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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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No, really.  Despite sanctions, smuggling law, and overall political tension, Israelis continue to smuggle and consume pistachios in massive quantities from Iran, which has historically been the most high-quality cultivator of pistachios, rather than eating the ones shilled by certain Californian farms.  This has gone on now for at least 23 years, and the U.S. now sadly outranks Iran by volume.
This becomes an even deeper rabbit hole when taking into account the Californian farmers themselves.  
You know Wonderful Pistachios?  These kikes own that.  Keep in mind the names of the jewish couple Lynda and Stewart Resnick from now on, because they are more politically relevant than you would imagine, perhaps moreso than the likes of George Soros and other such figures.  Pistachios require a ton of water year-round to function as plants, and the solution they have used in this case is to use their political influence to horde more of California's water than perhaps even San Fran or the other big cities leaving the rest of the state in drought have been doing.  They also use their political clout to give a lot of support to whoever it seems is likeliest to support more war in the middle east at the moment, regardless of party (support for Dubya, then Obama, etc.).  This leads us to sadly probably conclusion that they continue to fund wars in the middle east in the hopes of Iranian agriculture being caught in the crossfire, thus destroying their competition and allowing them to jew other jews by letting them sell all the lower-quality pistachios they'd want to at a steep markup, not that pistachios aren't overpriced already.
TL;DR: When did you realize that the real reason for endless wars in the middle east revolved around the jewish lust for pistachios?
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>actual politics on /pol/
>it's a low quality post on yet another small US lobby
 Have some werewolf cock
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No matter what nuts the furjuden post, they will never live down that pistachios are their favorite.
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>>23 (OP) 
I did a sloppy search on the relation between jews and pistachios. Pistachios are seen as kosher and are usually a prime ingredient in some jew cuisine called halva. Other than that I don't know why they would do something so stupid for nuts.
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That's a new one
Nothing special: chestnuts are the best nut IMO, followed by werewolf cummies of course.

>why would they do something so stupid
What stupid act in particular?
Violating an embargo?
Well, that's just the good old invisible hand of the market at work, it also gives us some insight into how little the average Israeli cares about Iran.
Not doing as the US says?
They know the US won't do shit about it.
Lobbying for war?
That's because amerilards are all hawks deep down, the only difference is which wars they want to fight.
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There's apparently enough historical context to it that it gets an entry on a site like this.
>head hanging down
>hair continues to go down her face instead of up
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no cocoNUTs are the best, especially when you put the lime in it and drink all up and call me in the morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TsSuueEGQSM  I am totally not drunk
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Coco de mer is superior to standard coconuts though.
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It's a shitty furry webm. You expected quality, and attention to detail?
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Have there been any reported cases of pistachio shipments catching on fire? Pistachio nuts are documented as potential fire hazard in transportations because of how they can spontaneously combust if stored the wrong way. 
If US pistachio farms are all in California then that could be the reason for why fires always happen there.
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I thought those wildfires were due to the eucalyptus trees and corrupt fire department.  Was the little green jew really at fault this whole time?
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As someone who used to live in shitholefornia I can attest that there isn't a singular reasons why the fires start in Commiefornia. There are many reason why it they happen and I'll do my best to list them off. I don't want to discuss the cause and effect of them in this thread because it would be too off topic. 
>Population (this and the 3 above it are all kind of tied together)
>Climate Change cause by human interaction (the climate will always change no matter what the kikes tell you)
>The draining of Lake Tulare (tied to agriculture)
>God Awful Soulless Cities.
>Retarded hunting laws(this has a very sad story tied to it.)
>Finally, the eucalyptus trees anon mention.
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most Californian fires is likely lightning striking palm trees. It's fine in tropical areas but when the tree itself is dry they spread fire like crazy.
Of course the yids would choose those rancid green rat turds over cashew master race.
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>Retarded hunting laws(this has a very sad story tied to it.)
Now I'm intrigued. What's that sad story tied to the laws?
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I don't think it's relevant to this thread so I'll make a California thread if you think that would be better.
sage for off topic.
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Almonds > cashews > all nuts.
If you insist on another thread, please post it. You've got at least two people interested.
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I am also interested in sad stories if the people being hurt in them are commiefornians. It turns the story from a tragedy into a comedy.
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deez nuts > your nuts
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I can't make another thread right now.  Every time I would try to enter the captcha, it would just say "please try again late" and just display a white screen with no options to attempt the captcha. Sorry. 
Image unrelated.
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bibi's favorite ife cream flavor is pistachio, so what
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I like pistachio ice cream too.  Am I gonna morph into a werekike?
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>such prime ministerial expenses as pistachio ice cream (10,000 shekels – $2,846)
>10,000 shekels on pistachio ice cream
Cashews aren't even nuts to begin with.  Neither are peanuts.
You could talk about it ITT anon. There's no cap on posts that can be made in this imageboard, and heaven knows I always like to hear stories of how miserable california really is.
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Alright, I can't seem to make a thread so I'll talk about it here.

I'll preface by saying that I am unable to find an exact source online so if you're an anon who believes everything is fake and gay I don't mind if you stop reading. This story was told to me 3rd hand from a relative who said it happened many years ago. A county in California banned hunting of deer indefinitely, probably to virtual signal. Then that year was really good for the wild edibles so plants grew like crazy and there was an abundance of food. This caused the deer population to explode because the predators in the area couldn't keep up. (mountain lions  and coyotes) this happened actually 2 years in a row and then that follow winter on the 2nd year the winter was really bad and it got terribly cold. The next spring didn't get much rain and then this is when the die offs started. The summer on the 3rd year was awful because there wasn't a lot of food or water and more importantly, there were a lot of deer and simply not enough food to go around. This caused a mass starvation among the deer populations and there could  be found deer bodies rotting in the open. This could have been easily prevented had the local government allowed hunting but since they wanted to virtue signal, many deer suffered a horrible death because of this. 

I apologize for not offering a specific source. I wasn't able to find one after a few days of searching which is why I am making this post almost a week later.
>>23 (OP) 
>Why do jews love pistachios so much?
Have you ever had Iranian seasoned pistachios?
They're great.
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all I've had are the Wonderful brand that are everywhere, i don't have any opinion of pistachios outside of that brand so I believe it
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That's the most jewish pistachio brand in existence, sadly.
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>>23 (OP) 
>jews love pistachios
>the jewish lust for pistachios
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Of course a jew would be the one to care enough about some pistachio thot to write an article about her.
Don't pistachios actually have a pretty high phytoestrogen content?  Does the type of flamboyancy present in stereotypes of Persians originate from pistachio consumption?  Does the phytoestrogen content exacerbate the mental problems jews already have?
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Which way, white man?
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What the fuck.
hot, saved thank you
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