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Have you lifted today? No? Go find something heavy. Pick it up. Now put it back down. Good. Do that a dozen more times.

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If you have a simple one-liner question, ask it here.
I'm seeing contradictory information on low weight, high rep routines. Some people say they're worthless, but apparently a lot of old bodybuilders were successful with high rep routines. Are they useful for performance, or strictly hypertrophy?
I'm completely new to lifting and don't want to buy more weights than I have to, seeing as gyms in my area are currently fucked.
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Bodybuilding is a gay meme and to this day I still don't understand how people still think it's possible. Just do some light exercise everyday and you have already look your peak. No amount of exercise is going to make you look buff (as fuck) unless you are a fat ass which defeats the purpose. The only reason those bodybuilders look the way they are is from drugs.
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>>41 (OP) 
Is it ok to train biceps and chest at same time ?
And is it ok to increase the weight and dercrease the number of repetition after each set ? like for example :
I did 10kg bench-press 12 times then the next set I do 12kg but 8 times.
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If you legit have no strength to finish the reps, then it's fine, but you should still try to to finish them. Ask someone to spot you and give you a little help if it's necessary.
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>ask someone to spot you
Is it true that bodybuilders love sucking dick?
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This really doesn't answer my question. I'm interested in whether or not high rep low weight sets are beneficial for someone who's not lifting for looks. When I said "old bodybuilders" I'm talking about Eugene Sandow old, not Schwarzenegger old.
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Does anyone recommend a daily and morning stretching and workout routine?
In a way that looks like nitschze
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Are men like Eddie Hall, Martins Licis and Julius Bjornsson so strong due to peak genetics or can somebody reach such an impressive strength through sheer training and dedication?
Mainly asking because every time I see them in videos I feel like that even if I really tried, I could never come even close to them.
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Does it matter?
Replies: >>71
Yes. Are they merely an exception to the rule, a super rare genetic miracle that may get forever lost if they die, or can any determined man reach, or at least come close to, their status if he trains hard enough?
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But I mean, if you found out for sure that you could never be as strong as Eddie Hall, would you stop training? Strength is relative, the weakest gorilla around can still rip Eddie Hall's arms off, so the only comparison that matters is to your own self. That's how I see it anyway.
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>if you found out for sure that you could never be as strong as Eddie Hall, would you stop training?
> the weakest gorilla around can still rip Eddie Hall's arms off
Gorillas are way weaker than the retarded 1920s tests claimed. But unfortunately the shit information about them from back then has become the norm layman knowledge nowadays. You too are a victim of this misinformation. Gorillas can't rip your arms off, anon. They are dumb animals and Eddie would fucking kill them in a fight.
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>current year /fit/ can't even answer my beginner question about reps
>also believes 500 lbs apes are weak when fucking chimps are stronger than humans
Sure is cuckchan in here.
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Arnold liked to do both. He'd warm up, then do a weight he could do no more than 15 (Might have been 12 but I can't remember for sure. Doesn't matter too much just go with what you like.) reps with, then something he could do no more than 10 with, then 8 then 6 then he'd try to squeeze out another 6 reps. He would also have designated "heavy days" wherein he'd do heavy weights for low reps.
Reason for this is that while bodybuilding is more about looking strong rather than being strong and high reps are certainly better for getting more mass, high weights are what give them a harder, more aesthetic appearance. So he concocted this routine to get the best of both worlds: The lean mass of high reps and the hard, shapeliness of high weight.
Outside of aesthetics, it has its pros and cons. High reps at low weight puts more strain on your ligaments which makes them stronger but also gives you mad DOMS. It also doesn't do much for your strength but its good for muscular endurance.
Personally I favour high weight, low (2-5) reps, but I always start and finish with with my 10-15 rep weight. It seems to be working.

Shut up, you misbegotten cuckold. Just because you're so inbred that you look like those agent orange kids in Vietnam doesn't mean the rest of us won't make it.
Yes most, if not all of the bigger, leaner guys use(d) roids. But there is no shortage of ripped/swole guys out there that have never touched anything harder than coffee and onions. The only catch is that none of them are happa or jewish, so you have my condolences.

>Is it ok to train biceps and chest at same time ?
Yes. You're most likely going to be doing bench press for chest which doesn't touch your biceps.
That being said, I'd advise against bothering with curls as a beginner unless you personally have a special reason to isolate biceps or you only do them as an afterthought. Beginners are better off doing compounds like chin-ups and rows.
>And is it ok to increase the weight and dercrease the number of repetition after each set ?
Of course! Basically everybody does this and it's the best way to train because your light sets warm you up for the heavy ones.
And, of course, spotters are always a good idea. Especially if you're new because they can help with your form. Don't listen to the nigglets!

Yes. Personally I like to suck femboy dick. The cute noises they make when you tease their feminine cocks are out of this world and the high fruit diets they typically eat make their cummies the most delicious thing you could ever eat.

I do not, but have this (you) instead.

The simple answer is "Genetics.". Chances are, you're no threat to the World's Strongest Man title.
However! You should still train to be the best you can be. Being the 1000th or even the 10,000th strongest man in the world is still incredibly useful, respectable and sexy, and unless you look like the bone goblin, you don't know what potential your DNA holds. There are so many timid lardasses and scrawny lanklets out there that have potential, but they don't see it because they waste their lives playing World of Warcraft.

Yeah some people ITT are pretty fucking gay and that's coming from a dude who's favourite food is femboy semen.
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>Yes. Personally I like to suck femboy dick. The cute noises they make when you tease their feminine cocks are out of this world and the high fruit diets they typically eat make their cummies the most delicious thing you could ever eat.
>that's coming from a dude who's favourite food is femboy semen.
I hope this is satire.
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>m-muh SUPER POWERFUL dumb gorilla will rip your arms off, snipe your back in two and blah blah blah
>Proof? I have no proof because (excuses)
Studies show chips are weak. What makes you think gorillas are any different? A well built man would wipe the floor with a retard gorilla. People still unironically believe the 'gorillas can lift over 800kg!' meme even though not once was this ever proven. Not even halfway close. https://archive.vn/S5aR4
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Meant chimps, obviously. Here's a picture of a few dead gorillas for fun.
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I mean, thanks for answering my question but bloody hell.
Replies: >>124
A 315 pound gorilla can run 25 miles per hour. You are retarded.
>Muh genetics
It's not genetics it could be that he has eaten well enough to build a proper body and you don't need meat to have a healthy and strong body. Eddie is a fucking Jew there is no way in hell it's genetics. 
>Yes. Personally I like to suck femboy dick. The cute noises they make when you tease their feminine cocks are out of this world and the high fruit diets they typically eat make their cummies the most delicious thing you could ever eat.
Are you that same faggot on /b/? Because this explains why you're so retarded.
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>you don't need meat to have a healthy and strong body.
Vegetards need to be burned alive.
Replies: >>115
>No indication that in a vegan at all
>Just meat bro! You'll be fit and strong in no time!
>What is a  bio-diverse diet
Replies: >>116
>bio-diverse diet
A meme, just like every other diet that doesn't put you in a state of ketosis.
Replies: >>118
You are one dumb ass niggermonkey yourself you know that right? First of all Gorilla weight like twice or three times as your average body builder and can easily tear down a banana tree while bodybuilders cannot or require some from of equipment and time to destroy one fucking tree. I dare you face up against a Gorilla and not come back with bruises and broken bones.
>Ah yes abusing animals and pictures of dead gorillas being shot proves my superiority!
You're just as gay as >>98
Replies: >>119
> A meme
Please educate me on a diet where you seek to grow and eat a wide spread of different types of plant based foods is a meme.
>0 arguments
>yeah well, you see, this one time I saw a gorilla tear down a banana tree!
>This is ultimate proof of how supernaturally strong gorillas are. Humans stand no chance, not once, not ever. Gorillas will kill us all in an unarmed fight.
Replies: >>122
<0 arguments
No, surprise that you're really retarded. I argued why you're wrong about gorillas. Another thing to note gorillas have incredibly dense muscles and also have way more muscles than we do and on top of that can absorb twice more nutrients from eating numerous amounts of food from eating due to their large stomachs. This is something a bodybuilder does not have and can't do, so a gorilla absolutely would kick your ass.
<yeah well, you see, this one time I saw a gorilla tear down a banana tree!
There is no one time dumbass they do this often, gorillas fuck up trees to get bananas, or for pure entertainment. You still haven't brought a proper counter argument.
<This is ultimate proof of how supernaturally strong gorillas are. Humans stand no chance, not once, not ever. Gorillas will kill us all in an unarmed fight.
Didn't I just say that they are  twice the weight of the average body builder? If you want to toe to toe with a gorilla then go ahead I wouldn't stop you as a matter of fact I would pay a ticket to see you get your ass beaten crying like a bitch. The only way you would win is either the gorilla is an absolute retard to not know how to fight back or need a weapon to win otherwise a gorilla one on one in an unarmed fight is going to beat your shit. None of what you said contradict nor counters my points, but only putting words into my mouth, because your nigger brain can't do any proper research whatsoever.
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The idea of humans "fighting" wild animals bigger than themselves is so stupid I don't even want to argue about it. Being in a fight with feral nigger human who isn't trying to use technique and is just swinging wildly is hard enough, fighting a 300 to 500 pound animal with enough grip strength to pop your skull like a melon, that also bites, is out of the question. Normal humans can barely handle 12 pound feral cats for fucks sake, even housecats have driven off burglars.
Also elite powerlifters are shit at fighting anyway because they have to spend all their time lifting instead of developing skills. 90% of any weight division in the UFC would fuck up almost any pure strength athlete. Not that it would make a difference in "man vs gorilla".
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Just having a spot of fun, lads.

Dude we are talking about the strongest men on the planet, not just really strong guys. A genetically average guy could become ridiculously strong with the right diet and hard work, but it takes a genetic ubermensch + hard work + passion + amazing diet to become The Strongest.
As for Eddie being a jew? The Ashkenazim are weak due to inbreeding and disgenics but they also have shitloads of european DNA and outliers do happen. Also, all it takes to be considered (((chosen))) is for your mother to be (((chosen))). Ergo, you could have a line of girls marrying big, 100% goy scottish highlanders dating back to a jewish woman in the 18th century yet their descendant is still technically jewish. So I would ask you to elaborate on Eddie's jewish heritage before you dismiss him as genetic trash.
>left-of-field vegetarian shilling
Are you that Hitlerposter from the other thread? Remember that Hitler wasn't a vegetarian when he was in the military. He only stopped eating meat after he got a job where physical prowess was of secondary importance. It's all good and noble to not hurt animals, but you're not proving much when you are, by your own admission, a DYEL. Being skinny and flexible works for you, but it's not for everyone.

