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A new one is needed.
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>Exposition A
>Play Tabletop 40k (3rd edition) on Maptool with some dude
>Lose a Land Raider first turn to lucky 6's
>Fail 3 consecutive 2+ rolls aganist a single sentinel
>Fail more +3 saves that i can count
>Play 2 more games that end up in similar results
>do the math after the game
>Tabletop 40k requiring you to pass multiple checks without failing a single one just to remove an enemy figure generates a probability curve that essentially fucks you over and makes overall success rates very low
>do some recon on the internets (mainly old fart forums) to check if the game is this bad or im just fucking up the rules somewhere
>Turns out everyone defends rolling buckets of dice with nil chances and apparently i should just "git gud" instead of pointing out design flaws
>Picrelated treating a dice-rolled russian roulette of a miniatures wargame set in the most creatively bankrupt and unoriginal setting to date as if it is a litmus test for sufi initiation

>Exposition B
>Be playing XCOM-Enemy Unknown
>Put it on classic because i've played enough UFO:Defence
>Ayys can shoot through full cover no questions asked
>Fail more 90% shots that i can count
>Fail more damage checks leaving Ayys at 1 HP than i can count
>Ayys can peak out and one shot you in a single turn
>Meme enemy that chokes your units, goes into stealth and the few times you can shoot at it it gives you a flat -20% to hit him because it's a flyer
>The game is just not fun at this point and i'd rather be getting reaction-fire fucked every time i drop from the skyranger at old UFO because at least in that game you can counter-fuck them with smokes and HE shenanigans
>Again, do some recon to see if im being retarded or this game is really this much of a trainwreck
>"nuh-uh you BAAAD nothing wrong with Ayys straight up ignoring a -80% full cover + hunker down penalty"
>Alternatively "Just lower difficulty bro" as if a intrinsic issue with the way the game is designed is gonna be solved by putting a band aid of lowering the difficulty so that the game gives you the unfair bonuses instead of the AI

>Exposition C
>Months ago, maybe a year i can't really remember
>be on one of the videogame boards
>"RTS games suck because they are hyperspecific excersises in gookclicking, wich is good if you like gookclicking but if you want to just play a strategy game you're fucked because the industry is landlocked in making iterations of starcraft with a different coat of paint"
>the first reply to that is "you are bad at RTS games lol" and being accused of reddit-spacing

the above expositions are just the tip of the iceberg but character limit won't let me

>Have poorly designed game
>Point it out
>Litmus patrol is deployed "Git Gud" is uttered
>Poorly designed game gets off scot free
>Videogame company keeps pumping out poorly designed games
>Tfw these people will be the same people that curse and lament themselves when shit games are made and the videogame industry gets more and more scummy by the day

>if you dislike something ever its because you are bad at it and any points you may have are invalid
>somehow im the one diagnosed with a personality disorder, but the stockholm syndrome gamblers above are regarded as perfectly sane human beings
>Nothing i ever say today, yersterday or tomorrow will ever be valid because someone will find a quirk in my behaviour and call me a schizo
wew lad

on a completely unrelated note, i almost finished the Final version of Dispossesed/YRS/ACID System/Every single previous attempt at making my own RPG system, turned out very different from what it was supposed to be but for once, its something i actually want to play without going "i should just fork Storyteller/play FUDGE instead", got nothing to show for it beyond a text file though, gotta get it all in a neat PDF and all that
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>>3883 (OP) 
>a new one
Why though?
Replies: >>3887
Threads have a reply limit of 500 posts.
I've noticed that people often bemoan a lack of special experiences when they are generally attainable (sometimes even if poor). In one summer, I went to a stand-up comedy event and hiked up a difficult mountain.
When I was eight years old, I recall going out west. The morning after the flight, I saw mountains in the distance. At the time, they were scenery to me. Hiking them is a magical experience because what was once something I never even imagined myself doing becomes a tangible experience.
Ah for fuck's sake something fucked the formatting and pictures, fixed it tho, sorry for the fuck up
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Every year, I find it more and more difficult to make friends online (IRL is a lost cause). I have myself to blame in large part though, considering I keep removing people because I get bored/tired/uncomfortable around them. I recently removed someone I was somewhat close with because he was starting to annoy me and because he’d try to get me to go back to a shitty MMO I’m trying to quit for good. Alcohol was involved in that decision, and I know it was a shitty way to go about it, but whatever. I’m a shitty person anyway, it’s not a bad thing to not be involved with me.
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why do you want friends for though?
could always be worse, you could be stuck living in a shithole hillbilly town where everyone has 6+ dogs that keep barking at 3AM, or nigger neighbors that blast music at full volume to the point where your walls literally shake, even worse yet you could be one of those niggers (and then think you are one of the good guys), take a deep breath and be thankful you're not one of those niggers

take it one step at a time, most people are niggers anyways and you'd be surprised at the ammount of fags that WILL betray you, specially online friendships, in my experience most fags online will get along with you in exchange for one thing, for example friends that you play with, and you only ever play shit with them, they don't care about your life beyond that, ideological friends that only orbit around you to discuss XYZ, then as soon as you no longer feed into that, ciao, in reality it is no different from IRL friends actually, everyone's just a nigger

the golden rule i've witnessed myself is that having common life-or-death/extreme experience is what makes people stick with you, or rather that it is the litmus test to know if you can really relate to someone

