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General scifi thread, I'm going to assume we're allowed to talk about shows here as well.
I finished watched Farscape and thought it was good, I liked most of the characters but it all felt a bit jumbled, like trying to do too much in too little time. I also didn't think it was made clear which side Scorpius was on. I think there was a moment somewhere towards the end where he decided what he was fighting for but the whole time I was just waiting for him to backstab everyone else again like he did the dozen times beforehand. I think overall it had too many characters that it was trying to juggle around and they didn't really have time to flesh out any of the secondary characters as much as the primary cast.
Because of all that I think I like Lexx more, even for all the flaws it has in the later seasons. It kept it weird but simple, only a few real characters you have to keep track of and the much slower pace. The universe was also more interesting but they never really explain much of anything in it. I want to know more about His Shadow and the League of 20,000 Planets and how it was created, but after the first season it's pretty much mothballed and rarely mentioned again or explored in any kind of detail. Season 3 tried too hard to be 2deep4u and season 4 was a shitshow on all fronts, at least the finale was good though.
I have an endless craving for late-90s/early-2000s scifi but it seems I'm running out. What other shows should I watch now that my backlog is clear?
Replies: >>414 >>1656
>>346 (OP) 
Hated where he came from as he was tortured by the other half of himself, as he was a mutated experiment, a bad hybrid. He was half peacekeeper and that made him run towards them and he thus was serving them but also only as a means to get revenge against the *looks it up because forgot name* Scarran, he hated Scarrans and wanted to be on the Sebacean side and also it shows him chimp out a lot when acting like a Scarran but was always trying to be more Sebacean as.. .well he was tortured and hated them. Do you not recall his story as a child? The only odd thing he did was the Scarran blood oath and they only did that to make a joke about le dracula jab Cryton or whatever it's spelled like kept making about Scorpius being 'Nosferatu' over and over again. I'd cut that out with how he hated them. 

Also because he's Scarran it makes sense Scorp would just like torturing people due to the aggressive and cold hearted nature of that breed of which is why he's okay with the torture chair position and the bdsm shit in the show.  

The Lexx was raunchy and awful comedy also. I could not get through it, but then again I kinda can't stand comedy.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 750x1125)
Is the Max Headroom tv show worth watching?
Started watching Red Dwarf and Andromeda. I thought Red Dwarf would be a drama but that was dispelled in the first 5 seconds. It's a bit dated and some of the britbong humor goes over my head but I'm enjoying it. Andromeda is also good but something about it just feels underwhelming, though I can't quite say what it is. I'm still hopeful so I'll see where it goes.
Replies: >>505
>Andromeda is also good but something about it just feels underwhelming, though I can't quite say what it is.
That may be due to Andromeda being "from Gene Roddenberry, the guy who made Star Trek."  It might be trying too hard to distinguish itself from Star Trek.  It's been a long time since I watched the series, however, and I only saw it on TV when I was a kid.
Replies: >>506
[Hide] (22.8KB, 480x360)
I think I'm figuring it out, it's playing it too safe and too generic. It's not really claiming any new ground and the few new ideas it does have its not expanding on. A lot of recycled CG shots and space battles that barely last more than a few seconds before leading to an underwhelming explosion that comes out of nowhere. The same goes for laser fights, just lots of sparks that seemingly come from nowhere. The non-serial format is also annoying, nothing really changes between episodes. The characters have potential but none of them have gone really in-depth, instead focusing on moral issues that have been discussed to death in several other shows and in much better ways. It doesn't even have any of the sex stuff that's common in scifi of the period although Andromeda herself is a 9/10. I'll keep watching it but it's starting to become a slog, and I'm only halfway through Season 1. So far my consensus is
Lexx > Farscape > Andromeda
Replies: >>513
That's a shame.  I do remember Andromeda herself being cute and there being some funny concepts due to her being a robot.
Ah, there's a series I've been meaning to watch for years but never gotten around to.  I loved the puppets and animatronics, especially in the larger shots like markets or city streets.  It was really nice to see a series use lots of practical effects like that instead of relying too much on CGI.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 3630x1615)
Coming back to this thread a year and a half later, I will update you on my current thoughts on late 90s/early 00s scifi:
Still haven't finished it, not sure if I want to. The problem is I stop watching halfway through a season, then when I come back half a year later I've forgotten everyone beyond the main cast and the plots up to that point. Still feels very cheap. Will probably have to watch it again from the start when I want to dedicate myself to it, but that's a long way away.
>Battlestar Galactica
Very good. Very much a product of its time in the context of the Iraq War and blind patriotism. Quite clearly deals with a lot of the big political issues of its time such as treatment of PoWs and the many many MANY shortcomings of democracy. What I find hilarious is that just about every issue in the show is resolved either through military brute force or political backstabbing; an excellent criticism on why democracy sucks. By the end it started getting really contrived as most series do and the finale was a complete blueball of nothing No explanation for why Kara was resurrected and then she just fucking disappears, great writing m8 that even George R.R. Martin talked shit about which given how his series ended I find truly lmao-worthy.
>Red Dwarf
Britbongs in space, hilarity ensues. Obviously not trying to be serious and I had quite a few good laughs even if it is dated. Amazing that it's been going off and on for almost 50 years at this point. Would recommend.
>Cleopatra 2525
Got three episodes in and got rid of it. Trying to be both a comedy and drama at the same time and failing. Feels very generic. Trying to fit too much into its 25 minute timeslot. The blonde girl with the abs is hot but that's it.
>Stargate SG-1
Excellent. Very much like Lexx in the sense that "they visit a new planet and shit goes down", albeit less insane than the former. Very nice lore being created. On season 8 now, they are starting to run out of ideas as they expand past plot points more and more but for a series this long that's natural. Carter a cute
>Stargate Atlantis
Has the potential to start something new and do new ideas, however so far it just feels like a reskin of SG-1. Hopefully that improves soon, I've heard very good things about it.