If those monkeys didn't have guns or machetes, that silverback could have easily massacred the lot of them with his bare hands. I don't know what you're trying to prove besides that you're a subhuman. A cow that spends her life fucking around the pasture can outlift any man. I don't see how a cow-sized man that spends his life doing gymnastics while on a bulk is gonna be weaker than a man-sized man. Not to mention this cow-sized man's muscles are, kilo fo kilo, "1.5 times" as strong as the man-sized man's.
Replies: >>125 >>137 >>146
Hitlerposter here, that's not me. My views on vegetarianism are more nuanced. I think from a conventional science point of view, a balanced diet including meat is nutritionally superior to vegetarianism, and I'm not opposed to eating hunted meat when I know who shot it and prepped it.
That said, I think (((factory farming))) is unacceptable, and I unironically believe in qi, and that slaughterhouses will permeate the meat with negative qi that will at best, cause anger, anxiety depression or stress, and worst case, cause physical illness.
Replies: >>127
Yeah I can totally agree with that. I need to learn how to hunt so I don't need to worry about if my meat came from factory farms or those poor chicken-like abominations that can't walk.
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What are some high protein lunch combos I can buy without raping my wallet, bring to work, and have them not taste like shit?
>take ingredients that have a high protein/cost ratio
>think of nutritious things you could cook with them that are still enjoyable the next day
>cook those things, but with a greater proportion of high-protein ingredients
That's my strategy.
Soups are good because they are better the next day and make good use of bones and cheap cuts. They suck if you don't have a microwave/stove at work though.
Chicken, eggs, milk, bugs, mushrooms, lentils and beans are good ingredients to use. Combining beans and rice is an ancient alchemical trick to materialize extra protein from The Void.
I like to cook stir-fries, omelettes, curries, chankonabe, minestrone and chili con carne. Also you can just do something like bring boiled eggs, protein shakes, fried/baked/raw meats and other standalone protein foods alongside whatever fruits, vegetables and carbs suit your fancy, rather than making singular dishes.
Also consider using organ meats. They are very nutritious but most people find them repulsive so they are also cheap as shit. Personally I find liver to be disgusting but birds seem to have rather enjoyable livers. I sometimes like to make stroganof but I substitute 1/3 of the beef for chicken livers. Don't eat liver too frequently though! It'll give you vitamin A poisoning if you do.
>post research that debunks the chimps are super strong meme
<but surely gorilla strength can't be ridiculously overrated! They can totally lift over 800kg and beat the shit out of us all, hurr durr

>muh banana tree
I didn't even have to spend more than 1 minute to find 2 people beating the shit out of these trees. And both of these men probably weight 1/5th as the retard gorilla in that other video, which says a lot. 
>Australian punches a banana tree until it breaks and falls: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x65hv4k
>Muai Thai monkey kicks a banana tree until it falls. 2nd kick pretty much did it, 3rd kick finished it off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gloGY3UDZDo

There is no doubt in my mind that if they simply wrestled the tree it would snap just like with the gorilla's. Instead they're kicking and punching it to show off.
Your post didn't debunk shit and my previous post clearly illustrated how you are wrong even if the link you posted was 100% true. Please consider suicide, you shit-smeared retard.
The fact that you think a banana tree disproves that gorillas are stronger than humans is hilarious. Banana trees aren't even a good example of comparing human and gorilla strength at all considering that banana trees are as tough as an most trees, which is why these guys were able to beat it down with fists and kicks. If you want to disprove that gorillas aren't strong then why don't you go fight an actual gorilla and be the man to debunk zoologist and biologist that they're weak shit?
Replies: >>144
>Are as a tough
*Aren't as tough
[Hide] (99.3KB, 1280x881)
>Dude we are talking about the strongest men on the planet, not just really strong guys. A genetically average guy could become ridiculously strong with the right diet and hard work, but it takes a genetic ubermensch + hard work + passion + amazing diet to become The Strongest.
Their is no confirmation whatosever that it's genetics, both of his parents are Jews whether they have Euro genes or not, there is no proof that he is genetically fit.
>>post research that debunks the chimps are super strong meme
Cool, but that has nothing to do with gorillas, and your own article only talks about chimpanzees.
>Thinks that two random dudes punching and kicking bananas tree means that they are as strong as gorillas
>Anon doesn't know that bananas trees are weak as shit when it comes to its bark compared to other trees.
You're a retarded refer to >>122, comparing a gorilla to a human in terms of strength makes no sense at all. Gorillas weight way more than humans do and they have more muscles. You have done nothing to disprove the anons who are arguing with you and seem to seek to only be a retard on /fit/. I wouldn't be surprise if you originated on cuckchan.
Replies: >>452
What made Muhammad Ali good at fighting?
Replies: >>167
We have a martial arts thread >>27
Why wouldn't you ask there? 
The short answer to your question is, remarkably light and slick footwork for a heavyweight. That and shady boxing underground dealings.
Replies: >>170
I don't know but for some reason I didn't it the thread. I'm just noticing we have a /fit/ after browsing /v/ this whole time on the site.
The only kind of curls I'm doing right now are Zottman curls because I'm obsessed with the idea of grip strength and Popeye forearms, is that enough, or could there be a problem with this approach?
Still drugs, didn't they use bull testosterone or something like that?
Give me some examples of the supposedly natural bodybuilders your talking about.
Replies: >>194
[Hide] (145.7KB, 1333x1500)
I'm planning to buy one of those pull up bars that mount in-between door frames, thing is my door frames are made of cheap ass thin wood and the walls aren't too solid either. Question is, what are the odds I fuck my shit up and break everything including myself? Anyone has experience with these kinda things?
Replies: >>194
>being this sheltered
Just go anywhere that has people that actually use their muscles and look around. You wanna tell me every labourer is on roids? Or that some nigger in the middle of The Congo even has access to them?

How much do you weigh? How cheap are we talking? Doorframes are surprisingly strong, so unless you live in China or some other shithole or you have rot/termites, you should be alright.
Replies: >>197 >>201
[Hide] (220KB, 362x430)
[Hide] (478.8KB, 865x389)
[Hide] (168.3KB, 369x397)
I'm barely 140 lbs, and I dunno how cheap, they are new so I don't think they're rotting at all but they look very damn flimsy and some parts aren't even attached properly, see pics.
Replies: >>209
See you just proved my point, how can a nigger in the congo spend his money and effort in the gym and food but still look ripped? You will never get big going to the gym. I never said you can't get ripped, just that you will never be able to look even remotely close to hollywood type of body. Not without drugs. Your bicep will never be so big that everyone cant help but to look that them.
Replies: >>209
I've been looking at the 5/3/1 routines. Anyone tried them out before? I am sick of just flailing at the gym with no progress.
How many of you have built or are building a home gym due to Chinese aids? Wondering if there's enough people to warrant making a thread about it to ask questions.
Replies: >>206
I looked and EVERYTHING is sold out or on back order. So thats on hold.
Replies: >>207 >>209
I've been going through craigslists religiously to find deals. I got a shitty bench, bar, and some weights for an alright price all things considered. New stuff still gets restocked, it just gets bought nearly immediately. I found this reddit thread that has bots that constantly post whenever the main suppliers update their websites with new inventory. https://old.reddit.com/r/homegym/comments/j1d716/stock_and_shipping_25_sept_2020/
I need to buy a rack for squats next followed by rubber plates for dead lifts. Can't wait to drain my bank account with those purchases.
Replies: >>208
[Hide] (1.1MB, 200x270)
I'll just stick with my single dumbbell and callisthenics.
Damn, someone fucked up. I'd be nervous about that too, even at 60kg. I think this is something you should ask a carpenter about.

Now you're not even talking sense. There are ripped jungleniggers. Jungleniggers do not have junglesteroids. You're trying to tell me that anybody can get ripped by climbing trees and swinging machetes, but gyms have some sort of gainz-stealing aura that stops this? You clearly have no clue what you're talking about. Just go back to fapping to NTR and keep your weird defeatist obsession to yourself.

Yeah, fuck buying things these days. Thankfully, timber, scrap metal and concrete are still affordable.
Replies: >>231
From the article you linked
>Yet his team’s experiments and computer models show that a chimpanzee muscle is only about a third stronger than a human one of the same size.
A third stronger is a lot stronger retard
>The team went on to look at the muscle of chimps that had died of natural causes, which revealed that two-thirds of their muscle consists of fast-twitch fibres, whereas more than half of human fibres are slow-twitch.
Hence why chimps can win against humans in a fight
>>41 (OP) 
Do you lads know any great Push/Pull workout program ?
My friend refuses to do deadlifts with me claiming it'll fuck up your joints. How valid is his point and if it isn't, is there any scientific documentation to disprove it? He's one of those faggots that requires a study to believe anything about weight lifting. Took me over a month to convince him to do squats properly. He unironically brought up a guide on how to do body weights squats while pregnant as a good example of his "scientifically accurate proper form".
Replies: >>215
I don't know anything about lifting, but did you tell him that he's a retard and that women have a higher centre of gravity, which makes their  ideal biomechanics different than that of a man?
Can you get /fit/ with bodyweight alone or is it "gym or bust"?
Replies: >>226
I'm no expert but if arnie says you can get do it with bodyweight exercises only, then I trust him
Show me the buff as fuck congo nigger without steroids then genius, since you seem to know them well personally. If the congo nigger is already ripped, it proves my point that you dont even need to train jack shit to reach your potential, and gym certainly wont help you. Also I never said gym restricts your muscle development retard, it's just not going to work noticeably better than say, doing 50 push up a day.
>>41 (OP) 
Lads what can I do to maximize my weight lost program? I'm already doing fasting which cuts down 1-2kg per week, but I feel like I can do better than this. I don't feel like going water only and I'm training everyday as well.
[Hide] (98.9KB, 1080x897)
is it possible to make gains and lose fat at the same time? I'm not overweight but the small amount of body fat around my stomach has really been bothering me lately, what's the ideal diet to burn it off and how long would it take assuming I follow it religiously?
Replies: >>273
If you're just beginning then sure
>what's the ideal diet to burn it off and how long would it take assuming I follow it religiously?
Replies: >>276 >>277
[Hide] (495KB, 750x702)
the premise of that website seems good but it's basically telling me to eat 1,3 kilos of food per meal, that can't be right
Replies: >>278
that site is archaic as fuck, and I'm not willing to spend $200+ every two weeks on groceries. wouldn't a high protein/low carb diet while running on a treadmill every day have the same effect?
Replies: >>278
You're likely doing something wrong with the inputs
You can customize it if you're a poor fuck, select broke in nutrition type.
> wouldn't a high protein/low carb diet while running on a treadmill every day have the same effect?
Yes indeed, that's the point.
Should I stop fapping? If so why should I stop?
Replies: >>317 >>332 >>345
Spoiler File
(32KB, 519x525)
It's up to you man. It's an exchange of a large amount of your yang creative energy for a few seconds of intense pleasure. If you save up that energy instead other effects will be produced. There's no moral judgement involved, it's just a question of if you want to be more productive and get more shit done.
I'd encourage you to stop, but the jury is still out on that one, there must be some truth to the old wisdom of abstinence though.
I hear that once per week is optimal for testosterone production. I think a lot of it was perpetuated by Muhammad Ali and the movie Raging Bull, but everyone does it so it can’t be that unhealthy. I’d just do it if you get the urge to when you see something rather than just doing it out of boredom or lethargy.
Replies: >>350
Does blue balling increase testosterone? I feel like when you're in a constant state of horniness, more man juice can be created.
Replies: >>351
not really, there is an upper limit to how much you can have in your system, and having too much (yes, it is possible) does cause actual medical issues (hair loss being one of them among other things). being horny all the time fucking sucks anyways, you just feel like a zombie. blue balling is also a bad idea anyways, never understood the appeal
>>41 (OP) 
Has anyone tips to prevent male pattern baldness? I've got a very clear receding line, but I'm still on an age to prevent the situation to worsen.
Replies: >>441 >>623
how bad are energy drinks for you? I typically try to limit myself to one every week/two weeks but i'm worried about building up a long-term dependency on them and potential health issues that could come from them
Replies: >>391
awful, though one or two a month shouldn't be a problem
[Hide] (16.1KB, 174x231)
>last Sunday
>have lower back DOMS for some reason
>do deadlifts anyway
>stop when back begins to actually hurt
>now my back has been sore for nearly a week
This IS DOMS, right? It didn't feel like I'd done anything catastrophic and it still just feels like DOMS.  I've been resting it since then, of course.
Shave your head and grow your beard, just get used to it.
How attainable is Aniki's physique?
Replies: >>532
[Hide] (86.7KB, 254x255)
Wait just one cotton-picking minute!
>blood pudding
>blood pudding alongside sausages
>buys his son a hamburger (15:00)
>chicken, cheese and mayo on fajitas (12:20)
>blood sausage
>blood sausage with bacon
Yeah some jew. You're a retard, mate.
Replies: >>456 >>478
[Hide] (544.2KB, 1024x576)
How do I slow down and focus one thing at a time? My mind seems to be exceptionally hyperactive and I often am interested in multiple things at once, but this is annoying especially when want to accomplish something. An example would be langauge learning, I want to learn Chinese, Japanese, and Russian all at the same time, which would obviously be a very complex task that would require a lot of attention put into it.
Replies: >>457
How fake and gay are UFC fights?
Replies: >>457 >>467
<Look at his diet, it's genetics anon!
I have more respect for a tribal nigger than a dumbass who has no comprehension or able to have any coherent logic in his miniscule brain whatsoever.
2 out of 3 of those languages are notoriously difficult, all three if you want to read Chinese. I feel you, because those are the languages I want to learn. I'd say you really should just pick one if you're serious about it. Also check out a "dopamine detox" routine.
Early UFC when the Gracie's were competing was extraordinarily sketchy. In UFC 1, and possibly later ones as well, every competitor was handpicked by the Gracie family. I think the Savate/Kyokushin guy straight up threw the fight with Royce. Royce hadn't even started applying pressure on the submission and the guy was tapping, and the takedown prior looked kind of suspect to me as well. Why wasn't there a single wrestler or Judo man there? Because they would have manhandled Royce. 
Current UFC seems fairly decent, but I have seen occasional questionable things, though only in very big fights. I have wondered if the fighters practice certain scripted sequences and then go back to fighting. Undercard fights are always legit in my opinion.
[Hide] (199.5KB, 447x415)
>"Eddie is a jew"
<"no he isn't, here is proof"
Replies: >>466 >>471 >>478
Learn how to reply and what you posted isn't evidence, you just brought a random youtube video trying to prove point. Eddie is indeed some fucking Jew, who probably lived a healthy lifestyle or he used another method of testerone. So yeah I'm thinking you're suffering with mental retardation.
Replies: >>475
If you ever tried to find out whether a fight is "fixed" then you're going to have a hard time. Sports have always been heavily involved in politics, so it's a possibility that some fights were arranged to be fake, although with the lack of proof you never know, just like how we didn't know until later that Usain Bolt failed a drug test.
Not that I particularly care about whether Eddie Hall is a jew, but him eating pork literally isn't an argument. Just because he isn't a sidelock wearing dreidl spinning chasidim doesn't mean he couldn't be ethnically jewish. I've worked with a guy who was so jewish that being called "White" offended him (he actually said "I'm not white I'm jewish"), yet was not religious and would eat BLT sandwiches at lunch.
Replies: >>475
You sure are a good judge of who is and isn't jewish for somebody that obviously doesn't know anything about Judaism.