an example i can give of this is my only IRL friend that i have, or rather the only IRL friend that i haven't willingly pushed away/cut ties with, he had a falling out with his Ex-gf, got himself fucked up over 3dpd and started hanging out with retards he didn't even like, i called him out on him turning his entire fucking life into a trainwreck, he pushed me away because he didn't like what i had to say, some time later (years) he realizes everything i said was true and that i was prettymuch the only fag in his environment that was being truthful, he decided to un-fuck himself, we re-established contact and we've been close ever since, he's had a few chances to fuck me over, he never did, i had more than a few chances to fuck him over, i never did, why? because we went through shit together, i was honest to him, and he was honest to me, shit happened

it is only normal that you end up being bored or uncomftable with peope if the only interests they ever had were surface-level shit, like trying to get you back on a MMO

regardless of all of the above, remember that everyone dies alone, you don't get to bring friends
you should also start running, it fires up your fucking synapses and gets your heart pumping, its the shit yo
Replies: >>3903
I get it, I have had bad experiences too and I definitely learned not to open up too much to others. I'm old enough to have learned the hard way that there's no point in being too transparent to others, it can only be a bad thing. It's just that sometimes, the lizard brain compels me to get close to people sometimes, even though I know rationally that internet "friends" are whatever and not shit that's meant to last or be taken seriously.
I wish I could write something interesting about myself or my life, but I feel like I have nothing to contribute and words have never been my strength. I only ever end up incomprehensively rambling.
It is always a mystery to me how you manage to consistently find interesting things to talk about and in the form of elaborate text walls.
I wish I could become more literate, more aware of myself and my sorroundings. The last few months have already improved my ability to reflect on my own actions, but I can't properly articulate it. I still feel like a shallow cattle human. Perhaps I am what you would call a failed normalnigger. Ignorance is bliss.
Replies: >>3906
In spite of my infatuation with imageboards and internet culture, I've had to realize that my lack of creativity or anything worthwile to the internet means that I am only a net weight on any sort of community that I get involved with.
Due to this and my overall inexperience and ineptitude, I am now convinced that I am part of the cancer that is killing the internet.
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>consistently find interesting things to talk about and in the form of elaborate text walls.
Making OC, memes and just getting myself busy with extended projects is the only thing keeping me sane and keeping the anxiety of my noise-enriched environment, just focus on performing a task and shutting down my thinking faculties, for me writting walls of text is the fine line between staying sane or having a mental breakdown and crumbling under the visicissudes of physical "reality"
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For worthless subhuman cattle like me there's easier escapism like watching cartoons or listening to music
Replies: >>3908
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>Watching cartoons
Used to read mangas but scanlation teams never translate the shit i read, and i did not have the funds/knowledge of moon runes to scanlate myself so i dropped that
>Listening to music
i blast DnB and Breakcore on a daily basis because its better than listening to the constant noise of the satanic hellspawns around me
boardgames/wargaming is where's at tho, its surprising how much you can learn about game design (and how poorly designed most popular videogames are) by playing the damn things
Replies: >>3913
Don't despair. Sometimes a clever or dumb but funny remark can uplift a thread's value. Even questions can be useful and bring out interesting information from anons to whom that question wouldn't occur otherwise.
Still working on my game. The algorithms I'm using for entity movement is always completed, but when has it not? At the very least it's at the very final stage. Nothing but some peculiar bugs stands in the way of moving on to something else.
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I don't know how english.
>the lowest ends of humanity will form temporary "robot" groups but will always die out
For the most part, I doubt that there were robot groups like this until the advent of the internet. Pre-1980s, I bet many robots never encountered another outcast in their entire lives. In real life, I have never encountered anyone like the people here, and the process of finding uncommon books that I wanted and authors who I could relate to would have been a struggle. We would've been almost totally isolated in the old days.
Replies: >>3915
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>better than listening to the constant noise of the satanic hellspawns around me.
I know what you mean. Everything is better than that endless nigbonics mumble rap and 'cuteboi' faggots howling about worshipping whores.
For me it's metal stuff, especially old school 90s death- and doom metal stuff. It makes me feel above the cattle obsessed with its own emotions. Recently I really got to understand this music. It feels like an utter disregard of everything around me. 
>scanlation teams never translate the shit i read
Must be pretty obscure stuff that you read then. I rarely have this issue, though I watch more anime than I read manga these days.
Weirdly my taste in film is quite the opposite of the escapism I'm looking for in music. It is mostly shoujo stuff, 'healing media', where nothing is really happening. I don't know what's so alluring about that to me. Maybe the stark contrast to the whorehell around me? I swear I don't want to be a little grill.
I have come to disregard good graphics and come to like the SNES era stuff mostly. It kinda takes me back to a time I suppose was much better, less complicated, despite the constant technological innovation which must have felt so novel back then. AND THERE WEREN'T NIGGERS EVERYWHERE IN MY COUNTRY
Yes, the 90s were right before EVERYTHING went to shit. Guess I'm just having an extreme case of retromania. I really can't look forward anymore.
But yeah. Haven't played recent videogames in a long time. My Ryzen 3600 rig that I spent around 500€ back in 2019 is catching dust at home. Kinda feels like a waste. Maybe I should use it to generate AI 'art' lol. I guess crypto mining isn't worth it anymore and the GPU is quite old anyways. 
Like tabletop RPGs? Don't you need several persons for that? You go to tabletop meetings and stuff?
I never did much tabletop games as a child since obviously I never was a very social person and I guess I'm too old to get into that now, but it sure is interesting. 
I could also never get into strategy games. It always looked so complicated, so I didn't bother. But I suppose it can be a rewarding experience to really master such a game.

