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What can I play if I'm dead exhausted?
>>249891 (OP) 
I assume you mean a relaxing game that requires very little brain power to play?
Try Katamari Damacy.
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>>249891 (OP) 
Edf. Dont think, just kill bug.
Replies: >>249895 >>249896
Never understood the appeal. Gonna give it another try.
Too much clutter.
try playing onr harderst or inferno while tired, lol,
That game makes me feel like I'm wrestling with the controls.
Sonic Speed Simulator on Roblox.
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Should I play warcraft 1 and 2 or do they suck?
>>249891 (OP) 
Any musou game.
Replies: >>249902
The first one's primitive, but I remember having fun with it. The AI in the second one cheats to an absurd degree.
Tips on getting an MVP delivered?
Every project I start falls dead in the water, even if it's a small one
Replies: >>249919
Is that you Chris Roberts?
Replies: >>249923
>>249891 (OP) 
New fag here
What does QTDDTOT mean?
Answer the question
Rabbi here
What do you think it means?
I'll give you a hint:
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Open wide
>wage slave edition
What’s it like nowadays? There’s maybe MAYBE a small percentage of people working from home and doing ok, but how’s waging nowadays? Everyone seems unhinged and bitter
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>>249891 (OP) 
Normalfags are getting a bad time ever since the scamdemic, and right now they are having even worse time if they live in countries that are giving shekels to Ukraine.
Food and other shit is getting harder to buy, but like good normalfags they keep getting fucked in the ass and wont do anything about it.
For me, it went back to the same state it was before the chink flu. Same everyday grind waiting for the weekend to sleep and play vidya games and then repeat. Every year is harder than the last one.
>>249891 (OP) 
I used to play Killing Floor, Left 4 Dead 2, Payday 2, and Far Cry 2 after work.
Now I don't play any of those games. I don't really play games anymore. Or do anything anymore.
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What's some good mods for Deus Ex? I've played it several times completely vanilla and want to mix things up the next playthrough.
Replies: >>250047
GMDX, Malkavian mod or The Nameless Mod
You could also try the randomizer
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>I don't really play games anymore. Or do anything anymore.
I know that feel.
Replies: >>250067
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At least you're spending lots of time with your friends here.
Are you actually a spacker that doesn't even know how a search engine works? How did you get here?
Replies: >>250069 >>250089
Are you younger than 18 or older than 60 because I can't tell
We have actual boomers here?
Is there a single DOS game that holds up?
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Commander Keen is pretty sweet.
Give me games where you play as a cool wizard. Bonus points if there's a wizard robe.
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warlords battlecry 3, you can play as a cool wizard, and as a cool edgy skeleton wizard/necromancer with a cool robe.
The DOS point'n'click games are still loads of fun as the genre basically didn't change for decades in terms of gameplay. Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max Hit the Road, Beneath a Steel Sky.
There are also 2D platformers like Abuse, Jazz Jackrabbit. The latter spawned a very successful and more polished sequel on Windows.
Finally the first Tomb Raider game is an absolute pleasure to play if you're familiar with tank controls. The movement and platforming may be clunky but they're actually rather simple and make sense considering the maps are essentially grid-based.

Shantae is technically a witch.
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Play this. Main campaign is pretty easy, expansion campaigns are much harder. Soloing arenas was fun.
Replies: >>250179 >>250180
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Never played it, but always found this funny.
Replies: >>250180
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I was never able to finish the first level. Its hard
It do be like that
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You can even make your own custom spells and then die as they backfire horribly.
It also has mod support for more wizard shenanigans.
Am I stupid or did Jet Force Gemini get a fan PC version or am I just remembering the Goldeneye one?
Replies: >>250187
You thinking of the mouse inject?
Replies: >>250191
That's it yeah thanks
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I don't know how real any of pic related is, but I'm beginning to wonder if valve might actually be trying to kill tf2 on purpose. Why? I don't know. Maybe to push that new "Hero shooter" they're working on. Maybe because as a game it's hard to dei-ify. Hell who knows, maybe they're even getting money from the bots. At this point I'd believe almost anything. Including the obvious answer that they're just sitting on their lofty laurels.
Replies: >>250198 >>250216
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It's more likely Valve wants nothing to do with it anymore and just leaves it up for the revenue from crates and shit. Why would they care about bad PR from lack of maintenance when they pretty much have a monopoly on the entire PC games industry? People are just gonna shovel money their way no matter what.

