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Seeing as the thread over at /b/ is basically dead I thought it would be best to do it again here. Let's make an iceberg same rule apply as to the previous thread, pick a layer and a subject and I'll put it in if not I'll put it some where random. Also as a side I made an iceberg out of the list an anon made in the previous thread (pic related)
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Can we include the deepweb-only game Rooftop Koreans?
Replies: >>1130
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post it
What is the deal with Doom here?

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The good name of Jupiter is being besmirched by filthy Saturnian troons, the lowest ranks of Saturnians. Just as faggots have stolen the rainbow, God's symbol that he would not flood the Earth again no matter how gay it is, trannies are using the colors of Jupiter as their flag of mental illness. 
that's not all. the name of the satellite tbat took the photographs is Juno. Juno is the embodiment of femininity and fertility. You may remember some movie called Juno about a pregnant teenage girl, young, fertile, the embodiment of a woman. the actress was not known for a whole lot else until...
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In certain traditions the Earth is thought of as the "sub-lunar" world, with the moon being the conduit of manifestation for higher dimensional states. Think of a lens, with earthly life being a projection.  But this also means the moon is potentially a gateway past the firmament.
Those given to transcendentalism therefore tend to hostility towards the moon as it is the engine of incarnation.
There is quite a bit more to be said about the topic though, to say the least.
Replies: >>1222
I'd like to learn more about this. I don't feel any true fear or hatred towards the moon myself, but instead I feel a longing, more about getting man back onto the moon and later into the rest of the Solar System.

>perform some extreme, edgy or otherwise   non negotiable act in the name of your deity
>The globohomo latches onto it as a 'muh extremist bigots' narrative
>Defended the honour of the deity in question
Why do people like the Christians play along and put rainbows on their anti gay signs and stuff, stand up for your shit.
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Hey /x/
Let me tell you about the time I came across a prehistoric beaver.

For the record...
1. I  am a longtime lurker, first time poster.
2. This is prewritten, I am posting this from my phone, and I will try to greentext everything except for important descriptions.
3. This is NOT a forskinwalker thread. To be frank, I don’t even believe that skinwalkers are real nor do I believe in the existence of Sasquatch, aliens, or anything like that.
4. Before anyone asks, I will not disclose the exact location this took place. The retards here have a bad habit of shooting anything that breathes and I would hate to see them kill what l I had come across. 

With that out of the way, here’s my story:
>It all takes place on an island in the smack middle of a 51 mi^2 lake somewhere in east Texas. The island is 45min from shore and has a land mass of about 2 square miles.
>When I had learned about this lake, 4 of my friends and I had planned to spend 3 full days innawoods.
>We were going to paddle out to the big island, and get ourselves into some typical /k/ tomfoolery.
>Unfortunately, I ended up going alone. Which wasn’t too disheartened because I brought along my 9mm Smith&Wesson and 2 mags loaded with hollow points.
>The day my trip began I used an old metal canoe to get to the island. Its dented to all hell and isn’t anything particularly fancy.
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Normally it takes me a lot of time to fall asleep and I easily wake up due to sun rise, strange noises etc. however recently I can easily fall asleep any time of the day or night and I sleep very deeply and longer than usual. Thing is that every morning I wake up a with new, shallow cut on my body. It doesn't happen after naps during the day and I live alone with no pets, locked doors and I close the windows in the evening. What could be happening? Despite constant readiness to sleep I don't feel weak or low on energy and nothing seems out of ordinary.
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>>1223 (OP) 
Do you remember your dreams? Do you feel anything out of the ordinary before or after sleeping?
>>1223 (OP) 
I experienced something similar where I'd wake up with minor cuts or rashes on my face and the rest of my body.
No idea what caused it. My best guess is these are minor wounds you flatly don't notice before you go to bed.

