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Post spooky dreams or experiences with lucid dreaming.
I really don't have any to share at the moment, but I do want to ask a question about lucid dreaming:
How the fuck do you start when essentially you just sleep and then wake up without any knowledge of what happened in between?
I get to sleep easy, but I don't wake up and stay up easy, and it's probably due to some fucked up dreams I can't even remember or anything.
Dunno if this is /x/ worthy though. Pic unrelated.
I once had an almost-lucid dream where two people were trying to talk to me, but since I was trying to enjoy a lucid dream at the time I basically just told them to fuck off. A while after I woke up the thought went through my head that they could have been entities trying to contact me through my dream and I blew my one shot at communication with them.
It often helps to keep a dream journal by your bedside to immediately note down anything, even the smallest details, that you can remember right after waking up, alternatively you can use a voice recorder if that's easier. You can also make a habit of seriously checking if you are currently dreaming or not (think of what you were doing before this, see if you can put your hand through a wall or will yourself to levitation etc etc.). By making it a habit you'll end up instinctively doing it when you are actually dreaming. If you're too lazy to do any of that (like me), I've found that setting a clear intention to lucid dream when you're very sleepy and about to go to bed should increase your chances of it occurring, I don't know by how much though.

A more complicated version of this would be: sleeping for 6 hours, waking up and keeping yourself occupied for 3 to 50 minutes, going back to bed but specifically setting the intention to not move or open your eyes the next time you wake up, the next time you "wake up" you may find yourself in a lucid dream or under the near-perfect conditions to leave your body and astral project. This method is taken from a book called "The Phase" by Michael Raduga and is the one I have found the most success in for astral projecting and unintentionally lucid dreaming, though that was a nice experience too. I suggest reading the book because the method is better described there, he pretty much goes right in to detailing it so you wont have to read far. Simply reading a lot around the subject can help as well.
just don't force it. 
for 2 months straight i've tried to enter lucid dreams. I was standing still for hours on my bed whilist taking lsd microdoses.
The dose day always gave me an amazing lucid dream; i managed to keep control and the visuals were sharp and clear.

Then I stopped lucid dreaming, I couldn't actually go to sleep anymore. I started hearing low freq. and high freq. noises that weren't there. Don't want to say that I got some kind of tinnitus doing that but it's pretty much it.
My dreams have been weird since then and I'm trying to not be as conscious when I go to sleep.

i just want to sleep well again
The main problem with lucid dreams is that you can meet unwanted entities. It's something to be warned about, if you are just starting you mind end up in an other place that what you planned. Just remember that you shouldn't trust things that aren't from your imagination or subconscious. Don't trust them, don't interact and don't accept things from them. We are merely ants at the foot of an hill.
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Had a pretty bizarre documentary-style dream where the narrator matter-of-factly explained that all of current existence came about through a proto-existence (think the universe before the Big Bang) came about as a result of proto-existence being raped by primordial chaos.
As a matter of fact, the current existence is not even real, but some kind of fever-dream the mind of proto-existence fled into while chaos continuously has been raping it for the last 13 billion years and counting. By the time chaos finally comes to a climax, proto-existence will come shrieking back to its senses and immediately die; bringing about an end to our dream-existence and pretty much anything else.

Then, the narrator explains, as all things seem lost, the sundered remnants of proto-existence will give birth to another sphere that might yet grow into another proto-existence - but with the unfortunately implication that it, too, will sooner than later will get violates by chaos, and producing a new dream-existence in the process ad infinitum.

The narrator went on about various philosophical musings this realization has brought about, but the only thing about that I remember was whether one
a) should go full nihilist because an existence born from something so horrifying can not bring about anything good at any rate and one should embrace nothing happening the same way twice
or b) willfully subject himself to (moral) order as establishing order is both a show of one's free will and an inherent good.

In hindsight, likening proto-existence to the universe prior to the "Big Bang" is pretty damn morbid.
Replies: >>542
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Well, you wanted an answer to "Why?", well there's your fucking answer on a silver platter, undisturbed by delusions and religious doctrine. Order can also be corrupted and subverted (loud exclamations like free will and inherent good are only worth their salt when the reason behind them isn't fucked with (read: use willpower)) and chaos's worth of creating order (order always comes out of chaos, though sometimes it takes longer than expected) cannot be underestimated. Now go have fun with your life.
Replies: >>543
>and chaos's worth of creating order (order always comes out of chaos, though sometimes it takes longer than expected) cannot be underestimated.
<popcorn intensifies.jpg
Sure tell us all how the egg dropped on the floor becomes a whole egg again in your alternate view of reality, friend.

>unencumbered by religion
>the only possible source of objective truth higher than this existence
<avatarfags as Satan
Well, at least you're not really trying to hide the deception you're spouting. GG.
I've started to have regular* dreams about volcanic eruptions and terrible meteor showers.
Why? Seems like such a random thing to dream about
Replies: >>1682 >>1685
It could be a fear of change in life, or the fear of moving into a new way of life, but I believe it may very well be a fearful prediction of the future, given how apocalyptic things seem to be getting.
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anon you're possessed
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