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Movies, TV shows, Cartoon/Animes, Documentaries. Everything goes.
I just watched Blade Runner 2049 yesterday. It was pretty fucking good.
I've also been watching Ken Burns The Vietnam War and will start to watch Initial D later.
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I watched Norbit recently. I must say that there was a lot of care put into the film, but many scenes, especially toward the end of the film, reached the point of being thriller-like. For instance, Norbit is thrown through a window and has a concussion. He sees a dog his wife ran over, and the dog just starts talking, urging Norbit to kill her and lamenting losing his legs. It's not played as a hallucination either. The dog does not start barking at the end of the scene. There's another scene where Norbit's wife is pursuing Norbit with her brothers by driving into incoming traffic, holding his head to her chest through a car window. Rather than scream in panic at an oncoming car, Norbit's wife repeats how she's ready to die. Overall, it's a good black comedy both in race and genre. I could have lived without seeing that fat suit basically naked.
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Zoomer adhd movie with tranny and burn, loot, murder propaganda.
I really don't know why I expected anything else.
But, hey, it made me thankful I don't live in Jew York.
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Saw the new Beavis & Butthead movie. I was pretty skeptical about it because I remember not really being big into the 2011 seasons, but I had a lot of fun with this one. I got a gut laugh out of that scene where they take the ranting of dumb bitches about their "privilege" at complete face value and they started stealing shit because they thought they had the "privilege" to do so.
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I enjoyed it. Though i feel it had wasted potential and did some things i didnt like.
>meikyuu black company
mediocre. Some filler and some boring parts. And weird cutoffs where you dont really know whether you missed a episode or not sometimes because it just skips forward a bit. Its not like a timeskip. Its basically just not telling you a few details what happened and just kind of fast forwards it.
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Just watched picrel.
10/10. Pretty fucking good. It's a fun action flick and nothing more, and it doesn't need to be anything more.

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No, you can't pick more than one.
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it quite frankly helped me so much when i was younger and shaped me into the man i am today
Replies: >>1498 >>1558
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Because I'm filthy weeb, I mostly watch anime and that shit but I decided to watch some japanese movies.
>Shin Godzilla
This was my first Godzilla movies and it's pretty good, the visual were great and the soundtrack is amazing, the story is meh but they are many great scenes out there, I say that it's worth a watch I'll maybe check out other Godzilla films.
>Lesson Of Evil
Pretty brutal I like it, they really went all out on this film even angering some journos, it's not one of most well made movies out there but it was fun watch.
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Replies: >>1582 >>1597 + 2 earlier
>Some say it has a pro war message other pro peace, you should decide for yourself
>a movie that lets you decide its meaning.
well i be damn.
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>>8 (OP) 
Watch 子連れ狼 (Lone Wolf And Cub) aka  Baby Cart To Hades
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>>8 (OP) 
>Lesson of Evil
Film demanded such a suspension of disbelief, I was out almost immediately. Pacing was also complete shit (not unlike many Takashi Miike films) and should have been shorter. Not worth a watch.

Some Japanese movies I can think of off the top of my head:

>After Life (ワンダフルライフ)
Great, great movie. I've been meaning to re-watch it, but it had great impact. Movie's about a group of individuals who help others pass on by letting them choose a memory they can live on in. They film them in order for this to happen. The people filming them are those that chose not to move on. Anyway, there's more to it, but I loved the idea and execution.

>An Autumn Afternoon (秋刀魚の味)
Ozu Yasujiro is another classic Japanese director. I watched Tokyo Story, but Autumn Afternoon is the one that really stuck. It's a slow movie about a father making sure his daughter gets married. I wouldn't recommend this one for casual viewing, but if you can sit through it, the acting is superb.