That, or you come home so smashed that you dump your jeans or sweater on the bed and get a scratch when you move across the teeth of the zipper.
So to give you an update I dreamed that the Sun was turning on an off while I was running in the woods so I went for a run in the forest and watched twilight. Following week I started seeing various signs and feeling weird and for a while I was convinced that I'm experiencing spiritual awakening despite never being into that kind of stuff. I also received revelation from Earth that told me that life is just a simple chemical reaction and that no doubt there are no spirits or gods and also that humans advanced too and that caused them to be confused and lost so it's important to give them any purpose.
So now I'm back to my normal self and very confused. It felt like a totally different person took over my body for a week.
>>1223 (OP) 
I've gotten bruises in my sleep from slamming my arm against the night stand and such. Is there anything sharp near your bed?
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It took a lot of weeks to put this together (along with some other things), the book came up to around 11 hours and youtube has a 12 hour limit for uploads (I think) so I got lucky.

I might have to split future books into separate videos.

Enjoy this free audiobook, I hope you find it as useful as I do. This will definitely be useful for people who prefer listening to books rather than manually reading them.

I really created this for myself as an aid to speed up learning and for when I have to revisit certain chapters.

Subscribe to my channel if you want to see more. I'll be working on "The Practice of Magical Evocation" by Franz Bardon next.

I've always had an interest in the occult. I was lucky enough to stumble upon Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon, and it is by far the most detailed and straight forward occult book I've ever come across.

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So, once you kick the bucket, what do you think comes next? Hell? Heaven? Reincarnation? Or just some indifferent nothingness?
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Replies: >>1219 + 8 earlier
That is basically what modern Hinduism says. But it seems it was added in from brown people adding their myopic depression for why their life sucks. But leaving out the reason why which goes back to people not being able to maintain  a comfy civilization without majority European Males.
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>>426 (OP) 
Depends on what you believed in
- if you believed in any abrahamic religion then jesus/ yahweh / allah will appear and say "you have to go back on earth, your mission is not finished". They'll review your whole life and say "you made a mistake here and there, you have to repay, you have to return on earth to fix your mistakes" 
- if you believed in buddhism then buddha will appear and say you have to reincarnate 
- if you didn't believe in anything then a deceased family member / friend / loved one will appear and say you have to reincarnate

In any case all these figures are not the real thing, they are shapeshifting alien races, they want you to reincarnate so they can feed off your negative energies on earth once again for another cycle. They are false beings of light, you should raise your own vibrations to see through their lies and refuse this reincarnation
Replies: >>1230 >>1232
Now here is some made up nonsense I can get behind: Defiance! All my homies kill gods!
Humans are almost assuredly not our creator's chosen people, so I assume that if we get an afterlife at all, then it's probably going to be a really shitty one. At least compared to the afterlife that the other guys are getting.
>infographic related
>Guarded by Councils of Star Beings
What do the star beings mean by this?

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Is it real?
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>>477 (OP) 
its all real anon
>>477 (OP) 
oh it's real
>>477 (OP) 
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What are your favourite internet mysteries? Cicada 3301? The one english thing that I cannot seem to remember.
So what is it are there any newer mysteries?
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Remember shit like this?


To this day, I'm not sure whether all those sites that popped up in the 2000s were "experimental" art or really schizos way off their rocker. At least it's a good way to check if you have epilepsy, I guess.
There was a very elaborate internet mystery some time ago called KomplotGroupBand, currently over.
But after it finished, and after that solvers stopped communicating as always, a trail was left, and it's going on since a couple of years.
Paths are spread but most of the clues remain unverified.
Feel free to explore, but don't take it as a copy or a tribute to Cicada.

Meet us in r/emergence


- £
What do (You) think of this?
Replies: >>1206
Looks rather tryhard. I commend them for sticking to web 1.0 rather than gay it up with a bunch of JS.
What the fuck was "I'm god" phenomenon?
Was it another joke by cuckchan?