You're not wrong, but it does out the other anon as the ignorant moron he is. He keeps reiterating how jewish Eddie is, but has so far failed to post any evidence. It's almost like he pulled this "fact" from his arse and is using it to push his own baseless agenda.
Replies: >>477
I'm not reiterating how Jewish he is you fucking low IQ mongolid, learn to read. I'm telling you it's not and nor can it be known if he's genetically fit, because of his Euro genes, and the whole euro genes makes you fit logic, makes zero sense otherwise every Anglo-American and European today would be fit. You're a fucking dumbass, and it's embarrassing how you fail to read and comprehend what someone is saying to (You). Eddie is not genetically fit because muh Euro, no one knows and you can't come to a retarded conclusions with such little information. I can definitely tell you have little to no euro genes,because not even a Euro would be as retarded as (you).
Replies: >>479 >>482
[Hide] (90.5KB, 800x800)
You can't use a shitty diet as an example that it's genetics considering, even putting on pounds can make you strong enough to lift over 200 pounds of weight depending on the diet you consumed and work out you do. Eddie can't be said to be strong due to genetics considering there is way too little evidence that he can eat anything or do anything and he can still lift weights. 
You also didn't disapprove that Eddie isn't a Jew, you just linked a couple of videos on >>461 which has no correlation whatsoever and does not prove that he is indeed some type of Superman due to his genes. I also don't know why everyone is claiming Eddie is Jewish, because I have found nothing on him being a Jew. Can we end this conversation and bickering now?
Replies: >>482
[Hide] (773.6KB, 1600x984)
Not that guy but you really are a moron. We do know Eddie Hall is genetically fit, because he wouldn't be able to compete at the elite level otherwise. We do have evidence that Europeans are physically stronger, because Europeans (i.e. Aryans) largely dominate elite strength competitions almost as much as Africans dominate running competitions. Having high genetic potential doesn't magically make you fit without training. 
>not even a Euro would be as retarded as (you)
Ah, I see. You're a butthurt non-White. It all makes sense now.
Replies: >>508 >>510
>muh gene
>muh diet
>muh race
You forgot steroid kids.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1536x1902)
>being this salty that you're brown
Stay mad, monkey.

You misunderstand, Chen. Say what you will about nitrates and salt, but my point wasn't that his diet is unhealthy. It was that his diet isn't kosher. Jews are forbidden from consuming blood (to the point where they invented a special kind of salt designed to absorb every trace of moisture from the surface of fresh meat), combining animal products within a single dish and, of course, eating pork. Him openly eating a non-kosher diet in front of the whole world shows that he not only does not observe the jewish faith, but also that he feels no shame or remorse in doing so.
In regards to your (irrelevant) point though, yes you can get pretty strong on a bad diet provided you meet your nutritional requirements and you don't need to be an aryan ubermensch to do so. However, if you want to be amongst the strongest then, as I have already said, a good diet is a must. I'm sure his diet has room for improvement but the results show that it is a "good" diet.
Replies: >>508 >>510
I'm using a sandbag as my primary form of weight lifting at the moment. The problem I'm having is that I can't get the bag over both my shoulders to do any sort of squat. I can do zerchers, but I'd like to do a little more for my legs since I can go to the gym. I can get the bag over one shoulder though. Is there any issue doing that though? Is one leg necessarily bearing more weight than the other? If so will alternating shoulders alleviate the problem? I could lower the weight a bit, but I would like to keep it somewhat heavy for lower body exercise.
Replies: >>491 >>493 >>497
Put brick in a backpack, it can hold around 40 kg.
Replies: >>492
But my sandbag is 68kgs. Stop trying to rob me of 28 kgs of gains, bra.
Replies: >>499
You could try cuddling it for front squats, or you could give a 68kg woman a piggy back.
Replies: >>495
I've been doing zercher squats just fine, but I would like to do some step ups, lunges, and back squats as well. Are zercher/front squats that different from a back squat? I swear there is greater load on the quads. Also

>tfw no 150lb gym buddy gf to wear like a backpack
Replies: >>513
aren't you worried about it splitting it open? shouldn't you have it wrapped up in duct tape or something?
Replies: >>498
Its a really solid canvas bag. Inside are a couple poly bags to encapsulate the sand. The only issue is getting a decent grip, but thats part of the training I suppose.
My backpack is small as shit man, you canp load much  more with a bigger one and heavier material.
>tfw no japanese gf to practice shibari on
Replies: >>501
[Hide] (4.6MB, 4032x3024)
Forgot pic
>We do know Eddie Hall is genetically fit, 
No you don't, otherwise you would post evidence you.
>because he wouldn't be able to compete at the elite level otherwise. 
That's not knowing, at all.
>We do have evidence that Europeans are physically stronger, because Europeans (i.e. Aryans) largely dominate elite strength competitions almost as much as Africans dominate running competitions.
No we do not, otherwise you would post it. If Europeans are super strong, then they would be btfoing every nigger and spic in mainstream boxing matches. Whites are definitely one of the top, but they aren't genetically fit. No evidence, no point.
There is no evidence that he is fit by genetics you're both retarded. And you have absolute no idea what you're talking about because kikes will eat non-kosher diets if they convert to Christianity or any religion that allows them to eat foods they aren't supposed to eat.
The both of you are an embarrassment to the white race.
Replies: >>509 >>513
[Hide] (8.8KB, 255x143)
>The both of you are an embarrassment to the white race.
>Not that guy but you really are a moron. 
No you're definietly the same guy. 
>we do know Eddie Hall is genetically fit, because he wouldn't be able to compete at the elite level otherwise.

That's not proof you moron, Eddie is not strong, because of DNA, there is no info or proof that concerns how Eddie got strong. You're coming to conclusions based on what you think. I'm sorry that your nigger monkey brain cannot understand much of a leap of logic it is to reality.

> We do have evidence that Europeans are physically stronger, because Europeans 
(i.e. Aryans) 
What elite competitions are you even referring to? You can't use competitions as a measure of how genetically superior you are compared to others. Training and diets in the end are what going to win you the game.

<we wuz aryans n shiet
>Having high genetic potential doesn't magically make you fit without training. 
Yeah no shit, and with the right training you can easily btfo an Aryan, otherwise Aryans would dominate every single sport that exist and they don't.
>Ah, I see. You're a butthurt non-White. It all makes sense now.
<Asked to prove his bullshit
>N-no you're a non-white
>Y-you're a-anti aryan
not even a nigger is this much of faggot.

>Stay mad, monkey.
>no arguement
Ironic for you to call someone a monkey.

>You misunderstand, Chen. Say what you will about nitrates and salt, but my point wasn't that his diet is unhealthy. It was that his diet isn't kosher. Jews are forbidden from consuming blood (to the point where they invented a special kind of salt designed to absorb every trace of moisture from the surface of fresh meat), combining animal products within a single dish and, of course, eating pork. 

You're retarded, because Eddie's works out daily and eats proper protein foods. You have see one video of him eating shit and come to conclusion of MUH ARYANS GENES, he is not a superhuman you fucking retard, he's not genetically fit, he's just fit. Maybe it's just that you don't understand how dieting and workouts works?  You can eat Hamburgers three or twice a week and still do heavy weights. I've seen fat faggots pick up heavy shit, with a combination of a good protein diet and junk diet. Let's not forget that the man also uses supplements to balance his diet as well.

> Him openly eating a non-kosher diet in front of the whole world shows that he not only does not observe the jewish faith,
There is no evidence he is a kike and a kike can either convert or be raised as an Christian, thus why they can eat foods that the Jews don't like.

>In regards to your (irrelevant) point though, yes you can get pretty strong on a bad diet provided you meet your nutritional requirements 
In regards to your mentally retarded points, yes you can indeed get fit on a bad diet but only, if you eat the right proper foods. Genetics won't save your ass from being healthy if you don't eat right.
Replies: >>513
[Hide] (592.3KB, 753x508)
>Are zercher/front squats that different from a back squat?
Yes. Your posture is different and the load on your legs is slightly different.

>the untrained strength of europeans is lower than the absolute maximum of niggers
t. Retard
And I'm not going to let a brown tell me who is and isn't an embarrassment of my race.

>No you're definietly the same guy.
ok brown

>That's not proof you moron, Eddie is not strong, because of DNA, there is no info or proof that concerns how Eddie got strong
Pic related.

>You can't use competitions as a measure of how genetically superior you are compared to others
Pic related.

>Yeah no shit, and with the right training you can easily btfo an Aryan
Pic related.

>no argument
I did post an argument and the other guy (oh, sorry; other "me") said much the same. Would it be easier to read it if I transliterated it into your primitive hieroglyphic scribbling?

>you're retarded, because Eddie's works out daily and eats proper protein foods. You have see one video of him eating shit and come to conclusion of MUH ARYANS GENES
Pic related.

>yes you can indeed get fit on a bad diet but only, if you eat the right proper foods

