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This is what's up.

Back a few thousand years ago, there was a lot more energy present in the atmosphere of the Earth.

This energy supported the life of giant mammals- mammoths, sloths, and humans, among others.

In those days, there were giant people, separately people like us, and very small people. These different people all had their own areas of the world that belonged to themselves, and other kinds of people generally wenre't allowed to enter.

All these different types of people had their own roads, bridges, infrastructure, etc etc

In different places there were certain groups or classes of normal people who were in charge of interacting with these other types of people.

Stories of people meeting trolls and having to solve riddles to cross bridges and things like that, are memories of people encourntering non-human infrastructure. 

In these cases, only the classes and groups of normal people who were designated to interact with the other people and knew the 'secret passwords' were allowed to use the infrastructure of other kinds of people.

When non-insider people encountered these things, it sounded like they were being given nonsense riddles.

This division of the Earth's surface was the cause of the historically low human population relative to what we see today.

For unknown reasons, the energy present in the atmosphere became dramatically reduced in a short period of time. 

This led to the death of all the large animals that were reliant on that atmospheric energy- including the giant people.

At that time, it appeared to them to be some sort of disease or sickness. Very likely the decline in energy available to their bodies led to increased susceptibility to disease, but this was not the underlying cause.

Due to the isolation of the different types of people in the world from each other, it was not immediately obvious to normal people that the giants were dying
Some of the class of normal people who were designated to interact with the giants ultimately realized that the giants were dying. 

Somewhere in western Asia or eastern Europe, these intermediaries decided to strike against the remaining giants in their area and seize their wealth and territory.

As these intermediaries consolidated their control over former areas controlled by the giants, they allowed their followers to settle on these newly opened lands. 

As normal human population increased, these intermediaries became rulers, using the wealth and the possibly the technology of the dead giants to expand their own power.

After some time, the descendants of these rulers decided to expand their kingdoms by attacking the remaining giant populations around the world.

Finally, after several hundred years, the giants were driven from their power and territory all around the world.
Simultaneously, the very small people were largley displaced from their own territories, only hanging on in areas undesirable to normal people. 

This would appear to indicate that the very small people must have been allied with the giants, or may have acted as a kind of fulcrum, supporting the giants and normal people in turn against each other to keep either from overwhelming the other.

Following the elimination of all competition to normal human populations, the human population expanded dramatically, far above historical averages.

Although the culture and civilization of the giants was wiped out, it is apparent that the giants themselves were not entirely exterminated.

It seems likely that the survivors made deals with normal people in different places to trade their remaining culture and artefacts for whatever they had found that allowed them to survive.

In modern times, the remaining giants formed a plan to 'reclaim' the world for themselves by radically reducing the human population to what it was at the height of the power of the giants.

They have been slowly manipulating the people in positions of power in different parts of the world to bring about conditions that will lead to the reduction of the normal human population.

None, or almost none of the normal people involved in these actions is aware of the ultimate aim of the goals they are pursuing.

These condtions include not just the absolute reduction of the population, but the degradation of the remaining population, so that the survivors will not be able to effectively use the weapons and other sophisticated modern human inventions that could allow normal people to oppose the return of the giants.

These would include
- removing energy from the economy
- reducing the population
- removing the education required to operate the most sophisticated human artefacts
- concentrating the remaining human population in small, discrete areas, away from the areas intended to be re-occupied by the giants
- limiting or even ending the routine movement of people across the landscape
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