The reason they're making this new shitty hero shitter is to try to have yet another DOTA or CS. They just want more money and fixing the TF2 problem isn't going to get them that much money. Yes I'm aware this new game is gonna flop horribly but Valve doesn't realize that yet. Apparently they didn't learn from shit like Artifact.
Replies: >>250216
If the stubborn and retarded TF2 community simply moved to TF2C this wouldn't be a problem. But these retards refuse to go to the vastly superior game. TF2C runs better, looks way better, is way more balanced and unlike TF2 it gets updates (good ones, where everything matches the original vision and artstyle perfectly) and huge parts of the code have been re-written and optimized. 

But no, let's keep playing Valve's Trash Fortress 2 and keep paying them like the cuckies we are. 
They only have themselves to blame, I truly pray the bots will figure out a way to infest and DDOS the community servers too, fuck 'em. 

If they won't move to TF2C willingly then they shall do it at gunpoint.
Yeah but then where would their precious cosmetics go?
I want to play fucking TF2 (preferably pre-Mann-Conomy update), not TF2C.
Replies: >>250240
Didn't have some drama related to trannies or something? I forget if this also affected TF2V.
Does the name alphablaster mean anything to you?
Replies: >>250223 >>250236
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Does this have something to do with the reason that one of the last times I played TF2C there was a guy that sounded like he was  of dubious age putting links for futanari pyro mods in the chat and talking about his love of cock vore ?
Replies: >>250225
>futa pyro mods
why is it always pyro that gets this type of mods? all mercs have fanmade female versions but pyro is always the only one who has mods that are this degenerate.
Replies: >>250226
Blame Maxime Lebled aka Hyperfortress. There was a thread on /wx/ back in 2015 that connected the dots, I don't remember the details but the argument boiled down to "Superman looks an awful lot like that Clark Kent fellow, doesn't he?"
Well come on, spill the details man.
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>I want to play the severely downgraded nuTF2, not the superior 2009 version
Replies: >>250976
Everything related to TF2 and Source games, mods, development, fucking anything is full of fucking trannies now.
Replies: >>250250
the internet if full of trannies nowadays, it seems that everything related to programming has trannies and discordfags now.
Replies: >>250279
>trannies and discordfags
What's the difference?
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One molests kids the other..
Replies: >>250283
ZOGs aren't using discordfags' hurt feefees as an excuse to strip away rights from normal people.yet
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Grooms them for the purpose of future molestation?
Is there a good pc game of pirates that you can recommend me? Preferably one with open world mechanics?
AS black flag is on steam for like $40
Sea of thieves is mmo but i heard people like it a lot.
If you don't mind old jank Bethesda made a Pirates of The Caribbean game in the early 2000s. The game is actually a sequel to Sea Dogs and has a couple token references to the movie just to make use of the license. 
It also has a super autistic modding community and has a huge overhaul that fixes a lot of the bugs and adds heaps of content.


Mod here. Game can be found on archive.
Replies: >>250296
There is not difference, they are both mentally ill.
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>game can be found on archive
You mean https://archive.org/ ? Or https://archive.is/ ?
Replies: >>250313
>AS black flag is on steam for like $40
>sea of thieves
Replies: >>250299
I don't know why this buyfag is talking all retarded but This Was Totally Not Meant To Be An Unrelated Pirate Game Based On AC3 Ship Mechanics "Ass Creed 4": Black Flag was an okay pirate game. From what I remember you see some asscreed stuff at the start and get your hidden blade then the game more or less forgets assassins and templars exist for about 10/12 chapters, only to suddenly shoehorn them back in at the end.
Replies: >>250499
There's Sid Meiers Pirates!. Don't know if its open world but when it comes to pirate games, it's always mentioned.
Replies: >>250327
Open up here comes the airplaaaaane

Replies: >>250327
You have my gratitude. I was looking in multiple pirate sites without success. And surely, I'll give that mod a try, anything to add more options to everything. Thank you for your time and efforts.

