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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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Cogent is an Israeli company run out of Poland, for those who don't know. The CEO in question is Dave Schaffer

This is a global account manager at once of the largest ISPs in the world. His job is to sell bandwidth. He is supposed to connect computers together. Instead, his concern is "anti-LGBTQ messaging".

This is it. This is the future. These are the people who think they get to decide what is on the Internet. Homeopathic 'medicine' scams, tranny grooming forums, hacker/warez sharing sites, and Islamic terrorist groups are all welcome...but dare not to offend the LGBTQPedos, or your right to free speech will be limited to as far as your own WiFi will reach.

From the river to the sea, the Internet should be free.
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>>3883 (OP) 
This is why lolbertarianism is cringe.  It is based on a midwit, IQ 105 view of human nature.  If you would rather hold on to principles than achieve and exercise power, you'll always lose, and you'll always be ruled by people who despise you, who couldn't give less of a shit about muh universal freedoms and muh human dignity and muh freeze peach.

All of that live-and-let-live stuff has been tried.  The experiment was done.  The results are in.  That shit doesn't work.  ("If your principles are what brought you here, what were they really worth?")  There is only power.  As Lenin said, "Кто, кого?"  Who is to have the power, and against whom is the power to be used?

Canada, Australia, and the EU west of the Oder are already enormous open-air concentration camps.  They can put up the fences any morning.  It's coming to the US, too, sooner than you think.  There will be concentration camps.  There will be inmates and guards.  Which side of the barbed wire you want to be on?

Thomas Jefferson isn't on the ballot.  Your choices are Colonel Pinochet and Pol Pot, or rather the part of Pol Pot will be played by a purple-haired tranny pederast, probably "of color."  Choose one.  Choose wisely.  There is no undo button.
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I doubt the majority of retards you faggots stalk are pedos. Plus, what you do seems to be very effeminate he-said, she-said bullshit that only appeals to wahmen (except they read actual celebrity gossip, not your website) and gender clowns (people autistic enough to care about every time Chris-Chan breaks wind). You sure you aren't projecting a little there, buddy?

And yeah, liberty is fucking gay. It's monumentally stupid to let kikes flood public discourse with degeneracy and white noise all because you want to pretend to have principles. The marketplace of ideas will sort everything out in two more weeks, right?
Lolbertarianisn should be the starting point, not the end.

OK, we are going to begin with lolbertarianism and then move onto the policies we could add to it to make it a functional society.

Just remember that we are going for long-term value of stability, not the short-term value of safety.

So, starting from NWS Minarchism with NAP for it's laws.
It goes without saying that I hold to the lolbertarian ideals that property and people must be physical to be legitimate, we should not recognize intellectual property nor corporate personhood.

First, remove the legislature and legislative powers, political leaders should be overseers who enforce the laws as they were written at the nation's founding, not those who make changes to the laws.

Second, make all the banks into a branch of the government, we print our own money, and we prohibit practices like issuing currency backed by fiat, lending on a fractional reserve system, and of course charging interest at any rate.

Third, taxes, they will be charged in the following forms:
- A flat percentage on every transaction using the national currency with an additional percentage for such transactions occurring across national borders.
- An annual flat percentage of the value of landholdings at the time when they were acquired by their current owners.
- A flat lump sum charge for crossing the national borders, both entry and exit.

Fourth, the most important stuff:
The laws only apply to those who fit into five requirements of "PersonHood", each defined in the strictest biological sense :
- They must be Alive.
- They must be Adult.
- They must be Male.
- They must be Human.
- They must be White.

Anyone who falls short of even one of these requirements for "personhood" is a DeJure outlaw and a DeFacto slave:
- They are outside of the law, lacking any rights, they have none of the law's protections, and have no accountability to law's rules.
- They're legal status is equal to that of an inanimate object without sentience, meaning they fall into the category of ownable property for White Men, so any protections the law affords them would come to them second-hand from the property rights of their Masters, nothing may be done with them that their owner does not consent to.
- Naturally, White boys will become their own masters once they reach biological adulthood and become White Men.
- White girls will most likely begin their lives as belonging to their fathers, and later on to their husbands, who are the White Men to whom their fathers would transfer ownership of her over to. 

Voting and elections are unnecessary, I prefer the idea of a hereditary monarchy with only Male leaders in succession, appointing a cabinet of ministers under them, who would in turn appoint those who serve under them.

I'd make it illegal for any White Man to be a recipient of anal penetration by male genitalia, they may hold most power in society but I would not permit them to be made a woman of.

I am quite inspired by the civilizations of the ancient world, European culture originated there,  and by extension, the greater west. Things were a lot better back then, when Men were of crueler hearts, back before the faggot philosophers of the enlightenment led us to where we are today.

Instead of just talking shit about libertarianism, how about you step up to scrutiny like a Man, and tell us what you propose our nations should be?

I desire an Empire, one that takes over the world in a new age of conquest wherein great legends are written and heroes are born.

The White Man should have complete dominance over the planet and over all that live upon it.

Give me your blueprint for a country, tell me what your government would be like, ow your political system would function, and what laws or policies you'd have.

Ideologies are useful only to summarize a commonly understood set of concepts that could be looked up, to save time and characters length when describing the way you'd run a nation.

But if you just stop at the ideological label, you likely haven't thought enough about the kind of civilization you'd want to have.

People who'd care about civ-building would start with an political label "X", and then begin listing the deviations they'd make from that ideology, "X, with the following changes..."

If you disagree with me, don;t tell me what you disagree with, tell me what you'd replace the part you dislike with. If you can tell me what you don't like, but not what you'd do instead, I don't think you deserve to have a place in political discussions. I want /pol/ to have anons with ideas.

If you just want a carbon-copy of the 3rd German Reich that's fine, I'll prefer almost anything to what we have now, but the only thing I ask is for you to be able to describe what that would entail.

If you want National Socialism but cannot tell me what National Socialism even is, I cannot take you seriously.
If you have to pick national socialism vs international socialism you have already lost.

Your post is correct on everything being about power (or rather the continuous application of it that we can call control).

So everything that removes control from your own hands, no matter the justification, is bad. Everything that gives control back (over your own life, not others) is good. Politics reflect the power balance. So trying to bring others to your side with ideology is rather pointless. Become independent de facto, network with other independents, and push.
I don't really care, Josh Moon.
Libertarianism is not "live and let live",  it is "if you find it right to interfere with my freedom I find it necessary to interfere with yours". It is "we get it, the objective of the game is not making money, it is making money as powerful as possible, and after money comes power, after power comes control. So more control in the hand of the citizen = less control in the hand of the state = good. Yes there's the risk of splintering, but the fascist unity has been even more of a threat, see the "strategy" in Russia.
>>3883 (OP) 
I agree with you that an isp shouldn't moderate content. The journey the 8chan community has taken has only been a downward spiral however. The other characters in authoritative positions such as Mark, Jim, including yourself mismanaged your respective sites and boards. You people can not hide your power level, overestimate your spheres of influence, pick petty fights, and practically invited shills to foster paranoia within the community. I would almost say you did more for your authoritarian opposition than you did for your ideals by creating an odious caricature of free speech advocacy.
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