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Who is your waifu anon? Just wondering, pic unrelated.
NatSoc anime girls thread
there's an anime where a 30 year old chad is walking through a field at noon, which unbeknownst to him, is a high school property. some kids call him over and say "who are you?" "are you from this school?"
he replies "yeah bro i'm in 8th grade", and they don't laugh or bat an eye. later as he's walking home, he realizes they actually believed this. he uses his newfound superpowers to do really bad stuff.
what anime is this?
i want to watch it to annualize peod psychology
I hate these fucking big head lolis.
I hate their annoying high pitch voices 
I hate act so forcible "cute" 
I just wanna beat the living shit out of those things
I can understand not learning Japanese if you just watch an anime or read a manga from time to time but have other things going on in your life.
But people who watch hundreds of anime and all the newest seasonal slop but don't even know N3 Japanese are just worthless d*scord larper consoomers.
It's especially ridiculous when they start posting videos and "analysis" on j*wtube and pretend to be Japanese media gurus when they don't even know Japanese and essentially consume parodies/fan-fiction.
I'm just curious:
What does /a/ think is the best anime of all time?
Feel free to say why of course.
I love manime!
Have you celebrated Satoko's birthday yet, /a/nons?
>The hypothesis that society will reach a peak of harmonious functioning when each of its divisions efficiently performs its designated function, as a body's organs individually contribute to its
general health and functionality, lies at the center of corporatist theory.

>”it means a nation organized as the human body, with each organ performing its individual function but working in harmony with the whole” - Oswald Mosley on corporatism

The basic premise of the anime ‘Cells at Work’ is to portray the human body as if it were a human society, which unintentionally means it represents fascism. The viewer isn't even aware he's being fed fascist propaganda because they think they're just being educated about how the human body works.
Share them wallpapers.
I recently heard some anons say that Berserk is the best manga ever created. So I'm going to be reading it.
I haven't read that much manga in the past. Mainly because I'm a lazy faggot that prefers to watch something instead of reading it. However there are times where a manga can't be replicated in an anime and vice versa. The mangas that I've read so far are proof of that (Goodnight PunPun and some of Junji Ito's stuff). Besides Berserk I also have Chainsaw Man and Futari Solo Camp (Don't know what this one is about but the female protagonist is hot as fuck) on my list.
What have you been reading?
Anything you recommend?
I'm bored. Recommend me good animes. I'm looking for over-the-top weird comedy or/and something dark and gruesome.
I'm watching Haré+Guu and some Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Bretty comfy.
Do you like Studio Ghibli films, anon?
I've been meaning to watch them. So far I've seen Spirited Away, Totoro and Grave of the Fireflies. My favorite so far is Grave of the Fireflies. How about you anon? Which one is your favorite? Do you think Earwig and the Witch will be any good?
Is it worth watching? I heard mixed things about it plus I was spoiled the ending a time ago.
Anime/manga about 2 girls together having a best day. Post them.
Floch was right 
(SPOILERS for the ending of Attack of Titan. Don’t enter thread if you haven’t read the end of the manga)
So the protagonist is the best find of a great hero, and is a part of his party alongside the rest of the cast.

Opens up like the end of a typical battle anime adventure, but he protagonist discovers a dark secret about the hero: He's been working behind the scenes to make sure he has villains to fight against so that he could never stop heroing and his adventures would never end.

You see, before the start of his first adventure he had nothing going for him, no place in the world, becoming a hero meant living a far better life than the one he had before.

It was on this first adventure that he met the protag and his love interest, it was then when he became someone important and lived with purpose. It was then when he had the novelty of adventure to cut the banality of living in peace.

So when the first adventure ended in victory, and he saw an opportunity for another journey, he intentionally allowed a second villain to rampage just so he could have an evil to vanquish.

Even during this second outing, he was secretly setting things up for the trilogy. Since then most of the enemies they fight are the result of the hero's machinations.

The villains themselves are the real deal, they are actually carrying out their plans and causing a great deal of harm, innocents die before the hero and his allies stop them.

To be fair they do what they can to stop the disasters they cause, but now that the protag knows his best bud is the true culprit behind this and many other threats, all because he's addicted to adventuring and being the hero.

He's also much more powerful than he's revealed, holding back purely for the sake of his rivalry with the protagonist, and he's well aware of the love interest's affections for him, but never acts on it even though he reciprocates her feelings simply because he wants to keep the chase going.