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It's not really /x/ without a Bigfoot thread. Did you know the Ketchum study is done and freely accessible? The general consensus is that biblical giants (descendants of the nephilim) were/are bigfoots, that's why they are all over the planet. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but apparently the study indicates that Bigfoot DNA is the result of hybridisation of ancient middle eastern human females and "unknown" males.
Earlier attempts to study Bigfoot DNA always came back as "human" and were dismissed as contaminated, but it turns out that we should expect a "human" result after all.  
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[Hide] (40.4KB, 513x353)
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[Hide] (40.2KB, 720x447)
>Tibetans use yeti hair as a means to enhance magic, as do natives with bigfoot hair.
While i have read such things they do also use cat hair and reptile blood, which are supposedly normal animals too.
>telepathy, cloaking, possible weather manipulation, limited shapeshifting, ability to imitate any sound or voice combined with perfect ventriloquism and astral projection
I think the subject can't be pinpointed but i would like to mention such things also happen with known entities that sometimes get confused with the Sasquatch, such as the Nahual/Skinwalker/Native American Warlock, expert ghillied' up hunters who can sing animal sounds, and regarding to telepathy i would say that's questionable due to its symptoms being freezing on the spot and them being able to know one is scared as hell which is also a natural reaction to seeing some absurdly strange and dangerous weird shit. Weather manipulation i take you mention it regarding search teams always finding bad weather after someone disappears, that can go both ways into the thing hunting amidst incoming rain clouds but i can't discard that cloudbusting skill.
Getting astral projected by a bigfoot that i don't remember at this moment. All these things put them on the same bad shit level than a demon or a tall grey (arguably the same thing by many) but these don't get as reported, it would be talked much often rather than just some dudes seeing a giant hairy dude who moves fast as hell often in the woods.

>Many people claim to be able to repel them with prayer
That's just demons at this point, i think in this thread there was a video of a dude wandering in a park's parking lot and checking on a bush that is getting rabid sasquatch noise but also emanating a red light and i think it also stank to high hell. 
I have heard a couple of stories, one from a indisputable source to my moral person, about usually urban entities appearing deep inside the woods, said things being tall thin pale-colored dark bug-eyed figures just lurking around water creeks, if you think the things people call greys are demons them there you go, not only the 'Quatch is going to get your butt at camping but also demons and the usual drunken injun warlock turning from an owl into a wolf then into a deer then into an injun vomiting.
Yeah i don't mind, security reasons are valid especially if your experience was very specific but do take into consideration one might be also experiencing another kind of shit. Let's remember that dude who famously saw and talked with greys/demons in the 70's (also the source for that famous portrait session that became the cover art for the book Communion) did experience such things in a cabin deep inside the woods and initially confused it with local folk stories. Same can be said about Crowley and his Led Zeppelin shack in front of a river.
If you also believe that Lacerta thing then it's the same thing, an entity that came out from a hole in the middle of nowhere got puzzled by a very isolated cabin and went to visit the inhabitant although in that case by shapeshifting as a woman just to troll with him.

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Replies: >>1192 >>1193
[Hide] (1.5MB, 640x368, 00:27)
Interesting stuff, I've never heard of it
Plan crashes are absolutely terrifying imo. Sounds like a direct sabotage but wouldnt have been easier to just shut down the whole fly program? unless they wanted a real shock for the public eye giving it a justified reason to cancel it
Replies: >>1194
[Hide] (76.5KB, 730x400)
Very interesting stuff regarding the crash. It's stunning how pervasive the corruption in this world is. Good post.
Too tired to elaborate on the many points you bring up in connection with bigfoot right now but I plan to do so soon. Have an interesting pic in the mean time.
Replies: >>1194
[Hide] (106.4KB, 1703x691)
[Hide] (78.9KB, 577x377)
>wouldnt have been easier to just shut down the whole fly program?
It would've made it more suspicious to have "something" prohibit Antarctica flights despite being neutral/nothing-happens-here grounds (especially when said flights were successful) while a crash would've send a clear signal, especially when some of the execs at the top got moved to other airlines who had southern ocean access too.
>a real shock for the public eye
Also this, the blame on the visual phenomena (whiteout) was pushed hard and people got scared, the famous judge disregarded that by saying pilots have the ability to fly with instruments only so there was no reason, then he found the logs and shit hit the fan. 
Still to this day the whiteout thing is more heard of than the actual "fly into mountain" flight plan because the latter thing gets mentioned just slightly at the end of those programs about aerial disasters, another point that Discovery Network/History Channel/Time Warner are just obfuscators because like nowadays, the story that hits first is the one getting pushed forever and the one kept in people's minds, for example in daily life recently people still believe the "it came from bat stew" pandemic thing. 

