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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

Comfy_Grizzly.jpg (u)
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Post old /fit/ banners or make some new ones.
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banner_version_deluxe.png (u)
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Would you prefer we used the zzzchan logo or the board uri on the banners?
Replies: >>7
either is fine, I have no preference
Replies: >>8
you_son_of_a_bitch.png (u)
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I'm not really good with banners but I hacked something together
Replies: >>9
you_son_of_a_bitch2.png (u)
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nevermind that, I moved the text a bit so it hides less of arnie's massive arm
>>3 (OP) 
good luck with the board bro
fit.jpg (u)
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confused_aniki.jpg (u)
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I want to make pic related into a banner. My idea was to give him an animated dream bubble which cycles through a few images and then at the end the board uri and the site's logo, though I'm indecisive about the pics. I was gonna put Arnie, Piana, Grizzly and such but then I realised that seemed kinda gay. Suggestions?
Replies: >>46 >>793
>I was gonna put Arnie, Piana, Grizzly and such but then I realised that seemed kinda gay
Replies: >>49
You don't think dreaming about buff men is at least "kinda" gay?
Replies: >>60 >>97 >>859
9e45381baaad4298ce4163d41abb554965b06499984036aebcd8054f9aa45ec9(1).jpg (u)
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Nah, bro. It's not gay unless it's a wet dream or a romantic one, and even then it's only gay if you forget to say "No homo." as soon as you wake up.
rich-banner-1.jpg (u)
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shitty meme banner I had made a while ago
Replies: >>551 >>917
doesn't fit bro it's gotta be 300x100, you'll have to chop his legs
Replies: >>552 >>917

I am honestly too lazy for that my man
Replies: >>917
1de6be202cea2d121ffae2e1f1862a23ac91277693814d7646e6c2ee1307ccfd.mp4 (u)
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I feel like this vid has a lot of meme potential to harvest for banners, but theyre all square aspect ratio
Replies: >>726 >>793
how many mistresses does this dude have?
Replies: >>739
all of them
zzz_fit_2.png (u)
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Here I ended up making another one. Got bored of seeing the Predator one all the time, see if you like it. Maybe I'll finish that one day >>43
Replies: >>794 >>795
Shit I'm fucking stupid I forgot to resize, hold on
Replies: >>795
zzz_fit_2_proper_size.png (u)
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6 million hours and 2 crashes later in paintdotnet
Replies: >>917 >>996
where do you think you are?
Untitled-1.jpg (u)
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How about this?
Also BO should add >>795
Replies: >>920 >>996
1421616144861.jpg (u)
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Seconding this. Come on Grizzly, hibernation time is over now.
Replies: >>996
Added, prepare yourselves for /fit/ 2.0
Replies: >>1011
fb313b6d1e09613c8eea1a3fb3304420857ebb82288c1247f8d497961c92069d.jpg (u)
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0fdc0e66fe4ad7b03a1ed27c049a4ae1836f09d285861ae3aafb0214dda6d36d.jpeg (u)
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Replies: >>1016
Replies: >>1015
I'm trying, get fags from other boards to come here and talk about their gainz. but don't make threads for it, that's haram
4.png (u)
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5.png (u)
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i'd make it look better but Pinta fucking sucks
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