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Is it real?
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>>477 (OP) 
wait what?
>>477 (OP) 
its all real anon
>>477 (OP) 
oh it's real
>>477 (OP) 

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Anyone remember /sudpol/? It was a board that was generally made to discuss shit like Hitler being in Antarctica, the warm caves in Antarctica, (maybe) hollow earth, and all of the other weird shit like nazi bells and directions to hidden locations and the like. The last thing I remember is plans to just go off the clearnet, and not even into torniggery, just like a closed circle to go find more shit.
Then, when 8chan disappeared, it kinda just fell off the map like a lot of other smaller boards. So the question is, what happened?
Also Antarctica thread I guess.
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>>638 (OP) 
I'd honestly expect it just fizzled out like that one /pol/ group that wanted to buy land in Africa (Namibia IIRC) and establish a White colony there.

Besides - with Antarctica, I'd be more worried what's gonna happen there in the future. With all the natural resources still waiting under the ice, I would be surprised if the US and Russia hadn't already planted bases there that don't show up on any maps. Kind of like Camps Fistclench and Century.
>>638 (OP) 
It was nearly dead toward the end of 8chan, getting about one or two posts a week, due to fizzling out over time.
Chances are it simply died after 8chan did.
Replies: >>916
I miss reading through /fringe/ threads on 8chan.
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I have no idea if this is a genuine document, so proceed with caution.
Replies: >>1188
To the best of my knowledge, the German WWII-era Kriegsmarine had no "A-Class" u-boats - they were designated by Roman numerals followed by a letter, so the first U-Boat class designed in the Third Reich was "IA" and the last was the midget submarine XXVIIB.

I'm also a bit skeptical about the u-boats descending to a depth of 400 meters. Most German subs had a test depth of ~200m, with a calculated crushing depth of around 300m.
That being said, the Los Angeles class developed by the US in 1942 already had a test depth of 450m, so it's at least possible the Kriegsmarine had a secret u-boat project specifically aiming for deep-dive cruises.

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Russian guy found this in his barn. There are glimpses of the creature throughout the video but nothing concrete. What is this thing?
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we live in an era where 100% of phones can record at least at 720p stable 60 fps yet all the spook videos are still grainy and stuttery
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>>1088 (OP) 
Would you mind posting your webm version in this thread >>634
 instead? There is no reason to have this thread twice.
It's either some hermit living in the barn, or, if supernatural, maybe a domovoy.
Unironically, if it's genuine spooks, then it's probably the result of EM interference or something.
Dude it is from russia, so I wouldn't be suprised if it's just that his phobe sucks
>>1088 (OP) 
>What is this thing?
Some drunk most likely.

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Been thinking about doing some ghost and cryptid hunting, skinwalkers, ghost, goatmen, cannibal hillbillies. I already have a list of items I want to get that I think would help me like thermal cameras, trail cams, and go pros.  But I also wanted to get your opinion on other items or brands I should check out, also if anyone has had any experience monster hunting.
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>Chucking dead animal in your mouth
Like eating meat?
No, not like eating meat. When you eat meat, you generally don't try to divine outcomes or speak to the dead, because only a weirdo would talk with their mouth full, let alone practice idolatry. That's why the post has
>and giving speeches
in it. Because context is what makes the sentence intelligible.
What is retarded image that you've posted?
>muh science
Atheists need to be raped and beheaded.
Are you people really this fucking stupid? Human child = murder. It's a human, the God race. A pig is a dumb animal. We eat animals. Killing humans at any stage is morally wrong, even at the moment of conception they still have all the info to become a full human. It's not about pain or awareness, it's about not killing your own kind you fucking tard. Plus, it's more moral to let a child live at the expense of the mother's life as the mother has lived more and the child has not had a chance. You lived till adulthood, be happy or be used as biomatter, dickhead.

Also the left can't meme. The fuck was that format and gay ass drawing.

Any one here ever come across an organisation named the Imperium?
Replies: >>1131
>>1119 (OP) 
Concur, this organization is white supremecist and known for recruiting on imageboards like this and 4chan. They're also known for being somewhat cryptic even though they're not actually hiding anything that spectacular. Participation in that organization is exclusively voluntary and based on their preferred methods of communication (discord) imperium is most likely a fed honeypot.

