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Hey guys, /icup/ here with a question on how we're going to handle the next iteration of the Infinity Cup ( https://anon.cafe/icup/ )
We're trying to poll whether certain boards are interested in playing in the cup, or if there's some specific team that you'd like to see play. If you want to, please answer or add your own answer to the poll in https://poal.me/6x3j1u
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Replies: >>713
I wasn't sure which bigfoot to add, soccer teams need way more players than that post so if you have any ideas for the roster go ahead and share
>>698 (OP) 
I think /x/ doesn't exist on the current wiki so you could probably ask SKF to make you a team
It's a fake spam message. Sorry....
Ask the BO before you waste time making a team.
Replies: >>722 >>736
even if it's fake nothing stops us from theorizing a team, since /x/ does not exist in the cup anyhow
The guy in that thread was just over-excited and posted these everywhere. That's still better outreach than whatever the lads are up to right now, because I had no idea ICUP was still going until I saw this.

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atmospheric_electrcity_where_your_electricity_comes_from.jpg (u)
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the_world_trade_centre_buildings_were_hollowed_out_electrical_mast.jpg (u)
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still_waiting_for_these_truthers_to_mention_no_floors_and_atmospheric_electricity.jpg (u)
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they_made_it_all_up_and_you_believed_them.jpg (u)
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This is probably the most important, based show in existence!

Aaron Dover exposed 9/11 as a hoax initiated by Z.O.G in order to cover up free- atmospheric electricity, and so much more such as the GMO hoax, and the "medical industry".

https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/no-floors-and-other-kike-potatoes-episode-1_8jDSSSjKgzzGoG3.html episodes 1-6

https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/no-floors-and-other-kike-potatoes-episode-7_5hpB1wDgnsfHMgX.html episodes 7-8

https://worldtruthvideos.org/watch/no-floors-and-other-kike-potatoes-episode-9_YOWCsdEsxvGaAjH.html episode 9

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I know that finno korean hyperwar is a shitpost, but how much plausible is that human kind fell from grace multiple times?
What if agarthia or hyperborea was real?
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I disagree, in part because we only know very little of our ancients and there's still a ton of stuff to unearth. Another thing that makes me wonder if ancient humans or even a completely different species of hominid had any control over our world is the fact that the time scale we're working with is extremely large. Dr. Stone might be feeding into my delusions, but still.
>>Technological improvements that practically destroyed the way of life of many
I never got much into the bronze age collapse, but could you tell me what technology was it.
Replies: >>727 >>729
Also I know about the iron, but what alse and how?
Replies: >>732
Loli fuckbots, totally eliminated women from relevance. The femcel uprising that followed was worth it.
iron_sword_and_bronze_sword.jfif (u)
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The iron itself was a major factor, but so was the introduction of blades/ spear tips that were cast (i.e, mass-produced) instead of forged.
At least in Mycenaean Greece, the idea is that the highly-centralized palace-style economy could only support a small, elite military force; as having too many soldiers too far away from whatever regent you had invariably sparked rebellions.

Now guess what happens if you have some nomadic tribes who have a much larger number of soldiers by virtue that virtually every male owns a weapon and knows how to fight. And guess what happens if these guys just show up and ransack the local "palace" alongside the regent.

In a way, you could liken it to the end of the medieval age, when knights were increasingly replaced by better peasants armed with pikes, crossbows (and, most important) early gunpowder weapons. Heaving heavy armor and a lifetime of training didn't help when some random peasant could just dismount you from your horse with his pike or flatly shoot you in the face with a crossbow.
In the same way, the nomads with Iron weapons destroyed the small warrior elite of the palace culture by means of superior number and superior weaponry.

Depending on where the entire "hacking wars" thing might go, we may even see a new wave by means of collectivized regular citizens doing digital warfare against various government actors.

PS: In terms of weapons, the introduction 
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Post and discuss iceberg charts.

For creating iceberg charts, go here:

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I have heard many stories about ghosts huanting someone's home by moving abjects and making weird noises, but I never believed them. I always thought there must some logical reason for these "ghost encounters", surely spirits wouldnt open drawers and turn lights on and off to huant people, it just makes 0 sense. But it all changed last night. I was terrified and worried for my life, I completely changed my perspective on paranormal activities.

Last night me and my family were having dinner as usual, it was around 6 o clock and we were enjoying some take out Asian food from a local Chinese resturuant. My family is close with the man who owns the place and we go there often. As we were eating my dad told me I have to go to sleep one hour earlier, 8 o clock to be exact. He didnt explain why, which i found weird but i didnt think too much of it. Once we were done eating I went to my room to play zelda botw, and as I played time flew by quickly and it was now 8. My mom from across the house yelled that I have to go to sleep. I turned off the lights and went into bed like they told me to, but what they didnt know was that I had my 2ds with me. I pretended to be asleep so that I could stay up and play more video games, but sometime around 10:30 I started hearing weird noises coming from my parents room. It sounded like someone was clapping and chanting "ooh oh oh ah aah ah". This went on for 10 minutes before i started hearing some one or something  aggressively hitting the wall 
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man don't post spooky shit like that wtf
>>676 (OP) 
I think your parents were having sex you dumbass.
No John, you are the demon.
>>676 (OP) 
They are summoning demons known as siblings. Beware of the siblings, they will take your stuff, blame your for their misfortune and you will be forced by your parents to play the custodian for them.

