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Prep work is done.

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The Yama should grow up
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>whose sins outweigh her ass.
Not possible.
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She's too careless!
She misclicked, okay
What do you think?
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>I heard that Eiki has an ultra special punishment for those whose sins outweigh her ass.
Here it is!

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Shinobu is better
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Better than whom?
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Let's go with every blonde ever.

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Music thread
Buy this sometimes. Invent a time machine first though.

[Soranetarium]/2007.04.29 philos sophia [M3-07春]
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I think my ears are bleeding
I'm already there.
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Above poster is very very bored.
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Don't try to get raped by Luna.
She made me wear Sunny's dress, and I thought it was some kinky roleplay shit, but instead she sat me down lectured me on some fairy rights movement bullshit for three hours straight. 0/10, would literally get ass-fisted by a kappa over putting up with this shit.
Replies: >>2172
Wait, your dick isn't fexible? You can't tie it in a double knot? That's pretty strange.
Replies: >>2179
Did she at least kicked you in the balls?
Not without Yuuka's help, maybe I should ask her to teach me.

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I love Reimu
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So, let's say a human eats a chicken.
At which point of chicken turning into poo will it count as human's body fluid and not chicken's?
Maybe I should repost some Reimu pics here. Throwing gold into sea of shit and throwing shit into sea of gold  feels so attractive.
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Reimu's gotten into some fishy business.
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Reimu never shaves!

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How do we speed this place up and create a golden age of altchan culture?
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touhou 28.339 SyuiSyuiSyuiSyui - Succage of Anemiac Shimbabvu
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Obviously I'm only gonna post Touhou news
THAT's my escapism
You have my permission to tripfag, will help filtering retards out. I'm not too interested in news though, all interesting news happened at around 2008-2014 anyway.

Post some touhou videos though. I haven't seen anything in forever. That's kinda meaningless too, if I cared enough to see something, I'd open those 週間東方ランキング videos. They're still going on probably. Or he finally got bored a few years ago, who knows, that seems to be a trend recently.

did koishi dokidoki adventure end yet? Naming final episode "part 17 out of 18" sounds like something he'd do.
Replies: >>2038
KKHTA still hasn't ended.
Western fags with their SJFUIOWFOSFH acronyms are almost as bad as chinese with their 漢字漢字漢字漢字漢字漢字

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how do we create a unique local culture endemic to /2hu/?
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We need to livestream sacrificial murder in the name of touhous.
Guess you'll be the volunteer.
Replies: >>1991
I offer my balls and dick.
Replies: >>2011
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Thank you very much for your continued patronage!

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>unique IPs: 5
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I'm only posting this to see if it's still as bad as the last time I've posted here.
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Oh, this time I made it first try. Last time i needed 20 tries!
Replies: >>1951
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Replies: >>1951
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Replies: >>1951
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The sky is blue again, the air is clear, the breeze is fresh. Say it with me:
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Replies: >>1891
I don't speak ebin
Replies: >>1904
Come on, anon, you don't need it to get the gist.
>now that you mention it...
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it feels like autumn
Replies: >>1906
The warm weather just hit here, and it hit like a fucking truck.

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Don't try to put a cock in Yoshika's mouth! She'll bite it blood comes out!
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Your super gay field follows everywhere you go.
So just go away until we a-- OH BOY I WANNA SUCK A JUICY COCK RIGHT NOW!
Replies: >>1869
M-m-m, brap coffee.
My favourite!
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>slutty foxboy shapeshifted into futo to tempt you
Replies: >>1901
Average convention experience.

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