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Dance thread
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Safer, cheaper, satisfactory and most of all: Irrelevant. If contentedness or pleasure are all you want there are many paths to them, even now. The point is procreation, companionship without it is nothing.
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Shi'as are alright, and I've never had any problems with Jordanians and west side Syrians despite being Sunnis as their civility comes from genetics.  As for the Afghan situation I just hope the Hazaras, Tajiks, and Wakhan Valley & Nuristan Aryans will be safe.
All these fools on here talk of sex bots in their techno-fantasies (conveniently seeking out escapism from this depraved society rather than facing its problems and dilemmas head on) and essentially scapegoat Jews and others for problems inherent to modern technology and modern society, yet you have the nerve to imply that I, someone who has read many books (and other mediums) on the future of society and risks facing it for a long time, am naive. Surely, I know less than the authors themselves in regards to their specific niches, but this is one of the few things where I really excel in my knowledge.
I am not so naive as the people on here who think that collective revolution is possible. I NEVER implied that average IQ people or people lacking fervent beliefs or that people without a strong drive to do certain niche tasks and focus on certain things or that normal people or even many on here would be the ones to make a difference. I don't think that revolution in the future will be anything like how it was before.
And I have never implied that defeatism is a special feature. If anything, it is rational for the vast majority of people to be defeatists because the future will not be their fight, and on the individual level, the "masses" really are powerless compared to the elites in charge and to modern society as a whole.
ALL I have essentially said, or at least implicitly meant to get across, is that te
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>I would sooner die than to become that kind of a person
You're smart, I'm stupid and blind, when confronted against a power that I have no immediate method of understanding and no method of resisting other than to wait for its death, there's not much else I can do than stand in wonder over how terrible it is and how pathetic I am. I'm not insane, I don't continue to strive despite there not being results, nor do I strive when I see no hope. I'm irrational and will live and die in wonder, hoping that there's some redeeming force beyond my understanding that will help me.
Good one, you almost got me.

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Currently running a multiplayer session of Terraria with mods. The Multiplayer session is steam-based so make an alt account if that bugs you.

To join send a request to this friend code

Pirated copy with the online fix

Important Information:
Make sure to manually install tmodloader
When you start the game it should have a mod option in the main menu. If it doesn't try running the game through the tmodloader exe (with steam running)

Mods required are in pic related.
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The humble abode.
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I am trash at building but uhhh ill diggy hole when inget free time. I already have modded Terraria, should i disable the mods that aren't part of the server or does it not matter?
Replies: >>3445
I would suggest disabling the mods that aren't part of the server, but If I remember correctly the game does that automatically when you join.

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In less than a month, it will be Elliot Rodger’s 30th anniversary. ITT we shitpost everything relating to the good looking guy!
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>The concept of obnoxious faggots that bitch all day about women it's not new.
Thankfully this has been weeded out for a few years now. Posts have revolved around general discussion about what we've been up to, what we like doing, and how we've been for a few years now. MGTOW however, seems to be a nonstop bitchfest. To be fair, some of them do actually live up to the group's namesake and focus on themselves.
Replies: >>3124
Most of the discussion was contained in the whg thread on the old 8/r9k/, but the interest seems to have died down. After all, you can only have the same three debates so many times. Most of what was said wasn't enlightening anyway so it's not a great loss. I prefer it this way.
I am not familiar enough with the MGTOW movement to give a solid opinion, but I'll trust yours.
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8chan died in 2016; 8/r9k/ was decent until 2017. If I controlled every thing under by iron rule, things would be better.
Replies: >>3224
no way we've been here (post 8chan) for 5 years. It cant be. what have i done for 5 years
That's what everyone says but hindsight is 20/20, and it's not so easy when your head's on the chopping block.

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There seem to be some drawfags around here so why not have one of these. Post your autistic doodles here.

