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I just want to put this out there for the record. IDK if ppl online now have no memory, or they are all very young, or they just weren't paying attention, or what, but Tartaria is obviously a psyop.

Back about maybe 12 years ago by now, everyone in 'Tartaria world', were all working on the issue of Hyperborea and what they call 'phantom time', which was supposed to be made up fake history that was kind of stretched out to make history seem longer.

There were some kind of oblique references to Tartaria just in the context of history being faked.

Then all of a sudden, like overnight, all of a sudden there were tons of articles and threads and stuff on Tartaria.

The same goes for the 'mud flood'. The rise of interest in the mud flood was not organic at all. A graph of articles and comments would go up at about an 85 degree angle.

IDK why this would be specifically, but just given the coincidence in time, I would guess they wanted to derail the fake time and Hyperborea avenues of research.

Just putting that out there for any sincere researchers to add to your store of information.
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