I was considering in pirating AS Black Flag as Plan B. I never saw buying that game as an option, I'm not a fan of Ubi.

I have seen it in steam, but I never took a closer look at it. I'll check it out.
Replies: >>250500
Are there any go to reliable sites for cracked games? I use csrin as well as the fitgirl site but is there anything out there one should know about? Thanks in advance
Replies: >>250401 >>250403
I usually use rutracker.
Replies: >>250492
Replies: >>250492
Appreciate the suggestions. Just discovered reddits piracy board and they had some decent links as well.
I have no strong opinions on the game itself, I merely thought that the guy suggesting buying a decade-old game for $40 from fucking Ubisoft should be mocked.
The game wishes you a "Happy Pirating!" in the intro so don't even think about buying it.
I wanna get back into actually playing some damn vidya and wished to buy something on sale on Steam. I have only three main caveats:
1) The game must be multi-player focused, justifying a purchase rather than a pirate, and not any of that Game as a service bullshit
2) The game must be a beefy single player experience that actually justifies a purchase, i.e. hours of content, multiple side modes, healthy modding scene and most importantly an hassle to otherwise get through "alternative" means
3) Priced less than 15$ at base game, 20$ tops if includes non cosmetic, non p2w DLC
Got anything worth checking out? Bundles of multiple games and DLC are fine so long as the individual titles respect these constraints
5th gen Monster Hunter + their expansions?
If I understand you correctly you care about multiplayer, not an online games, which is a good approach. Except nowadays not many non-online only games actually bother to have multiplayer or it is a meaningful one. That's from a different bygone age. Mostly for good really. Forced multiplayer was a s hit trend.
If you don't care about the PvP, then Souls and Elden Ring can be pirated.
>1) The game must be multi-player focused, justifying a purchase rather than a pirate, and not any of that Game as a service bullshit
There's Deep Rock Galactic, a 4(+) co-op FP-
>2) The game must be a beefy single player experience that actually justifies a purchase, i.e. hours of content, multiple side modes, healthy modding scene and most importantly an hassle to otherwise get through "alternative" means
Okay, there's Grim Dawn, an action-RPG with tons of content and build variety, multiplayer possible and fun, while it doesn't quite fit all of your criteria-
>3) Priced less than 15$ at base game, 20$ tops if includes non cosmetic, non p2w DLC
>$7.50 on sale, expansions send it over $20
Okay, how about Barotrauma? a 2D game about manning a submarine in the frigid depths of Jupiter's moon Europa. It's multiplayer-focused, can be played solo well enough, has a sizable amount of meaningful mods and climbing, less than $20 on sale.
>and most importantly an hassle to otherwise get through "alternative" means
As expected of anyone stupid enough to want to buy games in the current year. You'd rather support some awful DRM shit than a good game by a dev that doesn't treat his customers like shit. You're even worse than the normalfags that just buy whatever they're told to. Let me spell it out since you're no doubt too dumb to get it: a dev that makes his game easy to pirate is the only dev worth supporting.
Earth Defense Force 6 releases next month on PC and EDF 4.1 and 5 are pretty cheap. 
Either entry has a shitload of content and you can either solo them or play them coop, no GaaS bullshit, multiplayer is P2P.
Remnant 2 is pretty dang giid, but it's $25 right now (50% off).
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I know it's a shill but I will fall for it. TF2C advertised itself as a vanilla and "no cosmetics" era of TF2 but with updates it pretty much became that. There are many gimmicky and weird weapons that are either straight up OP or do not match the design of the game. I am hoping they release a "classic" version of TF2C in itself, with no actual new weapons apart from things like huntsman or kritzkrieg
Replies: >>250911
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>the first three Arland Atelier games were published by NISA
Please tell me what kind of hot hell am I in for. I just wanted to play a day in the life of cute girls having natural fun in a lighthearted adventure. Knowing NISA I'm expecting a 16 year old girl in frilly clothes speaking like a 40 year old convention goer spiking on adderall. How bad does the localization get?
On topic, are the PC ports any decent? As in, decent enough to render the PS3 games obsolete? I haven't pirated my PS3 yet and I don't want to hurt my wallet because of it. Is the translation the same as the PS3 games?
You shouldn't be playing localizations in the first place.
You aren't playing on the custom weapons servers and calling that TF2C, right? You wouldn't be that retarded, right?
In any case, you can use server variables or a custom item schema to run a server emulating TF2 as old as you want to go. Shockingly, nobody wants to play that way.
Replies: >>250914
>You wouldn't be that retarded, right?
The answer might surprising but I havent played TF2C for years I just saw some videos