Look, my swarthy friend. How about if instead of posting meaningless strings of angry brown noises on Snoozechan, instead you post all the nonwhites that can outlift Eddie and Thor because they followed the same routine and ate the same diet. There are many, so you shouldn't have difficulty, right?
Replies: >>515 >>610
Not that guy, but from what ive seen the only non whites with freakish genetic strength are pacific islander like samoans. Just like at most of the rugbie teams over in Ausland and new Zealand.
>>41 (OP) 
What are some good exercises for a lanklet to get a bigger neck and torso?
[Hide] (49.6KB, 600x338)
My hips have been riding up my body so to say for the past two years to where they're almost touching my ribs now, it's hindered my movement and it's extremely uncomfortable. How could have this happened?
Replies: >>521 >>524
The mental image i have produced in response to your predicament terrifies me.
Your hips as in your hip bones or as in the muscle/tissues of your hips? If its the bones go see a doctor because your lower spine is broken or you got some weird bone cancer disease.
Replies: >>527
[Hide] (157.7KB, 496x700)
where the activity at, why all activity in this non-bread and running bread?
Replies: >>526
Is gone with the posters
Bones. My wager is lowered testosterone and/or bad posture when sitting but what is your opinion. My back hurts when standing too long or going on walks now because my lower back is curved.
Replies: >>528
That sounds agonizing. I suggest flexing uour spine out on the ground regularly like with some sort of yoga poses and by regularly i mean every time you think to lay down and everyday. That shit only gets worse with age and theres no point of getting old if youre unhealthy and crippled. Are you overweight?
Replies: >>530
I do exercise regularly but in bits and pieces, and different focus groups by the day.  I could stand to lose 20 pounds but I'm still muscular for the most part.
>some sort of yoga poses
There are many yoga poses.
Replies: >>542
What is the benefit of isometric exercise? Due to the gyms being closed I am exercising with a sandbag. One of the recommended exercises is a bag hold where you just hug the bag and walk as far as you can. It's tiring, but does it translate to anything really beneficial?
No answer? :(
not really a question but this is my first time coming on this site so I guess I'll just bump and say I'm happy to have found you all. maybe I've even talked to some of you already on 8ch/fit/ a couple years ago now.
Replies: >>536 >>539
welcome back bro
Replies: >>538
thanks lad. good to be here
[Hide] (12.9MB, 05:38)
welcome back friendo
Well lay on you stomach and flex your spine back. If you need reference images you're already staring at your computer so search up yogi postures that resemble what im saying. If you want more mobility youll find it in your spine first. After you notice your posture has naturally improved start touching your toes.
When is the right time to exercise relative to when you sleep/eat? Should you avoid exercising right after/before sleep or eating? Or does it not matter?
Replies: >>548 >>568
It shouldn't really matter when so long as you allow yourself enough time to recover before doing more work imediately afterwards or else youll be spending more energy than you need to consume to keep your body from canibalizing your gains. The only thing ild say that may be a problem is if your exercise causes you indegestion and messes with your breathing rhythm.
I have pain behind my shoulder. How long will it take recover from a rotor cuff injury?
[Hide] (85KB, 720x960)
What kind of training plates would /fit/ recommend I put in my plate carrier? I have lvl4 swimmer cuts and side plates to go with them. If it helps to know how i'm training, I do crawls, then  walking and do a shufflewalk/short sprint once or twice a week with good pacing when I sprint so I don't blow out my knees.
Don't train or run after eating or you'll risk twisting your intestines. Happened to my uncle, needless to say it wasn't a pleasant experience for him.
Would staying in a pull up position for as long as possible do anything for me, or would it be a total waste of time? I was thinking maybe it could help develop some muscle or tendon or something.
Replies: >>604 >>615
Generally what I've been doing for the past two months or so is that I try to do a full minute of pullups in different arm positions. When I can't do a pullup anymore (usually after about 30 seconds) I just jump onto the bar and hold in a position for as long as I can. I now have noticeable pecs (they're not huge, but I've never had them before), but I'm not entirely sure it's because of the pullups or juts holding a pullup position. Either way I've also been doing pushups and a protein shake afterwards so that might also have something to do with it.
[Hide] (79KB, 1280x720)
>No argument the post 
you're fucking a dumbass at this point this is bait. 
>>>the untrained strength of europeans is lower than the absolute maximum of niggers
Do you have a single fact to back up what your claim and strawman dumbass?

>And I'm not going to let a brown tell me who is and isn't an embarrassment of my race.
>My race
Considering you're too dumb enough to understand fitness or how genes work.

>ok brown

>le pic reltaed
>le pic related
What's wrong anon I thought your Aryan genes would at least make you smart enough to formulate a intelligent argument unless you wanna admit that you're a spic who self-hates himself?

>I did post an argument and the other guy (oh, sorry; other "me") said much the same. 
You actually didn't and most important of all you didn't even back up anything with evidence to prove your point.
Replies: >>617
It does, but you really have to actively engage in the isometric for it to work well meaning squeeze the shit out of the bar. I suggest placing your hands one fist width apart from your shoulders then activate your forearms from there going methodically down the chain of muscles down to the ones you'ld use to tense your ankles. Don't forget to breath and maintain your grip position for so long as your fingers completely encapsulate the bar you'll start developing solid forearm strength and keep yourself from overworking the tendons in your hands and wrists. If you decide to work your way up to a pullup make sure you're using the same muscles you activated in the dead hang all the way up and down. Make sure to set petty goals for yourself at first to nurture your progress until you have confidence to do something in which you might not have been able to do otherwise. Form is the key.
[Hide] (511KB, 568x600)
ok brown
Replies: >>630
You have some choices.
>scalp massages
Some nip study showed that this worked, it might not work for you but it can't hurt and costs nothing to massage your scalp for 2 minutes a day.
>rosemary oil
I can personally vouch for this as I have been using it for a few months and I have seen significant regrowth on my hair line, my hair is thicker in general too. Just put a few drops in your shampoo or apply it directly to your hair.
You have to use it every day but it does work at least insofar as stopping your hair from falling out any more. 
>hormone shit
Finasteride and the more hardcore variants work well but have the possible side effects of fucking with your libido and other problems since they are hormone-based.
Does anyone have streetfights where whites win?
>ok anything
Go back to cuckchan
Replies: >>631 >>632
ok retard
I want to try keto again, the last time I did it it wasn't the overall low-energy that drove me insane, it was the small pool of no-carb foods. Eating nothing but meat and cheese for a month or more is insufferable. What are some other no-carb foods besides the same two things every day that I could use instead?
Replies: >>650 >>684
Don't you need to eat a lot of vegetables too? leafy greens and all that?
Replies: >>651
vegetables have carbs, so no
Replies: >>653 >>684
All the keto stuff i've seen makes it clear to eat a lot of vegetables, you just shouldn't eat empty carbs like rice and flour.
Don't you think we have way too many pinned threads? 3 is too much overkill and makes it much harder to see new posts being made.
Replies: >>658
seems fine to me, just bumps everything down a bit. if you're not using the catalog for everything then that's on you.
home cardio workouts that don't involve equipment? all i have are some dumbbells and a pullup bar
What's the best way to start getting into exercise and diet? I went through the Infographics and some other threads, and it's all Greek to me.

I'm 6'2" and around 75-80kgs (Don't have a scale, measured myself a couple weeks ago). Don't think I want to do something like Ketosis where it's incredibly regimented in diet, just want some general things to lose maybe 10-15kgs/replace it with more muscle.

I've access to a cycling machine, treadmill (I run cross country so not needed) and a single station (don't know technical terms, I can do arms and legs with it).
[Hide] (686.1KB, 2560x2551)
[Hide] (268KB, 2000x2000)
Keto still allows you to eat carbs as long as you remain under 50g a day, so you can still eat some vegetables.
There's lots of hair underneath the couch but it's heavy because it's a recliner and I feel like I am gonna break my back if I move it. The vacuum hose doesn't go very far. My parents are losing hair and it's making me sick if I leave it on the floor because I have dust mite allergy, Anyone else getting allergies from dust? No matter how hard I clean I feel something else is dirty. Maybe it's because I was a neet and had nothing to do combined with dust allegries I became a clean freak.
Replies: >>686
You can make a desensitization therapy against a dust allergy. It has a high chance of completely removing your dusk allergy.
How can I change up my diet to effectively eliminate the need for vitamins?

My food staples are some form of meat, dairy and carby stuff. (potatoes, bread, corn-stuff), and occasionally fruit. I'm looking for a general nutrition guideline on individual food and food types so I can cut out the cost of buying vitamins every month or so.
Are resistance bands worth a damn? I'm sort of forced into a more calisthenics routine, but my pull exercises lack a bit. They sound good in theory, but at the same time seem largely isometric. Wut do?
Replies: >>713
I feel like calisthenics itself are a meme, I doubt all the calisthenics youtube/Instagram fitness influencers only do calisthenics, I look like someone who doesn't lift but I had people that look much stronger than me impressed with my archer and dive bomber pushups
Is investing in a barbell worth it? Currently doing onl bodyweight but it feels lacking, I especially miss deadlifts.
[Hide] (409.1KB, 800x2055)
Is bottled water really "better" than tap water? I know in third world countries like American they don't have drinkable tap water, but I'm talking about the fluoride they put into drinkable tap water. One would assume if fluoride is in drinkable tap water it would be in most bottled waters too right?

I know the true solution is to just distill your water or have a well, but that's that attainable for everyone.
Replies: >>743 >>744
Should say on the label (does in Canada anyway), some brands have fluoride, some don't.
Why do you care if you're drinking fluoride?
Replies: >>745
[Hide] (1.8MB, 5000x7707)
He probably doesn't want a calcified pineal gland. I don't.
I've been kinda bloated and I'm not sure why.  I can still stomach vacuum and I don't need to shit, I don't do any peds ether.

Any of you experience this?
[Hide] (108.2KB, 1920x1080)
[Hide] (103.2KB, 1920x1080)
What are your thoughts on "circuit" bodyweight workouts(as in not reps but just repeating an exercise for a minute or some other interval)? Specifically, what do you /fit/izens think of embed related in particular? I've tried a couple of days and it seems like a challenging routine, but I'm concerned about any possible injuries since you're not resting at all inbetween sets or if there's a better bodyweight routine I could be doing until gyms start reopening.
Replies: >>803
I like circuits, I just posted a martial arts based circuit that I started a week ago. 
That Athean-X workout seems a little complicated. It's almost as if they want to sell you a program or something. I honestly don't even know what half that shit is. You're probably better off just keeping it really simple.
>burpees, 2 minutes
>pull-ups, 2 minutes
>skip rope, 2 minutes
>repeat until destroyed
That's a time efficient, very high intensity 6 minute circuit, consisting of 3 exercises that will hit every part of your body. Easy to keep track of and quantify, count the number of rounds completed on the circuit, but focus on clean reps with good form rather than volume, which is a benefit of going by time rather than reps x sets. Modify round time to your needs.
How effective is fasting for losing weight? What's the ideal way to do it? I'd assume it'd be something like fasting every other day.
How can I (m) learn to have dry orgasms, aka, retrograde ejaculation?
[Hide] (74.6KB, 212x278)
Have nowhere else to ask.
>generally fit and lean, healthy weight, regular calisthenics and long-distance running, plus walks and biking
>okay diet, few processed items, zero sugar and oils (except butter and olive oil)
>7-9 hours of sleep every day
>technically healthy, had blood tests that showed everything is in order, blood banks accept my donations
<feel like an absolute burnout for circa 8 years, insanely tired after waking up, zero energy through the day, no motivation, drive, have to force myself to do basic tasks
<fucking house chores make me physically and mentally exhausted despite regular exercise and good overall condition
I hate to whine and complain, but why do I feel like shit most of the time? I've filled most of the checklists that people recommend to improve energy levels and attitude, but nothing helps except short-term mood improvement that doesn't solve anything in the long run. Is there anything I can do to solve it? Been going on for years and every consecutive one is worse, my mind is slowly breaking down because of the awareness I'm doing absolutely nothing and cannot fix it.
Replies: >>962 >>965
[Hide] (1.4MB, 640x368, 00:33)
webm related is you and your problem
Replies: >>963
I don't even watch anime, man.
Replies: >>964
[Hide] (8.6MB, 1024x768, 05:48)
But do you sit in front of a screen for the entire day?
Replies: >>967
congratulations anon, you have depression
Replies: >>967
My wrists are inflexible and hurt when I do pushups, what are some /fit/ approved exercises to get stronger, more flexible wrists?
[Hide] (74.6KB, 550x734)
Most of the day, not the entire day. Like a lot of people, I have to rely on electronic devices for work, also the internet is a source for the reading material because books on paper are not always available. As I said, I go outside regularly, I clean my room™ and wash my penis™.

So what do I do with it? My main problem is the physical incapability, not the mental one. The latter stems from the former, ie. my mental condition deteriorates because I am physically idle and not getting anywhere, which in turn is caused by constant tiredness.
inb4 go to the shrink  - I did, he didn't help. I was taking the prescription medicine for several months and I noticed no difference, then I had to stop because the visits and the prescriptions were too much of a drain on my finances while providing next to no benefits. Also the dude was extremely unhelpful; he stated plainly that his role is to prescribe the pills, and for anything more I'd have to go to a therapist. This is ridiculous.
[Hide] (7.7KB, 250x209)
Came here to say the same thing.

The top of my wrist (side opposite of palm) hurts like shit when I bend my hand back for pushups, hurts a little bit when I bend it the other way, and hurts like shit when I massage/squeeze it. Sometimes once every couple of weeks, the pain will go away in one wrist, only for the other wrist to get the same pain. Sometimes for a week or two, both wrists hurt, and rarely, for periods of up to a week, neither hurt.

I could work through the pain, but I need to know if simply ignoring it will make it worse, and/or lead to injury.