Also I think my countrys internet just went partially 404. At least I can't access most of the major sites including google. Oddly of all the websites I tested, besides YouTube, this is the only site working. Don't know what's happening. Maybe russia nuked some network line or smth.
Replies: >>3914
>I have come to disregard good graphics and come to like the SNES era stuff mostly. It kinda takes me back to a time I suppose was much better, less complicated
I'm not doing things for enjoyment anymore, just for the aesthetic. 
I litter my room with ancient E-Waste that I find at the local dumpster and play those outdated games for the LARP of living in the 1993.
To me it seems many here have a problem with modern society and seem to think they could fit into traditional societies?
Replies: >>3918
I've had a stronger craving for alcohol lately. I don't want to become an alcoholic, but it's the only way I can feel anything these days.
Replies: >>3918
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1280x720, 00:26)
I feel like the pre (high speed) internet world was a completely different reality that we can't even imagine anymore at this point. Especially with the widespread use of smartphones it all went downhill so quickly.
Everyone I've been talking to in real life seems so desillusioned with everything. Propably since all are subjected to the same constant stream of mkultra tier neuron over stimulation with irrelevant data garbage. 
I too feel a strong sense of this desillusion. Though I used to be interested in different ways of living in other countries, I've come to realize that there's nothing left of that which makes those countries or cultures or anything unique, at least since 10$ chinkphone with access to high speed internet connections have become available in the most remote shitholes. Now with the introduction of satellite internet, there will be no place unsullied from this desease.
It seems to me the internet really managed in the span of ~20 years to dissolve any kind of fabric left in society and lead to the unhinged hedonistic hell we have today. Much more than all social changes and tech before. 

Just imagine around 2 decades ago the majority of men had to physically go walk into a video rental store or something to get their dose of eroticism. They couldn't take their smartphone out of their pockets at all times and look up the most degenerate nieche fetish porn imaginable and live in those fantasies.
Or think about how it has turned relationships into a commodity - back then there was no platform for whores to scroll through hundreds of different guys to fuck in a matter of minutes and to have a personal army of thirsty shells of men worshipping her and sending her money for her whoring. https://youtu.be/RjNx7J3UN5E
Then of course there is the fact that critical thinking is non existent anymore. You can't even tell what's relevant anymore, cause there is no line between novelty entertainment and learning. Just reading 'amusing ourselves to death' recently made me realize the severity of the situation. It is that but 1000 times over.
Is this even possible to revert? Could someone ban all mobile devices and limit the public internet bandwithd to modem levels? Except best korea I can't think of any country that has implemented something like this. 
It is ironic that nieche internet communities like this are the only places for me to see interesting people who don't seem like empty husks. 
Are you as outcasts even concerned with anything concerning wider 'normalnigger society'?
Anyways I should read a fukn book instead of bogging everyone with senseless ramblings about self evident things.
I don't think that fitting completely into society is possible. However, I think that we are already past the sweet spot where things would have been easier.
I have always felt conflicted about this topic. I think that going too far back is definitely worse, but the future doesn't look too bright either.
Everything goes to shit when you stop caring.
Finally got a job after just under half a decade of NEETdom and about a year of trying really hard to get a job. It is way less satisfying than I thought it would be to finally have an income, but at least now I can afford things.
Also, aside from a few bouts when I feel completely miserable for a week here and there, I "cured" my depression by lifting while listening to tough-guy hardcore (Hatebreed and Terror mostly). 
Feels good to finally be semi-functional and physically fit for the first time since I was 14, even the brain fog I had gotten used to in the past few years and became a reason to justify passively rotting away, as even my brain seemed to be in decay, is gone.
Replies: >>3920
I felt the same way after getting my job. The money doesn't seem to mean anything for me right now, and I realized that it would be insanely easy to blow it all, despite saving almost every cent I earn. However after powering through the initial misery and figuring things out a bit, I managed to turn it into a mostly tolerable situation where I don't have to work too much. And yes, it seems to restore/help maintain my mental acuity, probably since I'm forced to actually use my brain most days rather than being able to rot. That all being said, I would still like to go back to being a NEET soon. I burned out at this job a while ago and I'm really just trying to hold on for however much longer I can.
For a long time I've been sick and tired of fapping but kept on doing it. Feeling I might be done now. I'm extremely close to escaping the Internet.
I HATE fast imageboards
I've been there.
Your brain is melted from excessive imageboard usage and entertainment. Get off the internet for a good while.
You seem seem pretty self absorbed. Stop that. It won't get you anywhere. Get away from yourself. In case you're a NEET, look into getting a routine first, maybe a crafts hobby and shieeeet, wash your penis yadayadayda. All that improvebruh shit you've propably been told dozens of times before. Write down what you do each day is the most important thing. Just a simple textfile with the dates and a checkbox of what you've accomplished.
Introperspection can only help if you've got the broader scope of things. Idk
[Hide] (20.5KB, 304x234)
It's been weeks of barely being able to remember my dreams. 
I've been struggling to fall asleep every night, and just waking up more tired every day. I think I should do one of those sleep study things.

I was going full NPC mode. I felt as if I wasn't thinking, de-realization, tunnelvision, no ideas, no creativity, no lucidity, unconscious, and the days went by so quick without being able to do anything.

Yesterday I stayed up for 22 hours, and then slept for 12 hours. I feel like I can remember maybe 3 or 4 hours of solid pretty good dreams where I felt great.

Now I feel lucid and awake again. I wish there was a way to stay like this.
I don't want to go back to NPC mode again.

I feel like I'm progressively drifting towards being an NPC as I'm getting older in general, and by that I don't mean I believe in the mainstream pozz ideology, but just not thinking or having ideas anymore like I used to.

