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A new one is needed.
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>Exposition A
>Play Tabletop 40k (3rd edition) on Maptool with some dude
>Lose a Land Raider first turn to lucky 6's
>Fail 3 consecutive 2+ rolls aganist a single sentinel
>Fail more +3 saves that i can count
>Play 2 more games that end up in similar results
>do the math after the game
>Tabletop 40k requiring you to pass multiple checks without failing a single one just to remove an enemy figure generates a probability curve that essentially fucks you over and makes overall success rates very low
>do some recon on the internets (mainly old fart forums) to check if the game is this bad or im just fucking up the rules somewhere
>Turns out everyone defends rolling buckets of dice with nil chances and apparently i should just "git gud" instead of pointing out design flaws
>Picrelated treating a dice-rolled russian roulette of a miniatures wargame set in the most creatively bankrupt and unoriginal setting to date as if it is a litmus test for sufi initiation

>Exposition B
>Be playing XCOM-Enemy Unknown
>Put it on classic because i've played enough UFO:Defence
>Ayys can shoot through full cover no questions asked
>Fail more 90% shots that i can count
>Fail more damage checks leaving Ayys at 1 HP than i can count
>Ayys can peak out and one shot you in a single turn
>Meme enemy that chokes your units, goes into stealth and the few times you can shoot at it it gives you a flat -20% to hit him because it's a flyer
>The game is just not fun at this point and i'd rather be getting reaction-fire fucked every time i drop from the skyranger at old UFO because at least in that game you can counter-fuck them with smokes and HE shenanigans
>Again, do some recon to see if im being retarded or this game is really this much of a trainwreck
>"nuh-uh you BAAAD nothing wrong with Ayys straight up ignoring a -80% full cover + hunker down penalty"
>Alternatively "Just lower difficulty bro" as if a intrinsic issue with the way the game is designed is gonna be solved by putting a band aid of lowering the difficulty so that the game gives you the unfair bonuses instead of the AI

>Exposition C
>Months ago, maybe a year i can't really remember
>be on one of the videogame boards
>"RTS games suck because they are hyperspecific excersises in gookclicking, wich is good if you like gookclicking but if you want to just play a strategy game you're fucked because the industry is landlocked in making iterations of starcraft with a different coat of paint"
>the first reply to that is "you are bad at RTS games lol" and being accused of reddit-spacing

the above expositions are just the tip of the iceberg but character limit won't let me

>Have poorly designed game
>Point it out
>Litmus patrol is deployed "Git Gud" is uttered
>Poorly designed game gets off scot free
>Videogame company keeps pumping out poorly designed games
>Tfw these people will be the same people that curse and lament themselves when shit games are made and the videogame industry gets more and more scummy by the day

>if you dislike something ever its because you are bad at it and any points you may have are invalid
>somehow im the one diagnosed with a personality disorder, but the stockholm syndrome gamblers above are regarded as perfectly sane human beings
>Nothing i ever say today, yersterday or tomorrow will ever be valid because someone will find a quirk in my behaviour and call me a schizo
wew lad

on a completely unrelated note, i almost finished the Final version of Dispossesed/YRS/ACID System/Every single previous attempt at making my own RPG system, turned out very different from what it was supposed to be but for once, its something i actually want to play without going "i should just fork Storyteller/play FUDGE instead", got nothing to show for it beyond a text file though, gotta get it all in a neat PDF and all that
>>3883 (OP) 
>a new one
Why though?
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I've noticed that people often bemoan a lack of special experiences when they are generally attainable (sometimes even if poor). In one summer, I went to a stand-up comedy event and hiked up a difficult mountain.
When I was eight years old, I recall going out west. The morning after the flight, I saw mountains in the distance. At the time, they were scenery to me. Hiking them is a magical experience because what was once something I never even imagined myself doing becomes a tangible experience.
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