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pOrN iS GoOD foR yOu guYZ trUsT mE

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Dump infographs, workout plans, diet lists, recipes, etc. here.
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>>2 (OP) 
>not doing it for her
Superior infograph-chan, coming through!
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Dumping a few. Funny enough, I remember after the exodus to 8/fit/, the dump thread there got slightly derailed because anons couldn't figure out which were troll infographs and which ones had genuine info.
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Well thanks for telling me, now I'm gonna be paranoid about all of these.
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damn it. BO please delete repeated images, I fucked up.
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>>2 (OP) 
How the fuck do i grow taller?
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You don't. Embrace your inner Dwarf, the superior meat cube.
Endomorph pride worldwide.
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How do you eat raw onion? I can't stand the smell so right now I'm using garlic as substitute. It doesn't make me want to vomit and cutting them to tiny slices, mix them up with your main meal and you wouldn't know it's there unless i told you.
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I fell off the onion wagon, so to speak, but I plan to start again. I found dicing them up into a bowl of canned (sockeye) salmon was pretty nice. I also used to spread peanut butter onto a big slice of onion, and that was surprisingly palatable. If I start eating raw onion again I'm just going to try and eat it like an apple.
It's time we go back to our roots and stop cooking our meat. Start eating things raw and reap the benefit, anons. Stop being scared of parasite like a good goyim and become a better man.
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Transcend_(((Maya))).png (u)
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Let us know how that goes after you've tried it. Personally, I decided to follow Hitler's example and become vegetarian.
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I have been eating raw meat for 2 years and nothing has ever happened to my body. It doesn't matter if the meat is cleanly packaged in the supermarket or from some dirty market, I have never had any problem with raw meat. Raw eggs however requires a bit more care due to salmonella. Vegans dont deserve to live though, so get your hitler shit out of here.
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bodhisattva.jpg (u)
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>consuming negative qi generated by slaughterhouses
Also who said anything about vegans? Vegans are retards. I said vegetarian.
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>vegan brain can't even allow the user to reply to the right post, slapping himself instead
So this is the power of veganism.
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>i almost had to respond to you but i see you made a typo (or other small error).jpg
I don't know how I managed to respond to myself. 
But anyway, vegan and vegetarian are to two different things. How hard is it to understand this? Vegans don't believe any primary or secondary animal product should ever be used in any capacity, this means no honey, no unfertilised eggs, no use of leather (even if it's antique) etc. Veganism isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle (a retarded one because animals are inextricably interwoven with the planet's lifecycle). Vegetarianism is not eating flesh. At least understand what you're criticising.
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>I don't cook my meat because I'm free and natural and aryan
>...but I only eat chemical treated farmed meat from the (((supermarket))) that was probably handled by brown people
t. retard
Come talk to me when you only eat wild game, or at least organic meat. And the egg thing is nonsense. Raw eggs are perfectly safe so long as they are fresh and aren't covered in chicken shit. Those things are supposed to house embryos, remember? Salmonella wreaks havoc when it enters a man's bloodstream: What do you think it would do to something that doesn't even have an immune system? Eggs do a very good job of keeping Mommy's poop germs out.

