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What are your favourite internet mysteries? Cicada 3301? The one english thing that I cannot seem to remember.
So what is it are there any newer mysteries?
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>>487 (OP) 
I'm pretty convinced Cicada 3301 is not so much a mystery as it is a recruitment drive for one of the Three-Letter Associations. In particular, the British GHCQ used a similar (if less opaque) riddle in 2018.

I've heard people claiming it's actually just a very elaborate ARG or a marketing campaign. But for an ARG, the use of real-world locations - ranging from the US to South Korea - seems a bit much. A marketing campaign, in turn, would ultimately reveal whatever it was marketing.
In other words, it probably was set up by a group that does not actually want anyone to know who solves the riddle. Which leaves some kind of intelligence agency or, alternatively, someone with less than legal intentions.

As for other mysteries: There's the Markovian Parralex Denigrate. Which may or may not have been a glorified spambot, but I think pulling stuff like that would have been a tiny bit harder on the Useweb than it is on the WWW.
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>I'm pretty convinced Cicada 3301 is not so much a mystery as it is a recruitment drive for one of the Three-Letter Associations. In particular, the British GHCQ used a similar (if less opaque) riddle in 2018.
I've heard of that, it's quite likely.
The words in the markovian parallax denigrate do feel like lyrics from ieaiaio.
So was it by emial or by traditional mail? Just asking, I know that E-mails existed in 1996 but just asking.
Was decoded or was it just let alone?
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My bad. It was Usenet, not "Useweb". Basically a predecessor to bulletin boards, web forums, and ultimately text- and imageboards like this one.
So there's a chance that people already were shitposting in 1996.
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Try the 1980s. Very little of anything that gets posted (anywhere, really,) is untread territory. Early posting tended to lean more towards the "skeptical" side because Usenet was by nerds and working professionals and for nerds and working professionals, but there were always sizable communities around conspiracy, astrology, paranormal, etc..
talk.bizarre, alt.alien.visitors (predated only by the elusive PARANET BBS dialer that went to Usenet in the 90s), and alt.paranormal were some of the oldest communities in all of Usenet.
More internet mysteries have been forgotten than most latecomers will remember.
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Not strictly an "internet" mystery, but I fondly remember the "excursions" old /x/ did into Worlds.com - at least before some LARPers had to fuck it up with cringy 2spooky4u shit.

For those who don't know it, Worlds.com basically was one of those early 2000s 3d online chatrooms, composed of several of these eponymous worlds. It was founded in 1994, and still is maintained as of today so its parent company can file lawsuits against any and all MMORPG publishers because it thinks it holds a patent on "3d virtual worlds".

Anyway, the "game" itself has a skeleton staff of former users/admins who are still chatting away on it, and these in itself are harmless. More interesting where the worlds itself - aside from conventional chatrooms, there was stuff like promotional worlds for The Blair Witch Project, one for DMC and Aerosmith, and so forth.
Even more interesting were user-made worlds, which generally required you to know their respective "coordinates", or a friend who did and who subsequently invited you to them. As whatever construction kit Worlds offered seemed to be reasonably powerful, many of these were pretty amazing - I remember stumbling upon a giant mausoleum some built for a user who passed away during the game's heyday, but also a ballbusting gallery (as in, a literal gallery full of framed ballbusting pics), a "hell" world full of SM toys, and then some. Sadly, the few remaining admins quickly set these worlds to be off-limits - presumably to hide whatever embarrassing stuff former users may have left behind.
Still, hells know whatever you might have found in there if you had known the necessary coordinates.
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Worlds was neat because a lot of the people who hung around were real odd-balls. Not necessarily paranormal, but definitely "off," lots of weird culty content and masonry stuff lying around. The space between text and MMOs had a lot more freedom. I think you could probably still find some of the early, fan-driven MUD or gMUD running to today with freaky sex dungeons and murder shrines just out of sight.
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I don't know. From the limited interaction I had with the "regulars", I think they just were boomers who might have been in their 20s when Worlds first came out in 1994 and simply cling on to it because of nostalgia and because the rest of their net buddies are still there, too.

>I think you could probably still find some of the early, fan-driven MUD or gMUD running to today with freaky sex dungeons and murder shrines just out of sight.
Definitely. I'd even argue that it's not so much about the relative simplicity of earlier games making it easier to create user-generated content, and more about the lack of admin oversight. Or rather, the admins still being in on it and not yet giving a fuck about pressure from the PR monkeys.

