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Post scary videos that make you shit bricks.
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Saw some stuff like that around the moon tonight. Moving lights everywhere
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>>59 (OP) 
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post more videos niggas
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thanks for hurting my ear anon. kind of funny video regardless. 
What exactly do you think they are? could they asteroids? If this was taken around the time of metetor shower then that might explain it. Other than that, what do you think it is? ayyys?

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Welcome to all tulpamancers and tulpas! Tell us about your tulpa(s). What do they look like? What's their personality, and how well do you interact with them? Is your tulpa capable of possession? Are you a degenerate romantic who engaged in coital relations with your tulpa?
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>>1375 (OP) 
Start here https://www.tulpa.info/

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Manifestation/Law of Attraction/Reality Creation is the creation and manipulation of reality using thoughts and emotions. I made this thread to discuss the phenomenon, as well to share any experiences you might have had with it.
A few pastebins concerning the subject:
>Signifact Person
>Manifesting and De-Manifesting
Seems pretty useful, and I'd like to get better at it. Currently trying to manifest a girl to voice-chat with.
So, feel free to share what you've experienced or what you know.
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didn't realize this was a slow board til I posted, but I can't find any alternatives atm. oh well
Just being a nerd fantasizing about this woman. kek
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lol thanks. you never know, that's why I asked, and I usually don't get caught in the waifu trap like this. in my defense, it's definitely not the weirdest thing on the internet.
but man, that scene where she meets Bastian, and she's all playful and affectionate, hnngg. I don't care if that kid's a fat herb in our world, he got lucky af
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It's okay anon. Just manifest another  irl girl who is exactly as you are describing.
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appreciate it.
but still... I can't let go of the idea that she and Fantasia (Phantasien in German) are there on some other level of reality. I know I'm being ridiculous, but I can't disprove it, either.

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So what became of her anyway? She's been up and about for years now, but her last video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=MXOAi-H3hho) is from last February, and her usual webcam (http://www.opentopia.com/webcam/15505) also seems to have been offline for a while now.

Was she just a batshit schizo that finally got institutionalized? Some retarded LARPer that finally got tired of her show? Or did Police Officer "P" finally got the better of her?
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>>585 (OP) 
I've never heard of this but apparently there are links to where she's been active lately in the comments of the webcam page. I don't know if they're real or not.
>>585 (OP) 
I assume the government didn't like the bad attention she brought and did a well-check to institutionalize her. That or maybe she got spooked by the Internet and is a complete hermit now. It seems to me that she did have a bad experience with "P" in the past, but she had a schizophrenic meltdown and is obsessed with it, even if he is done and gone. I doubt she is living off an inheritance; it seems much more likely that she is getting welfare and living frugally.

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now do i ensure i meet my girlfriend in the next life? we are both young and not planinng to die anytime soon but i wanna be prepared for the worst
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You'll recognize her soul even tho neither of you will be the same person
>>1395 (OP) 
You don't have control over that. If any other souls are bound to yours throughout their journey over any amount of cycles then the structure of samsara will ensure you encounter each other again. 
Take note that if you two are meant to see each other through multiple cycles it's unlikely that she'll be your girlfriend in the next life. She could be your father, sister, friend, or even a rival.

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Hey /x/
Let me tell you about the time I came across a prehistoric beaver.

For the record...
1. I  am a longtime lurker, first time poster.
2. This is prewritten, I am posting this from my phone, and I will try to greentext everything except for important descriptions.
3. This is NOT a forskinwalker thread. To be frank, I don’t even believe that skinwalkers are real nor do I believe in the existence of Sasquatch, aliens, or anything like that.
4. Before anyone asks, I will not disclose the exact location this took place. The retards here have a bad habit of shooting anything that breathes and I would hate to see them kill what l I had come across. 

With that out of the way, here’s my story:
>It all takes place on an island in the smack middle of a 51 mi^2 lake somewhere in east Texas. The island is 45min from shore and has a land mass of about 2 square miles.
>When I had learned about this lake, 4 of my friends and I had planned to spend 3 full days innawoods.
>We were going to paddle out to the big island, and get ourselves into some typical /k/ tomfoolery.
>Unfortunately, I ended up going alone. Which wasn’t too disheartened because I brought along my 9mm Smith&Wesson and 2 mags loaded with hollow points.
>The day my trip began I used an old metal canoe to get to the island. Its dented to all hell and isn’t anything particularly fancy.
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>>1256 (OP) 
>megafauna thread
I have never personally met any megafauna myself but in my opinion it's fairly likely they still exist or existed among humans at one point. I imagine it would have been a terrifying experience as a human in the neolithic era to encounter a dire bear. Honestly, I think encountering just about any ice age animal would be terrifying.

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Fake NASA, Cult of Saturn, Hollow Earth, anything goes. 

I'll start with a favorite of mine; Pyramids in Antartica, the idea of such a structure in the middle of the most lifeless part of the planet fascinates me to no end. I don't know much about it myself, other than it's related to either nazis, ayys, patagons or hyperboria or all of them at the same time
What do you think anon? mountains or the remains of an ancient civilization?
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Can you post some infographics about the subject, please?
Replies: >>428
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Did anyone happen to watch an interview of a paranormal radio host interviewing an old scientist from NASA who was suffering from an affliction in his legs and was afraid to go to the doctors under concern they'd kill him discussing Die Glocke, the Kecksburg Acorn, "Hitler's Flying Beauty" who I presume to be Hanna Reitsch if there weren't any other pretty flygirls at the time, and and a stern-looking black or brown-haired SS officer who disappeared on May 8th or so.  The program lasts from 45-60 minutes and I can't find it anywhere.
i want a loli elf gf
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Okay, so here's one. It's quite old and I doubt many of you have heard of it. In fact, I have only heard about in passing from a classmate. It dates back to the American Revolutionary War. The conspiracy theory states that Spain and other Catholic kingdoms had a massive fleet of Catholic warships hidden off the coast of the 13 colonies waiting to strike. I don't actually know where this comes from but I thought it was interesting. What other conspiracy theories that come from a previous era are you familiar with you?

