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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

Read_a_book_faggot.jpeg (u)
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(1+1)_Charles_Glass_-_The_Fundamentals_of_Bodybuilding_and_Physique_Sculpting_(2019).pdf (u)
Scott_Abel,_Chris_Cormier,_Jonathan_Coyne,_Jay_Cutler,_Mat_Duval,_Nick_Evans,_Charles_Glass,_King_Kamali_-_Get_the_Pump__The_Last_Word_in_Bodybuilding.pdf (u)
energiesofmen00jameiala.pdf (u)
Peter_Paulson_-_Naturally_Triple_Your_Testosterone__A_Guide_to_Hacking_Your_Hormones_and_Becoming_Superhuman_(2013).pdf (u)
This is your /fit/ pdf library. I can't vouch for everything, because I'm still working through my collection so I'll just post what I have and let anon sort it out.
Clarke,_Michael._-_The_Art_of_Hojo_Undo__Power_Training_for_Traditional_Karate.pdf (u)
Martin_Rooney_-_The_Team_Renzo_Gracie_Workout__Training_for_Warriors-Self_Published_(2004).pdf (u)
Daniel_Vadnal,_Metin_Dabak_-_Bodyweight_Evolution_(2013).pdf (u)
Harry_Wong_-_Dynamic_Strength-Unique_Publications_(1990).pdf (u)
Paul_Wade_-_Convict_Conditioning_2__Advanced_Prison_Training_Tactics_for_Muscle_Gain,_Fat_Loss,_and_Bulletproof_Joints-Dragon_Door_Publications_(2011).pdf (u)
Loren_Landow_-_Ultimate_Conditioning_for_Martial_Arts_(2016).pdf (u)
-_Matt_Schifferle_(2020,_Red_Delta_Project)_-_libgen.li.pdf (u)
Paul__Coach__Wade_-_C-Mass_Calisthenics_Mass__How_to_Maximize_Muscle_Growth_Using_Bodyweight-Only_Training-Dragon_Door_Publications,_Inc_(2014).pdf (u)
Garrett_J._Braunreiter_-_Secrets_To_Peak_Performance_Fitness_Bodybuilding-World_Peak_Performance_Center_(2000).pdf (u)
Raimondi,_Andrea_-_Natural_Bodybuilding_And_Body_Recomposition__Slim_With_Muscles-ARedit.com_(2020).pdf (u)
Ross_Enamait_-_The_Underground_Guide_To_Warrior_Fitness__High_Performance_Bodyweight_Training.pdf (u)
Zyzz_-_Zyzz’s_Bodybuilding_Bible-www.zyzz.com.au_(2011).pdf (u)
access_all_areas.pdf (u)
Vasiliev_V.,_Meredith_S._-_Let_every_breath.pdf (u)
Dr._Yang_Jwing-Ming_-_Qigong_For_Health_&_Martial_Arts-YYMA_(1998).pdf (u)
That's all for now.
3468601d88e1530792ffddaa7d15edc867276f7a23e558779bb33039117a1fac.jpg (u)
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Also be sure to check out:
manly_tears.jpg (u)
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>I won't be here for a long time
>so I'll leave a pdf dump for anyone here
<404 Not Found
So close, yet so far.
e331c7c76823208b8890f47e445026c06ce3d269d6cd364007cc32dff35f256b.jpg (u)
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>nobody told him that PDFs are fucked on zzz
you tried
F_is_for.gif (u)
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>pdfs are fucked on zzz
Actually that gif is gonna be really annoying with it on autoplay. Could you delete it please?
vary_pissed_off_reporter.jpg (u)
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I'm leaving this pdf that did catch my attention out of the bunch and I have found online.
Fucking retarded /fit/izen didn't even bother checking out the  integrity of the files so now I have to find each of the pdfs individually.
https://files.catbox.moe/kgun9w.pdf (this is the hojo undo pdf)
ClipboardImage(17).png (u)
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Anyone have this book?
Replies: >>1033
my sister got it for me for Christmas, it's pretty good. you should be able to get a PDF of it easily.
fd8d394692f295d74c66dfd01d4781a73a3a8a960a1c373e94b7feb869e0f1b2.png (u)
[Hide] (619.6KB, 466x700)
Alright faggots, I'm back earlier than expected, and I'm bringing gifts early too. Since I messed up by not knowing that PDFs are fucked on snoozechan, I created a mega. Hopefully that is acceptable since I'm not sure if there any problems associated with that site.
Files are a mix of PDFs and EPUBs, there might be a couple MOBIs in there too. about 3 gigs.
Replies: >>1050 >>1071
652fbae61dc9edea2db13598607125a23871db666ac793ea90004c30e3c60dd3.jpg (u)
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Thanks Uncle Adolph, it's just what I've always wanted.
Replies: >>1053
2cbb46af3e0cd5c253b61be85f7282f9cf70f5bdf34e021f7964713a0a889980.jpg (u)
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Uncle Adolf has already finished 20+ books in the collection so make sure to actually read them and not just let them sit on anon's hard drive.
sucks_shit.png (u)
[Hide] (13KB, 224x273)
Next time try to convert all of the files into pdf. I was recently gifted a Kindle and apparently it ((( ((( (((doesn't support))) ))) ))) epub.
Complaining here mostly because I have to manually convert them now.
Replies: >>1072
f7666d5ae4664069e8cc6ed15f0205005b009b35c8f4699a69dc7314a6466020.png (u)
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Calibre wasn't being a bitch so I decided to do your work for free.
Here are all the files AmaZOG's ((( (((Kindred))) ))) won't recognize into its system.
Fuck you.
Replies: >>1074
5d92f507c0ea1dd4f27cfa089d403979e2531645604a679d6b6159b178ff7191.gif (u)
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>fuck you
Th-thanks, you too.
Since it werks on my machine (kobo), I didn't realise the absolute state of kindle. Imagine an ereader that can't read epubs.
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