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I don't have as many of these as I thought I did. I'll post what I can though.
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>>61 (OP) 
I only have this one saved suprisingly
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Kek showing up in Virgo is interesting, but that image is a mess. It doesn't really make sense for one sign's stars to form part of the "crown" of another. Relating the "woman" in Revelations to Virgo is in itself a pretty big leap. I also don't see how it's "proof of the devil", since the identity of the "Dragon" itself is unclear. There's a lot of stuff that should have already happened if we're a minimum of 3 years into "tribulation", not that I accept that particular bit of mind control. There certainly seems to be a group intent on bringing those events to pass though.
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I'll try to see if I can dig up anything else.
>tfw I explored someone's abandoned house when I was young and there was nothing more interesting than a spilled shampoo bottle in the main room
you fuckers are hoarding all the paranormal experiences
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these numbers are anything but ordinary
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>dubsposting on a dead board
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Grabbed these from the other thread that's gone now.
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https://imgur.com/a/ugT24, this album has every popular screencap and resource from /x/ at hand.
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Page is gone.
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remove the comma
>second story
>ayys becoming fairies
what the fuck, i've never heard of this
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What do you think fairies were anon. "Aliens" aren't extraterrestrials, they are far weirder than that.
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i've honestly never heard anything like this in my life though, then again the only thing i've even fucked with to do with fairies was just fixing an old book in the library. but it talked about weird shit like jam used to lure them out, so it was probably made by a hippie
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Anyone got any good skinwalker stories?
This kinda reminds me of how I've heard a rumor that the Hopkinsville Goblins are actually something more like gremlins instead, but with more of a focus on doing things like stealing wheels from trucks than fucking with machines and planes.
Fairies, or the Fae Folk, were known to break into houses and steal people at night.
There's also cases of greys seen lurking around in forests, to me it always sounded silly because there's no reason for them to do that until i heard it first-hand from a serious worker who swore by it, he wasn't the kind of guy to even make small jokes and his description was reasonable along with having a witness.
He didn't say they were grey but they had the physique of a small one (skinny, hairless, big head, almond eyes) kinda glowed or had an aura and were observing a small river; he saw them in a pee break well inside a secluded forest in a camping trip near an old mine.
There's tons of shit in old mines, but they have to be abandoned ones instead of depleted. Whatever makes a bunch of rowdy miners and gold-grabbing corporations to leave everything on the spot and get out is always interesting.
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>>61 (OP) 
not all of these are from *chan but all are interesting
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>>312 cont
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>Barry Willmore quote
There was no astronaut with last name Ramirez. That story is from Click Hole. I saw it few years ago on that site myself before retards on social media started spreading it as true. I do not recall any instances of astronauts being outside alone. They are always in pairs and in frequent radio contact with people inside of the station.
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Have you ever considered that most creepypasta is complete bullshit and mostly made up for the entertainment of the respective readers?
Have you also considered that NASA might not be telling you about everything that happens up there - for good or bad?
Spoiler File
(121.5KB, 632x859)
Is it a bad thing if I am aroused by image 4 in your post?
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Anon, you're quite the lazy fag here:
thoughtcatalog dot com/jacob-geers/2016/06/7-creepy-internet-artifacts-that-you-can-never-ever-unsee/
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>2nd story
So the korean fox girls seduce you only to then kill and eat you, BUT do you get to fuck them beforehand? Doesn't sound like a bad way to go out when you consider they present themselves as slutty preteen girls.
Replies: >>787
Now that's a good question. Perhaps you should ask one if you encounter her. This just shows the superiority of kitsune versus gook foxes, however.
Funniest thing would be if she aborted abd the father came to her and just late-aborted her.
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tfw you want to get spooked
but you already have seen and read every existing account of every spook that was ever spooked
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>we tried to abort him 5 times
What does that even mean?

>>61 (OP) 
These korea stories are more heartwarming than spooky. There might even be potential for a video game there

Write your own?
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how in the sam hain am I supposed to spook myself?
Replies: >>944
You can write so many works that after some time you'll forget their content, and spook yourself upon revisiting them.
Hate that so many of these are nearly impossible to read.
Replies: >>962
Which ones? I've read pretty much all of these just fine.
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This one is really interesting especially since I ended up in a similar situation, although this goddess is a lot more friendly than Ishtar.
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Tell us about it anon.
I've only yesterday managed to "properly" lucid dream for the first time in what must be a decade by observing clocks, and that was directly inspired by the screenshots you posted. Was able to conjure some items out of thin air but that didn't always work, perhaps more practice is needed?
Replies: >>1021
Let's say it involves /monster/ and leave it at that.
>I've only yesterday managed to "properly" lucid dream for the first time in what must be a decade by observing clocks, and that was directly inspired by the screenshots you posted.
That's great, Anon! I've never ever been able to lucid dream myself, despite no lack of trying. I think you'll need to practice some more just to get the hang of it, and see where you go from there.
Replies: >>1023
Nah I'm not letting you get away with out telling. Tell us or it didn't happen faggot!
Where was this posted? I need to contact this anon as soon as possible.
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I'm looking for that one story where anon talks about his sleep paralysis demon that look vaguely feminine and attempts to have sex with it at anons' suggestion. And is never heard back from again.
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Best I got for ya.
Replies: >>1547 >>1561
This is it, mang.
Thank you.
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Here's some other spooky stories with sleep paralysis demonettes.
Replies: >>1561
Anon goes headfirst into danger, accepting his own life as a possible sacrifice.
Flat out told that she just wants the dick, but anon pisses his pants and cries for mommy.
What happened, fellas?
Replies: >>1572 >>1655 >>1707
I love creepypastas. Often more scary than anything else online.
Anyone have the story about the sentient doll? Or the house "across the street"? Or the Spider Lord?
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Replies: >>1570
this may be a surprise to a newfag like you, but creepypasta is how these stories have been referred to for decades now.
Replies: >>1686
To be fair the guy in the later image is clearly dealing with succubi who want him to burn. The former, however, is just a fag.
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The first thinks of existence as a place of strange potential. He had an experience which was negative and then fixated on it which caused that delusion to multiply in prominence. It seems to me the latter two are your typical christfag schizos and consider existence to be an evil place ruled by evil spirits. Naturally, the delusions of the former are more optimistic whilst the latter are frightening and painful.
But don't take my word for it, I'm probably an intergalactic satan with a platoon of succubi and I'm just waiting to send them to sexually displease nerds until they turn extra rotten, because that's what gets me off.
>implying 90% of creepypasta aren't fucking awful
>implying /x/ and derivatives haven't been shit since /b/ invasions back in late 00s
One was born in the 80s or 90s and the other was born in the 2000s.
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