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What are your thoughts on this book? 
Some interesting concepts on the implicate and explicate order, and the holographic universe. Found it impressive how it made use of the theories of David Bohm and Karl Pribram.

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Let's have a little literature, shall we?
Starting with the Arbatel de Magia Veterum,

English version: http://www.esotericarchives.com/solomon/arbatel.htm
Orginial German scan:

This thread is about discussion of chaos magick, but I particularly want to discuss sigil magick with anons. Have you ever done sigil magick? What's your preferred method and what're your stories related to it? Personally, I've done sigil magick many times with little success, but I attribute that to fucking up the last step related to detachment and forgetting the desire, and just tending to overthink magick in some fit of excitement, so if you've any methods to overcome such obstacles, that'd be welcome as well. I'd also love to know if any of you have ever tried a hypersigil, since that's a relatively unexplored part of sigil magick. I myself am considering starting one.

If you don't know what sigil magick is, the pdf attached has a pretty good introduction to it starting at page three. The article itself is also a pretty good intro to chaos magick.
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I also meant to post this example of a sigil I just made
File eaten / 404s for me.
Replies: >>981
Sorry about that. Here's the link: https://doctormcg.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/morrison-pop-magik-ocr.pdf
Replies: >>984
An interesting read, but for me this all seems halfway between a self-induced placebo effect and self-reinforced schizophrenia.
I don't deny the effectiveness of the former (i.e, raising the perceived temperature in the room by thinking of something warm), but the idea that sigils "always" work seems silly when you can claim any even associated with a fairly vague invocation a potential success.
There is a very indepth thread about magick on mlpol.net/vx

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I need assistance finding this room.
Replies: >>906 >>980
>>807 (OP) 
well I can't describe exactly where as that would be too long winded but the general direction is northwest from origin although it might be different for you
>>807 (OP) 
Might be the lighting/image quality, but this honestly looks like something out of a dollhouse.
Or one of the miniature stages they used for Hollywood special effects before CGI became a thing.

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We always hear about ghosts staying behind to mess with the living world due to some sort of unfinished business such as by passing on information, fighting daemons, harassing trespassers or straight up cursing people. In that case, why aren't there more combat ghosts? More often than not, when somebody dies fighting for something they are really concerned with succeeding in that pursuit. It stands to reason that some of the more passionate individuals would be less than willing to simply fade away and like their civilian kin would work to assist their living comrades such as by reconnaissance, psychological warfare or assassination.
Do you think that battlefields are as chaotic on the spectral plane as they are on the mundane? For every squad of meatsacks trying to make ghosts there is a platoon of existing conducting intelligence operations against the enemy and counter-intelligence operations against the enemy's team of ghosts,
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Replies: >>951 >>954 + 2 earlier
There's plenty of murderers in jails with their guns in evidence lockers. Offer a reduced sentence and take minimal precautions to make sure the process doesn't murder them, though it wouldn't be much of a loss. Here's a very simple drawing demonstrating how you could do it.
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The image server hates me, second time trying this.
>>830 (OP) 
>lust provoking image
>pointless time wasting question
It isn't a pointless question but still.
>>830 (OP) 
German soldiers practiced for centuries a kind of war magic called Festmachen(solid making). The practitioners of Festmachen claimed to be geforen(frozen) and hence invulnerable against bullets and melee weapons. Besides instructions for how to become invulnerable, the art also contained curses against soldiers and horses, how to heal diseases, how to build magical weapons and armors and how to curse and uncurse guns. Any battlefield ghost would have had to deal with this stuff, on top of that every war attracts legion of priests who sanctify weapons and burry all the dead they can find. 

At last you have to keep in mind the culture of people. People who see it as an honor to die in battle aren't bitches who come back as salty ghosts to torment the living. You would have to do some serious desecration and sacrilege against these poeple for them to come back.
Replies: >>1053
can you drop me some sources to read about those german soldiers?

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