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I’ve been busy in the time since the death of 8chan, slowly becoming more interested in /x/ stuff. The biggest revelation that was new was everything related to space. I’ve been itching to talk to you fucks about it. 

This thread is for 
ALL THE FAKE NASA SHIT (from moon landing to ISS being fake to space itself being fake)

I’ll start posting some shit I have once I’m on my main computer.
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first for flat earth is fake and gay and probably a chinese gay op so that they can take over the LEO zone without US contest
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>Flat earth isn't real.
Then tell em fucko, how come the horizon shows a lack of curvature? 
You only believe the world is round because you've seen it in picturebooks and (((scientific reports))) the world is no more round than God exists. You idiot.
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I have no idea what you're on about, that particular video is guilty of using a fisheye lens which flat earthers usually hate, the "lack of curvature" you're referring to is actually tilted *up* due to the fisheye, good work there - just squish the image so see what I mean, in this case I just changed width to 400
I don't know why horizon curvature would be my go to proof that the Earth is round, you'd have to be a toddler or something
>ooh look, little ball round, why big ball no round?
there are plenty of better ways to do figure these things out, obviously
the final height of drone is roughly 5km based on cloud distribution (supercirrostratus) and while it makes for a very pretty shot, it isn't high enough to meaningfully detect curvature (10km), you can calculate the reason why with math you learn in the 8th grade in any first world country
appealing to da jooz won't make solve your fundamental inability to observe the world around you
>>12 (OP) 
I don't believe in flat earth but I find the shit like the ice wall and hollow earth interesting as fuck.
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>Chinese gay op
You're retarded blaming this on the Chinese, considering that most flat Earthers are led by (((Free Masons))), it's been a thing since Abraham abd the flat earth shit is literally Abrahamic garbage.
ice wall just makes no goddamn sense, hollow earth makes no goddamn sense and relishes in it
if I had to put my money on an obscenely improbable earth model relying on most of human knowledge being a multi-million-participant conspiracy, hollow earth is definitely my jam
I've been trying to work out a mechanism for universal gravitation that applies exclusively outwards and my only guess so far would be something like an electric repulsion from the exact center of the heaven-sphere, however it doesn't explain why outward acceleration decreases slightly the higher closer you get to the heaven-sphere, among other things

>>12 (OP) 
I mean practically yeah but it just seems convenient that flat earth starts up right when they began publicly chucking star wars satellites into space
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I mean all sound impractical but to me. Icewall is kinda cool and in a way would make more sense for the reason you said. But then gravity would still be wonky. Hollow earth is pretty metal. Imagine all of this shit waiting to be explored, what could even be over there and in there?
what does anyone gain out of saying the earth is round/flat? why would they bother to lie about it?
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Lying to claim that the earth is flat is incredibly convenient to a discredited and unpopular version of Christian/Jewish cosmology that at the very least Christian theologians haven't supported since around the 6th century AD. It also appeals to a gullible and convenient demographic which can be used to hawk wares, events, and gather views, as well as subvert into buying other, more profitable conspiracy theories like homeopathy. It's also very convenient to a great many people who want to see the West decay into an anti-science hellhole.
In other words, it's basically yet another attempt to turn conspiracy theories from an agent of curiosity and legitimate suspicion into profit and political advantage, but at least it's fun to talk about!
>>12 (OP) 
>Flat earth
This is obe of the most retarded memes to exist. It doesn't make any goddamn sence, how does polar nights work then? How does satelite TV or modern internet work? 
It is clear that only northern hemisphere believes in it, because well I've never seen sun in a 90° angle like ever. Earth is technically flatter on the poles, but whatever. It's just dumb rednecks and dumber teenagers who believe in it.
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