Anything else I should try?
Replies: >>1513
Have you watched LEXX, Space Above and Beyond, TekWar, Time Trax, and the Robocop TV show?
Also these are from before your specified era but check out V, Max Headroom, Space 1999, Buck Rodgers, and the original Galactica as well.
Replies: >>1514
I'm the OP so as I mentioned, Lexx is easily still my favorite just for the aesthetic alone. Haven't seen any of the other ones though, I'll take a look at them later.
[Hide] (1.5MB, 971x1430)
>>346 (OP) 
>I finished watched Farscape
I watched it aswell around a year or two ago. I really liked the first couple of episodes of it but felt like it just got worse and worse and i ended up dropping it somewhere like 20 episodes in on season 1? I dont know how many episodes it had. I much preferred the "episodic" stuff it had in the first couple of episodes like the "alien of the week" kind of thing.

Also Moon was a movie i watched a few years back. Really good movie
Replies: >>1658
Finished Stargate SG-1 a couple weeks ago as well as the two movies, overall it's very good all the way through, even though they start to drop in quality towards the end as they ran out of ideas. I'm especially annoyed with how the Ori arc ended, for two seasons they hype up Merlin's weapon as the ultimate weapon to destroy the Ori, then they finally send it through the portal, and... fucking nothing. Worst blueball I've ever seen in a show. After it got cancelled they then had to wrap up an entire season's worth of episodes in one movie which was incredibly rushed, dull, and anticlimactic. However, Continuum was very good and I like how it ended the Ba'al arc, as much as I hate time travel. Overall very good to watch, I'm on the final season of Stargate Atlantis now and I enjoy it, it's definitely more dramatic and focused on character drama than actual cool things, but it's enjoyable, especially when they have crossover episodes with the SG-1 cast.

Going to try watching Andromeda again from the start once I get my server upgraded to stream HEVC. Hopefully my monkey brain will pay closer attention this time now that it's a 1080p rip instead of a sub-480p DVD rip.

