadn't decided he doesn't need the Doom Bible and plot in a video game is like plot in a porn movie.

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Really, no alchemy thread? It's not like we have a /fringe/ around here, so let's get cracking!
Everything you need to get started:
>Mortar and Pestle
>Access to Heat/Water
>Your Tongue
>Reference Material
>Choice of Ingredients
>Bonus: Retort (Any Type)
For the more experienced lads here, how are your gardens coming? I honestly don't grow a wide enough variety of ingredients, but I get by with foraging for the tricky stuff like mushrooms.
Any progress on the metals front friends?
Replies: >>1307
>>1298 (OP) 
https://alchemywebsite.com/ is great site and so is the video series about alchemical symbolism: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=n9x-GmPs3oE

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Be it old classics, or fresh baked bread, here we post the spooky stories we all need at night.
This one's a home brew, from about 15 years back.
>be me
>27 year-old ginger neckbeard
>Born and raised in Appalachia (WV)
>Mountaineer by trade, not for fun
>Work with survey teams for local mining concerns
>Just signed with new outfit, looking for new coal deposits
>Friend transfers with me, we'll call him 'Phil'
>Phil works with survey equipment, I guide the team
>Company is based in California, has no clue how things work out East
>Most of the crew are bussed in from San Francisco, never been east of St. Louis
>Decide to fuck with them
>We have an urban legend, pretty much completely spread by local black-lungers
>The Coalman (Urban version) or the Howler (Miner version) is said to walk the hillsides, trying to kill work crews in its "territory"
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Replies: >>1297
jewtuber pls go
Replies: >>1297
>>1295 (OP) 
We have a stories thread already.
Also what >>1296 said.

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The good name of Jupiter is being besmirched by filthy Saturnian troons, the lowest ranks of Saturnians. Just as faggots have stolen the rainbow, God's symbol that he would not flood the Earth again no matter how gay it is, trannies are using the colors of Jupiter as their flag of mental illness. 
that's not all. the name of the satellite tbat took the photographs is Juno. Juno is the embodiment of femininity and fertility. You may remember some movie called Juno about a pregnant teenage girl, young, fertile, the embodiment of a woman. the actress was not known for a whole lot else until...
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Replies: >>1214 + 2 earlier
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>>877 (OP) 
Speaking of Roman gods, I stumbled on this recently. Meme magic is still alive in the current year.
[Hide] (229.7KB, 635x864)
In certain traditions the Earth is thought of as the "sub-lunar" world, with the moon being the conduit of manifestation for higher dimensional states. Think of a lens, with earthly life being a projection.  But this also means the moon is potentially a gateway past the firmament.
Those given to transcendentalism therefore tend to hostility towards the moon as it is the engine of incarnation.
There is quite a bit more to be said about the topic though, to say the least.
Replies: >>1222
I'd like to learn more about this. I don't feel any true fear or hatred towards the moon myself, but instead I feel a longing, more about getting man back onto the moon and later into the rest of the Solar System.

>perform some extreme, edgy or otherwise   non negotiable act in the name of your deity
>The globohomo latches onto it as a 'muh extremist bigots' narrative
>Defended the honour of the deity in question
Why do people like the Christians play along and put rainbows on their anti gay signs and stuff, stand up for your shit.

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