I don't have any problems with carpal tunnel and I don't wank, so those potential causes are crossed out.
[Hide] (283KB, 736x756)
[Hide] (308.9KB, 736x756)
[Hide] (563.4KB, 704x1358)
[Hide] (592.6KB, 704x1284)
For what's worth, I've found you this on the Interwebz™. Do what you will with the exercises.
Replies: >>971
[Hide] (694.5KB, 2134x3201)
Besides, weak wrists are due to small hands that have never experienced any stress, so the best you could do is aim for something that exercises your hands.
I would recommend you to try and start climbing, be it a rope or a tree. Course textures will generate more stress and musculature on the hands, and thus, will enlarge your wrists, I guess.
Spoiler File
(74.2KB, 1500x1084)
Boy, do I have an exercise just for you.
I'm in the process of moving and would like to get a gym membership so I can get back to bulking up. However the choices nearby me are less than stellar
(((Planet Fitness)))
>cheapest at $10/month
>right across the street
>big selection of weights and machines
<Planet Fitness
<deadlifts banned
<actual lifters frowned upon, meant for larpers and grandmas
Other local gyms
>Good selection of equipment
>Dudebrah atmosphere of actual lifters
<insane prices (upwards of $45+/month)
Local public rec center
>Cheapest by far, less than $10/month
<bit of a drive
<weight room is basically a glorified closet, very little room to maneuver, doesn't even have a bar
>free (included with rent)
>not even a 5 minute walk from my front door
<haven't done pool fitness before and don't know how hard it is to bulk up compared to lifting heavy things
right now I'm torn between the pool and just biting the bullet and falling for the PF jew, unless someone else has a better idea?
Replies: >>978
Why won't you go with the pool, if you know you're going to get frowned upon in the fitness jew?
Besides, swimming is a valuable skill that you need to practice if the negro apocalypse ever breaks out. Did you know that 95% of niggers in the UK don't even know how to float in the water, let alone swim?
Replies: >>979
I haven't set foot in a pool for an actual workout since I was 10 years old, I don't even know what I'd have to do. Wouldn't that be more cardio instead of bulking? Is there an infograph for this?
So the general guides say not to store fatty foods in plastic zipper bags, but, does chicken count as "fatty?"
It sounds dumb as hell, but, I don't exactly notice any difference in taste if I store some chicken breast leftovers in a bag and re-heat it in my air fryer.
[Hide] (13.1KB, 450x450)
Are Hemp lotions, and oils safe to use? I got one bottle of lotion as a gift, and I wanna see if it won't lower my T.
Replies: >>1006
The effect it would have on your test is minimal. If you're that paranoid eat some onions to balance it out.
Is mild steel roundbar good enough for a barbell or do I need to get something more stiff?
I just gotta know, how important is it to /nofap/?

The more I read up on it, the more I'm convinced that it's objective was really to break addictions that negatively impacted people's lives. I'm almost certain I don't have an addiction because I'm not really depressed, I exercise regularly enough and have lost a substantial amount of weight over the past two years, and I would only do it, at most, three times in a week, but those were rare occasions. I'm currently on a three week streak and I can keep going, but I have to be absolutely convinced that there are substantial-enough health benefits involved. I'm also not the kind of person who will immediately drop his pants upon seeing something tangibly erotic. I only do it to relieve stress rather than have it brought on from arousal. 

If you guys tell me that jacking off fucks that badly with hormone levels then I will keep going on my streak, but please provide evidence so I can be certain that I'm not denying a natural pleasure just so I can be part of an abstinence circlejerk.
Replies: >>1023
it will leave you frustrated and angry, but you can use that to build up energy to focus on other areas of your life, like fitness and personal projects. i did it for a year and it did eventually level out (three weeks was the turning point, it got better from there), however it did not curb my porn interests as I hoped it would, it didn't change my interests at all. however after a while it became a personal challenge, since i had already made it X days so why not keep going further. basically, do it if you want but you won't get superpowers, however the underlying smug feeling of being in complete control of your sex drive is very nice.
[Hide] (626KB, 432x432, 00:09)
Does this board have a thread dedicated to different kinds of exercises and how to do them properly without dislocating both my legs?
Replies: >>1032
you can always make one
Is it better to do exercises in the morning when you wake up, or in the evening?
Replies: >>1040
Morning schedule is better for everything. If you're NEET, I can't see why you wouldn't go in the morning.
Any general advice on recovery, preserving your joints, physical therapy and longevity?
Replies: >>1093
[Hide] (2MB, 5480x3425)
I've heard a lot of slack about modern calisthenics and seen it get a lot of shit from everyone. Why's that?
Replies: >>1093
[Hide] (64.6KB, 244x331)
I started trying to get 9 to 12 hours of sleep per night for the last couple months. I find that helps a lot.
Probably impractical for most people though.
I've never heard this. The only criticism of calisthenics that I've heard is some people believe you can't load the erector spinae enough with bodyweight alone. Whatever "enough" is.
It sounds like you're listening to retards to be honest.
Think I figured out why I've been failing my squats even after deloading, I've been doing the wrong position this whole time (had head tilted down instead of up) so now I'm trying to use muslces that aren't developed enough to do it the right way. Might have to deload a lot more and do it right to work back up. This sucks.
Replies: >>1099 >>1100 >>1196
I wouldn't worry about it, it's unlikely that you'll lose gains and deload phases can be good for you anyway.
Replies: >>1100
[Hide] (34.8KB, 528x598)
I'm consistently struggling with squatting as well. Moreover, I've started noticing by very narrow hips that can't hold my upper weight.
Is there any way to prep up for squats if you haven't got the strength for them? I'm talking about proper squat posture and reaching to the very bottom.
Replies: >>1101
[Hide] (13.6MB, 1280x720, 06:21)
I pulled webm related off jewtube. Some priming stuff meant to be done before squatting. That said I have to question what you mean by "not having the strength" to squat. Do you struggle to even do bodyweight squats?
Replies: >>1102
[Hide] (30.9KB, 450x474)
>do you struggle to even do bodyweight squats?
That's exactly what I was struggling with.
Replies: >>1104
holy shit dude just stand up what the fuck try standing up a lot of times then go to squats wtf
Replies: >>1105
[Hide] (87.8KB, 255x262)
[Hide] (104KB, 309x276)
[Hide] (102.8KB, 309x276)
Of course it's easy going down for you because all you do is sticking your ass out as if begging for cock which you might be familiar with.
When I'm talking about squats, I'm talking about going the whole way through and with a straight back. Can anyone actually help with this?
Replies: >>1106 >>1108
>>13 , fourth pic
[Hide] (48.3KB, 365x444)
Anon, you're not being particularly clear about your situation. You started by saying you lack strength but now are saying you just want better form, and now you are posting pictures of a pistol squat. To be begin with, what kind of squat are we even talking about?
Replies: >>1109
[Hide] (75.7KB, 285x365)
>what kind of squat are we even talking about?
Full squats. Lowering your body mass down to the level of the floor.
I posted pistol squats because I wanted to show the depth of the squat, but couldn't because the book you have posted here didn't have any images on their profile view.
Replies: >>1110
You can't full squat as deep as with a pistol because the leg acts as a counter balance, so the comparison is flawed. 
Given that you're reading convict conditioning I don't really know what to tell you, the book already has detailed instructions. Usually ankle mobility is the limiting factor, and the webm I posted has an exercise to help with that. When you say you are trying to keep your back straight I don't know if that means you're trying to keep it perpendicular to the floor or prevent rounding. 
If what I'm saying isn't helpful consider looking around the blog here: https://squatuniversity.com/featured-links/blog/
my life is probably in the line from decision here and I live with my parent btw.

My parent and a doctor from hospital are coercing me to take the nasal swab because I have cough for 7 month which haven't fully heal. Few days ago, I just took NAC prescription medicine and that seems to heal my cough, at least I feel like I'm in 70% of my recovery from this cough after the NAC medication. I already had blood test given to the doctor. I have no fever, just a speculation for covid right now.

I knew there's a risk of meningitis infections from nasal swab alone. The only reasonable option I have right now is the saliva test but they are still coercing to get nasal swab. How do I resist this pressure.
Please help
Replies: >>1112 >>1160
>from cdc
PCR test is supposedly going away at the end of the year because it's a research tool and is not meant to diagnose illness, so tell your doctor to shove his quack medicine up his ass. As for your parents, I don't know. Much depends on where you live and your relationship with them.
Really, the main thing is simply to make a firm decision and let the universe take it from there.
What are the benefits of sleeping on the floor?
Replies: >>1158
Could be better for your joints and your back, just make sure you sleep with a comfy posture. Check out this paper for ideas:
Replies: >>1162
probably too late for this but i've had the nasal swab test twice, it feels weird as hell but as long as they don't slam it against the inner wall against your brain it's fine. the tests should be the least of your worries.
also tell your family to fuck off
[Hide] (62.1KB, 450x323)
brb going to sleep like this man
Replies: >>1163
came back from sleep, seems like I fucked up the leg posture
legs were standing on top of each other, brb will try again
[Hide] (84.8KB, 1568x327)
[Hide] (12.4KB, 370x320)
I hope you don't mind crossposting faggotry.
I'm just a bit lost as to what to follow now. Some guidance would be neat.
Replies: >>1168
[Hide] (175.6KB, 463x492)
>wants guidance
>doesn't post any information about current workouts or even his goal
Replies: >>1170
[Hide] (204.5KB, 344x470)
[Hide] (88.7KB, 235x259)
[Hide] (539.4KB, 720x393)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1420x947)
[Hide] (411.6KB, 680x684)
I shall fix that
>current workout
One hour of cardio plus what is on the image. Squats, Handstand Pushups, Leg Raises, Push Ups/Dips and Planks, progressively doing the tougher excersises.
My belly is all pronounced and is already hanging, a mix between chubbyfat and fat as fatass. I'd like to get rid of my gut, but changing my diet is not going to be possible, so what I'd like to do instead if it's posible is to define it and if possibly go bear mode
Replies: >>1171
Shit dude, if you're doing handstand push ups you don't need much advice. Depending on what's meant by meant by cardio for an hour (walking, running, everyday?) that might be a bit excessive, and maybe incorporate some isometrics (without necessarily increasing overall volume) if you don't have any equipment.
You seem like you're doing pretty good though, any particular reason you want to change your programming?
Replies: >>1173
Question to those who do bodyweight and/or calisthenics, where did you buy your equipment and how much did it cost?
Replies: >>1177 >>1186
>any particular reason you want to change your programming?
Not really change it, just to see if there was something I could add to the routine that could help.
I will check out isometric exercises, thanks anon
Replies: >>1177
The question doesn't really make sense. One of the main features of bodyweight training is the lack of equipment no? You really don't need to buy anything.
That said I do have a suspension trainer, which is a completely optional piece of equipment. That was $100.
No problem. I believe the book thread dump has some isometrics material, and the exercises in the "Monk's Set" image are effective >>13 .
Replies: >>1184
How the fuck do I make quick steel-cut oatz?

I tried soaking mine using a 1 to 3 ratio of steel cut oats, soaking them overnight in a glass jar, and it did jack shit. I thought I needed to microwave it for 2 minutes, so I did. it STILL didn't come out the gooey delicious pudding-like consistency I wanted. I ended up stove-cooking it.

How do I do overnight steel-cut oats and keep it at that delcious pudding-consistency, not watery garbage?
Replies: >>1181
you really can't, they're too hard and need to cook for a long time, 25-30 minutes is how long I do mine.
Yeah, you're probably right. It's just in >>13, and in the exrx calisthenics workout, some equipment is necessary. Still I'll see giving bodyweight exercise a try, even if I don't have a suspension trainer.
Replies: >>1185
I have to emphasise that callisthenics do not require dedicated equipment. 
>dip station
2 chairs.
>suspension trainer
A towel. Builds insane grip strength as a bonus.
>pull up bar
A tree branch, an exposed beam, also a towel thrown over something  works for grip pull ups. Some public parks have pull up stations.  
>row bar
A broom handle laid across 2 chairs.

