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The Waifufaggotry Thread is getting a bit Derailed, so i made this one to take the Discussions on the Nature of the Divine 

As Always, i still do Tarot Reads, but no More than 5 Cards, and please THINK before you ask for reads, because they really are a pain in the ass for me to Make

Esoteric Waifufag's (Namefagging mainly to specify that this is the Compilation of One specific Anon, based around his Interests, as opposed to a Exhaustive Compilation of Tomes) Library:https://anonfiles.com/b6n2x3H7o3/Library_7z
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Is anyone here, aside from myself, practicing Geomancy? 
I've written a handy program to generate a set based on Agrippa's associations and I'd gladly share if someone can use it.
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You did it yourself? thats fucking impressive anon
I know next to nothing about geomancy but i'd like to see it
Replies: >>2359
Here's the thing, with executables for Linux and Windows, and the Source (for compilation with Godot Engine):
Why are you doing this? What benefit can this shit bring?
Replies: >>2363
It's a divination method, like Tarot.
But the way it generates randomness is by you making dots and counting those dots (repeat 16 times to generate initial figures, then generate the rest from there). This method is easy to digitize without loss of accuracy, speeding up the entire process quite a lot, especially by doing the signs and houses and associations and all that as well.
Plus, the way it saves and loads allows you to use it as a divination diary to check your accuracy.

When I was a teenager my parents shame me for the fact that I never had a girlfriend in two separate occasions. It basically came from nowhere, it seemed like they just want to humiliate me, for the kicks! The first time was my mother, she was complaining about me, like she always does, and in the end of her rants, she said: "when I was at your age I was already dating". I remember that she was pointing at me with a angry face whe she says that. The second time was my dad, he said the same thing that my mother had said. Has anyone experienced this?
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Yeah, she just watches TikToks and plays vidya when she's not working. My parents almost divorced at one point when we were younger and I guess it fucked her up as much as it fucked me up.
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My sister is like that too, don't know if it's more because I tormented her a lot or because our parents openly fucking despised each other and were constantly just one inane action away from screeching at each other for hours on end.
Ah yes, I remember 2015.
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Forgot the webm.
Your mom sounds like a tsundere.

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Leave some for the rest of us.
/japan/ best board
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Ok thats enough from you meji man
/Japan/ is allowed to get the satan trips because everyone knows yellow people are satanic poopy heads
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loli get

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Post and discuss fine specimens of 2D beauty.

The recent upsurge in cowgirl content from the new year has turned up some pretty good results. Flatfags may disagree.
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I agree, harmony makes the anime girl better. I like them to look very delicate.
I think its the girl from gosick.
Spoiler File
(783.6KB, 1080x1080)
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
(1.2MB, 1447x2047)
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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It's not about the images, it's about good posts from a good anon being deleted.
You sit the fuck back down and go back to drinking your soylent.
Are you truly so fucking anal you just had to change the OP when everything was fine as it was? Do you really need to micromanage everything to this excessive degree?
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Go visit some random neocities sites and bring something interesting back to share with anons.
Here are some cool images and gifs I got from
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Art under 10kB
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>Device for preventing prisoners from escaping
>Last updated five years ago

Cool in concept: intentionally creating small artwork. Lame in execution: downscaling artwork not originally intended to be small, then upscaling it with HTML and deblurring it with CSS to display it larger than it is in actuality. 10kB doesn't seem to be celebrating "small filesizes and reasonable design", as stated on its about page, it seems to be celebrating its designer's horrendously quirky writing.

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Any plans boys?
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Thanks, robot. Same to you.
Thanks anon.
Welcome to the club
Belated but wishing you all the best.
Happy new year robots, extremely belated but I still wanted to wish you the best for this year. May you all achieve comfy NEETdom/financial independence  this year.

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Post any /r9k/ related archives, whether from web archival sites or images. Web archive is generally preferred over archive.is since it doesn't use cloudflare. But it can be a little buggy from time to time.
>Old zchan.pro catalog (most threads in this web archive should load)
>Fatchan /r9k/'s board index
>Some fatchan archived threads
>Anon.cafe /r9k/'s Metaphysics and Religion thread
Replies: >>1286
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Old zchan's archive thread specifically
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What a weirdo. Not even trying to sell me anything.
>>15 (OP) 
This software https://files.catbox.moe/yzrvle.7z from here: https://alogs.theguntretort.com/robowaifu/res/3108.html#q4211 can backup boards and then you can upload all the content to the new one. Also good for harvesting some archives and put in old postings, maybe with some extra remark to show that these are just reposts. If someone ever made an alternative to Omnichan which allows every existing image board to be added, then this software might also be useful.
Replies: >>1288
I've just been using ChannelChanger to backup boards.