Good luck Anon! What sort of training/sports do you do?
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Since gyms are still closed where I am, I decided to do some bodyweight exercises(>>13) so I don't go my first time into a gym having barely exercised a day in my life. Thing is, I noticed that I'm very inflexible, this was most obvious with the Pike/handstand progression because I could barely get parallel with the ground, and I can't scratch my back with my own hands, so I figured I'd shelf bodyweight for now and do stretches daily for the next month or however long it takes for me to be able to bend below parallel again. My questions are
>Is this body inflexibility permanent or fixable, if I keep on these stretches?
>Should I just shelf bodyweight for good and hit the gym if and when they open? I do have a couple of dumbells and barbells lying around from somewhere but they go up to 30 kilograms/66 pounds, and I've got no benches strong enough for a bench press so I suppose I'd be doing them on the floor?
Also a question about diet. Basically my daily diet is
>Breakfast: A carrot, plus scrambled egg, I usually forget seasoning. Sometimes I have bread with it.
>Lunch: Pasta/rice, cooked vegetables, some sauce(usually tomato, sometimes white) or broth and then meat(usually pressure cooked)/chicken(usually roasted in the oven).
>Somewhere in the afternoon: The fruit I have lying around. This is usually a pear or an apple, but can also be an orange or mango.
>Dinner: see lunch
What could I change/cut out/add?
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Guide_to_stretching_methods.png (u)
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I do 14 sets of 88 Roman Salutes (toward the Sun) every morning followed by my Daoist Yoga routine.
Dharma digits checked. 
Your flexibility can always be improved, but it does get harder to change as you age. Shorter muscles are actually the body's way of optimising for your everyday range of motion, as shorter muscles are actually more efficient within a given range of motion. 
What kind of stretching are you doing? I find it best to mix multiple methods, I'll do about 10 or so reps of leg swings in 4 directions, and hold about 12 different passive stretches for 30 seconds. I'm going to start incorporating PNF stretching (see attached) though because I want to do the splits, and I've plateaued somewhat in that particular movement.
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I'm doing the stuff in the starting stretch image in this post >>13, but I mostly focus on standing pikes and backhand clasp.
Replies: >>123
That's a good start, but if I had to pick just one stretch to focus on from there I'd go with the full squat. There's some kind of obvious stuff missing from that image, like a splits progression type stretch, but it won't hurt to keep doing the whole routine. I also really recommend doing some leg swings, you'll be amazed how much faster the process goes.
>hold on to something for balance (If you want, I like to not do this in order to train my balance)
>stand on one leg
>dorsiflex your ankle
>lock out your knee
>smoothly, and with control, swing your leg up while keeping it straight
>don't be a retard and try to force it too high with momentum, use your muscle without forcing
>1 set of 8 to 12 reps, each leg
I can touch my right knee to my right shoulder doing this, and I haven't even been at it that long, but my left side is tighter and needs more work.
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abs.jpg (u)
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Monk_Isometrics7-0.jpg (u)
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Monk_Isometrics8-1.jpg (u)
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Monk_Isometrics98-4.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>134
>50 reasons to exercise
>it's really just the same 4-5 repeated over and over in different flavors
Replies: >>136
>labelled monk isometrics
>stretching, handforms, breathing, yoga
>doesn't include any isometric exercises
I know it's from the same comic book or whatever, but come on now.
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1453598287731.jpg (u)
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hand_placement.jpg (u)
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I'll consider your critique after you contribute something.
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durrrgur-fixed.png (u)
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>first pic
>citrus is alkaline
>exerything seen as "unhealthy" is acidic while fruits and vegetables are all alkaline
>there is a direct correlation between a food's pH and how "healthy" it is
What kind of moron made this? Drink some lye since it must be extra healthy.
Still, this does go to show how misinformative infographics often are and how much effort those that dump them go to to make sure they aren't untrue/irrelevant garbage. Most are made by hipsters that don't know wtf they are talking about. Whoever made >>22 and >>23, for example, also made pic related. Anybody that isn't stoned or an absolute philistine would know that most of these ideas are dreadful, and any degree of experiment would verify such. This shows that the author didn't even bother to try any of these before posting it. Would you trust this guy to teach you how to do something that could send you to Snap City if you fuck it up?