Personally I think that for a beginner all you need are 5 exercises:
>press ups
>sit ups*
>back hyperextensions*
This works upper and lower back, core, legs, arms and chest, and only requires a floor.
Do these with maximum range of motion, perfect form, and a slow, controlled tempo. consider something like 4-2-1-1. 4 second eccentric, 2 seconds at the bottom, 1 second concentric, 1 second hold and squeeze at the top. For example, in a squat, count to 4 on the way down, hold for 2 at the bottom, come back up in 1 second, and squeeze the quads and or glutes at the top for 1 second. 
Consider aiming for 3 days a week, 6 sets of 12 reps each, 1 minute rest between sets. You will have to work your way there. Once you can manage that you can start adding more volume, more workouts or new exercises.
*Don't jam you feet or legs under anything for these. Just do them freely on the floor.
Only piece of equipment I own is a pull up bar which cost £8 on ebay
[Hide] (3.5MB, 288x360, 00:37)
>going through Rippetoe's book again
>realize i had it backwards and was doing squats right with my head pointed down and parallel with my back but instead switched to doing them incorrectly 
i feel retarded
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1024x1024)
When to eat for best sleep? I know it's supposed to be AT LEAST 3 hours before you go to bed, but what's optimal? And to avoid eating too early so that you don't fuck up your sleep by being hungry.
N.B. I'm not actually autistic.
>long break from exercise because sad cunt
>decide I'll get back into it
>wake up at 5:30am
>goal is 100 kettlebell swing in the morning
>light warmup with jump rope
>grab my 55lb kettlebell 
>do 25 reps
>goal feels doable
>2 min break
>do 25 more
>extremely nauseous and close to throwing up

How do I avoid this?
Replies: >>1239
[Hide] (12.1KB, 255x255)
>100 reps
>of an explosive exercise
>with 55 lbs
>after a long break
Have you considered not setting ridiculous goals?
[Hide] (197.5KB, 466x552)
What's the name of that exercise where you lift a weight up to your chest then push it forward? 
Also, how the fuck do you into pistol squats? I have no problem with the weight itself, and one legged lunges are easy, but I just can't hold my leg straight enough for pistol squats.
[Hide] (659.5KB, 570x491)
Kinda new to all this so sorry if i fuck up/sound like a fag/i am irreversibly brain damaged

i wanna get s t r o n k, by that i mean actually fit, able to actually move around and do stuff etc...
i took the calisthenics pill and i have a few books stored, the main thing im confused about its the frequency and routines

some books (like convict conditioning) split the excersises to do in various days, so you'd be training say 3 times a week, is this normal? i feel like shit if im not doing something *every* day, also i find conflicting info, i've heard some fags say high reps suck and don't do anything, other's swear by it

another gripe is the ammount of different excersises and the lack of clarification on how fast and how slow should i proceed, i remember back in the day trying to get fit and having to consult whatever book i was using because i would forget what snowflake move i was supposed to make, and as mentioned before no book clearly clarifies into what is too fast or too slow

something tells me being fit shouldn't be fucking rocket science but all the bullshit i keep reading on routines, days and shit is really giving me a informational overflow or maybe i am truly retarded

i just want to punch my way into Spiritual Enlightenment, a little hand?
thanks in advance
Replies: >>1280
[Hide] (118.3KB, 273x357)
Perfectly reasonable questions. The main thing to realise is that pretty much every major "style" of exercise works. They all have various strengths and weaknesses. 3 days a week full-body workouts are an absolutely rock solid choice, and arguably give the greatest benefit for the least time and effort involved. Regarding workout frequency, it's important to remember that workouts are not the same thing as exercise. You can and should exercise every day, but workouts are something you need to recover from. Examples of exercise would be casual bike riding, shadowboxing, walks, low intensity jogging, stretching, lifting weights that are very light for you, yard work and so on.

Generally speaking, lower reps, fewer sets with more intensity/weight and longer rest periods are the way to go for pure strength gains.
Higher reps, more sets with less intensity/weight and shorter rest periods emphasises muscular growth and endurance.
The way you manage load or intensity in callisthenics without simply increasing reps is mostly through progressions, as you know from reading Convict Conditioning. That book is mostly written for people who have already gained some experience in /fit/ness, because as you noted the authors kind of assume you already know how workout programming works.
A really rough guide to some elements of basic programming is the following:
>strength gains
Exercise and weight selections that are challenging at 4 to 6 reps and 2 to 4 sets. A quicker and more explosive (though still controlled) exercise tempo. 3 minute rests between sets.
>hypertrophy gains
Exercise and weight selections that are challenging at 8 to 12 reps and 6 or more sets. A slower tempo, especially on the "negative".30 seconds to 1 minute rests between sets.

>ammount of different excersises and the lack of clarification on how fast and how slow should i proceed
I have to assume you are following a Progressive Callisthenics methodology and are talking about when to move on to the next progression. It's basically when your chosen number of reps becomes easy. For example, lets say you are focusing purely on strength gains and don't care about getting bigger, so you are doing 3 sets of 6 (this will vary a bit for different movements). Once you can rep out 3 sets of 6 standard press ups with absolutely perfect form and control easily you would move on to a progressed version like explosive clapping press ups, diamond press ups or archer press ups. Then on to one handed and so on. Put another way, if you feel like you could do your workout every day it's not a workout anymore, it's become exercise, and that is a signal to progress. It's perfectly fine to do shorter, less intense versions of your workout for daily exercise purposes though.

One more thing is that the body starts to get used to certain workout styles so there is a point where you reach diminishing returns. For this reason a lot of elite lifters will switch their usual training to a completely different style. For example, a powerlifter might switch to bodybuilding style high reps and sets hypertrophy style training for 1 month every 6 months or so. Schwarzenigger used to do the opposite, Every so often he would go through a cycle of low rep high weight strength training. This kind of approach helps prevent hard plateaus from happening.
What is your opinion on nicotine pouches? Test annihilator? Do you use them?
I wake up tired as shit and take hours to properly wake up. Sometimes I don't even feel awake until after I exercise. How do I fix this without taking meds? 
I tried exercising in the morning before, but I overdid it and just felt like shit the entire day. Currently I just do some half ass stretching as it helps slightly.
Replies: >>1312
[Hide] (3.7MB, 640x448)
Sleep quantity/quality issues due to too much stress, caffeine, overtraining, screen time, not enough sunlight, or all of the above are all possible explanations. 
There are other possible issues but that's the stuff that's really common and not too hard to fix.
[Hide] (541.4KB, 220x173)
>>41 (OP) 
Stupid as it may sound, are there any stimulants that can help you with exercise? 
After reading about cocaine I wondered if it's euphoric and energetic state could help someone overcome psychological limitations. Sadly some of its other effects (probably) ruin its potential.
Replies: >>1330 >>1332
Small doses of kratom. Like 1-2 grams.
Not a stimulant but dextromethorphan (Robitussin) allows me to exceed my usual limit. Tramadol+coffee had similar effects
Will I be able to get reasonably fit if I live a nocturnal lifestyle? I'm currently doing calisthenics in my bedroom and going on night runs for cardio. how important is sunlight for gains?
Replies: >>1341
Sunlight main purpose (as far as we know) is in the production of vitamin D, which can be obtained through food you eat, e.g. wild salmon. I've seen a lot of people recommending cholecalciferol (vitamind D3), 5000 IU should be enough.
And do get enough sleep. Good luck.
I'm sure there were many, many questions like this but I never lurked /fit/ so I don't know any better. I'm still young, but quite chubby (20% body fat, 27BMI), I'm not physically active and my hamstrings and whatever are very shortened. What can I do to get healthier without going to gym?
I wouldn't say my diet is bad, but I don't really know anything about nutrition; I drink mostly water, tea, sometimes coffee, all my meals are home made, a lot of meat (chicken, ground beef, sometimes other red meats), salads, sauces, potatoes, rice, pasta and an occasional dessert (also homemade), cheese (mostly cottage and the white smeary goat cheese, don't know how it's called in English), bread (sometimes white grain, but mostly whole).
>physical condition
I'm chubby-strong-ish? I do physical labor. The various strings in my body are very shortened. Cardio is shit, I got asthma. I ride bike when the weather is nice. I walk daily. My posture is quite fucked up, desk, computer, etc. I tried doing some pushups, focusing on the form, I was able to max out at ~10. My right wrist hurt like shit after.
I suppose I need to build a good foundation first, so straightening up my body, loosening the various strings and what not and fixing the wrist and neck/higher back pain.
Maybe change the diet? I'm not too keen on keeping track of calories, a general rule of thumb would be preferred.
Maybe start with calisthenics and continue riding bike?
 I'm mostly focused on how to fix that wooden stiff body of mine and the chub. If all goes well, I'd like to get some muscle as well, but that isn't a priority    

What guidance could Anon give to me? Pretty please?
Replies: >>1366 >>1368
>What guidance could Anon give to me? Pretty please?
Your live is similar to mine, I will write down some advice tomorrow when I have the time.
Sounds like a decent start, you're not eating complete garbage so that's good. Focus on increasing your protein intake and follow the basic starting strength routine in the infograph sticky. Develop a baseline strength before you start worrying about how good your body looks. Work out every other day and don't push yourself too hard. The first couple of weeks your body will hate you, you have to power through it and it will eventually go away. Come back in a few months when you have good reps and gains.
you're gonna make it
Replies: >>1374
Whey or casein?
Whey makes me go into a coma, but casein is supposedly "slower acting". Would that fix it?
Replies: >>1370
it really doesn't matter, if it makes you go into a coma then that's a bigger medical issue you may have to worry about. you'll have to elaborate more.
Replies: >>1371
I mean it just really makes me tired, like eating a huge turkey dinner.
I've been trying to stick to chicken and ground beef lately, but it's very hard to get enough protein because I feel so full from nothing
Replies: >>1372
If you eat it right after you work out (which is what you should be doing) then it's probably your body crashing from the physical exhaustion and caloric intake. Also a possibility that you might be diabetic and your blood sugar spiking makes you lethargic. I know how it feels and while I am not diagnosed diabetic, I suspect that I might be.
Replies: >>1405
Thanks, I'm already going through the pushup chart, I'm a bit hesitant on running though.
I'm re-assessing my meal plan, finding new recipes that involve veggies that are in the infograph I don't normally eat.
Any tips for the wrist pain and shortened strings in my body, or do I just have to power through it and it will go away?
I have finally rung myself through to pick up a (fighting) sport again, after years of inaction and decay. The lessons are about 2 hours long and in almost all of them I had been in I had to take a brake and sit down because I felt sick, I felt like seconds before passing out and my body felt weak. Is this just because my endurance is so crippled and it will go away over time? Or is this some sort of sickniss, maybe blood sugar related?
When I trained years before to exhaustion I never felt that sick or weak, or not that I can remember.
[Hide] (6.5MB, 465x498)
I have zero appetite, sometimes it takes me almost an hour to force myself to eat enough meat in a meal.
How can I train myself to eat more? Will it come naturally after some time?
Replies: >>1382
gradually increase food
Alright got to try out casein and it has such a weird taste to it, but tolerable.
It tastes exactly like like those puzzle foam mats used in martial arts smell like.
Is my casein powder fucked? It isn't some shitty chink brand
and wtf it's so thick, this shit is like cement
Spoiler File
(65.1KB, 1024x532)
Anyone here on kosher TRT?
I'm trying to decide if I should surrender and get on it.
I don't want to be a pharma jew slave for the rest of my life, but at the same time this modern world and normal testosterone are two things that don't go together.