Can any of you relate to this? Is there a solution, besides drugs?
Getting together with family for the holidays for the first time in years is like a video game filled with buggy, badly scripted events. No greetings or hugs. No Grace. Everyone goes to open presents before I finish dessert. Everyone leaves while I'm in the bathroom.
You are idealizing isolation and NEETdom and yet you seem lonely and miserable
Replies: >>3932 >>3933
Call me a normalnigger all you want. I'm just trying to generate traffic since this place is so dead
i am plagued with brain fog and tiredness which produce the same outcome you listed.

i wish i could get out of this state.
Replies: >>3932
I don't get lonely but I am miserable. I'm pretty incompetent. 
Take some magnesium glycinate.
[Hide] (9.2KB, 504x896)
I think robots want an escape precisely because they're miserable, and that NEETdom and the like is idealized because it offers that escape from the condition that they're miserable within. Is it that different from a sin riddled man who seeks comfort in church and God, who despite continuing to do evil in a way that he hates still wishes to strive to be like what his ideals commands of him? Or any other form of temperance that could be mentioned, eg lifting, dieting, NoFap, abstinence, etc, where the perceived ends or motives requires one to suffer through the same desire he wants to rid himself of? Although in this case of NEETdom it might be closer to a slave no longer wanting to suffer from a whip rather than a desire for some higher ideal. 
Working or wanting to be in a state where these sorts of undesirable things no longer affect you is to be expected.
[Hide] (16KB, 261x244)
[Hide] (70.7KB, 284x476)
[Hide] (20.6KB, 916x75)
I was fucking around playing solitaire card games, holy shit what a fucking excersise in futility, most of the games are literally unwinnable and/or rely mostly on luck, why anybody regards them as "relaxing" is beyond me, then again we are talking about the same cuckolds that say shit like how evolution exists, race is not real, and communism works
Replies: >>3935
>holy shit what a fucking excersise in futility, most of the games are literally unwinnable and/or rely mostly on luck
Just like real life! Getting an unwinnable game is less frustrating than losing against others because of luck. Find something with better odds or make your own.
>then again we are talking about the same cuckolds that say shit like how evolution exists, race is not real, and communism works
In my experience Poker is the choice for the "I'm an adult now" costume personality most every faggot adopts in their twenties. All political monkies, doesn't matter, left, right, center, are too busy roleplaying as cool intellectuals on social media pwning each other. Maybe they will ironically play one game of Microsoft Solitaire to share a screenshot online showing how they're "quirky" "loners". You could do with less time online when your first thought about something as innocuous as solitaire card games is lashing out at your political opposite.
Replies: >>3936
[Hide] (467.5KB, 768x768)
>make your own.
yeah that´s the plan, i just got a few decks of cards and wanted to check what they had to offer beyond divination, and fuck me this is just yet another dissapointment, its a fuckload of missed oportunity, cards have a 1-10 range with 2 wildcard jokers, 3 courts and 4 suits, there´s so much possibility in terms of odds chances and mechanics you can come up with, instead it is used to play some rigged-puzzle shit and rigged-odd games aganist eachother for money

but then again all this coupled with >>3885 means there´s a uncharted territory on the fringes of entertainment, something beyond rolling percentages that don´t even exist (probabilities rely on a infinite ammount of samples, when somebody says 75% it means that if you keep trying that thing infinitely it will work out 75%, you can still have a bad day and fail at that 4 times in a row and in fact, faill all those attempts in a single day because those 4 were all the attempts you took that day, chances literally do not exist and most games rely on a feat of schizophrenia of making you believe that dice are somehow "realistic" because "fog of war" even though the things we call "random" aren´t so, when someone trips on a puddle in the ice, the puddle was already there and he failed to see it, tripping on it, he didn´t trip on it because 75% he will trip on it and he failed his trip check), beyond the tryhard circlejerk grind of competitivity, grindfests, making skewered rules so game companies can sell more overpriced miniatures, and rolling bucketloads of dice because of the dopamine hit

i already did some minor experimentation with diceless roleplaying, wich turned out to be quite succesful, now that i have a few decks of cards in my hands, im gonna see how to put them to use and experiment with both diceless and card-based gaming, i can´t possibly do worse than the already stablished gaslight games so there´s nothing to lose really

>You could do with less time online
out of the question, i need music 24/7, my environment is too loud, where else do i download songs and expand my song library?
i could give more details but im feeling lazy
Replies: >>3938 >>3939
My mind feels blank
Just talk about that music or your data hoarding habits. There's nothing I could care less about than Solitaire or its userbase
Replies: >>3939 >>3951
Cool. I got into cards during Scouts, but after too much bad luck I stopped playing. At least with solitaire card games no one is gaining from your loss, monetarily or mentally. An unwinnable game is truly a "nothing I could do" scenario so it's no big deal. I don't have the imagination for roleplay, but will try what you make. In the meantime I'll find my cards and explore the many different variants available.