>anon bakes cake using asbestos instead of flour, rotten eggs and eye drops instead of vanilla extract and mixes the batter with the toilet brush
>everybody calls him a maniac
>i'LL cOnSIdeR YoUR criTIqUE aFtER yOu BakE A CaKE
Replies: >>139 >>141
durrrger.jpg (u)
[Hide] (899.7KB, 900x975)
Whoops I was supposed to post both of these.
Nothing in that first pic is said about acidic or alkaline being more healthy than the other. After short consideration i have confirmed my suspicion that you are either a schizophrenic or retarded, your infographics aren't even /fit/ related. Please seek help.
Replies: >>142 >>147
Okay Mister Neurotypical. Please continue to explain to me how lemons are alkaline while I explain to the Shadow People why the Nazis used mind control on Jesus to shift the End Times from the Δ Hypercube into the Σ-Neptunian Timesphere.
BTW, Satan used his telepathy to tell me that posting infographics that aren't fitness related is significantly less harmful and stupid than posting infographics that are fitness related, but are alsodishonest and/or uneducated. DO NOT TRUST HIM! SATAN WORKS FOR THE FBI! THE INFOGRAPHICS CONTAIN 2 OF THE 7 KEYS TO 9/11!
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1488x2011)
Here, since you wanted infographics so much I made this. CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD! DO NOT LET THEM SEE YOU READ IT! It contains all my research from over the years, follow it and you will become swole on all levels. FOLLOW IT CLOSELY OR GOD WILL SEE AND SEND YOU TO HELL!
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b40ab3152fef128f3a2bff1b9bc3d214dbaa016d0e9063bf1496f239502221ac.jpg (u)
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(Internal_knifehand_intensifies).jpg (u)
[Hide] (20.4KB, 330x196)
See this?
That's me. so fuck off with your "contribute something" garbage. But even had I not posted all those, it wouldn't matter. The critic does not need to produce work in the field he criticises, as criticism is a service requiring skill in and of itself. You're clearly ass-ravaged that I called you out for not knowing what isometrics are.
Also that martial arts image is pure fucking cancer. Reddit's guide to martial arts, it's everything wrong with internet discussion of martial arts. Kyokushin is fucking garbage, knockdown karate will fuck your ability to survive a normal fight or even hard sparring because you will have zero ability to defend against a punch to the head. I know because I fucking trained Kyukushin and it took me 6 months of 5 days a week cross training MMA and boxing before I could fix the bad bad habits I learned from knockdown style sparring. And you know what? After I started feeling pretty confident about my skills, I dropped the boxing, kept training MMA, and decided try some gong fu. After a year they let me spar with a senior student. I got fucking lit up. I've sparred with pro MMA fighters you might have seen on TV, and while they certainly were much better than me, I could "hang in there" at least. Traditional Chinese schools are not to be fucked with. I fucking detest this clueless youtube comment tier bullshit so fucking much.
>b-but muh thai kicks
Fuck off.
Replies: >>289
This /fit/ gave me cancer.
Replies: >>168
So post something to make it less cancerous.
Tell me fellow supreme aryana, how do I find wild meat in the middle of a city? And cooked meat is basically charcoal so enjoy your cancer. 
If eggs don't have salmonella then why did I spend that one night vomit and diarrhea all over the toilet?
Replies: >>193
1424071774485.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1432x2020)
How come no one has posted the most important one?

USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST /fit/ is a straight man's board

Which part of health or fitness is that related to ? kys
390a5aa6b7d5f346c3a63d6c933f8657701fe7ec0d0040c521f7706bd2a4358a.jpg (u)
[Hide] (86.2KB, 1070x639)
SmugforM10.png (u)
[Hide] (179.8KB, 299x336)
>not hunting wild niggers
>not going outside the city every other weekend
>living in a (((city))) in the first place
>being such an incompetent cook that everything turns into charcoal
Replies: >>210
>by /g/ - technology
How have I never seen this
Banned? why is the bo such a faggot?
Replies: >>225
62fb503b6574ae5cd07944df26506223a45d7abd202d552be7696c43e5a42aaf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (31.8KB, 392x409)
Replies: >>229
Replies: >>230
What's your opinion on Thai boxing and BJJ.
Replies: >>295
They're great. I've trained both. I just don't like when people act like those (and a couple other martial arts) are the be-all-end-all. I think BJJ isn't the best choice if you're only going to stick with one style, but one can often train thai boxing at the same gym. It's also super expensive, be prepared to pay $200+ a month, $140 for a gi, and a $100 registration fee. It depends on the gym, but they can also be a little beginner-unfriendly, not paying enough attention to proper execution of technique, arguably over-emphasising sparring/rolling. The arts themselves are fine though.
Replies: >>762
This is gonna sound like a literal shitpost but I am 100% serious.
Does anyone have infographs on taking the perfect shit? What you need to do, what you need to eat, how you need to position yourself? That perfect form so that even a man with a hairy gorilla ass won't need to sit there using ten million wipes just to get clean.
Replies: >>347 >>349
eac580ac6dd32c824da542a198bc6f74b098096679f1f1f4dbff6cff47b3f1ec.png (u)
[Hide] (112.9KB, 550x413)
>10 million wipes
>wiping at all
How about you just take a shower or use a bidet and clean yourself like a human being.
Replies: >>349 >>373
Why not just shave your arse? You won't always be taking perfect shits unless you have a perfect diet (which is worthless because circumstance will, at some point, force you to deviate) and never ever get food poisoning or gastro so you may as well learn to make the best of a bad poo.
However my advice is:
>spread your cheeks as you shit so you don't smear shit across them
>don't sit too long especially if you did the above otherwise you'll hurt your butthole
>legs up for more efficient pooping
>get a stool if you have a porcelain throne and want to do the above especially if you're a fat cunt
>sink the battleship to avoid AIDS