Very rarely do I draw but I refrain from posting the art since it feels as if the only reason for me doing that is attention or positive feedback but I guess I'll break my rule if it's to share with robots.
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I was thinking that for this creature in particular that there would either need to be some easily digestible source of energy in the tree or they would need quite the stomach. I also think that it would be interesting to see how other animals react to the change in landscape from a tree (or trees) being felled. 

I also plan to add some sexually dimorphic features to the creature. Something that could be there for the sake of looking cool that the males have for display, competition, and sometimes functionality. Be it colors, a mane, a crest, or some other feature.
Replies: >>3206 >>3210
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Created a predator with the previous ideas. The sketch is once again mostly body shape, but this time the lines are a little less chaotic.

The concept was a persistence hunter that inflicts massive bleeding wounds which eventually kill prey larger than itself. Its adaptations to fit this niche are
Anticoagulant saliva
Serrated claws and teeth
High stamina
Vents on body that open to shed body heat

The creature's body is very expensive and requires a lot of energy to power which is why they hunt such large prey. 

As for its hunting tactics. The predator tries to inflict bleeding wounds on the heels and belly of the Tree-Eater whilst using its agility to try and avoid its lethal tail. For this, it is best that the Tree-Eater is running and therefore the predator comes with a blood-curdling loud screech for the purpose of intimidating its prey into a chase. 
The predator will cycle between attempting to bite and falling back to give chase until its prey falls in exhaustion from copious blood loss.
Whenever possible the predator will go after sick or younger Tree-Eaters. However, very young calves are not a meal worth risking their lives for.

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Replies: >>3207
Might add some sort of sail for extra heat regulation later. Again these sketches are mostly the basic anatomy.
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I'm gonna probably try out a few designs but here's a sketch of the first
Made vents into flaps which can be flared open to both exhaust heat and make the animal look bigger for intimidation and possibly display. Tail will also likely be sail-like in nature (like the spinosaurus tail) for heat regulation and a larger silhouette.

I'll experiment with other designs later.
Replies: >>3210
>it would be interesting to see how other animals react to the change in landscape from a tree (or trees) being felled.
In most cases, the stump and the log get invaded by bugs and other critters. However, it's pretty normal to see other plants using the stump to grow over. I live near a forest and it's always fun to see those things. However, in a strange world like the one you describe, anything could happen.
The design looks almost perfect as it is. It seems like a giant monster that is friendly enough to not kill you at first sight.
I am more inclined for the crest if I had to choose.
It looks pretty good already. The tail and sail might give it a semi-aquatic vibe, but it would look more imposing.

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What have you guys been watching, reading, or playing recently? Feel free to share pieces of media that you think are particularly noteworthy or just a good way to pass time. 
I decided to try playing my 5 year abandoned MM save recently but I completely fucking forgot where I left off and what I was supposed to do.
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Manga is always superior to visual novel.
Replies: >>3003
manga doesn't have sound and color and mouth flap
I am interested in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2, more in the sense where I want to know if the game is going to be good or decent at the very least. I haven't watched the trailer yet, I hope they don't fuck anything. I have some fun memories with the original trilogy and would recommend them if you haven't play them yet. I still believe they hold up despite being a mess at times.
I will most likely end up playing it anyway. After it's cracked, of course.

Is anyone looking forward to any kind of media, be it a videogame, movie, anime or manga?
Replies: >>3046
>Is anyone looking forward to any kind of media, be it a videogame, movie, anime or manga?
Yup, the upcoming Getter Robo and Muv-Luv anime adaptations.
I don't have high expectations, but, so far, from info and factoids there and thete, doesn't look like those will be shitty.
I have been playing modded Rimworld. Holy fuck, does it get hard towards the end. Most of the enemies outnumber, outgun and outrange me. I really want to drop it, but I will persevere because I have nothing better to do.

