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Because I'm filthy weeb, I mostly watch anime and that shit but I decided to watch some japanese movies.
>Shin Godzilla
This was my first Godzilla movies and it's pretty good, the visual were great and the soundtrack is amazing, the story is meh but they are many great scenes out there, I say that it's worth a watch I'll maybe check out other Godzilla films.
>Lesson Of Evil
Pretty brutal I like it, they really went all out on this film even angering some journos, it's not one of most well made movies out there but it was fun watch.
>>Lesson Of Evil
I never really listened to the lyrics of Mack the Knife until this to realize how fucked up it is. Was enjoyable for being a school shooting movie.
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>>8 (OP) 
Got this rec on /fascist/, great movie, made a lot of journos mad too, even the hack known as Miyazaki.Some say it has a pro war message other pro peace, you should decide for yourself.
Neat I'll download it and watch it later.
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Just finished the movie and it's great, learning how Miyabe died and why a man like him who values his life more then anything choose to be a kamakazi fighter is satisfying, although it did track a little bit too much but still it was good.
>made a lot of journos mad too
I read some of reviews and holy shit did they watch the same movie or what ?
I swear to god there weren't any hint of Pro-War messages or something like that and it even never idealised Kamakazi fighter, they were multiple times when the character's critized the Kamakazi plan saying "It has no meaning" or showing scenes where all of the Kamakazi planes never even reach the ship which is true not some fantasy, fucking faggot Miyazaki.
I swear this is the second time I see retards who spew absolute bullshit and acting like they know everything, YOU FUCKING FAGGOTS CAN'T EVEN WATCH A MOVIE A FUCKING MOVIE.
Replies: >>44
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I'm no expert but I enjoyed the films of Shinya Tsukamoto in the past. Most would meld well with the gore/horror binge I've been on lately so I may circle back and re-watch a few thanks to this thread.

Adventures of Electric Rod Boy 1987
The sort irreverent bat shit crazy science fiction tone and setting you only get from comics and anime because Hollywood is so up its own ass seeking plausibility. Low-budget but not held back by it thanks to creative film-making. Probably a good place to start as it was the first of what would be multiple surreal, gritty body horror films; Tetsuo: The Iron Man, Tetsuo II, etc.  

Haze 2005
This one I highly recommend. It's standalone, newer, in color; far fewer hangups for less-durable viewers. It's cryptic, surreal, horrific. It was fucking tense for me. Runtime is only 49 mins. No excuses.
Replies: >>2275
violent cop
ive had one on my list called battle royale. As you can guess its about some jap gamers dropping into fortenite. Nah its about the japanese education system and how messed up/bugman it is.
reminds me that i have to watch tora tora tora sometime
Interesting to note, while kamikazes weren't that effective, they had better odds than conventionally striking a ship. something about math, how if X amount of planes get shot down by AA and most probably killed, might as well use those planes and pilots as kamikazes. It wasnt just suicidal zeal, but a numbers game. You cant trust normalcattle for anything. If it isnt spoonfed to them as X good and Y bad their brains break
>>8 (OP) 
Great now watch the kurasawa films niggers
>Some say it has a pro war message other pro peace, you should decide for yourself
>a movie that lets you decide its meaning.
well i be damn.
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>>8 (OP) 
Watch 子連れ狼 (Lone Wolf And Cub) aka  Baby Cart To Hades
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>>8 (OP) 
>Lesson of Evil
Film demanded such a suspension of disbelief, I was out almost immediately. Pacing was also complete shit (not unlike many Takashi Miike films) and should have been shorter. Not worth a watch.

Some Japanese movies I can think of off the top of my head:

>After Life (ワンダフルライフ)
Great, great movie. I've been meaning to re-watch it, but it had great impact. Movie's about a group of individuals who help others pass on by letting them choose a memory they can live on in. They film them in order for this to happen. The people filming them are those that chose not to move on. Anyway, there's more to it, but I loved the idea and execution.

>An Autumn Afternoon (秋刀魚の味)
Ozu Yasujiro is another classic Japanese director. I watched Tokyo Story, but Autumn Afternoon is the one that really stuck. It's a slow movie about a father making sure his daughter gets married. I wouldn't recommend this one for casual viewing, but if you can sit through it, the acting is superb.