I am guessing people who desire that vanilla type of TF2 are either too old or moved on with other old school fps shooters. I will be honest though, it could be boring and would need tweaks like airblast and engineer being able to move things. Speaking of old, what the hell happened to old graphics which had better art style and detail? Crowbcat made a video about it. I am guessing they fucked up the optimization with unnecesary cosmetics and they had to compensate. 

Also another thing that nobody mentions is that what happened to TF2 optimization? Each year and each update it managed to get worse over time. I remember back in 2015 I had a terrible GPU but I could still play the game on ultra with over 300fps. Now with my current GPU I get frames below 60fps with graphic lowering mods.
Replies: >>250918 >>251011
>I will be honest though, it could be boring and would need tweaks like airblast and engineer being able to move things.
Yeah, most of the changes that were added in class updates (airblast, moving buildings, even the old achievement weapons like the sandvich and demo's "9.5th class" set) are fine. It's the endless volumes of crap that's been added since the Mannconomy update that I want to get away from.
>Also another thing that nobody mentions is that what happened to TF2 optimization? Each year and each update it managed to get worse over time.
See "endless volumes of crap." TF2 now has team deathmatch, deathball, infection, fucking Vs Saxton Hale, and a grappling-hook-based CTF mode as "official content." They're just shoveling a Workshop user sucked sufficient cock for into the game without making sure it meets polycount guidelines or has appropriate LODs first, because there's nobody left who cares. It's just a source of passive revenue for them.
Replies: >>250926
I think I remember one of the girls names changed to STD or something like that.
Replies: >>251027
I doubt what you mentioned is issue. I suffer from performance issue in older maps as well. And if I remember correctly, I tried "no cosmetics" mod. Other than making it easier to get into server (which is also a big problem of source games in itself), I did not see much difference in performance. I wonder what the fuck did those updates do to slowly kill performance? I remember playing in jungle inferno update just fine
Replies: >>250945
It could be that AMD/nvidia aren't bothering with driver hacks for Source anymore. The engine is 20 years old so how it renders shit is probably very different than the deferred shading/PBR hell UE4 subjected us to. Also don't forget community content includes maps, there's no way in hell tf2 trannies are optimizing for PVS/overdraw anymore.
Replies: >>250973
Left 4 Dead 2 has effectively infinite Workshop content, and some of it is even good.
Are we still on this retro TF2 bullshit? The game gets boring after a week because there's nothing to look forward to and all you can think about is all the cool gameplay styles that the game picked up along the way that you don't have access to.
Replies: >>251014
makes sense. A friend of mine who had same problem with like RTX3080 or something suggested that the game outright does not see GPU and only works with CPU. I checked my fan and it suggests that
Replies: >>250975
How does Proton/Wine with DXVK handle old Source games these days?
Replies: >>251060
2009 TF2 is pre-Mann-Conomy TF2.
That's not surprising at all. I did suspect you might be retarded from the start.
>what the hell happened to old graphics which had better art style and detail?
>what happened to TF2 optimization?
They're in TF2C. Along with a few other visual upgrades Valve never bothered with at all.
Replies: >>251016 >>251061
thanks for standing still wanka'
So when are you hosting the gamenight?
Replies: >>251061
Are the PS4 versions of the Yakuza games censored at all?
Replies: >>251020
Replies: >>251022
Does this include the PC port? I wonder if it's worth playing the PS3 versions over the remaster, as I've heard the remaster adds some cut content.