You may not, but I'm becoming more interested in distractions that don't rely on people or electronics. There's no goldilocks imageboard with just the right balance of activity and quality to keep me chained to a computer anymore.
Replies: >>3941 >>3951
Everytime I have to enter this godforsaken city I'm overflowing with disgust and hatred.
In the last few years, this country has been filled to the brim with disgusting shit skin niggers, hearing them defile my mother tongue like that fills me with pure disgust.
They are in every small town now. Using public transportation there is no way to avoid the sight of these things.
Then there's government campaigns to prevent the nigger cattle getting STDs from fucking around like savage animals. They are putting these posters on every subway stop with catchy lines like "blowing  instead of bubbles"some of these posters are straight up pornographic.
Learning just how far everything has decayed, how completely unhinged, shameless everything has become these past couple of years I had barely any real contact with the outside world, makes me more content not being a part of this degenerate niggercattle society
>but I'm becoming more interested in distractions that don't rely on people or electronics. 
I think you have a point there. But perhaps it is not electronics perse but internet and modern computers that you want to rid yourself from. Perhaps old RPG games could give you a similar experience, relying more on your imagination and not on fancy graphics to craft those fantasy worlds to escape to.
Everyone I talk to irl seems utterly desillusioned with everything. They only exist in their online pozz reality and don't want anything else
have you guys ever listened to opera? I have never listened but recently I learned of nessun dorma. It made me cry and i feel embarrassed because it it. it wasn't a self pity cry like in the sad loser uni days, but one where i still felt conscious and rebuked myself for being a big baby. I couldn't stop until I turned away and listened to something else. 
this isn't normal right.
Replies: >>3948
[Hide] (67.1KB, 1000x563)
Jewish religion: imposes degeneracy
wh*te religion: enables degeneracy
Muslim religion: Destroys degeneracy

I wish my ancestors, the romans, had genocided you snownigger mudhutters. 
Jews may have created  and financed all those leftists, but who  supported and enforced?
Who voted for leftist politics? Who wanted femboy hooters? who plays VR chant? who rapes dogs and makes movements to legalize it? It's always fucking whites.
Face it, you are like the norsca of this world. Whites are a vessel for the chaos gods - or just the jews, I guess.

Jews alone, even jews+niggers+chinks, would have never ruined this world so. I hate whites, I truly do. An Evil Overlord is nothing without his minions, jews are nothing without whitoid subhamsn - the orcs of this planet.

pic related, it's me, seething
You really think arabs are not degenerate? I'd concene some like the Taliban might not be, but I dont know them that well.  besides that, yes, jews are nothing without normalniggers simping for them
Replies: >>3957
>muh uni muh waaaaahhh
Shut the fuck up, normalfag retard.
Arabs are child fuckers, just like every other semite.
[Hide] (142.6KB, 794x1123)
>Data hoard
fuck around and find out
>An unwinnable game is truly a "nothing I could do" scenario so it's no big deal.
no, that´s worse, that means i can´t stab anyone and externalize my anger and disgust other than maybe burning the cards themselves

Stage 1:Religion
Jewish: kneel before a god, pray then drink infant blood for said god
Christianity: kneel before a god, then pray and follow a bunch of moral precepts declare holy war on shit untill you get cucked by humanism, then realize you were the humanism all along and commit sudoku
Muslim: same as above, minus the humanism and then plagiarize gnosticism with sufi stuff
>Belive in god
>Belive in the demiurg god
all religions are the same, the precepts change but it all comes down to the above, pick an external entity of superior power and call for its
attention by following certain arbitrary precepts
>Make up a bunch of abstract theories that have no bearing in reality (IE:probability and statistics)
>Said abstract theories rely on the faith that somehow the initial assumptions upon wich the calculations that led to such theories are correct otherwise your entire worldview collapses
>Your worldview implodes anyways when math prooves that God exists and every major science-man was a metaphysician (Bohr, Newtown, Schrodinger, Tesla etc...)
>It implodes even harder when...
>Piltover man was a deliberate hoax of monkey-bones placed on an actual cadaver that was there before
>Nehanderthal is literally some corpse with arthritis that later some ((( A r c h e o l o g i s t  ))) re-dug and made his whole fantasy story about it
>There are findings of anatomically modern humans and better yet, tools that they used way before the pleistocene completely fucking evolution sideways
>Evolution is literally a eugenic psy-op
you get the idea by now, continuing...
Stage 2: muh ideology
>Man is biologically, spiritually and existentially unequal
>Be a Liberal
>Insist that this unequal man should somehow, be equal
>Not only that but you insist that this unequal man that must be equal must also live in love and fraternity
>Express this love and fraternity by beggining a chimpout that makes the worst fairy tales about the inquisition look like birthday parties
>Kill God
>Kill the King
>Kill the Nobility
>Kill the Church
>Kill other liberals because they are not as liberal as you are
>Change government more times in a single year than a man changes his shirt in a single fucking day
>Try to wear the decaying skin of the old nobility that you killed because even though you hated them you secretly envied them because they had the one thing you could never aspire to attain a Divine Link
>Sniff the copium hard,
>Materialize everything
>Cope with the Divine Link you don´t have via moralism
>Cope with the virility you never had via faux machismo (sports, "dueling", dressing fancy and being a gymbro in the XIXth century etc...)
>Landowners? fuck no, everything is currency
>Ironically having currency as the method of transaction means the peasantry and the lower classes have even less than ever, since, at the very least before capitalism the peasants still had small parcels of land that could work to sustain themselves in times of crises, now they have a bunch of bills on a bank that they can´t fucking eat
>pretend you are peaceloving and functional while at the same time plotting a world war because you are butthurt that despite your chimpout there are still 3 ghosts of the ancien regime (The Russian Tsar, the Japanese Emperor, and Germany/Austria-Hungary)
>Napoleon the III commits suicide by cuckoldry by selling his ass to frog liberals
>Crimean war psy op begins
>Tsar fucking dies, with the death of this character the thread of the prophecy is broken, restore a save game or continue onwards with the doomed Russia you have created
Replies: >>3952 >>3962
[Hide] (211.3KB, 640x640)
[Hide] (257.1KB, 1039x641)
>Tsar dies
>Russia is now condemned to be ruled by a weak-bitch Tsar and a cabal of masonic-jewish aligned officers (regardless of how anti-semitic they actually were, since they had no issue with aligning themselves with the frogs and the anglos)
>be so democratic that you start the Great War
>Prussian constitutionalism breaks, Bismark is BTFO just like every single monarch that tried to negotiate with the liberal-burgoise as the german socialists make Germany lose der Weltkrieg
>Should have listened to Metternicht, too late for that now
>Great War ends, backstab your "ally" showing your true colors (a masonic megastate with the intent of pushing forward Entelechy)
>Austria-Hungary implodes
>Kill Stolypin for a good measure in case the man completely fucks the soviet revolution sideways
>be Churchil/Roosevelt be an anti-communist but then proceed to sell half of the world to the comunist, first at the Great War, second at Yalta and post-WWII
>Be a Communist
>The aforementioned unequal man must also share his stuff
>Social darwinism, even though darwinism is a hoax by virtue of evolution being a hoax
>The ideology is a meme and we haven´t even begun
>Postulate a bunch of psychoanalitical complexes to demean reactionaries even though most left-leaning people are amongst the most unstable and neurotic
>Be an extension of tellurism, literally a re-skin of early Christianity
>Exalt the weak and destitute in the same way Christianity did back then, and use it to destroy the third state in the same way Christianity did it to the first state
>Maniquean justice manifests itself as christcucks are butchered left and right in every single commie uprising around the world
>socialize the means of production by taking the lands of the russian nobles and redistributing them... to yourself
>peasants get redpilled the hard way, too late...
>Maniquean justice manifests itself once more as many peasants die in commie purges and ultimately, the same russian people that commited regicide and betrayed their Tsar, suffer the consequences and live through decades of Soviet oppression, gulags, hunger etc... just like the frogs did before them
>We are not communists, or democrats!
>power for the proletariat (people)
>for the people by the people
>power to the [insert nation´s name] people
>Literally the revolution of the 4th state but instead of some internationalist psyop, its a regionalist one
>Tfw niggers keep forgetting how early nationalists sided with liberals back in the XIXth century
>Adolph Hitler
>Hate the Hapsburg dinasty (Red flag counter:1)
>Benito Mussolini
>Be a socialist (Red flag counter:2)
>Hitler starts literally stealing all the german reactionary talking points, not even the idea of the Third Reich is his since that´s from Arthut Moller (Red flag counter:3)
>Create a cult of personality and a populist dictatorship akin to Mao´s china (Red flag counter:4)
>Bring every single higher principle to the masses
>Quantity above quality
>Family policies, race biologism, burgoise morals (at this point Evola is much more articulate than i am, read picrelated)

