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now do i ensure i meet my girlfriend in the next life? we are both young and not planinng to die anytime soon but i wanna be prepared for the worst
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You'll recognize her soul even tho neither of you will be the same person
>>1395 (OP) 
You don't have control over that. If any other souls are bound to yours throughout their journey over any amount of cycles then the structure of samsara will ensure you encounter each other again. 
Take note that if you two are meant to see each other through multiple cycles it's unlikely that she'll be your girlfriend in the next life. She could be your father, sister, friend, or even a rival.

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Hey /x/
Let me tell you about the time I came across a prehistoric beaver.

For the record...
1. I  am a longtime lurker, first time poster.
2. This is prewritten, I am posting this from my phone, and I will try to greentext everything except for important descriptions.
3. This is NOT a forskinwalker thread. To be frank, I don’t even believe that skinwalkers are real nor do I believe in the existence of Sasquatch, aliens, or anything like that.
4. Before anyone asks, I will not disclose the exact location this took place. The retards here have a bad habit of shooting anything that breathes and I would hate to see them kill what l I had come across. 

With that out of the way, here’s my story:
>It all takes place on an island in the smack middle of a 51 mi^2 lake somewhere in east Texas. The island is 45min from shore and has a land mass of about 2 square miles.
>When I had learned about this lake, 4 of my friends and I had planned to spend 3 full days innawoods.
>We were going to paddle out to the big island, and get ourselves into some typical /k/ tomfoolery.
>Unfortunately, I ended up going alone. Which wasn’t too disheartened because I brought along my 9mm Smith&Wesson and 2 mags loaded with hollow points.
>The day my trip began I used an old metal canoe to get to the island. Its dented to all hell and isn’t anything particularly fancy.
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>>1256 (OP) 
>megafauna thread
I have never personally met any megafauna myself but in my opinion it's fairly likely they still exist or existed among humans at one point. I imagine it would have been a terrifying experience as a human in the neolithic era to encounter a dire bear. Honestly, I think encountering just about any ice age animal would be terrifying.

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We are looking for the bravest who are ready join THE GAME and start their jorney to find the holy grail. Sinners will go through seven circles of hell, seven challenges.

THE GAME is a quest that will be held both online and offline and will start when 10k players join.

There is only 1 rule - Play or Lose.


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What are your favourite internet mysteries? Cicada 3301? The one english thing that I cannot seem to remember.
So what is it are there any newer mysteries?
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What do (You) think of this?
Replies: >>1206
Looks rather tryhard. I commend them for sticking to web 1.0 rather than gay it up with a bunch of JS.
What the fuck was "I'm god" phenomenon?
Was it another joke by cuckchan?
>bad words i don't liek
how do it hold such immense power over trannies?
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>bad words i don't liek
how does it hold such immense power over trannies?

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Post and discuss iceberg charts.

For creating iceberg charts, go here:
Replies: >>1421
Astral projection and lucid dreaming are the same thing.
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Replies: >>1422
>>697 (OP) 
I fucking despise iceberg charts. They've been a disaster to online horror/paranormal discourse.
>volleyball incident
>a 50 year old held up a school and raped 6 girls all under 15
WTF this is why guns should be illegal like why do you even need one WTF why does this country not do anything aobut all the horrifying problems we have
Replies: >>1460
>like why do you even need one
To have sex with six girls, all under 15.

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Replies: >>1457
>>1455 (OP) 
Article pulled, no explanation given. Here's an archived copy.

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post them.
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Spiral sky , portal ? Ovni , someone got more pics of the spiral
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did someone say spiral?
Replies: >>1405 >>1448
Why can't I access the link
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>I don't think I should say. Yes, it's a sort of code. It's not meant to be cracked as much as to be understood.
>I don't expect anyone here to be able to understand it, but the one who does might come across it, you never know. 
It's not a game, and I'm not trying to start some schizo mystery thingie. 
Ahh, alright. That leaves me to wonder, who is your message for? Is it a general statement for everyone who comes across it or is it intended for a specific person or people? Also, one more thing, is the "<3" meant to be a part of the code or is it just meant to be there as a sign of affection? Also one more question, provided you're willing to answer any of these. In your post as well as subject, you include the only letters as "MWSS". Does this have any relation to the 
Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System in the philippines? 
Image related
>Janny here, I only try to remove spambots or duplicate threads.
Thanks, that's really all I ask of any moderator. I think we all know how bad they can be. One only has to look at 8/v/ during Mark's moderation to learn how awful jannies can be. 
>Both this thread and your RP idea are fine, so long it does not devolve into porn and/or succposting as is prohibited 
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Replies: >>1436
>why do you not allow succubus posting
Really it's more about "dude how do I summon a succ to succ my benis :-DDD" that, as far as I have seen many times over, attracts the lowest type of refuse from all kinds of places and does in fact devolve into just pornography.
Without fail it just becomes the /b/ of paranormal.

BO and I have talked this over before and we wanted a mostly hands-off approach for most topics and posts, but to make that a feasible option we decided that we would pre-emptively at least get rid of succposters.

We're not against discussing this issue in the meta thread, but we knew that this board would start off very small and wanted to give it a chance to grow a little first.
Replies: >>1437
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I didn't care all that much about succ posting to begin with because if I wanted that, I could just go to /monster/. They're a board that associates with super natural elements of waifuism. 
>We're not against discussing this issue in the meta thread, but we knew that this board would start off very small and wanted to give it a chance to grow a little first.
It's not a big deal. I actually agree with banning succ posting. If you think it would help, you could always link /monster/ in the rules page when you talk about succ posting being banned.
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Don't you understand
It's all in your head
port arthur, texas?

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I’ve been busy in the time since the death of 8chan, slowly becoming more interested in /x/ stuff. The biggest revelation that was new was everything related to space. I’ve been itching to talk to you fucks about it. 

This thread is for 
ALL THE FAKE NASA SHIT (from moon landing to ISS being fake to space itself being fake)

I’ll start posting some shit I have once I’m on my main computer.
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Replies: >>583 + 2 earlier
>>12 (OP) 
>Flat earth
This is obe of the most retarded memes to exist. It doesn't make any goddamn sence, how does polar nights work then? How does satelite TV or modern internet work? 
It is clear that only northern hemisphere believes in it, because well I've never seen sun in a 90° angle like ever. Earth is technically flatter on the poles, but whatever. It's just dumb rednecks and dumber teenagers who believe in it.
Replies: >>1414
Shut up puto.
Replies: >>1415
Flat earth is a conspiracy only believed by repressed trannies, which tbh a lot of cuckservatives are now, everyone sane has been pushed to the left.
Replies: >>1424
Flat Earth shills exist to affirm Abrahamic theology.
Round Earth shills exist to affirm materialism.
Something both round and flat niggers have in common is that they're both spergy faggots. I have yet to spot a heterosexual round earther, and non-schizo zionist flat earther.
>Flat earth is a conspiracy only believed by repressed trannies
No it isn't. Flat-earthers are usually religious right-wing types. Trannies mock the flat-earth theory as well as they strongly believe in mainstream science.

>everyone sane has been pushed to the left
The fuck are you talking about? Everyone sane isn't left-wing nor right-wing, which are both controlled oppositions. This thread is retarded.

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