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Floating edition. Apparently spoilers are being changed to asterisks on the 18th.
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I don't see a problem with admitting to reading NTR; I see a problem with reading NTR and liking NTR but I don't see a problem in saying it. It might be attention seeking to say it, depending on the context, but in this case I think his entire post reflects the same vague image of trying to express an emotional problem in hopes something would come of it. Nothing would, of course. 
>nothing but get you attention
That's what he wants, why else would anyone say that? If he was really resolute on killing himself he'd not try to express it to someone else, he'd do it. Again, he's trying to find a solution through looking at others which is feminine but probably more aptly, immature on this specific topic.
Replies: >>1056
>That's what he wants, why else would anyone say that?
Saying things that lack any substance for the sole purpose of getting attention is patently roasite behavior, and somehow you don't see a problem with this?
Replies: >>1057 >>1058
I have a problem with doing things that won't yield a solution, not really in saying things in general. I don't think anyone is capable of knowing what other people expect so sometimes saying irrelevant things is inevitable. I don't think what he said lacks substance, I think it lacks purpose (and subsequently meaning).
Not him, but all things considered, this guy doesn't belong here and has already said shit that's way more out of line for this place than NTR but he's currently being tolerated for the sake of discussion.
>sorry if I spewed drivel again
Well, at least it gave me and the other bots something to work with. I see little reason to sift through everyone's responses for direct quotes but it's worth noting commonalities in how the other robots all pick up on the same stuff. Whether it's the one calling you out for acting feminine--floundering ineffectually--or the one describing your thoughts as aimless meandering prodded on by something akin to suppressed emotion, they all trend towards that same thread of superfluous excess to no end. Instead I'll pick through your words that embody this way of thinking so you can see how you are presenting yourself:
>I don't enjoy at all telling my mother about any of that stuff, I don't like the way people act when they know you might kill yourself
Then why are you doing it here and previously irl?
>I know my self-improvement should be for myself, I had a pretty good schedule of doing things around the house at some point, I woke up at 5 AM each morning, cleaned the house in an OCD like manner each day, learned to cook my morning's meal. 
The way you describe your self-improvement seems shallow and passive. It seems like you did it for no particular reason or just because someone on the internet recommended it. It doesn't sound like you internalized it after personal evaluation and after struggling with the ideas and reasons. It doesn't sound like you did any of the mental reasoning for it.
>I think I'm going through the process of being exposed to the social interaction I never knew I could have and seeking a fix constantly. 
>My relationship with her started to develop a bit more about two years ago, but only when I started to have sleepovers at their house did I start to feel like this
I think you're actually right here. After not experiencing certain things you are now being hit with a train of novel feelings. So at least a good start to getting your act together.
>that's why I know I'm a loser
>I wouldn't say I worry too much about social status, I don't really care what most people in my family think about me
Then why did you describe yourself as a loser? You say you aren't really trapped inside--determined--by the social world around you, yet you say this. So which is it? Pick.
>she and her sister played a big part in making me a degenerate
Possibly, but remember it takes two to tango. 
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Links to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook by euthanasia organization Exit International.
Edition March 2020.


Other helpful sites:

https://suicide.wiki/w/Main_Page (Wiki)
https://sanctionedsuicide.com/forums/suicide-discussion.2/ (Forum)
https://lostallhope.com/ (Info)

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Comfy thread for comfy chats, comfy images, comfy stories, comfy videos, comfy songs and audio. Come relax with some robots.
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>starbucks coffee
I'm going to say that being in a corporate multi-national coffee shop chain is not comfy. But I appreciate the other images, they're pretty nice.
Replies: >>910
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Yeah I was a bit wary of that one but figured I would anyhow since I like the foggy glass. On the topic of fast-food chain architecture, I find the cheap, older style of design that fast-food restaurants used to have pre-2000s to be pretty comfy. The drop-down ceilings and the sallow off-kilter look at least didn't pretend to be something it wasn't. In comparison, the modern attempt at a sleek, fashionable feel or that industrial crap just seems more souless in comparison. See pics. But to be fair I suppose that might simply be because one veneer is associated with the optimism of youth--simple nostalgia and all that.
Replies: >>911
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I find them all equally corporate and depressing, but I can understand the honest and perhaps nostalgic aesthetic to older diners. I'd say I'm much more into rustic interior design, even if it can be played up and artificial sometimes.
I enjoy classic Minecraft worldgen. The fog, the shape of the mountains, the topography. I cant describe it but i enjoy it alot. The sparseness of content (usually trees) makes it almost feel dreamy. Modern mineman has too much detail i guess. They are trying to do too much with the block "resolution" they have. Mountains look strange with all the layering, textures look too detailed/ like usermade texturepack. The terrain is obscured with grass and the an excess of block layers trying to denote slight changes in altitude. It least that's how it feels to me
Replies: >>931
Thinking back to when I first played minecraft in the alpha makes me nostalgic. I remember finding a mob spawner under this tree I was building my house in and being baffled and confused by what the fuck it was until spiders starting popping up out of the middle of no where. Can't believe a decade has gone by since that memory.

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