Also, What about the PS4 versions of Kiwami?
Replies: >>251025
If you are an EOP then the PS3 version of 3 is censored as well.
Replies: >>251026 >>251027
[Hide] (81.4KB, 498x432) Reverse
Welp, guess I'll play the remaster.
Replies: >>251070
[Hide] (187.3KB, 1280x720) Reverse
[Hide] (6.6KB, 151x228) Reverse
>one of the girls names changed to STD
You're right.
>Esty Dee (Esty Erhard in the Japanese version)
This is on par with Victor Ireland making up nigger jokes in Rayearth on the Saturn. Guess I'll have to suffer.
>the PS3 version of 3 is censored as well
How so?
Replies: >>251030 >>251031
Even if the localization wasn't shit, the games themselves are as generic as they get.
[Hide] (12.6KB, 1050x141) Reverse
>How so?
Replies: >>251032 >>251033
>Guess I'll have to suffer.
Didn't the newer version of that game got retranslated?
Replies: >>251034
[Hide] (104.6KB, 580x750) Reverse
>be tasked translating Japanese game
>Remove the majority of side content that's "too Japanese" so you can do less work and get your pay check sooner
Daily reminder that 00's localizations were even worse than they are today.
That's like most of the meat of the game, geez.
No. The Rorona remake lifted the entire NISA script even if Kecmo published the game themselves, same goes for the rerelease of the other two games.
I have no idea, probably handles terribly I dont know what those words are
I will be honest, I dont want to touch it after the tranny drama but I would give it a shot as >>251016 mentioned if there is a gamenight
>guess I'll play the remaster
You could learn Japanese in order to play the original versions.
Replies: >>251079
[Hide] (208.6KB, 545x630) Reverse
As long as kanji exists. I cannot do that, dear anonji.
Besides, I'm a big fan of the written English language.
Replies: >>251080 >>251081
>As long as kanji exists. I cannot do that
Why? It's just memorizing symbols. Once you have about a thousand of them memorized, you're mostly good to go.
Replies: >>251082 >>251083
[Hide] (443.3KB, 1577x1491) Reverse
>As long as kanji exists. I cannot do that, dear anonji.
Stop associating 漢字 with ((( school ))) or niggerpill and just fucken learn you bitch, if they were so impossibru to 学ぶ then 126 million honorary whites and 24 million legitimate Chinese wouldn't use them.
Replies: >>251082 >>251084
>they are drop outs
not surprising.
>Once you have about a thousand of them memorized, you're mostly good to go.
[Hide] (124.4KB, 700x1000) Reverse
You're learning Japanese to play vidya in its original language.
I'm learning Japanese to get drunk at a karaoke bar in Tokyo with an OL.
We are not the same.
[Hide] (34KB, 320x240, 00:01)
Should I invest time in Total War Warhammer 1 or 2? 3 looks like shit so that's out and I've got a hankering for spankering fucking elves in conquest and genocide
Currently slogging through a Dwarfs campaign in 1 now and I'd say it's pretty good. It's in a bit of a middle ground between RTS and grand strategy, your enjoyment will depend on your skill at the MAN FIGHTING portion of RTS games. The AI can and will build crazy doomstacks to punch you out with so you're rarely truly safe to turtle up either. If you choose to play it then play 2 if your goal is elf murder, as the only elf faction in 1 is actually kind of cool and the other two (Elf Israel/Elf Canada) are introduced in 2. IIRC Lizardmen are the race that starts closest to them.
Being a normalfag is not something to be proud of.
Its too fucking easy for me, it abandoned most of strategy from previous series replacing it with hero abilities.
You have to own all 3 games and all faction DLC to get the full game (a campaign called Immortal Empires). This is by design and was planned from very beginning, which is also why all 3 games are still full price. The third game has never been cracked so the most complete piratable campaign you can play is Mortal Empires in the last cracked version of the second game.
which one would you recommend? are fighting games the only ones with useful training mode?

