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Welcome to /x/, fellow humans.
We'll be discussing the current and future state of the board and other board related issues in this thread.

Feel free to ask questions or talk about issues you have experienced here.
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>>1 (OP) 
Good luck, fellow BO!
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Just notice the "no succ posting" rule, that's a good call BO, that shit was cancer.
Can I talk about classical args and horrors? Like a small bit offtopic thread about paranormal horrrors?
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Yeah go for it
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Futa faggotry reported for the second time.
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Why don't you enforce your own rules BO? Are you the futa poster? Why are your butthurt about Bigfoot?
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Yes, I the BO, am a huge cock slurping faggot and I love the taste of semen down my throat and the feeling of hot cum in my eyes.
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Today BO was not a faggot.
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I just checked the logs lol, BO was a turbofaggot indeed, the post was removed by a global topkek.
>it's not gay if you say no homo
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Can the BO choose a dark theme for /x/? There are already a few good stock ones like navy and rei-zero.
pidorashka, eto ty?
Eto doska dlya zapadnyh gospod, pidorash.
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