How brutal would it be to come back off TRT again if I decide to? Should or shouldn't I?
hello sirs,

how bad is vaping vegetable glycerin? 
vaping is for faggots yadda yadda yadda and some VG is made of soy (even though it's so isolated that it supposedly shouldn't even matter)

thanks for your wisdom sirs
[Hide] (134.8KB, 1048x1300)
Question, how do I lose weight? Is it really just about decreasing food intake and doing more cardio? My current height is 5'10" at 260 pounds. Yes, I know I'm a pocket prince but is there any other advice you could give me to get /fit/ anons?
Replies: >>1469
[Hide] (24.1KB, 675x507)
Come to think of it, daily cold showers and swimming regularly could help you get lean, go ottermode. Can you think of a single fat swimmer?
Replies: >>1471 >>1477
[Hide] (354.8KB, 1000x550)
No I can't actually. I would ask about diet as well but that can be talked about in the food thread. Cold showers are completely viable for because I live in a hot environment.
Replies: >>1473
Go for cold showers then. I don't know any scientific reason for going lean with them, it's just an intuition, but I believe it to work.
Knew some old men, 60s or so, who used to do cold showers and had very meager bodies and tight muscles.
Replies: >>1475
Spoiler File
(104.5KB, 800x884)
I'll give it a shot. Thanks anon.
Replies: >>1480
Fat people are insecure about their fat and don't like to display it
cold showers are one of those "supplemental" weight loss techniques that only provides extra marginal gains over actual methods of weight loss, like dieting. 90% of losing weight is changing your diet and consuming less calories per day than what you burn, creating a deficit. there is no way around this. put down the tendies and go eat a vegetable.
/fit/ newfriend here. I'm currently trying to lose weight after being a lardass for far too long. What are some good ways to consistently lose weight? For context, I do stretches, a little weight lifting (mostly light cardio-type, 50lbs overhead presses, shrugs, and curls, and 80lbs overhead presses and shrugs), walking, some running, and outside work when that needs done. I've got a decent diet outside of breakfast (waffles and sugary coffee), I drink plenty of water, and I try to limit my soda consumption to 1 can at meals.
Replies: >>1495
easy, ensure your daily caloric intake is less than what you are expending. (your body burns around 2000 calories per day just on basic functions, so if you eat 1800 calories per day you'll be on a deficit and lose weight). if trying to bulk up on muscle while losing fat, ensure a high protein intake and low fat/carbs, but don't cut them out entirely (shoot for 60% of your daily intake as protein). look up an actual workout regimen (like Starting Strength) and stick to it no matter what. cut out all the sugary bullshit (including soda, if you can't cut it out entirely go for diet instead) because it will set you back hard.
you're gonna make it.
Replies: >>1497
Thanks, /fit/anon. I don't really check calories, so I definitely need to start doing that. I want to primarily lose weight and gain some muscle while at it, so I'll try to do the routine you mention. I'm not particularly looking for definition, just bulk so I can go bearmode or B L O A T L O R D or something along those lines. 
>if you can't cut it out entirely go for diet instead
I'd rather not go for aspartame shit, so I'll aim to gradually cut my soda consumption out instead. I'll probably drink any soda only as a treat or to help with indigestion, so rarely.
What's proper form for air chairs? As in assuming a sitting position without a chair, not the meme chair product.
Replies: >>1519
getting an exercise ball will help, it forces you to sit upright with a minor curve.
[Hide] (679KB, 1466x1202)
Has any of you managed to reclaim your freedom from the caffeine jew?
Quitting smoking, alcohol, and sugar was fucking nothing to caffeine.
Any tips besides just do it weak ass faggot?
Replies: >>1521 >>1522
>he quit smoking but not coffee
what the hell? just do it, weak ass faggot
a lot of water and sunshine
[Hide] (2.7MB, 640x358, 00:59)
Why the fuck am I getting tired before I reach my limit when I lift?
How much more sugar and carbs is my bony ass supposed to gorge on before formless workout???
[Hide] (1.2MB, 640x360, 00:14)
And how do I deadlift with two dumbbells?
I have a light case of lover back lordosis(curve too big), What exercise should i do?
Replies: >>1532
[Hide] (499.8KB, 1536x2173)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 906x702)
Anyone got a good keto calculator?
All of them recommend only 116 grams even though I weigh 179 lbs?
Isn't this wrong? Or is it some kind of keto magic?
Replies: >>1535
lately working out has felt more like a chore than actually going for gains. i'll wake up on a workout day and get this sense that my day is wasted, that's it's pointless to start anything meaningful during the day because you have to go and lift things later on. and when i'm done lifting i'm too tired/exhausted to do anything else for the rest of the day. does anyone else experience this? how do you get over it?
unless you're a morbidly obese fuck i can no longer recommend keto. it saps away too much muscle along with fat, and you'll feel miserable the whole time. look into leangains instead, much greater diversity of what you can eat while still gaining muscle and losing fat.
[Hide] (3.5MB, 406x720, 01:13)
Is it really bad to lose more than 1–2 pounds per week?
Replies: >>1541 >>1562
I've been finding it hard lately to find the motivation to work out. Initially the catalyst for changing my diet/getting stronger was because I was interested in strong women, so I felt that I had to be on par or better than them in terms of fitness to be worth their time. However now that I've slimmed down and workouts get progressively harder, it's hard to be motivated, especially since strength has no end goal and is a constant drive upwards. After a while that motivation starts to fade, and other sources don't provide that same feeling (whether I'm lifting for myself, to be stronger, to prove something, etc.). Lifting for women in the first place was a dumb idea, but it did get me results, but considering how antisocial I am and how few women/people I interact with on a daily basis, I don't really know what the point is anymore. Obviously not going to let myself fall into fat fuck/skele territory ever again, but the thought of failing yet another set and being unable to push past my current PB is very daunting.
Depends. Try to weigh yourself at the same time each day, right after you wake up preferably. Your weight can fluctuate ~5 pounds each day depending on what you eat/drink. Weigh yourself at the same time each day/after a specific meal to get a standard to work off of.
Replies: >>1561 >>1571 >>1581
Okay, but is it dangerous?
I've heard normalfags say it puts your body into panic mode, causing you to lose muscle and hair and shit
Replies: >>1563
[Hide] (639KB, 566x642)
this is the worst video I've seen on zzzchan
Replies: >>1565
again, if you're a morbidly fat fuck you'll be losing a lot of weight. otherwise if it's that much of a concern to you, calculate how many calories you need to eat daily to maintain your current weight, then subtract a couple hundred off of that if you're triyng to lose weight.
As a baseline, your maintenance intake is your current body weight in kg * 28. That is how many calories you need to consume daily to maintain where you're at now.
Replies: >>1565
kek, good.
Sorry for not being clear. My goal is to reduce bodyfat.
What do you consider morbidly fat? 
The only reason I'm concerned is because I've heard it's bad to lose > 2 lbs / week, and last week I lost 3.5 lbs (not water weight).
Replies: >>1571 >>1578
>Sorry for not being clear. My goal is to reduce bodyfat
youre being autistic. in order to lose bodyfat you need to be in a caloric deficit.
>I've heard it's bad to lose > 2 lbs / week
anecdotally, anon >>1541 says your weight can fluctuate 5pounds/day. which my anecdotal evidence claims this to be somewhat true, ive seen 4pound swings from any given day depending on my diet and/or creatine usage, taking a shit vs not taking a shit, theres a lot of factors.
>and last week I lost 3.5 lbs (not water weight).
how exactly do you know it wasnt water weight? just keep it at 2 pound weight loss max per week. bc yes, there are consequences from losing too much weight too fast. loss of lean muscle mass, poor hormone production, etc./
Replies: >>1581
Since I am planning on moving soon and my gym only offers annual memberships, I have switched to a simple stopgap bodyweight exercise. As many squats and pushups as I can do. With a high protein intake this should prevent me from losing an unacceptable amount of gains in the interim. Are there any other exercises I should be doing?

Can you see your dick if you look straight down? If not, that's morbidly obese. Your body weight will fluctuate constantly, and fat loss is not linear; it tends to happen in waves every two weeks or so if you're on a strict diet. Weigh yourself at the same time each day, write down the results, and compare them in two week time periods, i.e. where you are now as opposed to two weeks ago.
>youre being autistic. in order to lose bodyfat you need to be in a caloric deficit.
Yeah no shit. Where did I say otherwise?
>anecdotally, anon >>1541 says your weight can fluctuate 5pounds/day. which my anecdotal evidence claims this to be somewhat true, ive seen 4pound swings from any given day depending on my diet and/or creatine usage, taking a shit vs not taking a shit, theres a lot of factors.
>how exactly do you know it wasnt water weight? just keep it at 2 pound weight loss max per week. bc yes, there are consequences from losing too much weight too fast. loss of lean muscle mass, poor hormone production, etc./
Because I've been doing this diet for three weeks and I weigh myself the same time each day and made an average out of each day every week.