so there´s that, all three major "Ideologies" are different heads of the same hydra, all aim at collectivism, at depersonalization
at the faustian infatuation with "Life" at the dull confines of materialistic infatuation

Replies: >>3953
[Hide] (149.6KB, 630x329)
[Hide] (70.5KB, 487x459)
[Hide] (32.8KB, 394x234)
Stage 3:muh race
>Be a NationalSocialist/Fascist
>Talk about race, spend all day talking about race
>be retarded enough to say "white race" as if race was a matter of skin colour, refuse to use the term "Aryan" because muh optics
>be double retared and use "europeans" as a racial term even though "whites" have been in prettymuch every place in the world
>be triple retarded, assign to this "white race" purely materialistic and moral values, muh cathedrals, muh planes, muh rockets, even though many inventions were invented in china before "europeans" got hold of it
>be quadruple retarded, ignore spirituality, ignore the fact that every system of metaphysics was brought by Aryans, 
>Tao was taught to the chinese by Aryans, Hinuism was brought to the pahjeet by Aryans, and later reformed by Prince Siddharta, the first Buddha, who was also an aryan
>the Sun gods that the spics had, brought to them by Aryans
>Aryan literally means "Noble One"
>Zen buddhism, Aryan
>Plotinus, Greek, Aryan
>Gotama, Scytian, Aryan
>Neoplatonism, Early Hinduism, Early Buddhism, Gnosticism, OG Hellenism, the Vedas, Works and Days, the Odyssey, the Eddas,
>All Aryan
>Be quintuple fucking retarded, regard all of the above as superstition, also regard all the origin stories that place the Aryan race´s origin in the north pole as superstition too
>Base the entire concept of race as biology and evolutionary memes even though evolution is a complete lie
>At best you have new-age retards that think hyperborea is a literal place and that Hitler is still alive in a south-pole submarine base (looking at you Serrano you fucking mongrel)
>Race is biology, in essence, racial communism, the masses of "white" people must be saved, it doesn´t matter how retarded and lobotomized they are, we have to breed more "whites" to outnumber the niggers even though the blessed "whites" are just white skinned niggers
>We must save our blessed white race that betrayed Mussolini and lynched him like a fucking petty thief in a gas station
>We must save our blessed white race of faux burgoise conformists that betrayed Hitler and proceded to become some of biggest boomers in Europe (West Germany)
>b-b-b-but muh science!

what did Krishna say to Arjuna? let the bodies hit the floor
what did fucking De Maistre said when he was confronted with the frog chimps? let the bodies hit the floor
what did Evola say at the end of "Ride the Tiger"? Death has right over Life

