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So, once you kick the bucket, what do you think comes next? Hell? Heaven? Reincarnation? Or just some indifferent nothingness?
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I don't really know, but I hope there's only peace and restness.
Annihilation. The null state. It isn't that there is "no pain" as much as there is no more you, no more you can therefore not feel pain because something has to be to feel pain, but it can't feel the cessation of pain either. This is why suicide is folly generally, though still understandable in certain "worse than death" fates. It's a fucking bummer and the only thing that brings me any kind of comfort is knowledge of the two consolation prizes: Legend and Progeny. The man whose works are powerful enough to colonize the minds of others is effectively immortal (though his body will wither) and the man who colonizes the wombs of a sufficient number of women is also immortal, genetically speaking. Both of these require Humans to keep surviving, though, or at least in the latter case something smart enough to remember meaningfully.
Dealing with consequences of your existence - with Illusion. After everything is finished up completely, one way or another, Reincarnation into a different body. A cycle of Samsara is eternal until it's broken, after all.
What if we're already living in Hell as a punishment for sins committed in a previous "life"?
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A screen showing "You  died". Since you are not able to press anything, since you are dead, it stays that way forever.
basically like when you sleep
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Something good.
My theory is somewhere in between a few religions, mostly Christian. When you die normally your soul gets to move on to another life or can be pledged to a god of a pantheon of other religions (aka nephilim and their demonic ghosts that can’t move on or reincarnate) and there’s a bullshit karmic system that enforces it where your karma debt gets controlled by your diety like a shitty lender. Demons are bitter as fuck about being stuck as ghostly assholes so they make it their business to make your life and next life worse. 
The real God almighty who made the world got tired of this shit so he did the whole Jesus dying as an innocent man so that if you get saved by Christ he takes your karmic debt on and breaks the jewey system. Your soul, free bullshit karma debt goes to a proper heaven. I don’t know much beyond what that means but that’s what I’ve kinda surmised.
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How did you come to this conclusion?
>>426 (OP) 
I believe your pure consciousness/soul gets absorbed into the trees, then gets transferred into new living things via new saplings/babies, just like the rest of your body.
>>426 (OP) 
The spirit moves on to a new ethereal plane. It is the body that dies
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Death isn't real. The universe and ourselves are all expressions of a higher order of being or ultimate individual 'god' consciousness, and there is no individual outside of the collective experience of all individual consciousnesses comprising the godhead/one consciousness that establishes the universe in a knowable form, and knows it has established it as such through that experience of its creation by its distributed consciousness in individuals. An individual consciousness inhabiting a physical form ceasing to function biologically continues in some form as a component of the whole independent of its physical form.
That's what I think anyway.
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