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Fake NASA, Cult of Saturn, Hollow Earth, anything goes. 

I'll start with a favorite of mine; Pyramids in Antartica, the idea of such a structure in the middle of the most lifeless part of the planet fascinates me to no end. I don't know much about it myself, other than it's related to either nazis, ayys, patagons or hyperboria or all of them at the same time
What do you think anon? mountains or the remains of an ancient civilization?
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I found this.

What exactly was the Finno-Korean hyper war? How advanced was their technology? If their technology was so advanced, did the war only take place on Earth? Were either belligerents Space faring?
While it isn't a conspiracy per se, I think animism and the idea of all things having a spirit is true to some extent. Animals are the ones with the most observable cases, but plant life may also have spirits, like the Dryads, but we just can't observe their phenomenon of their spirits at work because it's outside our senses. Then there's also rocks, rivers, and locations, which have all been described in ancient times as having their own spirits, or rather have had spirits inhabiting them. If you want to go further, the ancient Gnostics described the planets as having spirits, as the Archons. While I don't agree that these planetary spirits are necesarily evil (except Saturn, perhaps), I do think even the planets and the Sun have spirits, whose affects and positions have effects on us.
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How gullible are you? How is it not obvious that airport has a military base beneath it?
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not even trying to be subtle about it

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This is going to sound like the lamentations of an edgy 13 year-old, but I honestly cannot stand the presence of normalfags on a psychological or spiritual level at this point. It wasn't always this bad, right? I remember growing up and people being ignorant or odd, but never this mindless or perverted. What happened to cause the decline to speed up. It feels like 500 years of culture have passed in 30. You guys noticed this too, right? The whole time moving faster meme and what not?
>inb4 gothkid
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And also dumbass check the bdfc07 id, it's literary  the same guy or bot.
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responding to him or itself
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It took you 16 days to solve the captcha.
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Did you even read my second comment?

judging by your harsh language and tone, it really shows how you don't belong here.

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There have been a fuckton of paranormal and cryptozoology TV shows over the years and I'm not sure how many are legit, if any. Shows like "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files," "Ghost Hunters," "Haunted Collector," and "Destination Truth"? I was watching "28 Days Haunted" and it became so painfully obvious to me that the show was fake. They just filmed the same scene over and over again and pieced together the parts where stuff "happened."
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>>1822 (OP) 
I enjoyed lost tapes. It was obviously fake because the found footage was reenactments but I still loved the set ups. I used to watch Ghost Hunters a lot back in the day and I enjoyed Destination Truth as well. Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction was a good show as well. I Remember its theme being awesome. I don't remember anything besides that

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What really happened to it? Crashed? Shot down? Landed and its crew/passengers kidnapped?
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Check out this one

They've found bits and pieces of debris in the Indian Ocean and off the East African coast so I think the wreck is likely in the depths of the Indian Ocean.
I think one of maybe three things happened.
1) it was taken to be used for a future 9/11 and the passengers sold into slavery.
2) it was taken by some see eye ayy type organization for black ops, or,
2) it was hijacked by a cartel for smuggling.
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Oh, or it just simply crashed
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>>1408 (OP) 
Vampire terrorism

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Something that struck me was was a vid of a "ghost interview" where the (of course highly accredited) ghost hunter used some kind of electronic tool to communicate with the spirit.
He asked the ghost a series of Yes-No questions, with "Yes" being marked by a spike on the tool's sensor, while "No" was the absence thereof.
As a further bit of info, the supposed ghost was that of a previous tenant of the building, who had died about two decades earlier.

Long story short, one of the questions by the ghost hunter was "Are you dead?", which provoked no response. The immediate follow-up  was "Are we dead?", which caused the instrument to light up like a Christmas tree.

Leaving aside the possibility that the vid was pure bogus like 99% of the alleged ghost hunter vids, I think the multiverse theory is fairly plausible. The interesting question would be whether or not multiple universes and/or realities could overlap to the point that entities from one universe could partially manifest in another universe; if only in areas where the respective 'border' was thin enough.
I highly doubt they come from different universes. I think ghost are just trapped souls who were punished or cursed to not arrive on heaven.
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>I think ghost are just trapped souls who were punished or cursed to not arrive on heaven.
You mean, they live in a limbo-ish reality? That's what I think. I mean, if they really exist they are more like trapped souls in our reality than living all together in other universe. They live in our world, but they don't behave as us, take for example some japanese classic legends. They are entities who live in a specific area and only appear before/after something trigger them to show up.
this is long dead, but I've though about this possibility as well.  While I don't think Radio-Shack gizmos would ever come close to inter dimensional communication, I do think its as plausible as anything else yet to be proven that there could be overlaps in dimensions.  Though when it comes to spirits and the after life Id leave most of those experiences and beliefs to be culturally and psychological experiences of near death experiences and ceremonial uses of psychedelic drugs.  Which too is commonly believed to allow you to converse/travel between planes of existence and dimensions.  In fact I believe that a large portion of religions were started upon the tellings of people that had died momentarily and came back to tell tales of the visions they experienced during the DMT trip that triggered in their brains as they were dying.  Along with those of the shamans using psychedelic drugs to "speak with god"  You should check out the book "The sacred mushroom and the cross"  very interesting read.
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youve jumped the main premise, its not about another dimension, the logic behind a spirit starts with accepting the dualist view of the mind body problem, with consciousness being an immaterial phenomena so consciousness as a thing already exists in the immaterial world, the spirittual and ghost things are related to the problem of interaction, with whatever explanation used to explain how we, as immaterial beings, interact with our bodies and this being extended to a consciousness that doesnt have a body but still manages to use this medium to cause interactions between the material and immaterial
couple decades ago there was a big stink about wave particle duality in physics which children of a lesser god conflated with the mind body problem and went crazy with it, they thought wave/particle was synonymous with immaterial/material even though particles and waves are completely physical (ie. material), this caused all the emf bullshit were they use radios to talk with 'ghosts' but also caused the cringe hippie 'frequencies' of consciousness bullshit that drugos like to talk about, this is no longer a dualist view its a materialist view and so when consciousness is a material phenomena then by their own logic everything they say is false since there can not be any immaterial beings

