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On 1-day-/a/ all 3 anons seemed to be looking forword to the new season of Non Non Biyori. The first episode dropped just yesterday. How did you like it?
>a new non non boiyori season
Shit nigger I didn't even know there was a new season, because I've been so busy with personal shit. Thanks for giving me the notification.
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What's this anime about? Is it good?
Replies: >>117
Basically a SOL about cute girls living on the countryside. Watch it, it's comfy as fuck.
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I'm sorry, I'm not a homosexual. I only watch manly animes for manly men such as myself.
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>t. city dweller
>He doesn't like cute animus
You're the only homo here, watching cute lolis being cute means you have high amounts of testerone my nigger.
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I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of swords clashing and supple quivering of toned male bodies.
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based manime poster
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Go away
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Unbased and low T reply
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>I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of swords clashing and supple quivering of toned male bodies
Sounds like something you would get a boner over.
Replies: >>135 >>136
Anyone who says based has low amounts of chromosomes and zero testerones. Your tranny lingo is now commonly used by normalfags. Join your fellow Ts and 60% yourself.
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I'm sure, he got  MANLY boner, which is 100% not gay.
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>.t low test otaku feminized sissy hypno watchers defending trannime
Replies: >>137 >>143 >>145
My fellow Manime posters. We must show them that the love for the male form is the true way to follow the path of masculinity and that Masculine anime and shoujo is the one true path of the anime connoisseur.
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If trannime watchers keep this up it's only a matter of time before they chop their cock off and "become the girlfriend", that is the end goal of (((otaku))) and (((trannime)))
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>He found the secret key to board activity
>Masculine anime and shoujo
I may give it a try though I don't watch many SOL animes. I think the only one I really liked is Nichijou.
I'm sorry that you need to use insults your father used agaisnt you anon. No matter what you will never be a woman. Everyone already knows that /tv/ and /cow/ already cut their dicks off thus why we rent free in their heads.
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Non non boyri' third season's episode was comfy to watch. It's been so far so good on the first episode hopefully it keeps up. It's also fortunate enough to have Yuru Camp this month as well. It seems that 2021 might hopefully be nothing but good animes.

>posting my faggy insecurities on the non non boyri thread the posts
So when did you guys start your transitions since you enjoy being faggots?
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>Yuru Camp
Which is comfier? I've been looking for something to watch that relaxes my nerves.
Replies: >>148
Depends on your preference, because I personally say they're both on the same level on comfiness it's comes down which type of anime you prefer and along with cure girls. Yuru camp if you enjoy camping yourself, vast and well drawn environments, and a couple lessons and things that concern nature.
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I forgot to ask but are there any more SOL similar to pics related?
Replies: >>153 >>165
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>trannime watchers who can't handle banter are so sissy hypnod the fuck out they have to project our any display of violence and masculinity or any classical hero arc as gay like themselves.
>"the stuff I watch as an adult man is totally not just sexualized gaypedo shit of a genre that was originally intended as children's fantasy films like Totoro guythe"
>keeps ignoring a shitton of trannime fanservice watchers turning into diseased gayhomo cockchoppers realtime because Schlomo Yahuda Mordacai AnimeSubCensorResellStein sissy hypnod them into becoming enuch men rp'ing as women with wigs on.
If you're not already some kind of tranny deviant you will be in a few years.
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There's K-On, Yuru Camp, Flying Witch,Is the Order a rabbit?, Kiniro Mosaic and Aria that I personally recommend to others and enjoyed. There's probably more, but I can't think of anything else other than these.

Tell me more about your transition into trannydom anon.
Manly and cute should not oppose eachother. The two are perfect compliments of each other, the yin and yang that complete a man's soul.
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For someone who just got transition you sure like to project your insecurities on others. Are you regretting taking the pinkpill with your other /tv/ and /cow/tard fags?
Replies: >>164
He speaks the truth.
Spoiler File
(635.7KB, 800x448)
>no u
trannimes plz

Yes but i draw the line when it comes to that whole wierd freakyness of overtly circlejerking the sexualization of child characters and all mate, not to mention the feminized garbage this entails in shows targeted at adult men making them moe otaku spergs. 
Because it is on the freak scale just like the horse-fags. But for some reason I don't think they actually get mind-virus'd and turn into trannies now do they. Fortunately only trannimepedos are deeply offended by my posts.
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I don't know whether to say if Majo No Tabitabi counts, because it contains some dark episodes. The story mainly centers around a cute and beautiful little witch named Elaina who travels around the world, but it's not really like Non Non Biyori where the main cast are only cute girls and the story centers around more than one female per episode, but more-so that Elaina has one yuribait friend/waifu and then some other girls she helps along the way.

You forgot Mitsuboshi colors, Yuyushiki, Yuru Yuri for Yurifags.
Replies: >>166 >>170
Pic related is you and every other /cow/ists or should I say /trans/ists.

>I don't know whether to say if Majo No Tabitabi counts
It counts as SOL, but not something similar to "Nichijou" or "Baby, Please Kill me". 

>You forgot Mitsuboshi colors, Yuyushiki, Yuru Yuri for Yurifags
Yeah, I thought I missed some, even though I've watched these as well, but again the listed animes are things I personally recommend, so not everyone will like them.
Replies: >>167 >>170 >>184
stop being mad
Stop being a tranny and talk with your father sometime faggot.
Replies: >>169 >>175
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>The first episode dropped just yesterday. How did you like it?
It was a fun episode, so far. I still haven't gotten the chance to read the manga is it better than the anime?

Stop feeding the mentally disabled by acknowledging them.
Replies: >>175 >>179
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Thanks for the recommendations, though what I meant with similar to the animes I posted was over the top absurd comedy mixed with SOL elements. Are those like that?
Replies: >>172
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Just watch Asobi Asobae, Yuru Yuri, Azumanga Daioh, Plastic Elder Sister. If you watch you can also watch Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou which centers on High School bros rather than moe girls.
Replies: >>173
meant want
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>Is the manga better than the anime
Non non Biyori is one of the few series where I think the anime is better than the manga. The manga is still worth a read, but the anime can also make one easily a fan and get into the series without needing to know much about the source material.
Didn't that guy in the pic actually transition back?
Replies: >>209
>not taking the bait in this thread
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Cute girls and sexy guitars? Of course, as a musician this one has a special place in my heart. I wonder if my band had lasted longer with tea and cake instead of jack daniels and speed. But I doubt it.
Replies: >>206
K-On is cute and dumb fun, there isn't much of a story, but for some reason you can excuse it due to the characters at least being interesting enough to get you hooked on.
Replies: >>207
>due to the characters at least being interesting enough to get you hooked on.
Happens quite often. Nowadays good characters are really the most important thing for any anime. Everything else, every kind of story has been done to death. Even with all the crazy ideas the nips come up with, everything has at least been done 3 times. But good characters make it fun and give it personality. Part of the reason why NNB is so great.
Hell if i know dude, can you even do that.
Replies: >>211 >>212
I hear bleach is an effective method of penis regrowth :^)
Replies: >>212
There are many ex-trannies that left before the dick cutting. As far as I can remember he saw the jesus or some shit.
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Let's build a greenhouse /a/
Replies: >>258
What will we grow?
Replies: >>259 >>929
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