"Life" is a prision built by a psychopathic god with a plan, Aryans are the race of beings that are trapped here, everyone else is the bodily amalgamation of smart animals that made use of the Aryans to build their faux "Civilizations"
All religions are the same lie reiterated
All ideologies are the same lie reiterated
they all affirm "Life" wether it is a life based on "charity" or a "Life" based on "struggle"

you are a nigger, you are a black gorilla NIGGER, because you have fallen for a NIGGER PSYOP, and proceeded to worship a race of literal NIGGERS who worship a bigger NIGGER with a book and a problem with cannabis, wich in turn worshipped the PSYCHOPATH NIGGER GOD who built this entire NIGGER PSYOP

you are a NIGGER Because being in the threshold of truth, you haven´t elevated yourself beyond the psyop, but have now come under the spell of a bigger and dumber psyop, just like the failed experiment at /monster/ just like the LARPers at /Fascist/ just like everyone else, another battlefield loss in this eternal war of Divine psyops

psyop A vs psyop B, light vs dark, high vs low, its all nigger-bullshit
Metaphysics is the only truth Ontology is the only measure of Metaphysics, everyone is a nigger, everything is made by niggers, and as such, everything must die, people, animals, plants, atoms, fucking everything
now if youĺl excuse me i have shit to do, and anime girls to masturbate to
Replies: >>3958
I finished reading Considerations on France by Joseph de Maistre. Some of the chapters were excellent, whereas others were mundane. I have in mind On the Violent Destruction of the Human Species as the best chapter of his little book. It reads like something out of Might is Right but more intelligent and well-written. The book is quotable, too.
I'm not a stickler for the conventional reactionaries. I prefer people like Max Stirner who put their effort into negating baseless precepts rather than establishing any new ones. That being said, I think people like de Maistre have provided invaluable critiques of modernity.
Replies: >>3955
Too many philosophers put unneeded emphasis on personal experience or poorly conceived notions of an ontological reality holding precedence over reality as its conventionally perceived. Like trying to put science in front of tradition as if either by default deserve to be held with infinite respect, or personal feelings of what's moral and fair over what is conventionally thought of as so.
>destroys degeneracy
Yes the imams and their noble followers are destroying degeneracy by making fat stacks of cash from their retarded gullible followers who buy their bullshit trinkets and heroin and help run human trafficking rings. Every Muslim is a bigger degenerate animal than any so-called Christian or pagan when exposed to western vices, they just avoid pork as a token. Go live in fucking Morocco or Sudan to be among practitioners you mouthbreathing shitskin wop.
It doesn't have to do with Islam itself but more the people and culture it comes from. The Taliban (who are mostly Iranian speakers, not Arabs or Pakis) are marginally less shit than al-Qaeda and ((( ISIS ))) but still shitskin fundamentalists though they definitely rape and sexualize less kids, who are usually Aryan stock, than the American-backed government did and in fact used children as bait to kill police and military officers in the Afghan Army during the dash to Kabul because the ranks were that rife with pedos.
>>Race is biology, in essence, racial communism, the masses of "white" people must be saved, it doesn´t matter how retarded and lobotomized they are, we have to breed more "whites" to outnumber the niggers even though the blessed "whites" are just white skinned niggers
>>We must save our blessed white race that betrayed Mussolini and lynched him like a fucking petty thief in a gas station
>>We must save our blessed white race of faux burgoise conformists that betrayed Hitler and proceded to become some of biggest boomers in Europe (West Germany)
It's a matter of yield, you are presumably white, were born from whites. Your parents like mine were probably horrible conformists but you came out different. You yourself note that spirituality comes from the Aryan and would agree that other races seem unable to birth the spiritual. That is why the white masses have value, they are the only way that anything higher can be born.

On a personal note, I just can't help myself from trying, to want to spite those who I find reprehensible for dictating that all who look like me are to be genocided.
[Hide] (6.5KB, 150x150)
im having a panic attack, i am feeling extreme anxiety i don´t know what the fuck to do with my life right now, this in itself isn´t horrible, its the fact that i am alone, nobody is going to help me and nobody can help me

i want to cry but crying will not solve things, i am going to sleep now and try to calm myself down
fuck. you're cool
autism is a mental illness. it's not even funny anymore i swear
I've been getting into novels and light novels on MyAnimeList recently. It's precious to see thoughtfulness in these works rather than mere action. A little action can carry a story, but too much diminishes its value.
When we watch a show, what we see is largely the "surface." Mainly in reading a novel does one find depth. This is the nature of these mediums. What I specifically mean, for example, is that in watching the Stand Alone Complex episodes, I would see continual action and characters talking, but in reading the first of its light novels, I noticed that the characters had thoughts and feelings that could not be expressed in a show without drastically increasing the length of each episode and rendering it monotonous.
[Hide] (3.6KB, 698x30)
>tfw rapeman (faggot) bans & deletes the furry thread on /b/ to pretend to be an ebic oldfag
>tfw wasted my time making a furry gore tegaki reply for no raisin
it's ded
Replies: >>3967
I'm still here as a matter of habit. I wonder where all the people who leave these places go to. I doubt that all or even most of them end up on places like Discord. Do they just quit online social interaction entirely, or do they pursue some alternative like IRC, deep web forums, or (god knows) CB radio? While we'll almost certainly never get this data, I would like to imagine a pie chart of the paths that users who leave places like this take.
Since I've seen how slow this place and others are that I used to cherish, I've switched to browsing anon.cafe/k/ more often. I'm a loner both online and in real life, though I like it. It's as if the world flies by me, and I am of a different world than the others of this world.
I'd like it if this place or /hikki/ got more traffic but it's not dead like the latter, there're spikes of substantial activity.
I got a life. So I suppose you could consider it "quit online social interaction entirely".
I haven't posted in quite a while because I just didn't have anything to say. My life has been fairly boring these past few months. However, I think that there is something more than that. It's not just these place, I've been mostly absent from imageboards as a whole. Because after really analizing it, I came to the conclusion that most of the time I am in one I am either angry or sad. I don't feel like I'm learning or interacting with anyone in any meaningful way  like I did before.
Who knows? Maybe, it comes with age. After all, it's been quite a few years.
In any case, I don't think that rambling matters, I'll probably be here tomorrow just like I'm here today.
[Hide] (299KB, 1074x1400)
I used to not dream a lot, but this past year I have dreams relatively frequently, and they're pretty much never positive. They tend to be scenarios that could happen in real life but they often have an element or two of surrealism. And for some reason I am never aware that it's a dream. It's been getting quite irritating.
I honestly think it's probably just a lot of anons moving on with their lives. The (perhaps unfortunate) truth is that the hikki neet lifestyle just isn't that tenable long term for most people unless they're independently wealthy or entitled to some kind of government pension. What I believe happened is that most of the users just moved on with their lives. That's not to say that everyone here suddenly became turbo normalfags overnight, but I do think that their circumstances probably changed. 