>The Elegant Life of Mr. Everyman (江分利満氏の優雅な生活)
An interesting piece that goes over the work life of the typical salary man. It also goes into a discussion about Japan and their work culture. Another slow grind that I only recommend if you can sit through it.
Replies: >>1598
I liked lesson of evil, it was very anime like

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What are your favorite animated films? A lot of my favorite movies of all time are animated. Let's have a thread to discuss and post some of them.
>Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
One of Richard Williams's (May he rest in peace) best work. A fun musical with great songs and great animation. My favorite song being No Girl's Toy. Such a shame it didn't do well in the box office.
>Heavy Metal
Anthology of stories involving a glowing green orb. The animation isn't amazing but it has that cool as fuck Heavy Metal Magazine feel to it. It's pretty great and has an great soundtrack. One of my favorite songs, Veteran Of The Psychic Wars features in this film. It has hot chicks too. There's a sequel but I haven't watched it and have heard it isn't as good.
>The Transformers: The Movie
What can I say? I grew up with Transformers and despite all of the film's flaws, It's one of my favorite action films ever made. It's just pure good fun. It has also one if not the best score in any film ever. The Touch, Dare. Instruments of Destruction and The Transformers theme are my go to at the gym.
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Replies: >>1222
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Heavy Metal is a great film for both its art and music. Veteran sounds like it was made entirely for the movie, and it's one of my top 10 albums.
With that being said, Heavy Metal 2000 is truly garbage. Shitty recycled plot, boring characters, and an ear-splitting soundtrack because metal by that time had become nu-metal, screaming, and growling, only made worse by being used in all the wrong places at the wrong times. For fuck's sake, the name of the fucking villain is Tyler. At least Julie was pretty hot but that's all we got out of it, that and the PC game which I need to finish playing.
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I watched the first episode and was quite impressed. I can't speak for the rest but very depressing.
Replies: >>1453
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Now.... finish it
Replies: >>1573
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Watch SF2 anime movie

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So, I decided to get into Star Trek. I'm starting with TOS, then TNG and DS9. Are the original movies and the animated series any good? What should I avoid?
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I really love the look of the sets and especially the uniforms from the first Star Trek movie. That was my first introduction to Star Trek. I's a criminal shame this look only lasted for a single movie and has never been brought back again.

>>87 (OP) 
I would suggest watching the original version of TOS instead of the "enhanced" version, just to get the original experience.
It's basically a pulp scifi setting with a bit more thoughtfulness that you got out of Buck Rodgers or Flash Gordon and filmed in TECHNICOLOR.
>I don't think I've seen Insurrection, but assume it's also shit. 
It's basically just an episode of TNG extended to movie length and with better production values. It's got a season 2 TBG sort of feel to the script too.
One highlight is you get to see Riker fly the Enterprise with a joystick.
Don't watch any TNG movies or anything by JJ Abrams/Kurztman
Star Trek is pretty much Communism: The Series with enough shiny shit put on top to distract you from that so you unconsciously absorb the propaganda. Gene Roddenberry is a jew who spent most of his career doing absurd amounts of cocaine and probably also adrenachrome. Leonard Nimoy is also a jew and has gone on record saying the Vulcan salute is a bastardized version of some jewish secret handshake. Nearly all of the things about Star Trek that are good (like just about all of Wrath of Khan's plot) were done over Gene Roddenberry's objections. Many of the things about Star Trek that suck (communism, giving Wil Wheaton a career, basically all of TNG's first season in fact) were done because Roddenberry made it part of his contract.

Despite this, it's still a good show for brainless entertainment and sheer low-budget ham.
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Picard Season 3 is still dreg.
[Hide] (903.1KB, 2500x1667)
>Deep Space 9 sucks dick
Someone recommended Deep Space 9 and said it was maybe the best of the Star Trek series. I couldn't even get through the first episode it was so bad. I'm not a Star Trek fan by any stretch of the word, but it really surprised me that it was that terrible.

I've also seen episodes of Enterprise because my parents loved putting that shit on (pretty sure they still do). It's shit as well and tries being super edgy and dark. Do not recommend.

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What are some old and classic movies that are worth watching ?
Few weeks ago I watched Fahrenheit 451the orignal one, I heard that the remake or whatever was shit just like every media and it was a great watch, it gave books for me a new meaning there importance in our life, and the details that make the world much more believeble are great for example :
There was scene where the police was looking into files of criminals, and saw that files didn't have any words on them they were just pictures of the criminals or how when Montag sits in his bed reading only comics at the begining of the movie.
These little details are great to discover.
This is a movie that any fan of films should totally watch and enjoyed every minute of it.
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Replies: >>80
>>10 (OP) 
i really enjoyed all quiet in the western front (1930), also there was this old movie about a girl that becomes obsessed with this writer that is very old (it's not misery) that gets jealous of even the protag's brother and ends up kiling him and even the baby they have, can't remember how it was called.
I just finished the book, and yeah you're right there are many thinks that the movie left out and it changed alot of things, at first I liked the movie but now it looks like a botched adaptation of a great movie. I kinda want to watch the new one too see how much they fucked it up too
Replies: >>114
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You know fuck this, I just watched the trailer of the new movie and it looked like fucking trash holy shit who will think this a good idea, it took a load of shit into the book god damn.
Watch "The Sound of Music"; it has Nazis.
Replies: >>1464
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Did someone say the N-word?

