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Prep work is done.

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>>2872 (OP) 
Who the fuck is this?
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Have you played Len'en?
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Aya is a big nendoroid.
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I've had enough games about youkai exterminators that fail to exterminate youkai for now.
For me?

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Post malehus.

No, don't just draw a girl and give her a dick, you faggot.
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The emptiest thread so far.
Replies: >>2870
Sarcastic is a more fitting word. But yes, there is a bit of anger in here. And insanity too I guess.

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Remember that guy who made Advent Cirno manga? He went on to make the Dream Eater Merry manga, which lasted from 2009 to 2020, and got adapted into anime in 2011. Supreme news coverage right here, wait for something to die before talking about it. No, he didn't die yet.

The guy who made that one touhou mahjong manga later made some other manga, which was also adapted into anime.

There was a tiny cosplay cameo in Monster Musume manga, not in anime though. And in Umineko anime.

Let's go over all people you ever knew, and try to find out how they went.
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Still captcha per post? Board owner is a lazy nigger.
If it isn't sagecuckold, the eternal sperg, maker of empty threads and low effort blogposts.
Haven't seen him in a while.
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hi eden
Is gensokyo.org down? Since when? Where people get translated touhou doujinshis nowadays? Official manga is boring as fuck, I can't understand how you can read that shit.
Replies: >>2861
Danbooru or DynastyScan

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does /2hu/ draw? here is new otaku culture I created today, it is a yukkuri kogasa
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Suraka, the unfortunate tengu.
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What's the matter? Can't handle Aya's sexiness?
Replies: >>2854
More like...
Can't handle how dumb her shave is. Ha, gottem.

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1 Consult fox
2 Get duped
3 Hate-fuck fox
4 Repeat
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POV: Your shower reeks of wet dog
This kills the fox.
Replies: >>1649 >>2824
It doesn't.
It's the childbirth that does.
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Spoiler File
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Joke's on you!

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Kosupurei Sureddo
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Always has been.
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Replies: >>2742
Replies: >>2744 >>2745
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What a cute boy.
I'm sure he must have grown up into a fine young gentleman!
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I'm sorry dear but the kid gotta go
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I will become Junko's new husbandson

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It's time to chew ass and kick gum
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They're erect
Replies: >>2485
Spoiler File
(80.8KB, 767x767) Reverse
Aren't nipples just tiny penises cumming milk?
Replies: >>2488
Did you know that despite constituting less than 1% of Gensokyo's total population, Nameless Fairy # >>2482 is responsible for over 90% of all illegal penis contraband smuggled through the GHB pecker-checkpoints?
No. Mammals' ability to lactate developed out of sebaceous glands. Sebum is a primary component of dick cheese. So nipples are actually tiny penises that cum smegma.
Replies: >>2555
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So I can feed a baby with my smegma? Nice!

Spoiler File
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Bully inchling
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The thumb is inside her though
Replies: >>2247
No, she's crying because of my bullying.
Spoiler File
(617.9KB, 2800x500) Reverse
Me in the pic.
Spoiler File
(2.3MB, 1770x1149) Reverse
I think my inchling broke.
It's been staying like this ever since I last bullied it yesterday.
Replies: >>2554
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It's no use. Throw it in the trash.

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You WILL become Yachie's slave
You can't refuse and there's no way out of this
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Join the Kiketsu family and get a free plate!
(the artist actually sold this item on Comiket)
Replies: >>2537
Free pussy or no deal.
Replies: >>2538
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She'll shove dead kitten on your mouth
Hope you like it
Replies: >>2542
[Hide] (79.7KB, 00:06)
Okay, I'll give it head, cause I'm nice, but don't think that did anything to change my mind.
For future reference... you're supposed to be pleasing... the people you're trying to convince... not the other way around.
Replies: >>2544
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If she can't have it, take it or leave it
She won't raise her offer for a mere slave
Nice sound tho

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