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This thread will be the dedicated dump for all and any contributions when it comes to OC for the board..
Please do feel free to help out with a contribution.
We are specifically looking for:

> Banners
> Original Content
> Board related spooks (creatures, mascots, tans)
> Additions to the Dump Thread
> benis 

Banners especially are very much welcome.
Thanks for helping.
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>>76 (OP) 
Can OC stories and the like be submitted here?
Replies: >>213
If it's a "this happened to me/a friend once" kind of story and you want to submit it in a text only format, please us this thread >>61

If you have visuals, i.e. drawn images, to accompany your story, that's closer to what this thread is for.

Now in the case that you are actually creating a story from scratch, I'd say make a thread dedicated to that. It would be a shame to keep it confined in just this thread if you want to expand on a story that you yourself are working on.
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>>76 (OP) 
Yeah, I got some.
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Relative to halfchan /x/-tan, full/x/ is usually portrayed with shorter hair (shoulderlength at most) and more modest clothing. The implication iirc is supposed to be that the Exodus rid her of /b/'s negative influence, which allowed her to get her shit a bit more together and start over fresh.
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Good stuff, thank you.
Too cute, lacking mystery.
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1589649402951.jpg (u)
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I think she should have a little spirit following her around, a la Youmu
Replies: >>309 >>397
Too cute, lacks mystery, be unique instead of conforming to an artstyle.
Replies: >>367
So then she should have poor hygiene, baggy eyes, and graying hair from stress and paranoia. Despite all these, I think she should still have a feminine charm.
Replies: >>368 >>421
Too cute, lacks mystery, be unique. Only an impossibly terrifying and mesmerizing THING would be good. Anything else? Pshaw!
c4468902ead9433f77119eef1c8e194c075f41490c03a64431ad5775b3748a95.jpg (u)
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949159cb971bb97372b31581cb454cc8c8f5475580e960011bdaae8b1ec3e6ce.jpg (u)
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f4cf618b374a81f9e319df3d85c24342784ebf44ee0d4f87a6968035c288f32d.jpg (u)
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>cute anime girl AGAIN
Fools the lot of you. It's gotta be the Flatwoods monster, you dorks.
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Replies: >>402
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Replies: >>404
Btw I didn't make it
Make her alluring and mysterious.
You give me cute Flatwoods Monster 
I'll make it the board mascot, no joke
Replies: >>480 >>718
what about a cute hopkinsville goblin girl
`benis haha`
flatwood_monster.png (u)
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Replies: >>723
d1cd6b75e009ccbf2ff180480bd4f4e05c35fefbb0d2b24e848ebd25009d9943.png (u)
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9f3877d75249b39ee337f55c18aae17513651bef6974a6275a791751c06745f5.png (u)
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Spoiler File (u)
(2.8MB, 3200x4900)
55286a1606f46149c1883450a716c11de38bd65905d55a46e9523491022c8877.png (u)
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344a6cd1f0e13ae117a7b953f65ad75abbaec429d382e07a07ee40319068e5a8.png (u)
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did you draw that? I found more on the internets
195617bbd5d3d8929b6a9ccc207b08324ca68f0d36c2686952afdca0a2a6c4c0.png (u)
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this one's actually somewhat unsettling, imagine seeing this shit at night
Replies: >>728
You mean feminine? They look motherly to me.
Replies: >>753
fatwoods_monster.png (u)
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Flatwoods's Milf?
Replies: >>756 >>765
Smaller tits please.
Replies: >>776
>small tits
No thank you.
Replies: >>783
gondola_strikewitches.png (u)
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Shut thy mouth filthy ignorant peasant.
Replies: >>792 >>1104
itwastimeforpercytoleavehehashadenoughofyourshit.png (u)
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Replies: >>797 >>799
Replies: >>798
only if they are permalolis
>he doesn't want flat milf
Jesus grandpa die already, stop preventing progress just because you're afraid of new things.
Replies: >>800
I like lolis and all, but milfs are supposed to have tits, next thing you are going to say that shortstacks are supposed to be flat and have no butt?
flatwoods.png (u)
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These are your new wife and daughter. Take good care of them.
Replies: >>841 >>850
clapping_girl.gif (u)
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Eh ok.
Pmx26La0rKWF_640x360.jpg (u)
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6OFOTxU2vzE9P77gFLFXbOuc_320x180.jpg (u)
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c7765bb5bf7fe04f34fe4f21b8877fc0db5b4ce840919b68014c868456053891.jpg (u)
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spooky injectors
Replies: >>1047
803d7c0d7c2e083fc136484b82eddc4ab4c4ed495886bc16427a37d134bd2526.jpg (u)
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da34tg655555.jfif (u)
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Nah, you stfu. 
Milfs suppose to have big tiddies and asses. 
Unless they're prema-lolis or are kemonomimi with fluffy tails and ears.
Couldn't agree more.
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