>The Elegant Life of Mr. Everyman (江分利満氏の優雅な生活)
An interesting piece that goes over the work life of the typical salary man. It also goes into a discussion about Japan and their work culture. Another slow grind that I only recommend if you can sit through it.
Replies: >>1598
I liked lesson of evil, it was very anime like
>>8 (OP) 
Lesson Of The Evil Spoiler That ending scene where the girl opens her eye and its white like munin was great. Too bad the rest of the movie was pretty shit. Soundtrack was my favorite part
I was interested in watching it but then i read that the guy who wrote it plagiarized it and that just diminished my interest in it. I should give it a try.
>Tetsue The Iron Man
What a shitty fucking movie. I hate farthouse trash like that. I think the same director made some movie called Tokyo Fist and that was equally shitty. Fucking pretentious crap and that i why i refer to arthouse as farthouse. There is no better word to describe it. Its a infantile way to describe it which fits arthouse since its infantile retarded cinema.
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I finally got around to watching Kagemusha (影武者), a 1980 epic from Akira Kurosawa. It's been recommended to me time and time again, but I have to be in the mood to watch a nearly three-hour, jidaigeki movie. The time finally came.

This movie deserves all the acclaim it has received. It's a tragic character piece about a common thief who ends up as a kagemusha, a political decoy, for daimyo Takeda Shingen. Don't expect a ton of action, especially since Toho Studio couldn't even finish financing the movie (you'll understand why when you see the amount of extras in this movie), meaning George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola stepped in to get more funding. Acting was great and the colors and cinematography were beautiful (that dream sequence is famous for a reason). I heard some people complain about the pacing, being both slow and rushed, but I really didn't have a problem with it in any regard. I think the ending could have been nicer with more action (The movie pulls a similar move to The Bad Sleep Well in that we don't see the actual final battle scene), but frankly, since the whole movie was about the kagemusha and Kurosawa has done something like this before, it's not completely out of place. I'm looking forward to checking out Ran (乱) as Kurosawa apparently jokingly said Kagemusha was his costume practice for that movie.

I prefer this over Seven Samurai, so if you really liked that one, check this one and let me know your thoughts.
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I prioritized getting through Ran (乱) since I loved Kagemusha so much. Colors? Beautiful. Costumes? Amazing. Plot? Pretty meh. I knew it was going to be dramatic since it's based on a Shakespeare's King Lear, but it was in melodramatic and crazy bitch territory. If I hadn't just watched Kagemusha, I might not have had so much of an issue with it. But that one was so personal that Ran really wasn't doing it for me (in terms of plot).
Kurosawa got his fill of action in this one, though, and it's extremely bloody and violent (relative, of course). Still worth a watch.
Replies: >>2396
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>Still Walking
I re-watched this one since I barely remembered it. It's the story of a generational family who come together on a death anniversary. The acting holds this film together, and it holds it together very well. From the grandparents to the kids to the grand kids, everyone plays their role super well. I think my preference lies in After Life because I really like the supernatural element in that one, but this one gave me PTSD moments because of how accurate the family dynamic is.
Hirokazu Kore-eda really did a great job with this one. I might have to check out his newer movies, though I started watching Shoplifters and it wasn't jiving.
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>based on a Shakespeare's King Lear
You might consider Throne of Blood (The Spider Web Castle) which is based on Macbeth.
Replies: >>2403
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is Godzilla minus one as good they say? while i definitely think it should have won best foreign picture for shits and giggles, im not sure if i want to watch it, maybe it's just my recency and popularity bias acting up.
Replies: >>2398 >>2399 >>2403
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Just watch it, faglord.
It's pretty gud.
in my opinion the minus color version is better so torrent that blu ray is out
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Yeah, it's the last one I gotta watch to complete the Kurosawa x Shakespeare trilogy. Ran burned me with the melodrama, so I'm taking a break for now.

Unrelated, but I went to the store and saw this Monopoly game for sale. I wanna buy it and play with the Gojira otakus here.
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