Honestly, it's one of the things I miss in modern gaming in general - stuff like hidden developer galleries (like "The Hall of Tortured Souls" in Microsoft Office). All of it disappeared when the software industry turned from a bunch of basement-dwelling turbo autists to hapless corporate drones.
And then there's stuff cut because "will nobody think of the children!". Like the Kharazan crypt back from WoW Classic.
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What was it about sad satan. Also why there are two versions of the game? I mean why is there a colored game and a greyscale version?
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There are a number of versions, which are complicated by trolling, inside baseball, and poor distribution. The greyscale copy is the original, the "clean" version, or one of the remakes. The color copy is one of the gore versions, either the one with CP (which got the guy who posted it arrested), the one without CP (which is still floating around), or a clean copycat of those versions.
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Is there any downloads for the og version? Also why there are diffrent version, is it because of how much people want to see their shit.
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>1. be le ebin hackzor
>2. Realize everyone and his mom is currently looking for that 2spooky4u meme game and it will probably be picked up by YouTube e-celebs and their underage fans.
>3. spike copy of the game with pizza and/or viruses
>4. merriment ensues.
>>487 (OP) 
>>hmmm intelligent people might crate a shadow government
>>how do we catch them?
>>let's recruit them to our shadow government first!
>le cia

For it to have been worldwide oraganized obviously it was five-eyes. Not just uk but the usa and the rest of the five eyes. They've been a thing for a looong time. People wanted to make such a thing going back to like the 1940s and by the time this interweb meme happened five eyes was literally already established. It's a great way to spy on potentially too intelligent people, watch them to see how well they attempt to solve your overly impossible puzzles.  Too well and they might need an offer they can't refuse.
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Sad satan was a shit marketting technique and really cringey with it's random images shoved into the game.
Replies: >>528 >>532
>marketing technique
I mean he posted it to the derpnet to market himself. The creator. Of which is cringey in itself.
Replies: >>532
>boomer meme
Pretty sure gen x was not the boomer generation. 

Are we using larp correctly today because I don't think we are. 

And everyone knows about world but it got replaced by secondlife pretty sure or people would still be on it.
Replies: >>532
As I said, it's either intelligence agencies OR some form of organized crime group. This being an international org is a foregone conclusion.

IIRC the guy who uploaded the first vid of Sad Satan either nuked his channel or at least has not been using it afterwards. Which naturally could still turn if the "second" channel to feature it also was his, but that seems overly complicated.

It was a LARP in the sense that the involved group did not so much delve into whatever secrets Worlds itself had, but rather had their spooky circlejerk by making vaguely creepy avatars and then pretending they were part of the game all along. Or more bluntly put: Instead of investigating the game, they made it about themselves.
Replies: >>533
live action roleplaying is dressing up in real life like x character and then pretending you are it without being it. In real life. Like a live action movie vs a cartoon. What people do here is at most a cartoon, not live action at all. It's art, but the art is not you, it is not alive. 

I'm so sick of this shit. 

But at this point it's a pet peeve due to how everyone just 'accepted' using words wrong.
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hello guya where can i download the real sad satan game?
>everyone just 'accepted' using words wrong
That means they're using them right, retard
Replies: >>1076
I blame newfags that don't realize it was an acronym originally, and nu/pol/ for popularizing it.
But your post demonstrates why that's wrong. When he wrote "everyone" he was using it to mean "a large number of people" and not truly "everyone". You seem to have taken it as "the collection of all people" and consequently called him a "retard" for rebelling against the majority of the language. You see, his misuse of the term confused you and made communication more difficult. This is the danger in "majority rules" as the law for language. Dialectical differences and mistakes occur, without sticking to definitions and correcting misuses of language you end up with stronger and more frequent communication issues.
Also: Fuck you, nigger.
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Remember shit like this?


To this day, I'm not sure whether all those sites that popped up in the 2000s were "experimental" art or really schizos way off their rocker. At least it's a good way to check if you have epilepsy, I guess.
There was a very elaborate internet mystery some time ago called KomplotGroupBand, currently over.
But after it finished, and after that solvers stopped communicating as always, a trail was left, and it's going on since a couple of years.
Paths are spread but most of the clues remain unverified.
Feel free to explore, but don't take it as a copy or a tribute to Cicada.

Meet us in r/emergence


- £
What do (You) think of this?
Replies: >>1206
Looks rather tryhard. I commend them for sticking to web 1.0 rather than gay it up with a bunch of JS.
What the fuck was "I'm god" phenomenon?
Was it another joke by cuckchan?
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