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 c u in heck 
Replies: >>668
>>666 (OP) 
Based trips, Satan.

Egyptian_Army_Chariot_Wheel.png (u)
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BIBLE VIDEOS.zip Download All of The Best Videos off of Youtube Proving That The Bible Is True!!! 

Replies: >>621
>>620 (OP) 

(and re-written several decades or centuries after the death of the prophets)
(and re-written again because one passage didn't fit with the priest caste in charge)
(and translated into Greek with various transcription errors and subjective interpretations)
(and rewritten)
(and translated into Latin with various transcription errors and subjective interpretations)
(and rewritten, with assorted apocrypha left out for arbitrary reasons)
(and translated into various other languages)
(and then laid out however it fits the personal agenda of people in charge).

The Bible is the world's oldest game of telephone. Well, not the oldest - that honor probably falls to Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
Replies: >>622
Could you at least say that the original books are true, assuming they are indeed divinely revealed?
Replies: >>623
Assuming they are divinely revealed? Well, why not.

Problem is, we don't even know for sure if the "original books" as such ever existed, or if they were compiled and selected from much older texts or oral myth. Historical revisionism was as much a thing as it is today - probably even more so, considering only a small elite could actually read and write.

Mind you, not that everything is fake. A good deal of stuff in the Bible is legit history, and Jesus most certainly existed. Whether he really was the Son of God or only was deified by word-of-mouth is another question, just like (to take a ludicrous example) whether Elvis is still around.

Terry.jpeg (u)
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The spiritual implications are direct contact with god - with the downside he forces you to develop an OS so he can reestablish his loss of followers in the real world by installing himself as the ghost in the machine.

Chances are Lain won't like it.

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Hello guys I'm trying to learn magick, can you provide me with some good material for beginner?
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Replies: >>588 + 3 earlier
As someone who doesn't really believe in the supernatural - how is magic (or at least one of its varieties) actually supposed to work? Does it merely increase the probability of things going the way you want them to go, or does it physically shove the atoms and whatnot into the desired direction?
Replies: >>551
There isn't a systematized explanation for "magic" as one thing, many have claimed to be magical for many reasons.
Here are the broad categories where people trying to practice magic typically fall under:
>Magic is derived from a being outside the grasp of corporal reality, in short, religion. Alien but known beings that transcend what we understand to be possible intercede directly (with intent). When you are lucid dreaming, and you begin to fly, what motive, quantum-compliant force is allowing that act? In the same way that you can 'ignore' limitations in a dream, these beings are said to be able to do so with reality. Some forms of supernatural belief fall under this when you wouldn't expect them to; long before Crowley, the nigromancy many of his beliefs are derived from were first practiced by, and developed by, the 11th and 12th century Catholic church. Notably, the magic is always attributed DIRECTLY to the entities summoned/bargained with, all you have is your own knowledge of corporeal reality, and favors over them. Humans may transcend humanity and collect some of these powers, but this is dependent on their conversion into being an inhuman being that meets the prior criteria, not something they can do "naturally," and it's never that they have power over some science fact, but that they can simply ignore fact entirely in exerting their will within whatever domains they've g
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Replies: >>555
So... If i wanted i could make dragons real?
Replies: >>556
Yes, if you believed in one of those three broad categories of magic, and your belief was correct (or naturally powerful). Respectively, here are some examples, pulled from my ass:
>You run a Komodo dragon farm and pray to Njord to grant you a true dragon through their sacrifice and keeping.
>You think really hard and dragons are real. The only reason dragons aren't real yet is because you aren't thinking hard enough yet.
>There is a dimension in which dragons are already real. By performing a great deal of shenanigans, you can go there. You think the method to hop dimensions has something to do with colliding waveforms and laylines.
I don't do magic, so I have no basis to tell you which of the above is right, or any real practice that would grant you dragons, but I can say that these three general views barely coexist with each-other and it's probably only one of the three that's real.
witcher_thumbs_up.jpg (u)
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>>330 (OP) 
1. Give victim a coin
2. Turn your back to them, telling them to place it in a random hand and hold that hand up to their head
3. Give it a silent count of 5 and then tell them to put it down with the other hand
4. Whichever hand is lighter (from the blood draining away) is the one holding the coin
5. This does not work on dark negroes

Chip-Chan.jpg (u)
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So what became of her anyway? She's been up and about for years now, but her last video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=MXOAi-H3hho) is from last February, and her usual webcam (http://www.opentopia.com/webcam/15505) also seems to have been offline for a while now.

Was she just a batshit schizo that finally got institutionalized? Some retarded LARPer that finally got tired of her show? Or did Police Officer "P" finally got the better of her?
Replies: >>586
>>585 (OP) 
I've never heard of this but apparently there are links to where she's been active lately in the comments of the webcam page. I don't know if they're real or not.

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