Farscape went for five seasons, got cancelled, and they barely managed to make a movie to tie up the loose plot points. It does get good but also somewhat confusing, as most SciFi does.
Very good indie scifi film.
Replies: >>1659
[Hide] (2.5MB, 640x352, 00:56)
also i saw this clip years ago and had no idea what it was from, so when it came up in the last couple episodes i was even more baffled than before
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1000x1442)
A masterpiece that gets unfarely shit on. Even the main actor shat on it. 
he shits on the idea of teaching drillers to become astronauts. This motherfucker is so retarded and so is every other fucker that keeps saying shit like that. THEY HAD ACTUAL FUCKING ASTRONAUTS FLYING THE AIRCRAFT!!!! Its not like they fucking went there alone!
Its one of my favorite movies of all time and midwits will never see its charm because they love to appear as smart and to oneup the movie with their "smartness". Its not "so bad its good", its so good its a masterpiece. Knowing what normalfags like, it doesnt surprise me in the slightest. What would they know of a good movie? They rate most things they watch as a good movie. They cant distinct a good movie from a bad movie. Unless said movie is really bad. They just cant think for themselves and therefor have such a generic inferior taste in media
Replies: >>2083
I finished Stargate Atlantis. Overall it's good, but focuses too much on character drama and is less "fun" than SG-1. Also ended with a lot of unresolved plot holes, cancellation's a bitch. Best episode was Midway.
Going to watch Stargate Universe once I get my server upgraded and see if it's as bad as everyone says it is.
Watching Stargate: Universe now. and it's about what I expected
>SG-1: We're in space and cool stuff happens
>Atlantis: We're in space and we ask difficult question
>Universe: We're in space and EVERYTHING SUCKS
very different tone, everyone is angry and hates each other, has none of the fun or excitement or mystery of SG-1 or Atlantis, this is going to be painful
Replies: >>1716 >>1718
sgu isn't getting any better please help me
Replies: >>1718
Dude drop Universe.
Replies: >>1719
[Hide] (9.3KB, 225x225)
It was not a real Stargate show. I've bitched about it before and won't bother to waste brain cells a second time explaining why it's faggot shit. I'd have to watch it again to draw the parallels. 

>do you relate to this fat boy that likes games?!?
Is a top tier reason to nope it. Another is that it's leeching off of a farscape/firefly/battlestar-galatica/etc theme of being stuck on a ship. It's not a real stargate. Stargate is a group of military men made to work with civilians to save the world not a shit group of unlucky fools stuck on a malfunctioning ship. 

Honestly, why get me started like this? It was a failed experiment to get more money, nothing more.
Replies: >>1719
Anon I watched SGU from start to finish as it aired. My advice to you is that if you love SG1 or Atlantis then stop watching Universe right now.
Personally I don't like SG1 and Atlantis started off interesting for me but went down hill so I was willing to give Universe a shot since it's completely different. 
And I STILL ended up disappointed.
Replies: >>1719
at this point i am obligated to watch everything SG related even if it's bad. there were parts of SG1 and Atlantis that were also boring and terrible but still a handful of good moments in those episodes that made up for it. even if it's awful i'm going to watch the rest of it since it's only two seasons and there are at least a couple of ok-ish moments Rush being a powertripping jew, the one military chick with the HUGE tits, and the bugwoman talking about upholding democracy are especially amusing
after this i will watch Origins and then my journey will be over. going back to Andromeda again with the intention of actually paying attention this time.
Watching Andromeda again now with a 1080p BD rip, already enjoying it a lot more than I did initially. I guess it helps when you pay attention to each character and their motivations, strengths, weaknesses, etc. instead of just sitting there like a sponge hoping the action will come to you. I was going in with the wrong mindset. funny how /fascist/ fags would identify with Tyr the most
>he survived the fake stargate show
a miracle!
Replies: >>1729
[Hide] (4.4MB, 617x431)
still going throught it
Replies: >>1734
Well, you like lexx and also like it more than farscape if you're the op ergo I'm not suprised you'd watch the whole thing.

Scorpy just wanted revenge also. He did not care how he got it. Also, harvey =/= scorpy.

I mean, if anything Crais was the one that kept stabbing people in their backs. Come on now.