But yeah okay I'll eat more calories if this is dangerous I suppose.
What's better for muscle growth: More sets with fewer reps vs fewer sets with more reps?
Replies: >>1588
[Hide] (4MB, 500x280, 01:49)
I just noticed I've been neglecting my trapezius and it's probably the weakest muscle on my body. How do I make it strong? 
Also, are there any good exercises for the serratus area? Every side exercise I know of only hits the area around my waist.
Replies: >>1588
overhead press will target both of these muscles. you can isolate traps with shrugs. 
a 3x5 or 5x5 will generate denser muscles. something like 4x8 or 3x10 will get you bigger, albeit fluffy muscles
Replies: >>1589 >>1592
[Hide] (319.1KB, 244x310, 00:07)
>overhead press
That's really good for the trapezius but I can't use that much weight because of the muscle imbalance. 
Got any that are more focused on the serratus?
Replies: >>1590
something that is going to bring your arms out and over your head will target the serratus. an ab wheel will work or something like a dumbbell pullover. idk why you you think you need a heavy load to do ohp, it will catch up eventually and you target multiple muscle groups.
[Hide] (17.9KB, 511x271)
Just as a retarded hypothetical thought experiment; which version would be the "best" in picrel?
Replies: >>1593 >>1594
*same weight each rep
all of it is unrealistic based off of what you want to know, which was better/best for muscle growth. those sets and reps are literally cardio range when it comes to resistance training. the weight required to finish any of those is going to yield next to nothing in terms of muscle growth.
Do you think squeezing your glutes as hard as you can just doing a basic standing calf raise with no weight could result in muscle development? I get a noticeable burn/pump from doing it but that's probably because the muscle is underdeveloped. All the other glute exercises I've tried were way to convoluted for me to bother with.
Replies: >>1606
>Do you think squeezing your glutes as hard as you can just doing a basic standing calf raise with no weight could result in muscle development?
no, but you'll see increase in stability and balance.
>other glute exercises I've tried were way to convoluted
whats convoluted about squats and deadlifts? or even good mornings?
[Hide] (61.6KB, 260x200)
Are rest days days where you do nothing or can/should you do light exercise during rest days?
How to deal with shoulder blade and trap pain on the left side? I can't sleep very well because I end up waking up sleeping on my back
Replies: >>1613
I had a similar issue but with my neck. I had constant muscle pain and couldn't sleep well for a couple days, no matter which fucking side I turned to. I thought it was my pillow but that would've been odd because I've been using it for years now. And trying to sleep without just made me totally uncomfortable. After some time I managed to diagnose and solve the issue:
>sleep on side
>outside arm resting on my hip/side area
>weight of arm compresses lungs together so I can't breathe as well
>instinctively try to keep it raised from my side in order to ease the pressure
>neck muscle constantly tensing up because of that
I tried resting my arm in a slightly different position and relaxing my shoulder entirely so I wasn't using it and it went away. Next time you go to bed try to position yourself as you normally would and check if you're doing something similar, then try to relax your muscles so you're not tensing up. Hope this helped.
[Hide] (85.3KB, 545x476)
Hello /fit/ my blood test results just arrived and I seem to have 128.00 pg/ml of free testosterone. 
Is this average or I'm now a certified  soycuck? I dont really understand any of this and google gives me conflicting results along with typical "average T levels" by today ((( science )))
Replies: >>1619 >>1707
not a scientist but i think it comes down to how you actually look and feel. if you look in the mirror do you look like a masculine gigachad? or are your bordering on trap/tranny territory? do you feel like you could beat the shit out of a bear, or would you rather fly into an autistic rage when you fuck up a jump in your zelda speedrun?
lift, increase protein intake, eat onions like they're apples, and you'll get there.
Spoiler File
(335.8KB, 608x840)
This retard actually improves his tips when given feedback. What a wholesome fellow
[Hide] (1.3MB, 480x360, 00:30)
How do I loosen my hamstrings? 
I've seen a lot of guides on splits but nothing on vertical leg movement. I can't even do pistol squats because my off leg can't go more than 45 degrees from the other leg.
[Hide] (287.2KB, 760x1127)
Are there any good exercises for this area of the lower back?
I've tried different types of side planks, knee-in twists, and some crunches with rotation but they all just hit around it. 
It's the only flabby part of my torso and it pisses me off.
Replies: >>1703
Squats and deadlifts should hit everything along your thighs, glutes, and lower back
You good now or did you start collecting funkopops?
is fighting/self defence a /fit/ topic? regardless, would appreciate resources on the subject.
Replies: >>1714
Yes, we even have a martial arts thread. >>27
What's the difference between doing an exercise at normal speed and doing it slow or stopping during reps?
Best % macro ratios? 
Like 30% Protein, 40% Carbs, 30% Fat?
Should I take creatine?
Replies: >>1725
How do I hit the area between the pecs and the abs? 
Neither lower chest exercises nor any sort of crunches I've found seem to activate it properly.
Replies: >>1738
Because of the crushing student loan debt that is about to go back into full swing after the conservacucks demand money from broke college kids, I do not see how I can get swole on a very tight budget. Inflation has made every price shoot through the roof, especially my personal staple foods such as chicken breasts and lean beef which I use for Leangains, which has yielded the absolute best results for me so far and I don't see how I can go to another workout plan. How do I get fit while maintaining a high protein, low carb diet with no money?
Replies: >>1725
It's one of the most studied and effective :tm: supplements out there and probably one of the only few that objectively increases gains.
Eat politicians
Is cardio supposed to make breathing hard or do I just have asthma?
Replies: >>1727 >>1734
Depends what you're doing, how hard you're doing it, and for how long. Asthma does make breathing more difficult, shocking I know.
Are there any good 5lbs dumbell workouts I can do to help with my arms. For now I have the 5lbs dumbell exercise by Prof. Attila.
Most of these are helpful but I just want to know if there's anymore.
Replies: >>1734
[Hide] (18.4MB, 738x480, 03:57)
Is there any info on how nip pro wrestlers exercise? 
They all seem functionally big, like they're big and have strength but they can still do flips and shit.
If you're breathing fast you're doing it wrong, but if you're taking deep breaths that's normal. 
Doing cardio makes your heart pump oxygen faster and that oxygen has to come from somewhere. 
Aside from the usual stuff, the one exercise I would recommend is curls with the wrist rotated forward to hit the brachioradialis. That's the one muscle I neglected and now my forearm looks really weak despite my grip strength. You don't need to extend fully on the way down, just down to your hips otherwise you're getting into biceps instead.
[Hide] (4.7MB, 540x960, 00:31)
Can I achieve this  in 4 to 5 years? I have already been lifting for 2 years and still look dyel.
Replies: >>1738
[Hide] (29.5MB, 1280x720, 04:07)
Also this in 2 years? Tried to post this in my previous post but was too big with the other vid.
Replies: >>1738
[Hide] (4MB, 500x280, 01:49)
3 months later but I found something I like, it's called power over. I do it with a towel under my back to stretch my muscles more after each rep. 
Probably. How you look? How much and how often do you lift? Most importantly, what do you eat? 
Those two guys just have low body fat. Only the first guy has more perceptible muscles and even then it's nothing too crazy. 
Slowly change your eating habits to lower your body fat and make your muscles more visible, do core exercises (both exercises that target the upper and exercises that target the lower abs) to get those muscles, and exercise your transversus abdominis to prevent your gut from sticking out.
Replies: >>1739
Like skinnyfat with some muscle definition and little fat in the belly. Used to life 3 days a week but now it's four, I go with my brother who has lifting years before me and over the last two years we had almost a month break due to school scheduling  and if one of us got sick or injured. Some weeks we don't go all four days because I responded too late to have enough time to go.  I also rely mostly on what my family plans on dinner that day and that's the biggest meal I have, and most of the food I don't buy because I still live with my family. NGL I never had a good diet and sleep schedule that probably fucks me over the most since I've noticed some gains and have gotten stronger from being a skelly that never worked out before to squatting and deadlifting well over my bodyweight. I think that those two dudes I could get to in a couple years I know they're small but I'm not naturally bulky, but that could of been lack of nutrients due to not getting enough protein growing up having to share with multiple siblings. I heard that you have to get rid of all carbs for a low body fat % and I can't do that because carbs are like 40 to 50% of my diet also what about coffee, that's the only caffeine I drink daily and it's just half and half, is caffeine bad for low body fat?  
>and exercise your transversus abdominis to prevent your gut from sticking out.
I've never heard that muscle till now, how to property exercise it?
Replies: >>1740
[Hide] (18.7MB, 426x240, 13:25)
[Hide] (12.9MB, 426x240, 11:14)
>I heard that you have to get rid of all carbs for a low body fat % 
According to https://www.calculator.net/body-fat-calculator.html I'm around 13% body fat but my abs are visible. I just do hanging leg raises and the power over thing I mentioned and that's enough even without taking any sort of supplements or having a proper diet. 
You don't have to aim for crazy sub-10% body fat unless you have particularly bad genetics. I don't know anything about dieting so I can't give you much advice there but what I would suggest, given how it seems hard for you to change your diet, is to first exercise and get your core muscles to then evaluate whether a diet is really necessary.
>I've never heard that muscle till now, how to property exercise it?
Second vid explains it. The TL;DR is that you want to force your pelvic floor and the transversus muscle and hold it for a while. Doing it on your back is easier than standing up and doing it while moving is harder than while standing still. 
I just do it a few times throughout the day and it seems to work pretty well.
Replies: >>1741
[Hide] (16.3MB, 640x360, 06:56)
Wrong abs video, I meant to post this one.
[Hide] (2.7MB, 854x480, 00:33)
How do I train to get stronger?
Replies: >>1748
Read OP images in >>2
[Hide] (294KB, 716x922)
How do rest days work? My routine is arbitrary and I don't write down or remember what I do, but lately I've noticed that I seem to build more muscle after going hard and then not doing anything for a couple days. I'm not sure if that's actually true or if it just seems that way because I misremembered what I did. 
Also, are there exercises for the brachialis that are as good as or better than hammer curls?
Replies: >>1750
When you work out you're destroying your muscles and during rest they get rebuilt but stronger to compensate for it
How much to steroids actually affect muscle gain? I've been on Prednisone for the past month due to other health issues and it defintely makes me feel more hyperactive, but is it helping or hurting my gains?
[Hide] (1.8MB, 848x1181)
Now that I got muscles, how do I fix my skin?
Replies: >>1760 >>1761
What's wrong with it?
Replies: >>1768 >>1770
[Hide] (304KB, 500x742)
I'm about to go to the gym for the first time in almost a decade.
Skinny fat.
Want to bulk.
No endurance.
No style.
No grace.
Funny face.
Basically pic related, minus the edge.
Ears prone to popping in and out during intense physical activity, annoying as fuck.
Can't motivate myself to exercise at home despite all the equipment I've bought.
What the fuck do I even do there? I can't just stay on the treadmill for an hour.
Let's say today is upper body day, I hate looking at my toothpick arms, where do I leave the most sweat?

Aloe Vera
Replies: >>1762
[Hide] (144.2KB, 900x588)
[Hide] (515.3KB, 900x593)
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1884x1031)
You follow the beginner basics in the OP of the infograph thread. You will hit each major muscle group, there is no spot training. For a quick rundown on proper form, go through Starting Strength (attached) and compare the exercises in there with the exercises in the beginner guide.
On your first day, you will do squats WITHOUT the bar to make sure you have the proper form. Center of mass will be in the center of your feet. Keep it there at all costs. Stop yourself from leaning forward or backward. Go ALL THE WAY DOWN, ASS TO GRASS, let the momentum exit your body (stay at the bottom for a second), then come back up. The pain should be in the tops of your thighs if you're doing it correctly.
You will do overhead presses. Take the basic bitch rubber yoga weights that Stacy uses (the baby 5lb ones). Ensure you are posing like pic 3. Use a mirror to make sure your arms are parallel to your body. Slowly lift them above your head and extend your arms until they lock into place at the top. Hold them at the top for a second or two, then slowly come back down the same way you came. Repeat. FORM IS EVERYTHING.
You will do deadlifts. Start with the bar and add either 2.5lb or 5lb weights to it, whichever is smaller. The reason for all the small starting weight is I am assuming you are a literal skeleton with no muscle mass. You do not want to embarrass or injure yourself by overestimating your ability. Your form will match pic 3. When going up, ensure the bar remains in contact with your legs the whole time. Once you reach the top, stay in place for a second or two, then lower it back down. I consider dropping in bad taste unless you're lifting buses.
Your first day is complete. Copy this post down or bookmark this page onto your phone and check it periodically throughout your first day to ensure you're doing it right. You don't give a fuck what other people are doing, and they don't give a fuck about you so don't worry about looking like a retard. The only place where it's ok to be a skeleton or landwhale is when lifting heavy things or when jogging on a treadmill, respectively.
You're gonna make it. I will keep this thread open if when you have questions.
Replies: >>1763 >>1764
[Hide] (573.3KB, 900x593)
forgot deadlifts image
Replies: >>1764
[Hide] (262.5KB, 760x658)
[Hide] (437.4KB, 800x600)
[Hide] (922.3KB, 1000x1000)
Thanks for the info, I'll use it next time.
Went out before you posted yesterday, it's a relatively small gym, maybe a dozen machines, 4 racks and a punching bag. 
I'll need some time t oget adjusted to the atmosphere, so I didn't feel confident enough to do anything on a bar. Instead I went on a couple of machines pushing and pulling similar to pic related. Stayed somewhere around 70-80lb. 3 sets of however many I could do until I couldn't do it anymore.
Also tried one of those "squatting machines", but my left knee almost exploded. Popped it once by stretching my leg a little too far about 6 years ago, still hurts during winter.
Switched to a weird rowing machine (I guess it's called a  Low Pulley Row) and even though one guy was kind enough to show how to do it properly, it didn't feel right, so I called it a day.
All in all I got a solid 45 minute workout (including warmup and post-workout stretching) and my upper torso is aching, but not too badly. Considering I didn't sweat much, I'll have to push myself more later on when I've gotten a grip, or at least a rough estimate, of where I am strength-wise.
Replies: >>1765
[Hide] (1.1MB, 5120x3680)
The machines are a scam and do not teach you how to lift properly. They make you pull things you should be pushing and vice versa. Use weights and only weights, they will teach you balance, resistance, and endurance.
Replies: >>1777 >>1778
I never bothered taking care of my skin before, now it looks all sorts of fucked. I was hoping there would be a generic guide or at least an infograph.
Replies: >>1769
see a dermatologist, we're not doctors
Anything on getting rid of excess skin? For example, having a gut for too long and after losing the fat, you still have rolls.
Replies: >>1771
I think those may have to be surgically removed, it's most common among fat bastards that lose weight too fast for their body to process it.
[Hide] (3.9MB, 720x480, 00:39)
How do I gain motivation to lose weight? I'm fat, have stretch marks, and I want to lose weight. How do go about this? What foods should I avoid? Should I avoid weight lifting if I'm trying to lose weight?
Replies: >>1775 >>1776
calorie counting can help, set a limit and try to spread it out (know what an actual serving is)
-check your metabolic rate to see where you need to be
set short term goals, write them down (think like how video games keep you doing one task to the next instead of thinking about all the steps at once)
don't obsess over day to day fluctutaions in weight, track the trends week to week
Replies: >>1776
check the infographs in the infograph thread for what foods to eat/avoid. do what >>1775 says, it would be better to track your weight loss every two weeks as well. remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint. don't take on more than you can handle for the first couple of days, because you will lose your mind and relapse hard. take it slow.
Replies: >>1777
Spoiler File
(296.8KB, 1920x1080)
Finally going back to the gym today, I pulled my packs something fierce, so I remained mostly inactive to let it heal back. Could've worked on my legs or stamina in the meantime but nooooooo, gotta be a lazy skelly.
Did some climbing yesterday, so grip is going to be an issue.
>don't take on more than you can handle
you mean don't bite off more than you can chew
Replies: >>1778
There, first registered gym day done to a t.
Bought proper shoes, 
did some warm-up, did the situps (no inertia, no glykole), 
did some overhead presses with babby's first dumbbells first, 
then 20 lb deadlifts (felt a little sore in the upper back after second set, managed to reset my form properly for the third),
then I got brave and did a couple of overhead presses with the same bar, that's where things became a little serious and I decided to call it a day. I started using momentum to lift the bar instead of pushing it straight from my chest and holding it in place became quite difficult. My grip was also fucked from bouldering the previous day, but luckily I managed to take it easy and not strain anything seriously on either day.
The guy running the gym was instructing someone else right next to me, I assume that, since he never called me out on anything, my form was at the very least safe, if not entirely proper.

All in all, p good.
What's next, senpai-bear?
Replies: >>1779
>Bought proper shoes, 
I don't know why but I read that as 
>bought proper dress
and was wondering what kind of dress you would wear in a gym
Replies: >>1780
[Hide] (546.8KB, 1830x1198)
a frilly one, inviting you to fuck me in the ass
For cardio what happens if you run one day and bike the following day. Is it bad to do both at the same week? Will running slow my bike cadence down or visa versa. Should I just stick to one or should I not time myself when doing cardio? I heard by others that running will slow my bike speed down. Someone told me I should swim instead because running will make you not ride as fast. No I am competing or anything. I just don't know if I should be conserned or not.
Replies: >>1782 >>1783
**No I am not competing or anything
Replies: >>1783
it ultimately doesn't matter, cardio builds endurance. taking a rest day in between may help as well along with a large protein intake.
is it a bad idea to do a big jump in deadlift weights?
Replies: >>1788
Approach your sought lift with negatives if you are going to make a big jump.
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