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So what have you been cooking, anon? Did it taste good? Post recipes! I myself made potato soup, although the one in picrel isn't it
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Replies: >>3496
>Anon is black
Replies: >>2667
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I just make steak and salad every day, high nutritional values and quick to make, I see no reason to make other fancy meals.
I don't know how to cook.
>>2486 (OP) 

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this board
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Fahrenheit more in the sense where everything is beyond fucked, most people just stop caring and our overlords make a mistake that destroys society as we know it. I don't believe this will happen in our lifetime, at least not how you imagine it. Society so far has been like a pendulum where after much prudery a very liberal age follows and viceversa. Although, it might be hard now given the current state of society.
>I just want globohomo to do something stupid and force me to fight for my life
The USA is the center of the world. The jews wouldn't allow a full blown war or a major crisis. They will only limit themselves to false-flagging. On the other hand, if you are not American (or from a nice European country) you might want to be prepared just in case, many countries in recent years have been entering crisis, in some cases it is almost a vicious circle where they are okey for some years, then it's barely better Africa and after that back to normal again.

That's no heaven for me, sir no sir.
Never ever, not even dead.
Replies: >>3040 >>3043
Since they're basically minor deities/spirits, those who choose the men slain in battle, they wouldn't be 3D in our sense (though PD may depend).
Replies: >>3042
>tfw no 3 dimensional pure deity
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>The USA is the center of the world
Not for rong, capitawrist piggeru!
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I used to love to shitpost, falseflag and troll for fun and argue for the sake of arguing.
But now I feel incapable even of that, no finesse or joy anymore.

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/japan/ best board
Replies: >>1125
Ok thats enough from you meji man
/Japan/ is allowed to get the satan trips because everyone knows yellow people are satanic poopy heads
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loli get
[Hide] (195.2KB, 480x900)

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Hopefully we can actually get a second one of these that doesn't get nuked before completion.
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Spoiler File
(210.5KB, 1280x1123)
Alright, but not before the grand finale. C ya all.
Replies: >>2975 >>2976
terrible taste
This is still an image board that kind of shit doesn't phase anybody. You need to leave because we have standards here, standards which hedonistic apes like you fall quite far under, not because we're scared of your gross fantasies.
>I get it, you guys hate sex. I brought up I would like to have sex if I could, so it's all I am.
It's odd to complain about that in response to my post, I think I've engaged with what you've written pretty fairly despite your degeneracy which is probably more than you deserve. I didn't even say you would fuck a roastie if you could, you volunteered that information yourself just now. All I said was that it was gross to fantasize about all that shit you said. Anyways it seems weird to come here and talk about that shit, and then act all indignant about being told to shut the fuck up about it. It'd be stupid to act like anons here haven't jerked off to some fucked up shit, myself included. It's another thing entirely to post about this kind of fantasy to a bunch of random anons, or to actually want to put your dick inside a whore.
Anyways it seems like we're just going in circles at this point since you conflate memories with one's being and it seems like you're unable to think outside of that view, so whatever. Just don't come back 'round these parts or I'll be forced to turn you into a gurgling retard with my telepathic abilities, pal.
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Last post get!

[Hide] (3.2KB, 300x100)
I can't seem to find it on any of the archives but we used to have a really fun thread where robots were each adding to a drawing of gondolas. Since it's lost to time I think we should start another. I've started with a shitty drawing of my own to kick things off, and it's in the banner format because I think it would be nice to have as a board banner. After(if?) it fills up maybe we can switch to a larger canvas. Depends on if anons actually jump onboard with the idea.

If anyone did save some of the images from the original thread it would be awesome if you posted them here too.
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There's still quite a bit of space on there.
[Hide] (14.4KB, 300x100)
>hello my baby, hello my darlin', hello my ragtime feel
Just noticed the banner, looks good but could use some color. Will it be updated in the future when the collage is complete?
Replies: >>2908
[Hide] (7.1KB, 300x100)
It looks flat, but whoever wants to edit it, feel free to make any change you want.

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