I always got the impression that most people here and on similar boards were late bloomers aged somewhere between their late teens and early 30s. Despite how most people here might have complained about failed normalfags, cyborgs, etc. and how they'd never be a normalfag like them, I believe that most of the anons who left probably just moved on with their lives and pursued work and/or education. That's what happened to me. I was a hikki and a neet for much of my 20s until I stumbled into my first proper job that was basically just handed to me by a desperate family member. Ever since then I've been working and or studying which, naturally, leaves much less time for internet shitposting. Hell, some of the anons probably even made friends and or formed romantic relationships. Either way, they probably fill their time with other activities that have since become more important.

In essence, my theory is that most of the people here were spergy late-bloomers who essentially just grew up and left the nest.
Replies: >>3985 >>3986 >>3989
I'd been saying that for years. Them moving on isn't what bothers me either but the chance that they forget where they came from and how they were molded for better and worse, as if it meant nothing to them, and how much of their beliefs were held because they were reinforced by the community they once belonged to.
Old /r9k/ had easy topics to post endlessly about. I think the early push to get robots to stop making their hatred of our surroundings their defining characteristic interrupted that natural flow of posts. Remove that and naturally other communities could easily fill in the void of what they'll be thinking about, there wouldn't be a need to post in this particular board.
Replies: >>3987
That's kind of what's happened to me. There were more things to talk about back in the day and I don't feel the need to vent or talk about feels as often as I once did. I only come here every so often because /r9k/ was my home board for so long and I don't want this place to die out.
I take back the nonsense I've posted and the sentimental, naive view I've held before.
You highlighted the problem. I thought it mainly applied to incel sites and trash heaps like wizchan and 4chan. Now, I believe 8chan /r9k/ to be no exception, not even a partial one. 8/r9k/ was a normalnigger flock from the start, and most of the posters were donning masks.
What sickens me is not that people are forced to work and get by in their outer life but that the conformism colors their inner life; in fact, it was their true face all along. Getting a job does not make a person do a 180 unless they were a liar beforehand.
It would have been better had 8/r9k/ and magicchan never existed. They were founded on the basis of "too good to be true," and their lying by upholding the idea that they were a den of real outcasts rather than a nest of vipers makes them even more sinister than sites that lack this pretense.
Replies: >>3990
To add onto that, I've never been a NEET. Even in my senior year of high school, when I was taking five AP and four dual credit college classes, I browsed /r9k/ somewhat frequently (with whatever spare time I had). The real explanation I could see for someone not having enough time on their hands to browse this place is if most of them were straight-up liars, perhaps even fooling themselves, and in reality, being saddled with social obligations, online friends who they spent time with, etc.
Because I was born in a latin american shithole, I never had a chance at neetdom without it meaning eventually living among extremely violent nigger people.
This being said, being 30 since yesterday, I can still say that most normalniggers deserve to be genocided, every single politician should be showered with boiling oil and that 2D > 3DPD.
i feel you robot. i haven't posted in an imageboard for a while, i'm still a friendless virgin. 
that didn't change, but I got a job now to sustain my life. after all, i can't run on >tfw 

we are ageing, and we have voiced our frustration for quite an amount of years.
So naturally, we have come to a time where we want some peace.
[Hide] (45.4KB, 640x480)
I'm so fucking bored.
[Hide] (758.8KB, 720x1280, 00:05)
american wagefag here
so i'm thinking about biting the bullet and moving the fuck out of my parents house and getting an apartment for myself. I'm really gonna squeeze my budget, but I can do it if I just start working my balls off. I've started applying for jobs at local casinos but if those fall through, I'm gonna have to take extra hours, maybe an extra day. I think my boss likes me, so maybe if I just lay my dick on the table and explain that I'm consistently useful and that if he can't pay me better than local businesses, I'm just gonna get a new job more locally b/c the apartments I'm looking at are like 10-20 miles away from where I work (the bus will take me 2+ hours to get to work).
Anyway, maybe some anons have actual life experience not the clueless NEETs and can explain to me the process of getting an apartment. I heard I have to produce my paychecks to show I can pay rent--I'm just gonna staple my balls to the wall and start putting in the work now--but from your anons' experience what should I know when getting an apartment in the city and what questions do i need to ask the sales ladies? Like how do i avoid getting the roach-infested apartment?
(context: my budget for monthly rent is max $900±$9.99)
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