So the protagonist does what he can to expose him, and this becomes a cat and mouse mind game between him and the hero which is going on during their adventure.
Do you listen to anime music?
I usually listen do Space Dandy ost and some OPs I like but not much other than that.
Anyone knows whats that korean manhwa where pretty boys are beaten up?

So surreal.when theyre all busy dancing

Then again i m not sure what they mean by ugly anyway
Zzziggers need something to unite them and what could be better the this resourceful /k/ute fluffy tank dork who can lift heavy artillery shells as though it where paper...? That was a rhetorical question, don't try and answer that because there isn't an alternative.

It's your moral duty to let the Mods and Jannies know this is what the Zzzigger collective wants. Let's not waste time anons.
Liru is a miracle of the universe!  ✨️ 🙏 

Let's have a Magipoka thread!
Name a better opening
Protip:You can't
Arale is the cutest loli.
Toriyama draws the best lolis.
Why there aren't much alternative or even just historical and even less war themed anime or mangos. There are few. I mean nearly everything feels the same in modern animus. Nearly every season there is an isekai trash, yuri anime and some other unintresting trash. 
Why they cannot be a more darker war themed story with a more gritty artstyle? Or maybe an adaptation of a western story like southern victory and stuff like that?
When I think of surreal anime and shit like that, I think Sentou Yousei Yukikaze or Serial Experiments Lain, I kinda understand the plot of Yukikaze but for Lain I'm at episode 7 and I still don't undestand get it :^). 
So why I'm watching something that's a bit hard to understand for me well I like the unique that vibe and feeling they give you, the visual the sounds they always try something unique and they give you this surreal feeling, and especially love Lain because the worlds seems familiar but it isn't everything about is awkward, it's feeled with long scenes with just ambient sounds or characters just staring at each other the same goes for Yukikaze. 
I'm not sure how I can explain it but I like these type of anime.
Hello, yes, I am here for the manga?

This manga is Kumo Desu Ga, Nani Ka? It is about a spider.

Is there more manga?
>MC gets super powers and so on, it's generic isekai
>gets a catgirl slave by killing bandits, she's horny, they kiss 
<gets cockblocked 
>goes out, finds bandits' friends while wearing stolen bandit armor and weapons
<MC acts like a retard, ignores the "I'm going to rape your girl" implication
<gets cockblocked again and now the girl has been kidnapped 
>luckily she's with another girl who is going to help her escape by kissing her and distracting the guards
<kissing another girl makes the slave hornier than the MC ever could, ruining the plan, now they're both getting groped and about to be raped 
>MC crashes in and saves the day, now they're both literally fighting over who gets his dick first 
<MC does nothing despite acting like horny 24/7 
>MC gets a third girl, jerks off onto an evil god and turns her into the 4th 
>now the four are fighting for the D
<he chooses to remove the power from the goddess to make her as weak as the others(?)
<wastes time and gets cockblocked
Anime related of course.
Recently I came upon this dub of Ghost Stories. It's pretty great. Are there any more anime dubs similar to this? The only other one that comes to mind is Bible Black.
which one is more profittable job in the anime industry (also less saturated) 
between illustration, animator, writer/scriptwriter thing or programmer?

i was educated in animation and was always feeling that the production is abit too very hard but i could be wronk
Nooooooooooooo they killed it early whyyyyy?
I'm so fucking sad, it helped me to stay sane in these shitty times and now it's gone.


It's really short anons, if you are bored and look for something stupid and funny give it a try.
Let's share recommendations.

atm I'm trying to remember the name of an anthology of films about murders.
What's the most memorable and great anime you watched this year, for me these ones are pretty good.
>Dragon Quest remake
This is mostly nostalgia talking but I love this shit, I know it's nothing special it's just your standard shonen anime but the fight scenes are enjoyable and watching this show that I used to watch alot as a kid remade in a faithful way is pretty awsome.
>Akudama Drive
Now this show is pretty unique, if you love the cyberpunk visuals and that kind of stuff you should watch, it's filled with great action, great visuals, great cast of characters that are enjoyable to watch and an enjoyable story.
I remember watching more shit that came out, but I forgot about them well I did say memorable for a reason.
>girl's butt is censored
>boy's butt isn't

