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Merry Christmas!
Check for weekly movie nights >>6

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Post your VHSs and criticize your fellow anons
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Replies: >>967
Sorry to reply so late. I had misplaced the machine I access this site through.
It is in fact subtitled. I looked them up and they aren't too expensive to get in USA ebay.
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>at 2% you're saying a VHS can only be watched 50 times until it is pure static
I think he meant something more like "The first time it's 98% in quality, then it's 96.04%," etc. This is an exponential decay function. This means that at 50 watches it'd be at about 36% quality (not 0), at 100 watches it's at around 13%. I'm not exactly sure when "unwatchable" would hit but I think it's safe to say it's probably hit by the time we hit 228 watches with less than 1 quality. The function doesn't describe other kinds of damage but technically speaking you could have an infinitesimally small amount of "quality" left no matter what. Though, I suppose if the "quality" got so low that it didn't even represent enough data to properly display one singular pixel then you could just "round" and say the tape was fucked and nothing of the original film remained.
I'm no VHS expert but I reckon the decay is from destructive reading so there's nothing to do except heed Mr. 672.
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Very happy about this one, didn't think they'd release it on VHS or really anything other than the internet. As far as I understand from reading about it, it's some band that went on a random NYC subway station and played a set amps & all. It could be the train, I'm not sure. Haven't read about it in a while, grabbed it as soon as I saw it up having remembered the name. Just got it, gonna watch tonight. Music I doubt anyone here would like but that doesn't really matter.
Replies: >>966
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So how was it anon?
>>531 (OP) 
>VHS is a media format for storing movies
I don't understand, how did you guys watch TV before electricity was invented?

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Just watched the first two episodes of this thing.
Why do all cartoon characters for children have to be loud and annoying now?
Did this people even bother watching a 20s cartoon? The whole point is that old cartoons barely spoke coherent english and relied on body language to tell the story.
These daffy cunts never shut the fuck up. Even Popeye and Bugs Bunny didn't talk as much and as loudly as them.
The animations is nice and the backgrounds great but the plot is the most generic and bland shit. They never take advantage of being based on old animation.

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have you taken the bobble pill?
it's a tough pill to bobble
OP sounds like an expert on taking pills
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Spoiler File
(255.4KB, 497x454)
Would you bobble her ass?
Replies: >>892

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yes i know but plz read
Ignoring the Marvel obsession and fanbase, are they really bad movies on their own? I've seen most of them (except Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals because I've mostly stopped caring) and there are only really two of them that I would consider "not good", those being Thor: The Dark World and Captain Marvel. However a lot of them do suffer from being very cookie-cutter: you get the same brand of humor, same cinematography, same general plotlines/story arcs, and that "le quirky sorandom lul" brand of humor that I have come to despise. But at the same time I still find them to be fun in a "turn off your brain" way and taking it for what they are. They're not trying to be deep, they're not trying to ask meaningful questions, just a lot of world building and seeing all these characters interact with each other just like in the comic books, and I think that's why I've enjoyed it so much, that you have this massive intertwined story that's never been done on film before.
Have you seen any of them? Did you like them? What pisses you off most about the whole series?
Replies: >>865
They're boring, which is the worst atrocity that any piece of media can commit. I kinda liked the ending of that one Spider Man movie where he gets Iron Man's shit at the end, because the idea is novel and Spider Man is one of the only capeshit characters that has a tangible personality that isn't just being a gigantic faggot. But the MCU Spider Man is shit so I haven't seen the sequel or anything.
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These movies are like sugary cereal. Unless you're a kid, a cup once in a while can be alright but eating it everyday will make you puke in agony.
As anon said, they're just really boring. They have the depth of 80s cartoons but are uninteresting to look at.
If I want background noise or turn my brain off, I'll just put on Seinfeld or some show from the 60s.
>>859 (OP) 
>Are they really bad movies on their own?
Depends on the movie.

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It's winter and soon to be Christmas. Have you been watching any movies or specials related to this holiday? Post and talk about your favorites here.
I've re-watched Jingle All the Way recently. It was pretty fun for what it was. It's a favorite of mine.
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I remember seeing Magic Gift of the Snowman on television once when I was a kid and wondering what it was for years afterwards. Rewatching it after an anon helped me locate it made me appreciate it better. It's a nice little story about learning to find your inner will and strength. Definite recommend.
>Home alone
>Die Hard
>A Charlie Brown Christmas
Well, that is the list I got for Christmas, will get comfy with my family.
Replies: >>117
George C. Scott's A Christmas Carol is an awesome watch every year. Watching people get told off so eloquently is always a laugh.
It's a Wonderful Life is a movie that I ended up really liking as I got older. It's too long for a casual watch though.
I also watch the star wars holiday special with some friends every year. This'll be the 11th viewing and I bought some 40 year old chocolate bars from the special's commercials to celebrate. Tis the season to stream myself eating expired candy after all.
>Die Hard
>wife gets watch from the corp
>mc takes her watch off so that she doesnt die
I love it when I find things in movies that I miss as a kid
>Frosty the Snowman (1969)
Was definitely a classic growing up that I hope we get to watch next year on Christmas.

>Mon oncle Antoine (1971)
A Quebecois film following an orphaned boy and his life in a small town. His uncle is the caretaker of the town as well as owns a little corner store. Takes place around Christmas eve. It's atmospheric, contains adultery, and is quite depressing, but I like it.

I watched it for the first time this year. I was amazed that I actually sat through the whole thing and actually chuckled a few times.