Then again, Rgyel is a prime suspect for 'who's gonna betray who' until you remember that they were all ripping Piolot's arm off, piolt himself had them adrift, kicked two of them out at one point, etc. They're all guilty of something in that show.  Rygel should have bee killed off harder than Crais or even Harvey. Who needs that muppet? They made literally all characters have funny moments so humor is no excuse. He is just  risk morally and also plot wise. If he gets his power back that ruins the whole show so he's just a pain in the ass for no reason the entire time. He's also incapable of spiritual growth despite his will to change, Rygel.
They had to end it with a movie also, Farscape, so of course there was not enough time. It was canceled due to all that competition. They kill shows all the time if they don't bring in enough profit.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 740x1110)
I've finished season 1 of SGU. It's not the worst scifi I've seen, but that doesn't mean it's good. Far from it.
Every scene is dark and lit up by a single shitty flashlight. Everyone hates each other. There is no comraderie except for fat nerd kid trying to awkwardly defuse every situation with reddit jokes when he's not orbiting or getting cucked by the senator's daughter. Rush is an interesting character but nothing really comes of it. Unneccesary sex scenes left and right. Not as much poz as I figured there would be but the disabled interracial white-chinese lesbian couple was a nice touch sarcasm. No sense of exploration, no sense of discovery, just visitng planets, shit goes wrong, everyone blames and backstabs each other, just an all around twisted abomination of Stargate with nu-BSG. It's like a massive car wreck, it's painful to watch and you know you shouldn't be watching it but you keep watching to see if maybe another car gets involved. That and Lieutenant James with the massive tits, I mean look at them holy shit.
And with that, onto season 2.
Replies: >>1741
[Hide] (1.5MB, 815x441)
I didn't read your post because all I saw is: BOOBA BOOBA BOOBA BOOBA BOOBA BOOOOOOOOOBA!!!!
Replies: >>1775
[Hide] (26.4KB, 750x549)
i am enjoying stargate universe
I finished SGU. It did get much better in season 2, to the point that I'm mildly upset we didn't get to see what would happen next however there is a comic series so I might just read that. I think the main reason people hate it is because they were trying to court fans that had enjoyed the series for it's fun, lighthearted nature and gave them something darker, grittier, and more in line with BSG than Stargate. I am not against a franchiese trying something new and going in a new direction with a different tone and setting, but you're probably not going to attract too many new fans from it and also alienate the old ones as well.
Onto Origins, then my Stargate journey is complete.
[Hide] (16.5KB, 400x308)
and to top everything off i watched stargate origins. holy fuck being a stargate fan is suffering.
That's a neat trick and all but why facebook frog?
[Hide] (940.1KB, 627x502)
[Hide] (158.6KB, 935x952)
I watched Starship Troopers and I love it. Everyone bitching about how it's fascist is retarded, it's an obvious satire with the over-the-top news flashes and propaganda and the Earth government, while absolutely authoritarian, is not at all fascist. It's actually a diverse paradise. No ethnic conflict, people of all colors living and working together without any racial tension, coed showers where there's zero sexual tension or harassment/rape, Earth being led by a strong independent woman of color, show me where ANY of that is happening in today's supposedly peaceful and loving democracies. Even ignoring all the overblown "fascism bad" moments and the false flag meteor it's a paradise, I'd live there in a heartbeat even if I get ventilated or brainsucc'd by giant bugs.
And I now know where two of the memes come from.
going through Andromeda again and this time i'm actually enjoying it. i guess it helps when you pay attention to the characters and what their master plans are. still feels cheap compared to other scifi and the acting can be stale/subpar from some of them. ending up liking Tyr the most for basically being /pol/ incarnate. harper is more annoying than likeable but maybe that's what they were going for. becca and romy are still cute.
Caught up to where I was with Andromeda now, and I'm getting bored again. A mildly interesting story ruined by bad acting, a bad script, and bad CGI. Going to get through it this time though.
Going back to Season 2 of Lexx again and I forgot how much I loved this show as weird and fucked up and insane as it is. It strikes that that they absolutely could've made it more serious and intense but decided to make it weird just for fun. Music is excellent too.
[Hide] (916.1KB, 680x1147)
buddy i just watched this all the way through and it's garbage. it's only slightly better than moonfall by a very slim margin, and worse off because of it since moonfall is comically bad it's good. this is just on the wrong side of below average.
because it's still easier to teach astronauts how to work a drill than to teach drillers how to fly a space shuttle. not like it matters since they depict them like flying a F18 and taking off from a stationary position.
more like master bait
Replies: >>2224
Not to mention that any asteroid as big as claimed in the movie would be rounded by its own gravity, even if it were stony-iron.
finally made it to the last season of andromeda, and it doesn't get any better. only 16 episodes left, and then i will go to seaquest dsv
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