A place to share your own experiences, be it supernatural or not.  Weird phone calls at night?  Security cams picking up something figures? share them here.
Hello all, I’m a new time poster  that just wanted to share a true experience I had years ago.  To start off I will say that this is not a paranormal story, but something well grounded in human nature.  About X years ago I was dating a girl that we will refer to as “L” we were still in our honeymoon phase and I had planned a pretty affordable yet romantic day to celebrate the first day of fall together.  There was a hot spot in our town known simply as the waterfall.  Everybody from all ages would go to this location for fishing, swimming, ect.  Though for more context I will say that this was not a very romantic spot in hindsight, as the water was always a mysterious blue color, and not the fresh blue water color you’re likely thinking of, but more of a powder eggshell blue, something very unnatural but prevalent in this area.  On top of this, the “waterfall” was simply a broken concrete mess from a drainage system that prevented floods from the upper neighborhoods.. OH and one last thing that’s pretty important to the story (which I’ll get to soon) there was a train bridge overhead, that would often become so unbearably loud you could barely focus once trains would pass through.  Anyways,    for this date we planned to meet by the local church which had a pathway through some very thick foliage that would lead up to the train tracks.  Once on these tracks the following walk is about half an hour until you get to the waterfall.  

	As we approach the waterfall we notice th
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Is it real?
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wait what?
>>477 (OP) 
its all real anon
>>477 (OP) 
oh it's real
>>477 (OP) 
>>477 (OP) 

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Post spooky dreams or experiences with lucid dreaming.
I really don't have any to share at the moment, but I do want to ask a question about lucid dreaming:
How the fuck do you start when essentially you just sleep and then wake up without any knowledge of what happened in between?
I get to sleep easy, but I don't wake up and stay up easy, and it's probably due to some fucked up dreams I can't even remember or anything.
Dunno if this is /x/ worthy though. Pic unrelated.
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 very interesting, but nothing sensible
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>>42 (OP) 
>Post spooky dreams
Nah fuck that. Here's a wtf dream.

Two nights ago, I dreamt of going to a soviet airbase where I was greeted by Lena Dunham wearing a jumpsuit that was rolled down and tied around her waist, with a form fitting undershirt with holes cut out for her nipples and areola.
Over the top of that, she wore a loose, pink satin flutter spaghetti strap tank top that was just long enough to reach the bottom of her areolas.
The wind blew it up to reveal extremely puffy areolas the size of silver dollars, and nipples as big and round as a stack of 10 pennies.
She was a slightly saggy C cup, with nipples that pointed slightly down, but firmly forward.

And she was acting like everything was normal.
Thanks, +
Thanks for the post

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i want to help whoever wants to be helped basicaly. i had a spiritual awakening of sorts 2 years ago. i had been searching for many years. not having enough time to study only because of work so for 10 or so years i studied everything. after quitting my job because of reasons of i have a disability like a cripple. let me have even more time to study and that led me to somethign just clicked in my brain that made me understand even better just about everything.and i was graced with a gift of a visit from somethign divine.  i wrote my own book basicaly about my ideas. and then i was haveing a bit of a freak about numbers and letters and got screwed over by my family but thats not important. realized that i have no chance in any existing communities.why i have to make my own. why i have made 2 irc channels and a mush to chat on. for the real people who have seen beyond or want to understand and searching for real truth and good. love to all . good luck friends. for serious people. for big brains only. normalfags seem to jsut want to ridicule it. but im serious 1000%

telnet dkmush.cyou 6250
on irc efnet #philosophical
on rizon #donkeykong
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It's actually pretty cool.
The rest of the site is like a huge rabbit hole.

Replies: >>1710
I heard it about it
>>1648 (OP) 
what is this? can someone give me a qrd?
Replies: >>1711
It's a type of ARG that was popular years ago. Best to delve into it yourself, it's more fun that way.

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