Why does this happen in anime?
muscle girls
What's some manly anime?
I'm tired of moe shit and limp dicked protagonists.
On 1-day-/a/ all 3 anons seemed to be looking forword to the new season of Non Non Biyori. The first episode dropped just yesterday. How did you like it?
Do anons like Death Note?
I've been watching the 2006 live action films. It reminded me how much I like the anime and manga.
Do you feel the same or do you think is overrated?
Post usefull info about anime, like watchorder and stuff like that.
I'm trying to get into Ashita no Joe but there's alot of movies and TV shows, so should I start with movies or the TV shows and are there any filer episode that I can avoid.
What are some good anime videogames?
Anything you've been playing?
I've been playing DW Gundam Reborn and Jojo All Stars. 
Are the Fist of the North Star games any good?
Does this really happen in Japanese schools?
Discuss and tell your experience with animes featuring giant robots in disguise. 
I did watch sadly only armada, but technically I've also seen the beast wars II with it's ok fan dub. God the slovak and czech dub of armada is atrocious. But I've heard that victory and zone is good.
What's your favorite jojo character, jojo opening and jojo part?
It has to be Joseph Joestar, END OF THE WORLD and part 1 for me.
Though making my way through part 4, is getting up there.
Are you looking forward to part 6, anon?
I'm reading K-On!
Post lolis
I haven't read the manga but the "animated" adaptation released this month. Man, I haven't laught out loud at a anime for a while. Surprising considering Shitflix is involved. The timing is great and the comedy is so good. If you don't know what it is about is basically a Yakuza is a househusband. The humor it's pretty similar to some bits in Nichijou. It's a shame it might be the most poorly animated anime out there. I know modern anime doesn't shine in this field but jesus christ it's like I'm watching the manga with a voice over. However It didn't ruin my experience with it and I definitely recommend giving it a pirate.
I prefer my comedy in video form because I think it works better that way but I'll have to check out the manga and see how it compares and if it's better.
The 10000 years hiatus is coming to an end!
Are you excited for Phos' triumphant return?
I am forgotten
I cried when I watched Spirited Away
What have you been watching?
I've been re-watching Fist of the North Star and DBZ.
I grew up with Hokuto no Ken and is still one of my favorites. DBZ is pretty fun too.
I'm also planning on watching 79' MSG and Sailor Moon.
What are some good anime that aired on these two decades? I know there's a lot of good stuff but I've barely scratched the surface.
The annual independent SEL stream, American side. Tune in to on September 21st 11:59 PM (2021-7-22 3:59 AM UTC) to watch Serial Experiments Lain with anons from all around the webring and beyond, English subtitles included. No sign-up required, just hop in!
Does zzz/a/ like 20th century anime adaptations of classic gaijin children's novels?
Where can I download (torrent) all Dragon ball series with German dub?
SINCE THERE'S NO REAL /m/ ON THE WEBRING plw/mecha/ is dead as fuck, BRING IT ON!

This year is looking bright for mecha.
>Getter Robo Arc
>Muv-Luv Alternative
>Eva 3.0 + 1.0

What is your favorite MS in Gundam? and why is it the Zudah?
Dragon Ball both the original and Z and Pokemon were a big part of my childhood. Watching Dragon Ball reruns and some of the movies was all did at one point, and playing Pokemon Red while watching the anime was really fun. Bulma and Misty were my first faps too. I've have been rewatching the first season of Pokemon and it's pretty comfy. It holds up pretty well. I also used to watch a lot of Heidi and Digimon. I need to re-watch Heidi though since I haven't watched it since I was a kid.
does anyone knows charity zine or contests that is manga anime related? thank u
I just watched Akira for the first time. It was amazing. The backgrounds, the animation, the characters. Everything about it was great.
I haven't seen many anime movies. Mainly Dragon Ball stuff. I watched Tokyo Godfathers and Batman Ninja last Christmas. I've been meaning to watch Paprika for a while, but other than that I haven't seen much. Is there anything you recommend? What movies have you watched recently?
helllo how should you plan your one shot comics/debut so it can garner attention and crowd 

my plan is to have like 20-30 pages like most one shot but idk 

how should i plan the content to be as exciting before running full series(because im reenacting JUMP's accepting through one shot and similarly before series and also cuz i have no idea if a series is good anyway)

cant wait for your input!

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