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(You) are cordially invited to
A specially curated selection of video game movies will be played for your amusement. Some of them good, most of them bad, a handful so-bad-it's-good.
WHERE: https://cytu.be/r/vidyamovies/
WHEN: November 26 & November 27, 2022
Times are approximate and may be rounded up/down for convenience. Please arrive 10 minutes before the actual listed showtime. Each movie is followed by a 10 minute intermission.

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how to write interesting plot for movies
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>>1217 and how is this interesting.
Replies: >>1219
[Hide] (13KB, 235x195)
It's hot which is as good as interesting.
Nowadays most movies have ugly women, so you could stand out by putting hot babes.
Everyone wins.
Replies: >>1220
>>1219 thats not even a plot...
Replies: >>1221
[Hide] (63.4KB, 718x718)
Basically write any plot, stick it with hot babes and you're set for an interesting story.
Replies: >>1223
.... fine. Advice taken.

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yes i know but plz read
Ignoring the Marvel obsession and fanbase, are they really bad movies on their own? I've seen most of them (except Black Widow, Shang-Chi, and Eternals because I've mostly stopped caring) and there are only really two of them that I would consider "not good", those being Thor: The Dark World and Captain Marvel. However a lot of them do suffer from being very cookie-cutter: you get the same brand of humor, same cinematography, same general plotlines/story arcs, and that "le quirky sorandom lul" brand of humor that I have come to despise. But at the same time I still find them to be fun in a "turn off your brain" way and taking it for what they are. They're not trying to be deep, they're not trying to ask meaningful questions, just a lot of world building and seeing all these characters interact with each other just like in the comic books, and I think that's why I've enjoyed it so much, that you have this massive intertwined story that's never been done on film before.
Have you seen any of them? Did you like them? What pisses you off most about the whole series?
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Replies: >>865
[Hide] (832KB, 1109x801)
These movies are like sugary cereal. Unless you're a kid, a cup once in a while can be alright but eating it everyday will make you puke in agony.
As anon said, they're just really boring. They have the depth of 80s cartoons but are uninteresting to look at.
If I want background noise or turn my brain off, I'll just put on Seinfeld or some show from the 60s.
>>859 (OP) 
>Are they really bad movies on their own?
Depends on the movie.
Replies: >>1164
could you list some examples?
>plz read
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MCU finished at Avenger: Endgame (2019)

[Hide] (223.6KB, 797x1180)
What films did you watch in school? We watched picrel
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Who would've thought the gnahzees did a better job at High School comedy in 1944 than modern day anime/manga writers?
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>>759 (OP) 
We saw mostly religious films like Moses and safe cartoons in early school. A later film teacher was a big Kubrick/Gilliam nerd. I recall watching a few for English class, like Cool Hand Luke, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Guns of Navarone, more variety than film class. I just realized that. The deal with film class though is there were weeks devoted to a single film sometimes.
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[Hide] (133.6KB, 1000x1357)
>>759 (OP) 
Watched Romeo and Juliet (1968) in 9th grade english class after we read through the play. Probably most people are familiar with this version because we get a bit of tit and ass from the actress and actor, which of course everyone whistled about in class. Otherwise, would have preferred one of Shakespeare's comedies personally.

We watched Taxi (1998) and Les Boys (1997) in one french class, but I can't remember fuck all from either of them.

In my last year of high school, we watched The Matrix to discuss Jesus imagery. Otherwise, I took a documentary class later on in school and we watched When We Were Kings, a documentary about the Foreman/Ali match in Africa. I remember enjoying it, though the title certainly doesn't inspire confidence anymore.
>To Kill A Mockingbird
>Roman movie where they travel to the end of the world/northern united kingdom to recover an eagle banner lost in battle
there were definitely a lot more but I can only remember those for now
Replies: >>1144
found it, it was The Eagle

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