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Leave an in-depth positive or negative review on businesses in Gensokyo.
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>the "victim"
>else he's
Gensokyo only has like a total of 5 -1 = 4 men in total Junko's dead son doesn't count, LMAO. And the other is a giant turtle who might only exist in the PC98 era anyway so could be a total of 3 actually along with a few irrelevant background characters, maybe. And even then Zun himself confirmed homosexuality doesn't even exist as a concept there. So unless Gensokyo has futanari's all I've really gotta worry about violating my bunghole are Kappas trying to steel souls. Maybe that's why Marisa has red eye's now as a result of letting her guard down around a Kappa she didn't know personally. Either that or Rumia grew taller and finally removed that cursed ribbon somehow and has been pretending to be Marisa for the LOLs whole the real Marisa is locked in a basement somewhere. 
>gonna take it, turn it inside out, and put it on.
Those things are ridged with only a small amount of flex from what I understand. If they were able to collapse unto itself that easily they'd be pretty useless in trapping a rouge benis. Even so I have other forms of self defense too.

In short I think your worrying to much an
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I'm using the overboard and I was speaking generally, friend.
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I don't think this girl runs a legitimate businesses at all, I've probably been scammed. I knew I should have listened to my gut feeling, plus it was kinda odd that her "office" was in the back boiler room of a nail salon.
I can't even call her back anymore, I just get a recorded message that says "this number is no longer in service". Does she have a box full of burner phones or some shit?
I've had to spend a whole month living off potato's canned tuna, rice, and the occasional on sale bulk pack of chicken thighs as well as sleep under a dozen blankets during the Winter rather than use propane just to get my finances back in order and not end up homeless.
If you see this girl out in the wild avoid her, she'll bamboozle you.

Sorry I know this isn't really a businesses review but I thought I'd warn you anons.
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Outsider Jones is a liar and human villagers shouldn't listen that retard who spreads wrong misinformation like "youkai feed off human fear" and anti-Akyuu rhetoric.

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Music thread
Buy this sometimes. Invent a time machine first though.

[Soranetarium]/2007.04.29 philos sophia [M3-07春]
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Learn to download
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>Learn to download
I already know how, I just thought it to be unnecessary since Odysee doesn't require extensions or knowing how to use FFmpep but rather you literally just click the little three dot hamburger bar thing and there it is, the download button.

Here's some downloads to ease your butthurt.
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This guy's voice used to annoy the shit out of me.

Spoiler File
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( ,,⩌' ,'⩌,,)Ꮺ
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m8 i think thats a magpie
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You know you fucked up when Oku turns out to be the smartest in your group.
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Sounds like former Hell needs a little DEMOCRACY to protect the rest of the free world.

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Did anyone else notice the plate on the back of Wario's motorcycle in Wario Blast that confirms him to have been involved with Gensokyo before even ZUN was?  With Wario having been confirmed as the oldest of Touhou oldfags, what do you think his adventures in Gensokyo had been like, and what treasures did he take home with him?
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What if Wario has secretly been one of the oldest 2hu doujin artists?  He's drawn art in his games before, and he wouldn't let a moneymaking opportunity like that slip by.
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What if Wario has secretly been the oldest of scarlet sisters?
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Probably not, but his vampire/vampire bat forms in some of the Wario Land games are likely inspired by his time in Gensokyo.  From this, we can identify that he at least visited the Scarlet Devil Mansion while he was there, and probably before the implementation of the spell card system at that.
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Hmmmm, in Super Mario 69 you chase rabbits in the aquifer/basement/dungeon.

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ZUN thread
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Zun-kun is a wise man.
What is this game?

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Your not serious about actually wanting to fornicate with an old discarded umbrella right anon?
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>>3991 (OP) 
Fucking an umbrella doesn't count as fornication. She's an object. When you fuck an onahole, it's masturbation and doesn't count as sex, right? So why would an umbrella be any different?

But to answer the question, yes, I am very serious about wanting to experience the only rimjob in Gensokyo that can beat getting tonguefucked by Suwako.
If it aint white it aint rite
Brother, you'd catch me throwing away half the stuff in my house if I was convinced there was a non-zero chance it'd come back with a pussy and a cute face.

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>Lead glass is potassium silicate glass which has been impregnated with lead oxide (from 12% to 28% by weight) in its fabrication. The lead is not intended to reduce the glass's ability to transmit light; depending on what the end use is to be, the goal is either to allow the glass to transmit visible light but to block x-rays, or to increase the refractive index of the glass, and thus its lustre, or sparkle. Its ability to refract light more efficiently than standard glass makes it an excellent material for prisms, decorative windows, and artificial jewelry.

>Lead glass's primary contemporary use is in the construction of televisions and monitors. In a standard cathode ray tube, high-energy electrons are fired at phosphors painted on the inside of the tube. This impact creates the visible light the monitor or TV screen produces; it also produces X-rays. The lead in the glass acts as a barrier to this unwanted radiation.
>Unfortunately, the amount of lead glass finding its way into landfills as a result of discarded electronic equipment may be more of a hazard than the radiation it is designed to block. Lead glass has been used in aircraft used in testing nuclear weapons for this radiation blocking effect.

>Cut lead glass, also known as lead crystal, is used in fine tableware, particularly wine glasses and decanters. It was unknown until a fe
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The sky is blue again, the air is clear, the breeze is fresh. Say it with me:
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>Probably some sort of basil.
Basil is always nice, you should look into growing oregano as well as lemon grass if you deal with a lot of mosquitos where you live too.
I've been growing cayenne and ghost peppers.
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>I've been growing cayenne and ghost peppers.
Nice but what do you do with them?
I can barely handle red and yellow habaneros so I don't grow many of them.
But yeah I personally use my hot peppers to make kale chips in my dehydrator, they're really yummy but I've never need more than one habanero and I remove most of the seeds to before blending them.
Obviously I save the rest for the next growing season though.
I look forward to hearing what recipes you use your ghost peppers for.
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Springs are pretty useful.

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Don't believe me?
Check the quints.
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Why is Sanae bullying that umbrella? She's a good girl.
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>good girl
She's a youkai. All youkai deserve rape.
Replies: >>3944 >>3948
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Spoiler File
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>She's a youkai.
Technically yeah... In the same breath that a Serval is a 'dangerous' predator towards humans I guess.
>All youkai deserve rape.
If by 'rape' you mean married to me and passionately loved and fugged until she becomes the mother of many of our children then sure I'm all on board with this fully consensual romantic 'rape' with Kogasa.
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Shut up Reimu, Kogasa is cute
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Kogasa is always happy to loan a helping hand to those in need.

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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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May it be filled yummy chocolates and fond memories.
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Spoiler File
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