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Merry Christmas /2hu/
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best wishes for warmth and silliness
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Merry Christmas
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If I take a few potshots at the sky in the general direction of partying normalfags, how likely is it that at least one connects how easy would it be to trace it to me? I wonder...
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Try vid related
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6a1fb9c0929209582fe1149ee097b0feeb7c001cc350dbb2cb3335728e4bfb03a02e475adbb7162a52d703515bb5e407160caa0392b6f66756e6f53a04f847f3.png (u)
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Saw a pretty degen dream with futa Suika today.
Guess she came to punish me for missing suikaday.
Too bad I played so much eratoho that now when I se 2hos in my dreams I immediately start stopping time, stealing panties and fucking everyone around me.
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Top left.
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How do you even make jpg that breaks in browser?
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Saw Kokoro in a dream recently.
If it was a dream, I barely remember.
She was a lot smaller than I imagined her to be, about chest-level with me.
We talked about something, like a polite getting to know each-other conversation. I don't remember what we talked about, but I remember she seemed very timid with me, as if she was shy with strangers.
That's very much my type of girl, but I pretty quickly caught on that this wasn't how Kokoro was supposed to be. My thoughts rationalized that she just seemed shy to me because of her lack of expressions.
She reacted to me thinking that and changed her body-language to be more lively, but it still somehow seemed shy to me, like a timid girl pretending to be outgoing to show-off.
I wanted to hug her, but I didn't want to make her uncomfortable, and I felt like we've had a good relationship ahead of us, so I'd have a lot of better opportunities to do that.
I don't remember what happened after that.
Overall, the interaction gave me a nice fuzzy feeling of talking with a girl you have a crush on. Or maybe a girl you don't have a crush on just yet.
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__tatara_kogasa_touhou_drawn_by_parasite_oyatsu__f2bf0787e933382225618bb2632cf022.jpg (u)
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ctrl-c ctrl-v

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Hello, tech support here. Did you try turning your gap youkai off and back on again?
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Whoops, I guess the website ate the image I uploaded. Trying again.
Kime is now streaming, so maybe the image won't mysteriously disappear this time?
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It's like this now.
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You know what to do. Give her the B(omb)

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Come play hisoutensoku with your hopeless secondary neighbors in /japan/

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fuckin check em nerds
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only if you check these
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Check these singles
wew very nice
spee BTFO
Sorry, but on /2hu/ gets with no 1cc demo attached are considered fail and cringe.

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