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Seeing as the thread over at /b/ is basically dead I thought it would be best to do it again here. Let's make an iceberg same rule apply as to the previous thread, pick a layer and a subject and I'll put it in if not I'll put it some where random. Also as a side I made an iceberg out of the list an anon made in the previous thread (pic related)
Going by this, Q-Anon and the Bielefeld conspiracy would probably go into the first tier. Alongside the fake Moon landing, and so forth.

Denver Airport for Tier 3.
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Judeo-Bolshevik genocide of telepathic nomads for tier 6, Die Glocke for tier 3-5 I don't know how obscure it is.
Replies: >>463 >>468
Also Rudolf's Hess murder for tier 4.
Replies: >>468
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Added, alongside a few of my own
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oh thanks man, nice entries.
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Put these wherever you wish, based on what you personally like

>Calcium humanoids
>negative periodic table
>time-stopped universe
>the Treant of North Langley
>mimic boulders
>the lost Indian tribe of death
>New God picked every universe 
>rectal birthing
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The Humongous Fungus, tier 1
Chinese Rat Interrogation, tier 3
Schizophrenic Third Eye
Operation Southwoods
Canada is actually alt-timeline USA
Australian = Australien
DOOM was a documentary
Replies: >>563 >>573 >>574
Is everything after Chinese rat interrogation for tier 3?
Replies: >>571
Nah. I just couldn't think of the right tier for most of them.
I actually have an iceberg chart, not sure where it came from, or if posting it would ruin everything. It's pretty well packed, but not proofread very well, and there are more memes the deeper you go. I don't think it's very recent, either. If anons want to make their own, maybe I should save it for later.
Could you elaborate on Schizophrenic Third Eye and Canada being an alt-time line USA?

I know the rest of the bunch except the Australia thing, and that just sounds like the usual /pol/shit about the Aryan masterrace secretly having built the pyramids and Atlantis.
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Here you go anon. Just as a heads up for if you guys are stuck on where to put any of your more out there entries just ask me to add a new layer and an image for the layer would be appreciated.
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Added a couple of entries
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Ozark water people (tier 2)
Jesus was an ancient alien (tier 2)
CIA heart attack ray gun (tier 3)
Zoarastrian death pits (tier 3)
Skinwalkers (tier 3)
The world ended in 2012 (tier 4)
Antarctic nazis (tier 4)
Russia won the cold war (tier 4)
Moon nazis (tier 5)
Mountains are giant tree stumps (tier 6)
The universe was created, and ends, today (tier 8)
Replies: >>813 >>814
>Zoarastrian death pits
Do you mean dakhmas or was there some occult sinister practice taken up with some practitioners?
Replies: >>1121
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Here you go. Glad to see this thread is still going
Replies: >>1120
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keep it in jpg. 3.5mb takes ages to load over tor.
Replies: >>1121
There was a copypasta with an associated image floating around halfchan's /x/ for years and years now.
IIRC it was about Indian authorities finding a large, circular pit/well filled with a black, extremely nauseating fluid (the big stink being the reason why they found it in the first place).
Arranged around the pit were numerous decomposing corpses; while the pit itself was filled with a black, extremely nauseating liquid substance.
The authorities wanted to get rid of the corpses for hygienic reasons, but by the time they returned to the pit with trucks and other equipment, both the corpses and the black liquid had disappeared.

Chances are that it really were the ruins of an old dakhma still in use by the local natives. India has close to 70.000 Zoroastrian Parsis living in it.

Polybius (Tier 2)
SadSatan (Tier 3)
Mud Flood (Tier 3)
MK Ultra (Tier 1)
John is dead (Tier 4)
Replies: >>1123
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Can we include the deepweb-only game Rooftop Koreans?
Replies: >>1130
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