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Bully inchling
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It's no use. Throw it in the trash.
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That little squirt sure has an ass for a midget!
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Making ramen, anyone want some?
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Bullying the inchling with my giant cock.
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I'd rather she ride my cock eagerly and willingly.

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Laugh at the gambling addicts
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gimme a pull on the yuru camp machine instead at least you get a toy instead of a pog
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Consumerism is fine as long its for the rat.. Give me the plastic chips with xeno-estrogens with the rat on them!! Now!!
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>>549 (OP) 
Spend more money on digital content you don't actually own, it's not like you need to prepare for nuclear Armageddon or whatever since Poutine and hairy legs man get along with each other so well and CCP Chinks totally don't have an ego that's about as fragile as a freeze dried rose.

Just play gatcha shit and have fun anons.
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I can see why the previous gacha died.

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Yeah, you never know if she's got Rinnosuke hidden behind the booth ready to give you a surprise.
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Uh-Oh! Why is Onii-chan a Mystia?
Those snacks are no good!
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Maybe it's not about making you kiss someone else, but rather somewhere else.
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No way in hell would Mysty ever show off her tiny vestigial bird-ween.
Not just because it's pathetic, it's literally too small to leave her cloaca.
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Now that the dust has settled... honest thoughts on fumofumos?
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Big Yuyuko!
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For you
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>>2398 (OP) 
>honest thoughts on fumofumos?
They have their use in funding Nippon-lands military industrial complex that they're reluctantly building up because it's what Uncle Sam wants and they're spooked at the prospect of getting nuked by Best Korea and the Chicoms and having no means to retaliate and they've already fucked up their currency with hyper inflation so they might as well go even deeper into debt and get themselves a couple anti IBCM missiles before their bubble pops (again). They're actually made in Japan after all.

But if you don't want a fumo there's some Spyderco knives that are made in Japan too that are pretty nice, that is if you don't mind the look of the giant thumb hole, I personally like them but they make models without the holes too.

Cute angry turtle-dragon dork.
Like this anon >>2433
I too hope you get your fumo.
Replies: >>3867
uh i got it a long time ago retard that post is from last year
that post gives me ptsd THOUGH

I did end up getting my money back by forcing a chargeback through paypal, by the way. They couldn't dispute it because I documented fucking everything.
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>I did end up getting my money back by forcing a chargeback through paypal, by the way. They couldn't dispute it because I documented fucking everything.
Always a good idea, you can never be to organized or have to many archives because who knows what kind of international fuckery you'll run into in the world of online sales.

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That strange girl from Kourindou is getting weirder and weirder every time I see her.
She was there again when I came today to see if the owner had the new volume of that awesome imported book about robot warriors that he was letting me read for free.
Before I could even say anything, she dragged me off, blabbering about how she wants to tell me about a book she really likes, even though we barely know each other.
But before that she insisted that there were some other books she wanted to grab, and she absolutely needed to get them before we sit down for some reason.
So, she climbed onto the very top of the stepladder, even though her head reached over the top of the bookcase from there. She leaned in very closely to the book spines, and started reading through them one by one really slowly. Like, she was standing there for maybe ten minutes, going left to right, and then right to left over, and over, and over.
Then she jumped off the stepladder, got on all fours, and started going over the books on the lower shelf just as like she did with the top ones.
I cleared my throat to ask what books she needed, and maybe, I could help her find them, but then she pulled out some random books that I'm pretty sure she already went over, apologized for making me wait, and took me to the owner's reading table.
Turns out, the book she wanted to tell me about was all about birds. She told me that, apparently, when two birds want to make babies, the boy-bird rubs his butthole on the g
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Replies: >>1920
Replies: >>1924
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Ur mums a slut
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Good morning, it's already 8AM in Gensokyo.

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Don't try to put a cock in Yoshika's mouth! She'll bite it blood comes out!
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M-m-m, brap coffee.
My favourite!
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>slutty foxboy shapeshifted into futo to tempt you
Replies: >>1901
Average convention experience.
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I'm sorry, bros...

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Why is western touhou content all shitposts?
[Hide] (367.4KB, 856x480, 00:08)
All touhou is one big shitpost.
Since most westerners are 2hu secondaries at best and have never even touched a mainline game
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[Hide] (15.1MB, 640x360, 05:02)
Replies: >>3816
>2nd one
I just watched a whole preschool song video because it had 2hus in it. There is no longer any doubt in my mind I am mentally retarded, I am free.
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Nothing wrong with being a baka.

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... I'm be-ginning to suspink Yuugi's grass sake... wasn't not made from some inodrinary grass...
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Stupid sexy umbrella, you think I won't rape you just because you don't have holes?
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[Hide] (12.5MB, 640x480, 01:01)
Who needs her to have holes? Just imagine the rimjobs she could give with that tongue, my God.
Replies: >>3798
Spoiler File
(695.8KB, 1098x1345) Reverse
More like bodyjobs.
Imagine going into the bath in the evening and having all of the dried saliva from across your body dissolve in the water.

[Hide] (209.5KB, 1327x954) Reverse
does /2hu/ have a unique local culture? how do we produce /2hu/ culture?
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>go ask some jewess to do Auschwitz roleplay with you
Should I fart in her face until she dies?
Replies: >>2523
That but put a lighter up to your butt.
Why the fuck is >>>/b/133939 dedicated to b?
Janny, hire this gentleman immediately.
you produce it by winning the culture wars and pretending it was a danmaku battle to raise morale and inspire new OC out of it
Replies: >>3786
I've been posting cringy trannies in r/touhou thread for decades now, and you haven't bullied a single one to suicide thus far.
Work on that before speaking of winning culture wars.

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