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Okay /pol/, I want to create my own natsoc workers party but how do I do it alone at first and gain popularity? I've been thinking about handing out leaflets and putting up posters around the surrounding areas but how do I get a deputy Führer, and other men/women into positions like propaganda and security services? I intend to get into power and overthrow the current democratic system in order to become dictator but how would I go about doing such a thing peacefully and by voting? I also don't want to get V& for hatespeech or some other kike thoughtcrime so how could I avoid that? What do I need in order to start a party, a manifesto? or can I just claim right now that I am the leader of the natsoc workers party without any backlash? I am new to politics and being a politician but I really just want to turn the shithole of a society that I live in into a prosperous military nation of soldiers with national socialism as the only political choice. I plan to start the party as soon as I figure out what needs to be done, I also want to start an SS brigade of foreign volunteers, the good foreigners that will be the only ones allowed to stay in the country. 

Main concern is letting glowniggers into the party and them fucking it up for me somehow like a falseflag attack or  a mass shooting, I don't want any violence or glowniggatry in the natsoc party so how do I vet people? I hope some of you fags step up and join in on the natsoc fun times before something bad happens. I also want to set a good example of the party so if I get any funding from the gubbermint I should spend it on the youth, the poor and the other folk affected by the jewish democratic capitalist system.

Any help on any of these issues would be greatly appreciated and I hope the best in becoming Hitler 2.0
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>>1054 (OP) 
Ah~ This reminds me when i was young and wanted to become Hitler as well, its every boy's dream after all, but people don't just become Hitler by wanting it, you got to work hard, study and eat your vegetables, and only then you can hope to become Hitler when you grow up.
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I'm going to put into the hard work I just need to know where to put it into first, do I go door to door advertising my party or what?
any good natsoc reading materials that aren't memes like siege or some incel mass shooter manifesto? Where can I learn more about the natsoc movement and how to make it grow? I hope to become the next hitler within the next few months through proper campaigning and leadership or by helping those in need, maybe start my own business and only hire native folk since jobs, suicide and drugs are a big problem recently and a good stable job might help them on the path to success. big problem is the anti-immigrant sentiment but also wanting a foreign volunteer brigade of SS troops to help with security a bit hypocritical i think? Plan is to get natsocialism in power in my country first then trying to get it successful in other countries too, maybe places like ukraine or other places with high levels of immigration like france, highly doubt I could get away with it in germany though, anyway main goals are to grow an army to both defend the nation and invade others, you think i could get away with occupying small island nations like the falklands or isle of man or any other british overseas territory? need to figure out how to get allies and their support, need to try and reach out to the japanese and italians to help with their migrant crisis as of late. main issue I have at the moment is with american cultural imperialism infecting every aspect of our daily lives, you know all the cuck tranny woke stuff but even the smaller things like having coca cola and other american products infesting businesses when they should be using home grown brands.

main mission is to get the party registered, have a small but loyal following to start off with and then slowly eroding the capitalist democratic system to achieve total dictatorship in the future. main issues are immigration, gun laws, suicide and poverty/homelessness.

How would I go about starting my own youth organization? one that focuses on getting young people ages 5-25 out of trouble, off drugs, prevent suicide, learning skills for future employment, learning how to be a soldier and just generally give them something to do whilst socializing with others. Then I would need to create an organization for older people in order to help them live their lives to the fullest and still be productive members of society.

Being hitler is a lot to handle but I think I could get used to it eventually, still worried that the feds would fuck everything up one day or maybe antifa spergs out but other than that I have got a lot of planning to do.
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