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so the first BO couldn't take it or something. I don't know why since know he hasn't responded to me. The /vhs/ BO has stepped up so I've deputized him as a mod and will give him ownership should he last longer not hard. He is in charge of making the rules and enforcing moderation.

Please keep all drama related discussion contained here, and let's try this again.
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>Moves it
>doesn't delete
Confirmed for having a sense of humor, hope this /a/ goes far.
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I'd would like to watch Digimon, which one would I have to start first from the chronological order also is this site still good for pirating it? I'm living under the rock when it comes to those things.
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I'm not that into digimon but yeah you can find pretty much evetything in that site.
Start with the very first Adventure series to get the classic Digimon experience. But Digimon Tamers (written by Konaka) is at least as good.
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Alright, sounds good.
>board's already dead
What happened to samefagging, /vhs/BO?
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Sturgeon should've created /pol/ or /n/ instead of /a/. /animu/ exists and the vtumors stay on one thread that can easily be filtered.
/vhs/BO, you could've just created a board on 8shit if you wanted your own /a/ to samefag on.
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I think sturg is still too scared to create /pol/ despite the obvious securities in place
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It's more that I'm not enthusiastic about the headache that dealing with /pol/ would be.
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>That same /pol/ shilling
Just fuck off already eden, isn't your board much "superior".
Why there is so much yuri trash anime these days? Why does every heterosexual anime or manga have the progresion of a snail while yuri has it's nearly instantly? 
This gives me sometime to give me a question is lesbianism and by that way yuri a jewish/feminist way of destrying the classical hetero relationships? I mean the original 'lesbians' were bisexual and both ways it has been lost to time ever since christianity came. I've also never seen a female lesbian animal and there are male homosexual animals? 
I mean I know that maybe I'm thinking into it a bit too much, but think of it yourself a bit more and I think you'll get where I'm going.
It's allegedly cute, and you need to accept that in general both men and women like women more than men. Yuri fills the same niche as Moe but with romance which appeals to the shojo demo.
Foreign investors are getting into anime as well, but as long as it's still based on manga it's unlikely to be blatant manipulation.
Why are you such a coward?
SJWeebs latch on to it and yaoi/fujo anime because its the closest thing they would get to the woke anime. Also, Japan thinks lesbians are a meme at least for now but some (((people))) might change that.
I don't know if it's some conspiracy but I agree that it'd be nice to see a normal relationship handled well, but like you said, for some reason most writers assume normal couples are more interesting during a painful courtship, while homos have interesting/fetishistic relationships. There are of course exceptions, but overall yuri gets special treatment/the express train. I don't even need the normal ship be expedited - just don't drag it for the whole series. See the struggle how they treat each other and are seen differently by old friends after. Explore how dating isn't what they expected and don't actually know what was supposed to change. Get into fights they normally wouldn't have. Maybe even break up. There's so much wasted opportunity, but apparently writers can make up a whole world, but a normal relationship is too foreign to them.
Right then I've kept my word I'm going to watch some yuri for the next time I have to call this type of anime trash anime.

Is it a form of degeneration or just another form of morality?

No, in fact as far as I can tell it is the newest form of feminism. As men it seems that if a female wants to get into the homosexual relationship she needs the support of the male. The male can claim the female as his wife or the female can claim the male as her husband. This puts a male into the situation of being with the woman he's married to and a female into the situation of being with the male she's married to.

What do I think? It's disgusting. Is it gay? No. Is it degenerate? Well that depends on the person. But I can't say that what is happening is a good thing.

To be completely honest with you the person would have to be an avid homosexual and or a feminist. Then I would definitely ask them to educate me and bring my mind to reality. How can a person possibly be promoting the only acceptable form of morality in which a male is not allowed to be heterosexual in the western world?

Do I think it's wrong for the girl to have sex with the male while the boy is present? Yes, I do, but that's a very interesting thing to discuss on it's own and it might just get into a longer discussion than I think I could handle.

As far as I know that's the only form of sexual relationship I have in my understanding. What would I do if a girl forced the boy into a sexual relationship? I think I might be the first one to go tell the girl that it is wrong, but the truth is no matter what I do the girl is going to push that boy further and further away.

I've seen my girlfriend and I trying to talk to girls about feminism and yuri and it's usually not going too well. I don't think there is too much hope for me with the girl that had approached us last night for yuri trash anime.

You know what though? Women are worse than men. I think men are just more selfish than women. They can't see that they could possibly be in some type of a relationship with a girl that they're completely fucking off. If they were they would most likely see it as a blessing instead of a curse.

It might just be my subconscious but I think it might be almost impossible to have a successful heterosexual relationship. After all, most heterosexual relationships have a built in way of creating the male homosexual relationship. Thinking on it, yeah, the whole yuri thing might actually be another form of denying men the proper love of a woman. But what do I know?
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Let's see how long this thread lasts on this dead, boring, terrible board before it gets deleted by the (likely) absent BO.

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