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It's the most spookiest time of the year.
Halloween has the best movies of any holiday. B-Movies specially.
What have you watched this month?
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>Night of the Demons
>Day of the Dead
>Dead Alive
>Silence of the Lambs (in theaters for 3th anniversary)
>Phantom Racer
>that shitty asylum movie from /bmn/ that was completely forgettable except for pic related
I've been making a concerted effort to watch horror films I hadn't seen yet this month. It's gotten busy lately so I had to slow down my effort, but I watched:
>The Mummy (Hammer)
6.5/10, which is unfortunately a pretty favorable score for a non Brendan Fraser Mummy movie. Such a cool type of monster that gets no real respect most of the time.
>The Howling
7/10. Pretty cool werewolf movie that was just a little too long in the tooth.
>Ginger Snaps
6/10 Too edgy for me at first, but ended up being somewhat fun
5/10 - The effects were pretty good and the idea of an alien hivemind falling in love with the main female character was novel, but I couldn't help but alternate between feeling disgusted by the movie (a lot of that was intentional on the filmmaker's part) and bored. It had some signs of promise, but didn't sit right with me.
>The Thing from Another World (1951)
7/10. Better than it gets credit for, but not nearly as good as John Carpenter's remake. It was nice to see a movie where there wasn't diversity shoehorned in, the protagonists who did things were men (one woman was there as a secretary mostly to provide surprisingly sexually charged dialogue with the male lead). It was a really solid for a Sci-fi horror movie. The Thing itself was not particularly interesting, mostly just a sh
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Replies: >>773
>....but I can't quite square the symbolism with the scene involving the man I take to be a Hitler stand-in. 
It's "White people are at it again and they are worse than Hitler this time". During the Cold War you had a lot of youth groups who were making up their own minds, rejecting both the post WW2 establishment and the mainstream youth movements like Hippies etc. These youth groups only had access to the history told to them in the books of their local library and what movies were telling them. So they understood that the mainstream is full of shit, but they never could put their fingers on it because they only had access to bluepilled media about the past. This created the establishment of what the mainstream media and leftist youth groups were calling "Neo Nazis", but a part of this "movement" was disowning Hitler either for failing to win WW2 or because they believed the stories told to them from Allied history books. This in return caused the fear in certain ((( (((people))) ))) that whites wouldn't stop being succesful regardless of what horror stories you tell them about their ancestors. At the same time this could be seen as Schadenfreude about them being able to manipulate white people in disowning their own defender.

If you look up the movie, you see the screenplay was written by a certain David Himmelstein and that the Hitler Stand
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what makes good, top grossing movies that sells to millions of people?
1. People who want to actually see movies and have the budget to buy movies.
2. The opportunity of having very little competition. Hollywood only grew so big, because all other movie producing countries were in ruins thanks to WW2.
3. A spectacle that dosn't alienate the people. People want to see something interesting that allows them to escape their lives for a moment. When you start to insult them, they will only remember you as a time waster and not recommend you. 
4. Quality of production. The best story is nothing if you don't have the skill, effects and actors to pull it off and the best actors, skills and effects are worthless if your story is shit.

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Did he survive?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Replies: >>753
>>640 (OP) 
So basically, the quick rundown, imagine you flying a plane but somehow everybody is wearing masks because of the coroner but suddenly BANE (I flushed him down the toilet) and then BAM BAM BAM fight scene BRAVO BRAVO NOLAN fortnite added batman
Replies: >>755
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What have you been watching?
Since It's almost Christmas I watched Tokyo Godfathers recently. I also watched Batman Ninja. Both pretty good films.
I'm thinking of going back to finish all of the Ghibli films too. Speaking of which, what is your favorite of them? Mine is Grave of the Fireflies.
Not movies but I also started re-watching DBZ and Mobile Suit Gundam.
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Just watched this with family the other night. It's a good story, and the production quality is decent. Some really nice shots, and good honorabu roman characters. It's definitely not a masterpiece, but I was surprised to see it received staggeringly poor reviews. Why did people not like this film? It certainly wasn't worse than [current year] dogshit.
Replies: >>103
fuck ignore this post I didn't see anime in the title
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Rewatched ghost in the shell after 8 years. Can´t believe something this good looking was made in the 90´s
Replies: >>722 >>723
[Hide] (17.3MB, 1280x720, 01:06)
In terms of animated movies.  Both anime and western had its peak on the late 80's and 90's. Everything afterwards went downhill and I doubt It will ever shine like it used to. 
Films like Tarzan have yet to be surpassed in terms of body language and fluidity in animation and anime movies nowadays don't hold a candle to Ghibli's works and Akira.
Replies: >>723
What this fag >>722 said. Late 80s/90s is peak anime. The cutoff isn't really 2000 but more or less whenever a studio switched to fully digital animation tools.
One of the late exceptions would be REDLINE, being completely hand drawn. And it shows but then they also spent 7 years on it so maybe it shouldn't even count as an exception, starting before everyone had gone digital
If you like the GitS film you should watch Patlabor 2 the Movie. Directed by the same fag, it's basically proto-GitS.

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I'm not sure why "his" movies aren't that much discussed. I would really recommend Oscar and hibernatus the kinda of chaotic humor where funes goes from confused to near psycho is really funny.
Replies: >>18 >>73 >>681
>>17 (OP) 
Also What are your recommendations? What movies are your favs?
>>17 (OP) 
Ive also watched all the fantomas mine favourite is deffinitly the third one. Albeit I don't remember much from it. Also the L'avare is a great adaptation and the comedy is great as always.
Replies: >>675
>Also the L'avare is a great adaptation
Yeah, I watched that, it was perfect. I kind of get the weird as tapestry that looks like the first page of the book.
Do you have any other recommendations?
>>17 (OP) 
Is there a way to watch his movies without blowing my eardrums out?
I fucking hate how old european and soviet movies had zero understanding of audio-mixing.
Replies: >>714
I don't remember having any problems with audio while watching his movies.

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