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Do you think there's ever been times where a human who's lived in the village their whole life came up to Reimu, told them they're tired of living in Gensokyo, and asked her to send them to the outside world?  Or even gone as far as pretending to be an outsider in order to get sent there?  How do you think things have gone for them?  To what extent has this concept already been explored?
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One of the monsters just tells them

The person to ask would probably be mokou, but that involves going through one of the more dangerous areas. Remilia is probably approachable but literally everyone else in the mansion (except meiling if you're outside) would probably kill you on sight. You could just become a taoist and not go wondering till you're already more than human though, no reason not to.
I don't get what you're saying, sorry.
Nobody but toe-hoes knows about the barrier.
If any outsiders ever settled in the village it, probably happened multiple decades ago, and they most likely came from just as much of a bumfuck of nowhere mountain village without ever noticing any barriers.
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>If any outsiders ever settled in the village it, probably happened multiple decades ago, and they most likely came from just as much of a bumfuck of nowhere mountain village without ever noticing any barriers.
Except that's completely wrong and it's been mentioned before that outsiders are deciding to stay in the village by choice at an increasing rate.
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Lunatic Runagate?
Either way, the point is - Gensokyo is situated in the buttcrack of the world, and any visitors it gets are more or less as clueless as it's inhabitants.

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new cirno gem
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They are hiding something in their pants...
the BIG fairy
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The BIGger fairy.
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I want to see Koishi-chan's face twist in agony as I slowly slide a cleaning rod down her barrel.

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Join Probability Space Hypervessel crew today!

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It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.
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you parade
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I wonder if this is that furry from that furry thread shitting this place up. He probably thinks I care.
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He doesn't know I'm a closet furry myself.
Am I a boogeyman now?

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What was the name of that japanese blog that posted about new fangames, projects, videos, etc. It was the site that introduced tohoclock and 橙地霊村 to me.

Found him again somehow, by searching for 東方 リンク

Last post in 2019, huh. I guess he got bored finally. Or died. Still lots of links to dig through, with lots of them dead too probably. Actually he still posts on twitter, with a weird gap between 2019 and 2021.

A few links I found while searching for this.



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Whoops, I guess the website ate the image I uploaded. Trying again.
Kime is now streaming, so maybe the image won't mysteriously disappear this time?
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It's like this now.
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You know what to do. Give her the B(omb)
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why lock the meta thread bro
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It's allright, but very dead. Chiller than /animu/ or /hgg/ for sure.
Hi Eden
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was this board more or less active than this on plw? asking because I, myself, never browsed it before it moved here
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about the same, dead with sporadic spurts of activity
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dead with sporadic spurts of jizz

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Flan is on sale at the grocery.
Is it good or should I pass?
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Assuming Flan can clone herself and regenerate, how much meat can she produce in a day?
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Three of a kind.
>>643 (OP) 
God some people need to die
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Cope, mister vegan
>>643 (OP) 
It turned out to be gross, btw.
Too sweet.

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Wanna see a magic trick?
I think I know this artist, it's itou yuuji isn't it? God I hope it isn't because recognizing porn artists is a skill I never wanted
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Nah, that's depthbomb.

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before touhou: rozen maiden, various anime, eroge, manga.
during touhou: wrestling series, vocaloid, idolmaster, fate, various anime.
after touhou: kantai kolektion, inmu, mobile gacha, various anime.

This thread is /japan/ for people who hate country flags but like to enter captcha.
This post is for Johns
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bananas is best doll
It's ironic that suwako is a dying god being forgotten because she's like the last remanents of anything decent in the series dying out from the cancer of MoF lol lmao
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Agreed >>653

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