Sorry, but not everybody is a Gensokyan aristocrat like you. Some of us live in dry climates or can't afford a bidet, let alone a shower directly next to every toilet we ever poop in.
Replies: >>373
>Pacific pussy played off his mistake by blaming me for it
Oh trust me, I would fucking love either if I had access to them within the range of my shitter station.
And I'm definitely looking into solutions for ass shaving, but until then that's some very good advice, Anon. Thanks.
Replies: >>375 >>404
4389648621cda7409a3c2c4ac6dc295d32ce4547b28f98784128a06188ddbd99.jpg (u)
[Hide] (93.1KB, 1366x768)
>And I'm definitely looking into solutions for ass shaving, but until then that's some very good advice,
Dude no, I tried that after he told me and it's not really good, here's what changed
>loud not smelly farts sound higher pitched and less muffled
>silent smelly farts come out easier and smell worse though that might just be my imagination
>shit still getting stuck in the hair that remained
0/10 wouldn't recommend, just wash your ass you filthy, filthy animal.
Replies: >>403
I've been eating a lot of fucking blueberries and now I stopped because I haven't had a full shit in a couple of days how do I fix this?
Replies: >>399
Eat dried plums.
Yuriwetdream.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (84.2KB, 540x540)
Did I forget to mention that I've never actually shaved my arse? Because I've never actually shaved my arse. I do pull at my hairs whenever I wipe to remove as many of the loose ones as possible so there's less hair for poo to get stuck in though.
Thanks for taking one for the team, Anon! I'll be sure to vouch for you to the Nobel Prize committee.
Ass shaving isn't hard. Just use one of those Venus shaving heads and go to town. Alternatively, you could just carefully rub some Nair onto it or go for laser therapy if you permanently want to remove it.
958752985267389897256567456.jpg (u)
[Hide] (95.5KB, 960x960)
>all this discussion about ass shaving
>it's not even in QTDDTOT
Literal faggots.
Replies: >>451
>not having dingleberries makes you gay
Wanna know how I know you're in th closet?
Replies: >>455 >>460
If you're so bad at cleaning your ass after you shit that you have dingleberries getting rid of your hair isn't going to help you at all. Though it is a lot more comfortable to have a shaved ass tbh, just not really a realistic option if you're extra hairy unless you can afford lasers being shot around your bunghole to kill the follicles or whatever that does.
Replies: >>462
e53fbaf1237a7284379ce595b714a4a911b600b644064f2f859b8b02a7b3660e.png (u)
[Hide] (101.4KB, 528x326)
>if you don't shave your asshole for your wife's gay son you must be a homo
Nice jew logic.
Shaving your ass is one of the gayest things a man can do. Next you'll be talking about bleaching your asshole. I don't get dingleberries because I know how to clean myself, and I'm fuckin' hirsute.
Replies: >>462
tralala.png (u)
[Hide] (523KB, 722x525)
Obviously a hairy arse can be just as clean as a bald one, it's just that you have to put in more time and effort. Unless you're like Mr. Macho 100% straight anon, who prefers a manly, unwiped musk about his butt to prove how much he doesn't want dick in there.