I like that one mini sequence where a Palestinian guy swaps bodies with a female Israel soldier but then multiple Palestinians grab the soldier (guy) and start to rape her, then the guy (soldier) joins in and rapes her own body, fuck that made me so hard.
Replies: >>251397 >>251482
What game with a rape sequence?
Replies: >>251405
I assume he's just rambling about some porn he saw.
[Hide] (246.1KB, 500x500) Reverse
>nigger reaction picture
Replies: >>251494 >>251777
[Hide] (31.1KB, 519x700) Reverse
Is there at least 1 person in the world who converted to shitslam from hearing the Fire Temple music when playing the original/uncensored Ocarina of Time?
Replies: >>251493
Why is rape only allowed if its somehow the female doing the raping?
Replies: >>251487
idk, but i only like rape when is the female being rapped, the other way is gay, how much weak you have yo be to let a woman rape you?
Replies: >>251523
no, nigger
I love this meme
How's gamedev comming along? Still stuck on how to use abs()? Made sure to limit your usage of * and /?
[Hide] (15.3KB, 640x480) Reverse
Found this an adventure game. What would this actually make?
Replies: >>251784
[Hide] (3.4MB, 2000x1951) Reverse
Can someone here please translate this?
Replies: >>251778 >>251788
[Hide] (22.9KB, 500x500) Reverse
That translates roughly as "a bunch of cocksuckers". Not sure about the runes
[Hide] (30.6KB, 500x376) Reverse
A mess. I assume the intent is rocket fuel, but I don't know of any rocket fuel that contains silver. Most successful liquid fuels have as little carbon as possible and tons of group 6/7 elements like chlorine and nitrogen to store bond energy.
Replies: >>251789
本能寺 is Honnou Temple, a historically significant site in Japan.
I think he's saying something along the lines of:
>Burning [this] is better than Honnou Temple, right? lol
Replies: >>251791
Thanks. I expected it wouldn't be anything real, but wanted to check. In the game it's fuel for a mad scientist's digging machine (that he grew bored of and never actually completed).
Thanks Hitler. For context:
>Honnō-ji is most famous for the Honnō-ji incident – the assassination of Oda Nobunaga – that occurred there on 21 June 1582. Nobunaga lodged at the temple with little protection before his invasion of the west, but was betrayed by his general Akechi Mitsuhide, whose forces surrounded the temple and set it on fire.
I assume in-game it's the nigger who sets the temple on fire.
Replies: >>251793
>local gorilla nog burns down temple with his employer lord still inside in mostly peaceful protest
That would be hilarious but the game isn't out yet, I think it's just a joke about how ubi deserves to burn for niggerfying nip culture.
Replies: >>251843
[Hide] (215.5KB, 1680x889) Reverse
I want to complete X-Com: Enemy Unknown on Iron man on Classic. I tried playing it a few years ago on normal Ironman but I got my ass handed to me. What is some advice you could give me for completing it on this difficulty? Also, should I play with or without the Enemy Within expansion?
How does a vagina feel like?
Replies: >>251809 >>251861
ask your mom
I haven't been following this iteration of ass niggers at all, but I assume just from prior experience that Nobunaga is a templarfag and one of the final missions will be the Honnouji incident where the player has to "shut it down" him. It could easily be the nigger who does it.
Depends on how loose it is.
Either ways not as good as anal
Replies: >>251877
The ass is tight only at the entrance, making anal inferior. Plus it is missing the rest of the vagina's features. Except if you are an active pedophile. Maybe that solves the tightness.
Replies: >>251879
The vagina isnt uniformly tight either pedo.
Plus bitches are too lazy to actively contract it
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