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We are looking for the bravest who are ready join THE GAME and start their jorney to find the holy grail. Sinners will go through seven circles of hell, seven challenges.

THE GAME is a quest that will be held both online and offline and will start when 10k players join.

There is only 1 rule - Play or Lose.


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Hello guys I'm trying to learn magick, can you provide me with some good material for beginner?
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Sigil and chaos magic at first glance seems to be pure nonsense, am i missing something? How does one get into it? What is this school's main text?
Replies: >>1483 >>1516
Are you defining the meanings properly? For example, rather than "I want X" it should be "I have X" or "X happens", something like that. Performing with want/desire would give you exactly that, the want/desire for the result, rather than the result itself. You then need to do your best not to think about it anymore as that can interfere with the original act. 

Also, make sure things are present tense, not future tense, otherwise it will always be in the future and you will never actually achieve the result, so "I have" rather than "I will have".

If you're just starting out, it may be best to start with results that you aren't too emotionally invested in, that way you can build confidence and then you won't always be anxious and wondering if it worked, which, going back to the first point, would stop it from working.

Good luck.
Replies: >>1515
Thankyou for your reply. What you said falls in line with what another sigil user told and showed me, still i think this is just self hypnosis. Perhaps all magic is like that. Nevertheless my search continues.
Replies: >>1520
I heard that Liber Null And Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic and Oven Ready Chaos are good.
Self hypnosis is a good way of putting it since what really matters for magic is your mind, which is why a lot of sigils are just mnemonics.

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It's not really /x/ without a Bigfoot thread. Did you know the Ketchum study is done and freely accessible? The general consensus is that biblical giants (descendants of the nephilim) were/are bigfoots, that's why they are all over the planet. I haven't read the whole thing yet, but apparently the study indicates that Bigfoot DNA is the result of hybridisation of ancient middle eastern human females and "unknown" males.
Earlier attempts to study Bigfoot DNA always came back as "human" and were dismissed as contaminated, but it turns out that we should expect a "human" result after all.  
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Interesting stuff, I've never heard of it
Plan crashes are absolutely terrifying imo. Sounds like a direct sabotage but wouldnt have been easier to just shut down the whole fly program? unless they wanted a real shock for the public eye giving it a justified reason to cancel it
Replies: >>1194
[Hide] (76.5KB, 730x400)
Very interesting stuff regarding the crash. It's stunning how pervasive the corruption in this world is. Good post.
Too tired to elaborate on the many points you bring up in connection with bigfoot right now but I plan to do so soon. Have an interesting pic in the mean time.
Replies: >>1194
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>wouldnt have been easier to just shut down the whole fly program?
It would've made it more suspicious to have "something" prohibit Antarctica flights despite being neutral/nothing-happens-here grounds (especially when said flights were successful) while a crash would've send a clear signal, especially when some of the execs at the top got moved to other airlines who had southern ocean access too.
>a real shock for the public eye
Also this, the blame on the visual phenomena (whiteout) was pushed hard and people got scared, the famous judge disregarded that by saying pilots have the ability to fly with instruments only so there was no reason, then he found the logs and shit hit the fan. 
Still to this day the whiteout thing is more heard of than the actual "fly into mountain" flight plan because the latter thing gets mentioned just slightly at the end of those programs about aerial disasters, another point that Discovery Network/History Channel/Time Warner are just obfuscators because like nowadays, the story that hits first is the one getting pushed forever and the one kept in people's minds, for example in daily life recently people still believe the "it came from bat stew" pandemic thing. 

I do recommend a tiny read on the corpse recovery thing, good story despite its grim nature... still, poor sods inside that can but at least they did
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>korean flight
Fucking brutal. I looked it up and rumor goes there were actual glowniggers inside the plane, so it wasn't entirely and "accident" but who knows, we may never know. 
heh, unrelated but speaking of.
That airplane accident reminds me of the ARA San Juan case. An argie submarine went missing in the atlantic with 44 people inside on november 2017.  Seeing how the submarine had only 1 week worth of oxygen, the efforts for finding it (in which 13 countries were involved) was given up after 2 weeks. The wreckage was found exactly a year later by the private company Ocean Infinity, (involved in the Malaysian airplane disappearance). The remains were found 2976 ft underwater. Allegedly the defective snorkel and batteries caused an explosion inside the submarine, causing it to sunk and implode due to the pressure. 
Theory goes the submarine went inside british territory (see falklands) by accident and it got shut down. Backed up by the fact that anglos are strengthening their military presence in the island and their current relationship with argentina after the war. The silence and straight up lies from the minister of defense and the president himself gave the suspicion of something fishy going on, like an intention to avoid a potential international conflict. Truly a shitshow
The government also refuses to retrieve the
Message too long. View the full text
Replies: >>1497
The eternal anglo at it, still wonder how Galtieri screwed that operation.
Also this time i replied "sooner" :^), haven't been around that much but i refuse to stop using IBs

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