Actual homophobia really is a sign of homosexuality, mate. I'm not talking about the silly leftist definition of simply disliking faggots, but rather the condition where a man is so paranoid of being seen as gay or the possibility that he may indeed be gay that he goes to absurd lengths to avoid anything even vaguely associated with homosexuality. A homophobe is a man who permits no depictions of rainbows in his house. A man who refuses to do squats for fear that they will give him a ghetto booty. A man who acts like Guts when it comes to male contact despite having never been abused. A man who would sooner let himself die of colon cancer than allow "them queer doctors" to "fool around back there". This is you.
Replies: >>470 >>662 >>1138
1513229358401.gif (u)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 365x274)
>you don't do squats because you're a homophobe
>Cross Country Skiing
Can that be substituted with Snowboarding?
Replies: >>761
lol get the fuck outta here tranny
I don't see how.
Nerve_Points.png (u)
[Hide] (56.3KB, 550x678)
>be prepared to pay $200+ a month, $140 for a gi, and a $100 registration fee
>not paying enough attention to proper execution of technique
You got ripped off, tool.
Replies: >>763
Those fees are absolutely standard for MMA and BJJ in Canada. I paid $175 a month plus $50 registration, both of those prices are less than some places. The head coach was a retired professional fighter, and there were 5 to 8 active active professional fighters training there at any given time. I was making good money at the time so it wasn't a big deal.
The Jiujitsu gi they usually try to sell you are horrendously over-priced and covered in ugly logos and shit, so I said I already had one and bought a Judo gi from a martial arts supply store for about $80 bucks, half the price of a BJJ gi. 
As for not paying attention to proper technique, I was referring to how this is often a problem with BJJ in general, not a specific problem with the gym I went to per se. It's a pedagogical issue, there is almost always too much free rolling in BJJ classes for beginners, who need to practice 2 person pre-arranged takedown and submission drills, which is Superior to free rolling for actually learning proper technique. Free rolling should only come in after 3 months of training, but zero attention span normalfaggots might get bored with drills and conditioning and take their money elsewhere so no one does it that way.
The fact is, as much as mmafags like to crow about being the "the most hardcore and realz and bestest" it's too damn expensive for most people, and the karate dojo down the street only charges $60 a month with gi included because the sensei has a day job, and karate doesn't pay his bills.
Anyone have anything specifically for fixing a skeleton mode body?
Replies: >>826
eat more
Replies: >>827
Uh. Thanks, I will.
So basically, if you do the exact opposite of this you'll be on mega-steroids?
Replies: >>895
b47d0eb1453881abbc1bce3c41659ced048aa35bfb750149f6dd56bafce2b107.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1920x1080)
The only thing that's equivalent to mega steroids are mega steroids, but that said, there are some hidden red pills in that image if you reverse it. Notably the bit about hand sanitizer (very relevant these days), and alcohol. 

Quite a bit is missing though if you want to naturally increase test in a systematic way.
Anon's guide to boosting test, in order of importance:
>prioritise sleep, 8 hours of high quality sleep is non-negotiable
>jerking off crashes testosterone, so stop that shit, having sex with real women boosts it, but don't obsess over this
>eat lots, especially protein (1 gram per pound of body weight per day), avoid keto as carbs are androgen precursors
>strength training, according to my current understanding, usually a full body, 3 day a week routine is ideal for boosting test
>maintain a manly mindset, if you're not an alpha, fake it till you make it
>find and eliminate anything that triggers unnecessary cortisol release
>eliminate micro-nutrient deficiencies, especially zinc and vitamin d
>keep your balls cool, cold showers and especially cold or ice baths are great here, you can also put ice packs in your underwear
>if possible, expose your balls to sunlight, especially while working out, supposedly artificial UV works as well
>moderate, regular, steady state cardio (think running once a week) lowers resting heart rate, makes you more anabolic
>boost your cholesterol intake if your overall health situation allows for it
>eat raw onions, my anecdotal experience is that the onion meme is extremely legit and works, but is a very difficult habit to maintain, it also nukes colds, the flu and infections in my experience
It's still a work in progress for me, but that's what I've learned so far. I should point out that this is a very minimalist guide, almost every item on the list could have it's own thread, especially sleep and mindset.
Replies: >>914
fuck, the bit about hand sanitizer's got me pretty bad 'cuz i'm a pretty big germaphobe and end up using it often (though i do rinse it off), guess i've gotta make some changes
Replies: >>916
I looked into it a bit more and it turns out that triclosan shit is pretty insidious. It's banned in the EU but if you live in the US or Canada check your shampoo, soap, toothpaste and generally any hygiene product for it.
dokumen.pub_cooking-with-sol-brah-your-complete-guide-to-eating-with-vitality-1nbsped.pdf (u)
>>2 (OP) 
>canola oil
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>can't upload pdf
well fuck it just look up "Sol Brah cookbook" and try to find a free copy because it's an overpriced book
Shows you what to avoid and what to eat.
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>shows you what to avoid and what to eat
Who is this Sol Brah and why should I trust him.
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Look him up.
In any case you shouldn't trust anyone telling you to consume canola oil.
>solbrah cookbook
Have fun with the potato water.
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>A man who refuses to do squats for fear that they will give him a ghetto booty. 

If squats doesn't do that, then what does it actually do?
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Why are you replying (a year later) to a retard who was unironically bitching about "homophobia"? 
Anyway, squats do develop your glutes (this is a good thing for athleticism) but for most people, they primarily develop the quadriceps.
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