I do recommend a tiny read on the corpse recovery thing, good story despite its grim nature... still, poor sods inside that can but at least they did
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>1196
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[Hide] (34.5KB, 728x500)
[Hide] (34.6KB, 728x500)
[Hide] (96KB, 1098x732)
>korean flight
Fucking brutal. I looked it up and rumor goes there were actual glowniggers inside the plane, so it wasn't entirely and "accident" but who knows, we may never know. 
heh, unrelated but speaking of.
That airplane accident reminds me of the ARA San Juan case. An argie submarine went missing in the atlantic with 44 people inside on november 2017.  Seeing how the submarine had only 1 week worth of oxygen, the efforts for finding it (in which 13 countries were involved) was given up after 2 weeks. The wreckage was found exactly a year later by the private company Ocean Infinity, (involved in the Malaysian airplane disappearance). The remains were found 2976 ft underwater. Allegedly the defective snorkel and batteries caused an explosion inside the submarine, causing it to sunk and implode due to the pressure. 
Theory goes the submarine went inside british territory (see falklands) by accident and it got shut down. Backed up by the fact that anglos are strengthening their military presence in the island and their current relationship with argentina after the war. The silence and straight up lies from the minister of defense and the president himself gave the suspicion of something fishy going on, like an intention to avoid a potential international conflict. Truly a shitshow
The government also refuses to retrieve the
Message too long. View the full text

[Hide] (55.3KB, 835x773)
Anyone remember /sudpol/? It was a board that was generally made to discuss shit like Hitler being in Antarctica, the warm caves in Antarctica, (maybe) hollow earth, and all of the other weird shit like nazi bells and directions to hidden locations and the like. The last thing I remember is plans to just go off the clearnet, and not even into torniggery, just like a closed circle to go find more shit.
Then, when 8chan disappeared, it kinda just fell off the map like a lot of other smaller boards. So the question is, what happened?
Also Antarctica thread I guess.
Replies: >>640 >>897
>>638 (OP) 
I'd honestly expect it just fizzled out like that one /pol/ group that wanted to buy land in Africa (Namibia IIRC) and establish a White colony there.

Besides - with Antarctica, I'd be more worried what's gonna happen there in the future. With all the natural resources still waiting under the ice, I would be surprised if the US and Russia hadn't already planted bases there that don't show up on any maps. Kind of like Camps Fistclench and Century.
>>638 (OP) 
It was nearly dead toward the end of 8chan, getting about one or two posts a week, due to fizzling out over time.
Chances are it simply died after 8chan did.
Replies: >>916
I miss reading through /fringe/ threads on 8chan.
[Hide] (452.4KB, 1600x1696)
I have no idea if this is a genuine document, so proceed with caution.
Replies: >>1188
To the best of my knowledge, the German WWII-era Kriegsmarine had no "A-Class" u-boats - they were designated by Roman numerals followed by a letter, so the first U-Boat class designed in the Third Reich was "IA" and the last was the midget submarine XXVIIB.

I'm also a bit skeptical about the u-boats descending to a depth of 400 meters. Most German subs had a test depth of ~200m, with a calculated crushing depth of around 300m.
That being said, the Los Angeles class developed by the US in 1942 already had a test depth of 450m, so it's at least possible the Kriegsmarine had a secret u-boat project specifically aiming for deep-dive cruises.

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